How to go to tech conferences for free


The best place to find full-length tech talks is the freeCodeCamp Talks channel. We publish new talks by developers Monday through Friday. Our nonprofit has partnered with PyCon and dozens of other tech conferences around the world to bring you awesome tech talks for free – right from the convenience of your phone or laptop.


What are the top tech conferences for 2022?

1 Jan. 5-8: CES in Las Vegas [in-person and online] 2 Jan. 16-18: NRF 2022 in New York City [in-person] 3 Jan. 26-28: Distributech International in Dallas, Texas [in-person] 4 Jan. 27-28: Re.Work Deep Learning Hybrid Summit in San Francisco [hybrid online event]

Why attend tech conferences?

Unprecedented advancements in technology and the growing complexity of the world’s research challenges demand novel approaches to discovery and innovation. One way for leaders in STEM to stay ahead of this curve is by attending the nation’s top tech conferences.

What’s the future of in-person tech conferences like in 2022?

If you missed in-person tech events in 2020 and 2021, here’s some good news: It’s looking promising that in 2022 many conferences will get back to (almost) normal. 2020 was a wash for many tech conferences, and events in 2021 have largely been online as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc with schedules around the world.

Why should you attend EdTech conferences in 2022?

Edtech conferences allow us to keep up with industry developments and improvements while becoming more competitive. There will be a slew of education conferences worldwide in the coming years. It isn’t easy to decide which ones are the finest to attend. In 2022, a list of education conferences should not be missed. What is Edtech Conferences/Event?


How can I join a conference for free?

But for just about every conference, there really is some way to attend for free.Cover it for the press. … Look for contests. … Volunteer your services. … Ask your boss to send you. … Present at the conference. … Ask for a scholarship.

How do you start at tech conference?

How to start speaking (in tech conferences)Decide on a topic.Write an abstract.Get your speaker information in order (bio, picture)Find conferences with open CFP (call for papers / proposals)Submit CFPs.Follow through and prepare your full talk.Show up and give an awesome talk.

What is a tech conference?

Conferences: Both IRL and virtual conferences powered by virtual event software are the backbone of the tech events industry and can be both B2C or B2B events. They are held to educate, inform, or train attendees.

How do you host a tech event?

One year before, you should:Secure your event venue based on expected attendance. Will you need hotel rooms for out of towners? … Set a date for the conference.Brainstorm who you want for a keynote speaker and others you might reach out to.Get your planning committee in place.Announce the event.Establish a budget.

How do you get invited to speak at a conference?

Conference organizers want to know that you have built up a reputation for yourself before they invite you onto a speaking roster. Having a strong personal brand gives them that level of comfort that you will be a good choice to contribute to their event.

How do I find a conference to speak?


Is CES 2022 Open to the public?

CES is a trade-only event for individuals 18 years of age or older and affiliated with the consumer technology industry. CES is not open to the public.

What is CES event?

LAS VEGAS (Pocket-lint) – The biggest tech event in the calendar, CES (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show), rolls around each and every January, bringing heaps of new announcements and product launches.

What are the dates for CES 2022?

Jan 5, 2022 – Jan 7, 20222022 International CES / Dates

How do I host an event with no money?

How can you organize an event with little to no budget?Determine the type of event.Write a well-developed plan.Consider sponsorships.Advertise on social media.Request for donations.Look for volunteers or interns.

How can I be good at MC?

7 Tips for Emceeing Like a ProKnow Your Audience. Knowing who you are presenting to is key. … Prepare and Plan. … Come Out Strong. … Introduce Yourself. … Explain Why the Event is Special. … Add Some Interaction. … Craft a Big Closing.

How do virtual events make money?

How Do You Monetize Virtual Events?Sell Ad Spaces on the Virtual Event’s Website. Since your event’s online, its promotion happens online as well. … Sell Merchandise to Make Money Hosting Events Online. … Sell Premium Tickets. … Offer Increased Visibility to Sponsors & Exhibitors.

What should I bring to a tech conference?

What to bring to a tech conferenceHand sanitiser and face covering. Top of the list for tech conferences in 2021 and 2022 has to be hand sanitiser and a face covering. … Business cards. … Snacks and water. … Notebook and pen. … Laptop and charger. … Phone charger. … A lightweight bag.

How do you become a tech speaker?

Here are some tips that may help you get selected to be a tech conference speaker. Do you want to speak at tech conferences?…Get Selected To Be A Tech Conference SpeakerBuild Credibility. … Target Conferences. … Have A Good Topic Prepared. … Build A Great Profile. … Build Relationships. … Finally, Deliver.

How do you talk in a software conference?

Want to speak at tech conferences? Here’s everything you need to know to get on stageStep 1: Start with a goal.Step 2: Pick an event to submit to.Step 3: Write a proposal.Step 4a: You got turned down. … Step 4b: You’ve been accepted! … How should you structure your talk?General best practices.Step 5: Deliver your talk!More items…•

The freeCodeCamp Talks YouTube Channel

The best place to find full-length tech talks is the freeCodeCamp Talks channel. We publish new talks by developers Monday through Friday.

