How to have a positive parent teacher conference


Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

  • Come Prepared. Teachers should have examples of student work available for reference at every parent-teacher conference.
  • Think About the Room Setup. Teachers should position themselves close to parents for comfort and engagement during conferences. …
  • Begin and End on a Positive Note. …
  • Be Attentive. …
Mastering the Parent-Teacher Meeting: Eight Powerful Tips
  1. Be Proactive. …
  2. Be Welcoming. …
  3. Explain Objectives and Expectations. …
  4. Be Prepared. …
  5. Create an Action Plan. …
  6. Use the Good-Bad-Good Sandwich. …
  7. Don’t Tolerate Abuse. …
  8. Keep Lines of Communication Open.


What is a parent-teacher conference?

A parent-teacher conference is an opportunity for teachers and parents to meet up to discuss a child’s progress at school. It is often a nerve-wracking experience for both teachers and parents. Parents, keep this in mind: 90% of parent-teacher conferences go smoothly and happily.

What are the tips for a successful parent teacher conference?

Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference. 1 Communicate Before a Conference. Getty Images/Ariel Skelley/Blend Images. 2 Come Prepared. 3 Be Prepared for Upset Parents. 4 Think About the Room Setup. 5 Begin and End on a Positive Note. More items

Do Parent-Teacher meetings work?

There are the parents who push back on any critique, the ones who don’t understand how to help, and the ones who never show. The meetings aren’t that much easier for parents, who rush to squeeze them in on a workday or feel the teacher isn’t understanding their child. But parent-teacher meetings can be productive.

Why are parent-teacher conferences such a headache?

Parent-teacher conferences don’t have to be such a headache. Educators weigh in on how to solve common problems. For many teachers, parent conferences are often accompanied by a sense of dread. There are the parents who push back on any critique, the ones who don’t understand how to help, and the ones who never show.


What makes a good parent teacher conference?

On the invitation, remind parents that they’ll be able to ask questions, because an effective parent-teacher conference is a two-way conversation about students. You might also want to remind parents to be respectful of other parents’ time, and be clear that time slots won’t be extended if parents arrive late.

How do I ace my parent teacher conference?

Parent-teacher conference season is usually nervewracking for everyone….18 ways to ace your parent-teacher conferencesFeel comfortable. … Arrange desks and chairs intentionally. … Create a relaxing atmosphere. … Be ready to greet the parents. … Consider including the student in the conference. … Start and end well.More items…•

What do I say during the parent teacher conference?

When planning what to say at parent teacher conferences, prepare a way to end on a positive note. You could tell why you love having the child in your class, highlight an overall strength, or a special connection you have with the child.

How do you motivate parents to go to parent teacher conferences?

Boost Attendance 1. Deliver a warm invitation to all of your students’ parents and/or guardians by email and paper to set a welcoming tone. 2. Schedule a “hook” activity prior to the conference that will encourage parents to attend, be engaged, and even look forward to the event.

What questions should I ask at parent-teacher conference?

Questions About the CurriculumCan you describe your teaching style?What skills are you working to develop right now?How do these skills relate to the goals of the entire school year?What are the five most important skills you want students to develop this year?Does my student have to take standardized tests?More items…•

What questions should I ask at a parent-teacher meeting?

6 Productive Questions To Ask at Parent-Teacher ConferencesWhat do you see as an area of strength for my child? … If you could pick one area to focus on improving for my child, what would it be? … How does my child contribute to the class atmosphere? … Who does my child work well with?More items…•

How do you speak in a parent meeting?

To make the best use of this meeting, and to keep the communication flowing, these parent meetings in school tips will help along the way.Schedule an Early Appointment. … Speak to Your Child About School. … Assess Your Child’s Report Cards. … Review Assignments and Tests. … Note Down the Questions to Discuss.

What should be discussed in parents meeting?

Make a list of topics that you want to discuss with the teacher and that you think the teacher should know, such as your concerns about the school, the child’s home life, any major changes in your family, habits, hobbies, part-time jobs, religious holidays, or anything that is worrying your child.

How do you encourage parents to attend school meetings?

How to increase parent involvementOnline advice videos. Parents and teachers can share ideas via web videos on your school’s website. … A dedicated blog and online calendar. … Use social media at your school to connect to parents. … Home visits and parent/teacher conferences. … Family nights. … Volunteer Opportunities.

