How to handle a video conference interview


5 tips for conducting a video interview
  1. Get the Proper Lighting in Place. Think about the lighting in the room where you want to have a video interview. …
  2. Use a Background That Isn’t Distracting. …
  3. Find the Proper Camera Position. …
  4. Send the Lifesize Meeting Link Ahead of Time. …
  5. Test Your Lifesize Settings Beforehand.
Mar 20, 2019

How do I prepare for a video conference interview?

Video interview tipsFind a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions.Ensure your internet connection is stable.Check that your computer’s audio is working.Test your computer’s webcam.Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications.Dress professionally and avoid bright colors.More items…•

How do I ace a video call interview?

20 Video Interview Tips to Help You Dazzle the Hiring Manager and Get the JobPrepare Like You Would for an In-Person Interview. … Dress to Impress. … Test Your Tech. … Set Up Your Shot. … Don’t Sit Too Far or Too Close. … Prep for Optimal Eye Contact. … Check for Glare. … Practice Your Video Interview Skills Ahead of Time.More items…•

What is video conference interview process?

A video conference interview is an ideal component of a long-distance job search. It minimizes travel and other expenses while giving an employer the opportunity to meet with a candidate using a human-like interaction. Video conference interviews can connect many participants who are in different locations.

How do you introduce yourself in a video interview?

2:265:53How To Introduce Yourself In An Interview! (The BEST ANSWER!)YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSay this hi my name is richard. And i’m here today for the interview. Thank you very much so just byMoreSay this hi my name is richard. And i’m here today for the interview. Thank you very much so just by saying that demonstrates. Really good manners. And don’t forget do not sit down in the interview.

What should you not do in a video interview?

11 Things You Should Avoid Doing In A Video InterviewMove your phone or device around while you interview. … Cover or obstruct your camera. … Have information about your current role visible in the background. … Choose a poor location. … Introduce pets or children. … Hold another conversation. … Drop out of the interview.More items…•

What is the best answer for Tell me about yourself?

Every good answer to “tell me about yourself” should consist of: Work – This should make up about 80% of your answer. Focus on your previous experience and accomplishments here. Academic – 10-15% of your answer should then be about your academic background (university, academic achievements, etc.).

Where do you look during a video interview?

Maintain virtual eye contact by looking directly into the camera instead of at the screen or at your own photo. Make sure your face is centered and try not to move around too much. Keep good posture, sitting with your back straight, feet on the ground and arms resting in your lap or on the desk.

How do you answer why should I hire you?

How to Answer Why Should We Hire YouShow that you have skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results. … Highlight that you’ll fit in and be a great addition to the team. … Describe how hiring you will make their life easier and help them achieve more.More items…•

What is your weakness best answer?

Answer “what is your greatest weakness” by choosing a skill that is not essential to the job you’re applying to and by stressing exactly how you’re practically addressing your weakness. Some skills that you can use as weaknesses include impatience, multitasking, self-criticism, and procrastination.

What questions are asked in a video interview?

How To Answer Popular One-Way Video Interview QuestionsWhy are you interested in this position? … What do you know about our company? … What are your strengths? … Where do you see yourself in 5 years? … What is your ideal work environment? … Describe your work ethic. … Tell me about yourself.

How do I say hi in an interview?

Start the interview with a polite greeting: “How are you today?” or “I’m pleased to meet you!” Thank the interviewer for meeting with you: “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.” Mention who you know at the company: “I was so excited when _____ told me this position was open!”

What should I expect in a video interview?

Video Interview Tips: A Job Candidate’s ChecklistTest your technology. … Charge it up. … Dress for success. … Set the stage for a distraction-free video interview. … Be a well-prepared early bird. … Maintain good eye contact and body language. … Project and pause. … End the video interview with appreciation.

Can you wear headphones during a video interview?

When it comes to video interviews, here’s one of the frequently asked questions by the interviewees; is it okay and appropriate to use headphones during the interview? The answer to the question is pretty simple; yes, it’s generally acceptable and professional to use headphones during video interviews.

How long does a video interview last?

Interviewers and hiring managers may use a video interview instead of an in-person interview if you live in a different area than where they are located. You can usually expect a video interview to last between 15 minutes and an hour and a half depending on where you are in the interview process.

