How to have a parent teacher conference


Tips for a successful parent-teacher conference

  • Create a welcoming space. Parents may be nervous about meeting with their child’s teacher, it helps if they feel…
  • No surprises. If you have concerns about a child, you shouldn’t wait until the parent-teacher conference to bring it up.
  • Share the child’s portfolio. Show the parent some examples of their child’s art,…

Mastering the Parent-Teacher Meeting: Eight Powerful Tips
  1. Be Proactive. …
  2. Be Welcoming. …
  3. Explain Objectives and Expectations. …
  4. Be Prepared. …
  5. Create an Action Plan. …
  6. Use the Good-Bad-Good Sandwich. …
  7. Don’t Tolerate Abuse. …
  8. Keep Lines of Communication Open.


How can I organize a parent-teacher conference?

How to Plan a Productive Parent Teacher Conference

  • Plan the Conference. Choose topics to cover during the conference such as the student’s strengths and growth areas. …
  • Communicate Prior to Meeting. Share information about the timing and goals of the conferences, as well as alternative scheduling options in your sign up.
  • Meet with Parents. …
  • Close the Conference. …
  • Additional Resources. …

What is your method of approach to Parent Teacher Conferences?

Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

  • Communicate Before a Conference. Regular communication with parents throughout the year can prevent issues down the road so that there is not as much to discuss at a single conference.
  • Come Prepared. …
  • Be Prepared for Upset Parents. …
  • Think About the Room Setup. …
  • Begin and End on a Positive Note. …
  • Be Attentive. …
  • Avoid Eduspeak. …

How to plan a productive parent teacher conference?

Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

  • Think About the Room Setup. Teachers should position themselves close to parents for comfort and engagement during conferences. …
  • Begin and End on a Positive Note. Teachers should begin and end every conference with a compliment or (true) anecdote about a student’s strength.
  • Be Attentive. …
  • Avoid Eduspeak. …

How to have a successful parent teacher conference?

What to expect at your parent-teacher conference

  • Be prepared. Take time to create a list of any questions that have been on your mind lately. …
  • Arrive on Time. …
  • Listen first and follow the teacher’s lead. …
  • Keep it concise and on time. …
  • Be a team player and work with the teacher. …
  • Show appreciation. …
  • Follow up and stay in touch. …

What do you say at a parent-teacher conference?

Parent-Teacher Conference ChecklistsAsk your child how she feels about school.Ask your child if there is anything that he wants you to talk about with his teacher.Tell your child that you and the teacher are meeting to help her.Make a list of topics that you want to talk about with the teacher.More items…

What should you not say at a parent-teacher conference?

10 Things Not to Say at a Parent Teacher Conference“We don’t read at home.”“I have to help him with everything.” … “He doesn’t like school.” … “He doesn’t do well with a _____ teacher.” … “All you have to do is just call me.” … “He never acts this way at home.” … “I always believe my child.” … “There’s nothing else I can do.” … More items…•

How should you always begin a parent-teacher conference?

Always start the conference with positive comments. Parents are often anxious about what teachers will say about their child, so start the conference with positive comments to show parents that you recognize their child’s strengths.

What are some of the criteria for an effective parent-teacher conference?

Some of the ways to ensure an effective parent/teacher conference are as follows: schedule conferences on a regular basis; have a clear purpose; put parents at ease by asking them questions; give parents examples, not just facts; avoid blaming parents; know about the community resources that parents might need; write a …

How do parents prepare for parent teacher conferences?

Preparing for the Parent-Teacher ConferenceAssemble relevant materials. … Review these materials. … Talk with your child before the conference. … Acquire the handbook for students. … Be familiar with your child’s homework assignments. … Prepare a list of questions you want to ask your child’s teacher.More items…

What is the goal of a parent-teacher conference?

A parent-teacher conference is a meeting between a student’s parents and teacher or teachers, to discuss the child’s progress academically, socially and with regard to expected classroom behavior. Other topics, such as homework, emotional challenges, or issues with friends, may also come up.

Why do parents fear parent-teacher conferences?

Some parents fear that they will be judged and.or criticized by the teacher – subtly or overtly – for not doing enough to assist their child academically or behaviorally. And if there is a difference of opinion patents fear that the teacher may take it out on their child in some way.

What are two things that contribute to a successful parent-teacher conference?

15 Tips for Leading Productive Parent-Teacher ConferencesOffer a flexible conference schedule. … Prepare, prepare, prepare. … Arrange for a translator if needed, and find a way to connect. … Be aware of your body language. … Sit side-by-side. … Share real stories and student work. … Include the positive. … Create clear goals.More items…

What are the three phases of a parent-teacher conference?

Always remember, a successful parent-teacher conference is not a one-time meeting but part of ongoing communication. The conference itself can be thought of in terms of three stages: before, during and after. Let’s consider what questions might be asked at these different points.

What do you say in parents meeting?

During the conferenceBe on time. … Be yourself. … Stay calm. … Ask for explanations of anything you don’t understand. … Ask the most important questions early in the conference. … Respectfully discuss differences of opinion. … Create an action plan. … Thank the teacher for meeting with you.

What is the most effective way to conduct a parent meeting?

