How to have a quiet conference call in starbucks


When will Starbucks report its first quarter fiscal year 2022 financial results?

SEATTLE– (BUSINESS WIRE)– Starbucks Corporation (Nasdaq: SBUX) plans to release its first quarter fiscal year 2022 financial results after market close on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, with a conference call to follow at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Where can I take conference calls on campus?

Hit any university or college campus and you can take your conference calls at libraries, empty classroom, lobbies, quads and meeting rooms. Some of them are free to use and also provides outlets and free wifi.

Do you need a conference call room at the library?

The last time that you went to your local libraries might have been during your awkward teenage years for borrowing manga or a dreamy teen romance novel, you may have overlooked that it might provide the room and facilities (i.e. free wifi and outlet) for quality conference calls.


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