How do you nail a video interview?

Confidence is key to nailing your video interview. Writing out and practicing your responses before the interview as well as being familiar and com…

Where can I do a video interview?

It’s important to pick a quiet place to interview without an elaborate backdrop or distractions so that you can be the focal point on the screen. Y…

How should you dress for a video interview?

Conduct a video interview with the same level of professionalism and importance as you would a face-to-face interview. It’s important you look your…

What is proper interview dress code?

Proper job interview etiquette is to always dress appropriately for the job in which you are applying, not necessarily a day on the job. Even if you know the company has a casual dress code, most interviewers will be taken aback if you show up in jeans and a t-shirt. The same holds true for the video conference.

How to practice interview etiquette?

Practice proper job interview etiquette by setting up your computer in a clean, well lit area and do a trial run to see what is showing up around you on the screen. You can adjust your position and the angle of the camera to make sure only what you want portrayed is visible.

What is an interview?

An interview is about showcasing your very best professional side, so follow these job interview tips and make sure your video interview does that for you and you will be one step closer to getting hired. Hire a TopResume writer to help you land more interviews, faster. Interview Coaching.

What is a dry run?

Conducting a dry run is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you come across as polished and professional. Coordinate with a friend to do a practice interview to make sure you are comfortable connecting to the call and that your equipment works.

Can I interview for a job halfway across the country?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of job search boards and due to more sophisticated communication technology, job seekers can now interview for a job halfway across the country, or the world, from the comfort of their own home.

Should I make eye contact during a video conference?

Remember, that when you make eye contact during a video conference, it should be with your web camera – NOT the person’s face on your computer! This feels very awkward, and is also distracting because you will continuously catch glimpses of your ‘paying attention’ face, and it will look strange to you.

How to not bother people during an interview?

Notify any people in your home when and where you’ll be interviewing so they know not to bother you. Make sure your light source comes from behind your computer and your background is not distracting. Log in 15-20 minutes before your interview to ensure your audio and video are functioning properly. Be confident, smile, make eye contact and …

How long before a video interview?

Log in 15-20 minutes before your interview to ensure your audio and video are functioning properly. Be confident, smile, make eye contact and actively listen to your interviewer throughout. Video job interviews are an increasingly common part of the hiring process. These interviews can take several forms.

What to do if your video stops working?

If your video or audio stops working. Before the interview, ask the interviewer for a phone number where you can reach them if you experience technical difficulties. If the video cuts out, call them at that number. Ask if you can continue the interview by phone or if you can reschedule.

Why is eye contact important in an interview?

Eye contact is very important during an in-person interview, and you want to convey that same level of connection during a video interview. Here’s how: Avoid the instinct to look directly at your interviewer on the screen while you’re answering a question.

What do I need to do a video interview?

Specifically, you’ll need: An internet connection with bandwidth speed of at least 1 megabits per second.

What to do if family members enter the room while interviewing?

If family members, housemates or pets enter the room while you’re interviewing, apologize to the interviewer, ask for a few moments, mute your microphone and turn off your camera, and then step away to deal with the interruption. Make sure that the room is secure before beginning the interview again.

What to do if you hear a noise during a video interview?

If noises (sirens, construction, etc.) interrupt your video interview, apologize for the interruption and ask for a few moments until the noise has subsided. You may want to mute the microphone if the noise is severe.

How to send a lifesize link?

To send a Lifesize meeting link to a guest, simply open the Lifesize app, click on Schedule a Meeting, choose a location and then copy and paste the meeting link into the calendar invite. 5. Test Your Lifesize Settings Beforehand.

What is lifesize video conferencing?

When recruiting top talent, it’s critical you present your business in the best light possible. Lifesize’s industry- leading video conferencing equipment is engineered to give you an amazing meeting experience with stunning video and audio quality. Setup is plug and play, controls are intuitive and the user experience is unmatched.

How to prepare for a video interview?

1. Get the Proper Lighting in Place. Think about the lighting in the room where you want to have a video interview.

How to boost confidence in video interview?

