How to have a successful conference


  1. Work out the key details in advance. It’s important to set yourself up for success. …
  2. Determine what your value proposition is. As with any product or service, you must be clear on what your guests will walk away with after attending your conference.
  3. Choose the perfect venue. Your venue can make or break the event. That may at first seem like an overstatement, until you consider all relevant factors.
  4. Decide the best time to hold your event. Give yourself plenty of time to plan in advance for your event. …
  5. Set your budget. Taking all considerations into account, how much will your event cost? Assess the pertinent areas, including the venue, speakers, entertainers, catering, staffing and the like.
  6. Choose your speakers carefully. Depending on the size and nature of your event, you can also put the call out for speakers and have them apply to win a …
  7. Find attendees on Facebook. Marketing will play a critical role in the success of your event. …
Friday Finds: 8 Foolproof Conference Planning Tips & a Checklist for Success
  1. Make sure the venue aligns with the event. …
  2. Give every attendee a leg up on networking. …
  3. Build a detailed content plan with unique takeaways. …
  4. Create your conference marketing tree. …
  5. Spare yourself the most common conference planning headaches.


How to organize a successful conference?

Bring in volunteers who will look onto the smaller tasks and advertise your conference. If your budget is good, you can hire an event planner or go to a conference Management Company that will efficiently organize your conference.

Is it possible to run a successful conference?

Running a conference can be a massive undertaking. And, the bigger the event, the more variables there will be to address, be mindful of and plan for.

What do you need to know before running a conference?

So, while the temptation might be to gloss over the finer details of running a conference, you have to take the time to think ahead about how it’s all going to come together — or your event could end up a disaster. Start by considering: What are your goals for your event? What do you hope to achieve? Who is this event for?

What makes a successful conference website?

Your conference website is the trunk of your marketing tree—it’s easy to spot, supports the entire event, and helps people find what they need. The event website must be optimized for search engines so people will find it online.


How can I be successful in a conference?

10 Ways to Make the Most Out of a ConferenceGain Visibility. … Build Stronger Relationships. … Get Briefed. … Choose the Right Sessions. … Remember What You Learn. … Connect With the Speakers. … Schmooze at the Social Events. … Put Away the Smartphone.More items…•

How do you plan a perfect conference?

Before you actually start planning your conference, there are a few essential decisions you need to make and tasks you need to complete:Assemble a Team. … Set Objectives. … Identify Your Target Audience. … Come Up With a Theme and Format. … Develop a Budget. … Book a Venue. … Confirm Date(s) … Create a Master Plan.More items…•

How do I make my conference stand out?

Techniques that will make your conference stand out1) Have a welcome team. … 2) Goodie bags. … 3) Ensure that everything is well-signposted. … 4) Make your staff easy to spot. … 5) Make a special effort with first time attendees. … 6) Ensure that your wi-fi details are easy to find. … 7) Provide plenty of charging points.More items…

What are the things needed in a conference?

12 essential equipment features for conference rooms.Conference table. As the dominating focal point of most meeting rooms, conference tables are kind of a big deal. … High back chairs. … Interactive board. … Digital audio/visual projector. … Sound system. … Speakerphone. … Television. … Wireless system.More items…•

What should be on a conference checklist?

GeneralDetermine conference name and main topics.Determine the location.Set the conference time-scopes (dates)Set the daily start and end times.Create preliminary budget.

What makes a conference interesting?

Make it Interactive If it’s just the speaker doing the talking, the conference can get boring after a while. Instead, make it a two-way interaction, where you ask questions to the participants and let them share their experiences.

How do I attract people to my booth?

7 Ways to Attract Attendees to Your Booth at #ATA2019Promote Your Booth on Social Media. Build pre-event interest by promoting your booth on social media. … Host a Booth Event. A celebrity signing, product demonstration or another booth event can give exhibitors a huge edge. … Offer Something Unique.

How do I make my event booth stand out?

12 Ways to make your trade show booth stand outUse 3 bright colors to draw attention to your booth. … Incorporate empty space into your trade show layout. … Weave one clear theme throughout all your messaging. … Tell your brand’s unique story. … Incorporate your own products into your display in an original way.More items…

What is conference how it planned and conducted?