What are these Tech Talks like? And what topics do they focus on?

Most of these are about 30 minutes long. Here are some of the topics we’ve published on:

What is CES conference?

In addition to providing a showcase for new technology, CES also includes a conference program for industry leaders to collaborate and provide solutions to the latest issues. Some familiar companies include manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, and technology delivery systems.

What is VMware event?

Hosted by VMware, this event is designed to help businesses expand their knowledge and use of software within their organization. With an online-only format for 2020, attendees will dive into topics such as cloud-based solutions, networking and security, digital workspace, and the exploration of emerging industry trends.

How many attendees are there at ODSC?

With 40 training sessions and workshops, 200 speakers, 7500 attendees, and 300 hours of content, ODSC is considered “one of the largest applied data science conferences in the world.”.

How long is Black Hat USA?

Black Hat USA enters its 23rd year as “the world’s leading information security event” for those interested in the latest trends in information security. The five-day event will be offered exclusively online with its standard vendor-neutral environment.

What is the most important AR/VR conference?

Forbes named the AWE as “the most essential AR/VR conference” in 2018, and the annual event continues to feature education through an immersive experience for developers, entrepreneurs, product leaders, investors, and creators alike.

When is the 2021 Summit?

The 2021 Summit will take place exclusively online from January 28-29. Discounted tickets are available now, as virtual attendees will gain access to interactive Q&A sessions, dozens of complimentary presentations, and chances to network from any device.

When is ODSC 2020?

Date: October 27-30, 2020. Format: Virtual and In-Person (Santa Clara, CA) With a hybrid format of in-person and virtual learning, ODSC 2020 includes four days of training and two days of keynotes and workshops highlighting eight focus areas surrounding data science.


Datanova is a virtual conference dedicated to helping data professionals quickly unlock the value in their data and accelerate analytics.

SXSW 2022

Held in sunny Austin, Texas, SXSW is a celebration of the best technology, art, literature, music and cinema around.

Bett 2022

March 23-25, London
Last year, due to a steep rise in coronavirus cases in the UK, particularly in the capital, organizers took the decision to call off Bett2021. But this year, Bett returns to the ExCeL!

Datacloud Global Congress

Datacloud Global Congress attracts circa 2,000 executives from the data centre and cloud industries, and not just because of the location.

Technology & Services World

Technology & Services World (TSW) is an immersive virtual and in-person learning and networking experience, held by The Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA).

Running Remote 2022

Running Remote is one of few tech conferences dedicated to optimizing the world of remote work – and it’s more relevant now than ever.

Computex 2022

Computex is one of the largest technology events in the APAC region, with a particular focus on computing.

What is data analytics summit?

Another industry-leading event from Gartner, this Data & Analytics Summit focuses exactly on that: how your organization can develop a resilient data and analytics strategy that leverages both data-driven decision making and AI. This event is for everyone in your data analytics function, from technical- to senior-level strategy.

What is Citrix Synergy?

Citrix Synergy is one of the top industry conferences on digital business transformation.This year, as last, Citrix has opted against a single in-person event. Instead, Citrix will offer a variety of online courses and content throughout the year. Learn more on their website.

What is the magic quadrant of ITSM?

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM is the gold-standard resource helping you understand the strengths of major ITSM software vendors, insights into platform capabilities, integration opportunities, and many other factors to determine which solution best fits your needs.

What is Gartner’s digital workplace?

At the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, the world’s leading IT advisory company offers you the chance to be the first to hear about emerging trends and latest predictions surrounding the future of work, provides an action plan to build the digital workplace of tomorrow, and offers real-world solutions for leveraging these technologies your organization.

What is the AWE conference?

The Augmented World Expo (AWE) is the largest conference and expo on augmented reality in the world. This year’s tag line is “It’s time to go spatial. Get awe-inspired with the best in AR/VR and Spatial Computing!”

What is the theme of IT Arena?

The theme of IT Arena is “The speed of change”, which certainly feels appropriate this year. IT Arena is the largest tech event in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The three-day conference, conducted exclusively in English, brings together more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, business analysts, and designers every year.

What is DeepSource Next?

DeepSource Next is an annual virtual conference by DeepSource focused around the future of code reviews and the practice of writing good code. Listen to exciting product updates, keynotes, panels featuring some of the most prominent people in the developer tools ecosystem, and fireside chats from people you admire.

1. Volunteer

Many conferences offer free meals and access to most programs and activities in exchange for working one- to four-hour shifts. You may also receive additional perks, like free parking and attendees-only post-conference activities.

2. Apply as Media

Bloggers, podcasters and video bloggers are increasingly being recognized for their media influence and welcomed by conferences.

4. Ask for Help

It sounds obvious, yet this way to get into conferences is often overlooked.


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