What are the common reasons for conducting parent-teacher conferences?

Teacher-parent conferences give you an opportunity to increase communication between school and home, keep parents informed about their child’s progress, and develop a plan for the student’s future.

What should you not do at a parent-teacher conference?

Don’t:Sit behind your desk. … Tell parents what they should or shouldn’t do. … Do all of the talking. … Speak using educational jargon. … Provide too many suggestions for student improvement. … Forget to invite all parents/guardians to the conference. … Forget the data! … Make assumptions.

What are two things that contribute to a successful parent-teacher conference?

15 Tips for Leading Productive Parent-Teacher ConferencesOffer a flexible conference schedule. … Prepare, prepare, prepare. … Arrange for a translator if needed, and find a way to connect. … Be aware of your body language. … Sit side-by-side. … Share real stories and student work. … Include the positive. … Create clear goals.More items…

What are the do’s and don’ts in planning and implementing parents teacher conference?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Parent-Teacher ConferencesDo start with a positive about their child. … Don’t forget that it’s a team effort. … Do share an example of a student’s reflection during the conference. … Don’t arrive unprepared. … Do give examples of what language you use at school and your expectations.More items…•

Why do parents attend teacher conferences?

Parent teacher conferences give parents and teachers a chance to build connections they’ll use throughout the rest of the school year. A productive conference helps you develop a partnership with parents to ensure all your students have the support they need at school and at home.

Who said parents conferences can be rough?

Lindsay G. , a classroom teacher, says: “Parent teacher conferences can be rough, but the best way to prepare is to have all the information you need to share in front of you so you don’t forget anything. Look for the positives and how parents can work to help their students with this difficult learning schedule.”. 3.

What is student led conference?

Student-led conferences alter the traditional form of parent teacher conferences and bring in a key stakeholder: the students themselves. It’s an opportunity for students to reflect on their progress so far and work with teachers and parents to build a plan for future progress.

What motivates parents to help?

Motivates parents to help. Parents want to see their child succeed, but don’t have the same insights into the learning process you do. During the parent teacher conference, you can give them concrete ways and resources to support their child’s learning at home.

Is it a good time to have a parent teacher conference?

Parent teacher conferences aren’t a good time for surprises — for you or parents! If you know there are parents in your class whose first language isn’t English, do your best to have translators and translated materials available for them to use.

How long does it take for a teacher to give a presentation?

Students share their work with their parents for the first half hour, and then teachers give a 30-minute presentation just for parents that builds on the work students are doing in school. Afterward, teachers provide related resources—games, websites, readings—that families can take home to use with their children.

What is 11th grade meeting?

In 11th grade, the student-led meetings are college and career focused. Students discuss their career interests and hopes for college, then create an action plan so they’re ready to apply. “School is not here to happen to students,” says Dan St. Louis, University Park’s principal. “They are an active participant.”.

Who suggested that parents think their kids are perfect?

To handle tricky situations when you have to give negative feedback at conferences, an approach suggested by Joe Hirsch, a leadership coach and former curriculum developer, might help.

Who is Maria Paredes?

While working as the director of community education in Creighton Elementary School District in Phoenix, Maria Paredes developed Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT), a new take on parent-teacher conferences that is now used by schools all over the country.

Who is Terri Eichholz?

Terri Eichholz, an elementary teacher of over 25 years, also suggests being proactive and getting ahead of the feedback. “Don’t wait for problems to arise. Make it a point to communicate frequently and positively so that you have already developed a relationship before you hit bumps in the road,” she says.

Do parent teacher conferences have to be a headache?

Parent-teacher conferences don’t have to be such a headache. Educators weigh in on how to solve common problems.

When are parent teacher conferences?

Parent-teacher conferences are usually stacked in an evening after school. Before you there will be a conference with another set of parents. After you, another parent wants her one-to-one time with the teacher. If you’re late, you will be interrupting all the other parents.

How many parent teacher conferences go smoothly?

Parents, keep this in mind: 90% of parent-teacher conferences go smoothly and happily. The teacher will show you some lovely bits of progress your child has made, you’ll discuss one or two small things the teacher is currently concerned about, and you will thank each other for your time.


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