A conference is a gathering of many people who talk about a specific subject or topic. People meet to confer about a theme. All the people who attend have a common interest. It is not the same as a convention, which is typically much bigger and consists of delegates who represent various different groups.

How do you plan and stage a conference and seminar?

8 steps to organise your seminar!Know your goals. Defining the seminar’s goals is a critical first step. … Define who your attendees are. … Make budget forecasts. … Choose the right date. … Find a suitable venue. … Use an online registration solution. … Organise activities. … One guiding principle: Communication.

What are the benefits of attending a conference?

Benefits of attending conferences. There are a lot of potential benefits of attending conferences that go beyond the simple “network and learn from speakers.”. Of course those are important, but there are other benefits that people don’t always consider. For example: Social media content from the conference.

What is the point of a conference?

The point of a conference isn’t just to meet people—it’s to network with people. If you go to a conference with a networking goal in mind, you need to make sure that you stay in touch with people after the conference. Your level of follow up depends on the kind of relationship you want to have with someone.

What is one great connection?

One great connection can lead to new job opportunities, partnerships, and content creation. One new idea, if it’s the right one, can change the way you approach all of your work. One great connection can lead to new job opportunities, partnerships, and content creation. Conferences and networking matter. Tweet this!

What is simple networking?

David Fisher is the master of this. Simple networking = great networking. This is a super simple way to network and spread on social. Tagging people in your posts increases the chance that they’ll share it, and people at the conference will be perusing the conference hashtags.

Establish a unique identity or brand

Once you are clear on the overall objectives of the event, it’s important to share what the event is about and why it is important. This can be achieved through clever branding and thematic clarity. Try to create a catchy, easy-to-understand name and logo that draws the attention of your target audience.

Calculate a budget and stick to it

Conferences are expensive affairs, so it’s important to be aware of the exact costs. Identify all possible expenses and categorise them. This could include things like venue, website, insurance, speakers, food & drink, audio-visual equipment, etc. You should also calculate possible income such as sponsorship.

Choose your speakers carefully

It’s no good inviting Tony Blair to speak about recent advancements in feminine beauty products; know your audience and ensure that your speakers are knowledgeable about the event’s subject matter. While star power might increase ticket sales, the wrong choice of speaker will only serve to alienate the attendees.

Get online

Your conference isn’t limited to the dates of the event; adequate online presence before and after the big day can help create conference buzz that will boost brand power. Sending your contacts an online poll or a survey is a good marketing strategy that can help develop your vision and get people talking.

Feedback is essential

Lastly, provide a way that your participants can evaluate their experience. This could be an online survey, a staff meeting, or a suggestion box located at the event. The insight you will gain from people’s opinions will be invaluable towards ensuring that your next conference runs even more smoothly.

Why is conference planning important?

Conference planning can be an exciting endeavor as you look forward to crafting a fulfilling event for everyone who attends. There are typically plenty of tasks to juggle, with careful planning helping to make the entire process more seamless and, therefore, more enjoyable for everyone involved in the planning.

Why do people choose to work with event planners?

Besides freeing up your time, event planners can help your committee to prioritize your spending to maximize your conference budget.

Is a convention private or public?

There are conventions that are held privately as well as open to the public, in a spectrum of sizes—although these types of events, in general, are larger than a typical corporate get-together. No matter what the specifics of your conference or convention may be, what’s most important is to create an event that meets or exceeds your goals for …

How to tell if your attendees had a good time?

There is no way to tell if your attendees had a good time without asking them. This is when an online survey can help you learn how your event did. Create an online survey that asks questions about specific topics like location, food, session and speakers, and general feelings about your conference.

How to plan an amazing conference?

To plan and execute an amazing conference or corporate event, you need to first decide specifically what you are trying to accomplish. Ask yourself what type of conference attendee you want to attract, as well as how you can make sure the conference relates to your brand.

What are fixed costs in conference planning?

There are many fixed costs in conference planning that will inevitably make up the most considerable portion of your event budget. These costs are not typically affected by the number of attendees at your event — they are what they are.

Why is it important to have a keynote speaker?

Securing your main speakers is incredibly important because you can’t effectively build your event schedule and marketing plans without them.