Here are eight tips to help you conduct masterful, action-oriented parent-teacher meetings.Be Proactive. … Be Welcoming. … Explain Objectives and Expectations. … Be Prepared. … Create an Action Plan. … Use the Good-Bad-Good Sandwich. … Don’t Tolerate Abuse. … Keep Lines of Communication Open.

Are parents teacher meeting necessary speech?

Parents can give teachers insight into their students: Parent teacher meetings are also important because parents can help teachers understand more about their children and give advice on what they need help with or what they excel in.

How do you conduct a parent teacher meeting in zoom?

Call or email the student’s parents and set up a meeting through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or another common video conferencing platform. Perhaps the easiest way to schedule a parent-teacher meeting is by simply making a call or sending an email.

What are the common reasons for conducting parent-teacher conferences?

Teacher-parent conferences give you an opportunity to increase communication between school and home, keep parents informed about their child’s progress, and develop a plan for the student’s future.

How do I prepare for a preschool parent teacher conference?

Here’s how to be prepared for your next preschool parent-teacher conference:No Surprises. Preschool conferences should be more of a “catch up” conversation. … Be Organized. You must have a plan going into the conference. … Sandwich the Concerns With Strengths (Fluff-Stuff-Fluff) … Be Specific. … Don’t Oveschedule Yourself.

What questions should I ask my PTM teacher?

Question you should ask at PTM ( Parent Teacher Meeting )How is my child behaviour? … Is my child socially engaged? … According to you, how my child performs in academics? … What do you think, my child is good at? … What are my child’s strength and weakness? … Does my child need more attention in anything?More items…

How long does it take for a teacher to give a presentation?

Students share their work with their parents for the first half hour, and then teachers give a 30-minute presentation just for parents that builds on the work students are doing in school. Afterward, teachers provide related resources—games, websites, readings—that families can take home to use with their children.

What is 11th grade meeting?

In 11th grade, the student-led meetings are college and career focused. Students discuss their career interests and hopes for college, then create an action plan so they’re ready to apply. “School is not here to happen to students,” says Dan St. Louis, University Park’s principal. “They are an active participant.”.

Who suggested that parents think their kids are perfect?

To handle tricky situations when you have to give negative feedback at conferences, an approach suggested by Joe Hirsch, a leadership coach and former curriculum developer, might help.

Who is Maria Paredes?

While working as the director of community education in Creighton Elementary School District in Phoenix, Maria Paredes developed Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT), a new take on parent-teacher conferences that is now used by schools all over the country.

Do parent teacher conferences have to be a headache?

Parent-teacher conferences don’t have to be such a headache. Educators weigh in on how to solve common problems.

When are parent teacher conferences?

Parent-teacher conferences are usually stacked in an evening after school. Before you there will be a conference with another set of parents. After you, another parent wants her one-to-one time with the teacher. If you’re late, you will be interrupting all the other parents.

How many parent teacher conferences go smoothly?

Parents, keep this in mind: 90% of parent-teacher conferences go smoothly and happily. The teacher will show you some lovely bits of progress your child has made, you’ll discuss one or two small things the teacher is currently concerned about, and you will thank each other for your time.

What should a parent-teacher conference include?

The teacher should have examples of your child’s schoolwork, any relevant test scores, and observations of the child’s class participation, academic work, and social growth to share with you. As a parent, it’s helpful to prepare some questions for the teacher conference about anything …

Why do you need a parent-teacher conference?

You can ask for a special parent-teacher conference if you have concerns about your child’s progress. You might want to request a teacher conference if you aren’t getting enough information about your child’s education through notes, emails and returned class work from the teacher.

How long does a child’s teacher have to meet with parents?

Your child’s teacher has to meet with every parent in one day. Some schools split the time up and offer afternoon conferences and evening ones. Time spent per child’s guardians is usually limited to 10 to 15 minutes so be respectful of other people’s time and keep the conversation to the point.

Why do parents attend teacher conferences?

Parent teacher conferences give parents and teachers a chance to build connections they’ll use throughout the rest of the school year. A productive conference helps you develop a partnership with parents to ensure all your students have the support they need at school and at home.

Who said parents conferences can be rough?

Lindsay G. , a classroom teacher, says: “Parent teacher conferences can be rough, but the best way to prepare is to have all the information you need to share in front of you so you don’t forget anything. Look for the positives and how parents can work to help their students with this difficult learning schedule.”. 3.

What is student led conference?

Student-led conferences alter the traditional form of parent teacher conferences and bring in a key stakeholder: the students themselves. It’s an opportunity for students to reflect on their progress so far and work with teachers and parents to build a plan for future progress.

What motivates parents to help?

Motivates parents to help. Parents want to see their child succeed, but don’t have the same insights into the learning process you do. During the parent teacher conference, you can give them concrete ways and resources to support their child’s learning at home.

Is it a good time to have a parent teacher conference?

Parent teacher conferences aren’t a good time for surprises — for you or parents! If you know there are parents in your class whose first language isn’t English, do your best to have translators and translated materials available for them to use.

Parent-Teacher Conferences During a Crisis

In a pandemic, parent-teacher conferences may need to occur on video calls and over email or other messaging platforms. And, in some cases, the shift to these platforms can actually increase the amount of communication between parents and educators.

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