How to handle nyc civil service conference and hearing meetings


What are some hearing topics for the New York City Council?

CLICK MEETING DETAILS TO VIEW HEARING TOPICS. Oversight – Consumer protections during COVID-19. Oversight – Reducing Violence among Young Adults in City Jails. Outdoor gas fueled heating devices. Jointly with the Committee on Technology.

How to request a preliminary conference in New York County?

A copy of this form may be obtained by clicking on Request for a Preliminary Conference, or from the clerk’s office, New York County Civil Court, 111 Centre Street, Room 118. Upon submission of a Request for a Preliminary Conference form, a preliminary conference will be scheduled in Part 27 and the parties will be notified by post card.

Can the city council play video testimony at a hearing?

The City Council will not play pre-recorded video testimony from members of the public at our hearings. The City Council only accepts written testimony submitted in a commonly available file format (including .doc, .rtf, .txt and.pdf) up to 72 hours after the hearing has been closed.

What is New York’s “classified civil service”?

All governmental employees in New York are in either the “Classified” or “Unclassified” Civil Service. The Unclassified Civil Service consists primarily of: Certain professional positions in the State University and Community College systems (For information about disciplining teachers in New York, read my post on New York Teacher Tenure Rights .)


How do you conduct a public meeting?

Another way of showing respect is by keeping order and decorum in the meeting room….Getting Prepared. … Notifying the Public. … Explaining the Process. … Role of the Chairperson. … Respect & Decorum. … Listening & Keeping an Open Mind. … Receiving Public Comments. … Keeping to the Agenda / Staying on Topic.

What is a Compliance Conference New York?

SCCE’s Regional Compliance & Ethics Conferences provide practitioners with virtual compliance training that includes updates on the latest news in regulatory requirements, enforcement, and strategies for developing and maintaining effective compliance and ethics programs.

Are New York City Council meetings open to the public?

All Council hearings are open to the public. If you would like to attend a hearing or watch it live, view the schedule here.

What is a note of issue in New York?

A form that is filed in New York state court and served on all parties confirming that the parties have completed necessary discovery proceedings and the case is trial ready (CPLR 3402(a)). It is the paper that gets the case on the court’s trial calendar.

What does Conference compliance mean?

Compliance conference or meeting means an informal proceeding held in order to attempt to dispose of allegations of statutory or regulatory violation(s) by a licensee or permittee.

What does DCM track mean?

Differentiated Case ManagementRule 5.01 (FRCP 16) Case Management Tracks. Differentiated Case Management (DCM) is a system for managing civil cases based on their relative complexity and the need for judicial involvement. All civil cases filed on or after January 1, 1995 will be assigned to one of the following five tracks: Track 1 – Expedited.

Who is Vickie Paladino?

Vickie Paladino represents District 19 of Northeast Queens, which includes Whitestone, College Point, Bayside, Little Neck, Douglaston, and parts of North Flushing.

What do NYC council members do?

Introduce and vote on legislation (proposed laws) having to do with all aspects of City life. Negotiate the City’s budget with the Mayor and approve its adoption. Monitor City agencies such as the Department of Education and the NYPD to make sure they’re effectively serving New Yorkers.

Can you attend local council meetings?

Under section 66 of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act), Council Meetings must remain open to the public unless the Council considers it necessary to close the meeting to the public because of a specified circumstance such as: The meeting is to consider confidential information; or.

What is NOI in NY courts?

From time to time, the Administrative Judge may assign groups of non-jury cases in which a note of issue has been filed and that have not yet been scheduled for trial to a Blockbuster calendar before her or her designees for mediation. If the cases are not there resolved, they will be assigned for trial.

What does noi mean in a court case?

NOI – “ Note of Issue” Another court form which a party, usually the plaintiff, must file in order to place a divorce action on the court’s trial calendar.

What does noi mean in court?

Abbreviation for “Not Otherwise Indexed.”

What is a stated meeting?

Regular (or Stated) Meeting – Refers to the periodic business meeting held weekly, monthly, or quarterly, as prescribed by the Bylaws. Each regular meeting normally completes a separate session.

What is the structure of the NYC Council?

The City Council is NYC’s legislative body. There are 51 elected members, one from each council district. Besides enacting legislation, the Council approves the City’s budget and has oversight powers for the activities of City agencies.

How long does it take to settle a malpractice case?

The court shall hold a settlement conference in medical, dental, and podiatric malpractice actions within 45 days after the filing of the note of issue and certificate of readiness or, if a party moves to vacate the note of issue and certificate of readiness and that motion is denied, within 45 days after denial of the motion. CPLR 3409; Uniform Rule 202.56 (c)

What is a DCM deadline?

The DCM deadlines are goals to promote, and standards of measurement to evaluate, the timeliness of case processing. Counsel should not be misled by the information applications or the notification of a service company that reports standardized DCM target deadlines calculated on the basis of the DCM track designation.

What happens if a RJI is filed with a discovery motion?

If the RJI is filed with a discovery motion or a request for a preliminary conference, the court, instead of conducting a preliminary conference in person in court or deciding the motion, will issue a Case Scheduling Order.

How long is the DCM deadline for a matrimonial case?

In a standard case, that deadline is 27 months (12 months for the pre-note phase and 15 from the post-note phase).

What is the name of the room in the General Clerk’s Office for preliminary conferences?

Preliminary conferences sought by parties pursuant to Rule 202.12 of the Uniform Rules for the Trial Courts are scheduled upon filing with the General Clerk’s Office (Room 119 ) of a request for a preliminary conference with proof of service.

What happens when counsel appears in court?

When counsel appear, the Justice will make whatever order is required to insure future progress in the case. If the case has been settled or otherwise disposed of, the notice from the court will provide counsel with an opportunity to inform the court of this development. 5. Adjournments.

How long does an employer have to discipline an employee for incompetence?

Usually, an employer can only seek discipline for alleged incompetency or misconduct within the past 18 months.

What is Section 75?

Section 75 applies, by default, when a public employer seeks to discipline the following members of the Classified Civil Service (with limited exceptions): All competitive class permanent appointees. Any permanent appointee who was honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces after serving in time of war.

How long can an employer suspend an employee without pay?

Once an employer serves the charges, it may also suspend the employee without pay for up to 30 days. If the charges are not resolved in that time, the employer must restore the employee to the payroll.

What is an exempt position in the civil service?

Exempt positions within the Classified Civil Service are usually policy-making positions. Non-competitive positions are ones for which it is not practicable to conduct competitive examinations. Among other things, these classifications help determine whether Section 75 applies in disciplining a particular employee.

What is labor arbitration hearing?

The hearing typically proceeds much like labor arbitration hearings, without formal rules of evidence or procedure. The charged employee may have representation by an attorney or a union representative during the hearing. The employee and employer may both call witnesses and present evidence.

What is Section 75 of the New York Civil Service Law?

Section 75 of the New York Civil Service Law establishes procedures for disciplining many governmental employees in the state. Public employers must know which employees these rules apply to and what the rules are.

What is the unclassified civil service in New York?

The Unclassified Civil Service consists primarily of: Elected officials. Officers and employees of the State Legislature. Certain Governor-appointed positions. Members, officers, and employees of boards of elections.


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