What is conference planning?

Conference Planning: A Step-by-Step Checklist for Success. Conferences are an important part of professional development and business networking for all industries. Bringing people together from all around the world in the same industry to learn and share is essential for innovation. A successful conference can come in all shapes and sizes, …

How is an event date determined?

Most of the time, an event date is determined by a venue’s availability. However, if the date is more important than the venue, you will need to prioritize finding a venue that accommodates that date. Once you have your venue/location and date set, it’s time to rally the troops to make this event happen.

What to do after a conference?

It is so important to document and track all the successes you had and any shortcomings that arose during your event. The more you learn, the more you can improve.

How to run a conference?

1. Work out the key details in advance. It’s important to set yourself up for success. So, while the temptation might be to gloss over the finer details of running a conference, you have to take the time to think ahead about how it’s all going to come together — or your event could end up a disaster.

What is the importance of marketing for an event?

Marketing will play a critical role in the success of your event. When it comes to promoting your event and encouraging engagement, be sure to prioritize social media. Facebook groups are especially valuable for this task.

Is a conference a massive undertaking?

Running a conference can be a massive undertaking. And, the bigger the event, the more variables there will be to address, be mindful of and plan for. But we can’t overlook the many benefits of holding an event for your target audience, whether that means giving its members a chance to experience your business in a new way, …

Is celebrity speaker worth it?

Celebrity speakers can also be worthwhile if you have the budget for it. The availability of speakers is another reason to leave plenty of planning time. Not all speakers will be available when you want them. And, it’s always good to be thinking about plan B and even plan C if your dream team doesn’t come together.

What is a successful conference?

Successful conferences come in all flavors and sizes: The multi-day national seminar for fitness professionals, the one-day conference for regional business leaders under 40. But successful conferences all have one thing in common: a planner somewhere who planned early and often for success.

Why do people attend conferences?

Get your conference name badges ready: Networking is a top reason people attend conferences. And in a job search, face-to-face networking is several times more effective than networking online. These events allow people to talk and build connections with those who share their career interests or personal passions—facilitate their success.

How to deepen your knowledge at a conference?

If attendees are coming to your conference to deepen their knowledge, follow a clear plan to source your content. First, if possible, poll your audience about topics, sub-topics, and depth of subject matter knowledge.

What is the importance of conference app?

A conference app delivers all the benefits of traditional paper-based conference information, while achieving three essential goals:

1. Plan in Advance

Start planning for big events, at least eight or twelve months before the date of the event. Choose a venue, catering services, seating arrangements, budgeting, and speakers to avoid last-minute hassles. When you plan early, you become clear with the things to be done, and you make proper arrangements accordingly.

2. Naming the Conference

It’s important to name your conference. Otherwise, the audience won’t come and attend the session. Firstly, know your target audience for whom you are organizing the session and name it accordingly so that the audience will get attracted to it. Create a unique name for your conference that doesn’t match or look similar to any other conference.

3. Budgeting

Planning a wise budget will make your event successful. When you organize any conference, you need to remember that your motive might not be to generate profit, but you shouldn’t incur a loss. Stick to your planned budget and spend it wisely wherever required.

4. Delegation of Tasks

You can’t organize a conference single-handedly; you require people and a team that would support you to make your event successful. Delegating the tasks is the best decision you will take while organizing your event. Choose a team with the right members who are dedicated, honest, and loyal towards their work.

5. Selecting Speakers and Guests

It is a difficult but most important step in organizing a conference. After finalizing the dates and venues, choose a speaker for your event. Try to choose a speaker who is experienced, who helps in engaging with your audience throughout, who shares his experiences, who will not just come and bore the audience.

6. Tickets and Sales

It is highly recommended that you shouldn’t charge high fees and set the pricing of tickets low, as your motive is not to earn profit from this event, but to cover other costs, you might charge a reasonable fee from the audience. Give discounts to students, charge fees for providing meals, charge fees depending on the kind of audience.

7. Advertising

Social media presence is very important to attract the target audience. Create a website and have a URL that will contain all the important information related to the venue, food, lodging, and transportation. The website must contain the theme and name of the speakers to attract the audience. Advertise your event on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


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