Writing out and practicing your responses before the interview as well as being familiar and comfortable with the video interview format will greatly boost your confidence. Also, a smile not only shows confidence but a pleasant, friendly nature. It invites others to get to know you on a more personal level.

What is a video conference interview?

A video conference interview allows a hiring manager or recruiter to use a video conference call to conduct a long distance, face-to-face interview with a job seeker.

How to join a conference call with Lifesize?

Lifesize makes it easy for your guests to join a conference call using their browser without having to download any special apps. Candidates simply click on the meeting invite link to join the video conference call. 2.

How to avoid nervousness during an interview?

During the interview, avoid fidgeting with your pen, hair, smart devices or anything else that conveys nervousness and anxiety. Try to keep your body movements calm and relaxed. When speaking you can use your hands to gesture, but avoid being overly animated. When the other person is speaking, sit still and listen attentively with an occasional head nod to show you’re paying attention.

1. How to Dress For a Video Conference Interview

As in any interview,it is important to look your best and this is no different when it comes to video conference interview attire.

2. Research Information about the Company

Before the video conference interview,be sure to do some research about the company. The company will usually give you a link to its website. This is important because during the interview progresses,interviewers will expect you to understand what their company does.

3. Punctuality

It is of great importance to be on time,so be seated in front of your webcam 15 minutes before the interview is scheduled,this will give you some time to go over any details that might trip you up.

4. Conversation

It is important to converse with the interviewer. Remember not to talk so much,or the conversation becomes one sided. Keep your answers to the point and do not veer away from the questions that the interviewer asks,make sure that you have questions of your own prepared.

5. Politeness

Another important video conferencing interview etiquette is to use manners throughout the whole video conferencing interview. Saying please and thank you will take you a long way. Do not chew gum. That is unprofessional and can make you out to be uninterested in the interview.

6. No Interruptions

Make sure that your cellular phone is off or on silent and do not sit on any social media sites while in the video conferencing interview. Because it will show the interviewer that your priorities lie elsewhere and you are not interested in the job at all.

7. Stay in the Interview

Do not let your mind wander or start to daydream in a video conference interview. The cameras of today can and will show what you are doing clearly,which will give the same impression that taking a phone call.

Is It a Video Conferencing or a One-Way Video Interview?

The “video conference” interview is exactly what it sounds like: an interview performed long distance by video conferencing with people speaking directly to each other over the Internet.

Questions to Ask Before the Video Interview

When the interview is being scheduled, you need to ask questions so you can be well-prepared to succeed.

How to Handle a Video Job Interview

Prepare as you would for any other interview. Do your research in advance about the employer and their products and services. Prepare your answers to the most common interview questions in a way that emphasizes your fit for this job. Have your own questions ready to ask the employer to demonstrate your interest in the opportunity.

Why do you have to join a video conference call early?

For video conference case interviews, join the call a few minutes early just in case you have any issues signing in or joining the meeting . This time buffer is helpful in case anything goes wrong.

How to make an interview more personal?

To make a more personal connection with the interviewer, show your sense of humor during the interview. You should still keep it professional, but showing your sense of humor can make the interview more fun for the interviewer. Additionally, it also shows your personality.

What do you want to do in an in person interview?

During an in-person case interview, you want to be making strong eye contact with the interviewer when you are speaking or listening. In a web conference case interview, you also want to do the same.

How to make an interview easier?

Try to structure your answers and responses to make it easier for the interviewer to follow and understand what you are saying. If you are planning to speak for more than a minute, enumerate your thoughts and ideas by using a numbered list. This helps the interviewer understand when you are changing topics.

What to do if you can’t understand the interviewer?

If you can’t understand the interviewer, make sure to speak up. If the interviewer’s sound is too soft, cutting in and out, or you are hearing an echo, let your interviewer know. Communication during a phone or video interview is already difficult and you don’t want to put yourself in a disadvantage by having to deal with these issues.

Do interviewers leave at the end of case interviews?

Interviewers typically leave some time at the end of the case interview for you to ask them questions. This is a tremendous opportunity to connect with the interviewer on a more personal level.

Can you show the interviewer what you are writing?

In an in-person case interview, you can easily show the interviewer what you are writing by turning your paper around and presenting it. In a phone or video conference case interview, this is not possible.


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