How to have fun at a conference


Top 5 Ideas to Make Conferences More Fun for Attendees

  • Chalkboard wall. Having a giant chalkboard message center is a fun way to increase interactions and networking between…
  • Events unique to the conference’s city. Chances are, the majority of your attendees will have traveled some distance…
  • PARTY!. Hosting a late-night party is a great way for your guests to unwind…

10 Ways To Make Your Conferences Interesting
  1. Ice Breaker Sessions. Most attendees feel awkward when they are in a room full of strangers. …
  2. Make it Interactive. …
  3. Emcee To The Rescue. …
  4. Storytelling To Grab Attention. …
  5. Breakout Sessions. …
  6. Video Montages. …
  7. World Cafe Discussions. …
  8. Props Over PowerPoint.
Aug 22, 2019


How do you make a conference interesting?

An unrelenting focus on the audience is the best approach to making a conference interesting. Enable them to get involved by asking questions, interacting in small groups, networking freely, and having fun! How do you organize a conference event? Choose a compelling theme and a team of experts to bring it to life.

How to make your video conference calls fun and engaging?

If you want to make your video conference calls fun as well as engaging, try this exercise. Here the employees should work together to compose a unique song. Initially, ask your virtual staff to compose a new song. One of the individuals should start with a line. Then, the next person sings another line.

How can I make conference breakout sessions more fun?

You may also want to generate fun conference breakout sessions by using a different format: discussions, simulations, tours (be it outside the conference venue or even just within the room), a scavenger hunt, or debates.

How to make your conference attended attendees happy?

The lunch break or event catering you organized along with a helping of soothing music can help shape your attendees’ moods considerably. To help them get back into the conference or take a break from it, entertain them with light music or shake them up a bit till they are active.


How do you make a conference not boring?

The thing is, meetings don’t have to be boring….Learn how to avoid a boring meeting with these five tips.Use laughter. … Walk instead of sit. … Only talk about what’s necessary. … Bring goodies to share. … Skip your meeting altogether.

How do you enjoy a conference?

10 Ways to Make the Most Out of a ConferenceGain Visibility. … Build Stronger Relationships. … Get Briefed. … Choose the Right Sessions. … Remember What You Learn. … Connect With the Speakers. … Schmooze at the Social Events. … Put Away the Smartphone.More items…•

How can I make virtual conferences more fun?

Do a fun workout break (or other activity) midway to get everyone up and moving. Give out company swag to attendees who pre-register (or to everyone) Use gamification via a mobile event app (during the online event) Allow attendees to self-schedule meetings with exhibitors and sponsors before the event.

What activities are done in a conference?

Business Conference ActivitiesKeynote Speakers. Keynote speakers can be a big draw for conference attendees. … Breakout Sessions. … Brainstorming Sessions. … Retail Sales. … Book Signings. … Trade Show. … Silent Auction. … Food: Meals and Snacks.More items…

How do you socialize at a conference?

How to Make Meaningful Connections at ConferencesMake use of conference networking tools. … Arrive early. … Tweet with authenticity. … Make others talk about themselves. … Practice the spirit of generosity in all interactions. … Sit separately from office colleagues or friends. … Handle after hours socializing with aplomb.More items…•

How do you mingle at a conference?

Be fearless, and let the other person do most of the talking: Approach, shake hands, introduce yourself, ask a “simple-start” question (see #11 below), stop talking, and listen. People love to talk about themselves, so let them.

How do you host a fun event?

6 Tips for Hosting an Event Your Guests Will Never ForgetHost With a Purpose. Our first tip is to host with a purpose. … Plan an Event Far Ahead of Time. … Choose the Perfect Venue. … Make Space for Networking. … Consider a Theme. … Spread the Word Through Memorable Reminders.

How do you host a fun virtual event?

37 Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Online EventPersonal Trivia Turned Into a Virtual Game. … Real-Time Illustrations During Sessions. … Live Games or Competitions. … Virtual Concert. … Health and Wellbeing Activities. … Build Unique Immersive Environments. … Attract Star Talent. … Cooking or Cocktail Class.More items…•

How do you make a meeting more lively?

Here’s one example of a creative and fun meeting agendaFun ice-breaker activity, question or topic of conversation (non-work related)Presentation on topic of the meeting.Brainstorming in small groups on meeting topic.Sharing brainstormed ideas with entire group for discussion.Meeting recap and Q&A opportunity.

How do you engage conference attendees?

4 Ways to Engage Your Conference AttendeesUtilize social media. Social media is one of the easiest (and most effective) ways to engage your conference attendees. … Incorporate games/contests. … Coordinate off-site events. … Create a comfortable environment.

How do you end a conference?

Here’s Parker’s advice on closing a conference in a way that fills attendees with good memories, warm fuzzies and inspired action.Don’t shirk your duty as conference host. … Accept the mortality of your conference. … Announce last call. … Never end with logistics. … Dedicate time to looking inward and turning outward.More items…

How do you manage stress on the day of the event?

How to Manage and Reduce StressUse Checklists. Planning is key to a successful event. … Have a Pre-Event Logistics Meeting. … Set Boundaries—and Stick with Them. … Get Some Sleep. … Don’t Forget to Eat. … Take in Some Sunshine. … Stay Calm. … Put Yourself in their Shoes.More items…•

How do I get the best out of a conference?

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of a ConferenceThink About Your Goals. Consider your priorities for a conference. … Choose the Right Conferences. There are several different types of conferences and they each have their own strengths. … Plan Your Time. … Networking. … Don’t Neglect Twitter. … Take Notes. … Follow Up.

What are the benefits of attending a conference?

The 5 benefits of attending conferencesMeet the best influencers. … Gain irreplaceable knowledge and apply it to your business. … Know what your competitors are doing and how to set your company apart. … Take networking opportunities to gain new customers.

How do you make the best conference?

Without further ado, let’s dive into our 30 best conference tips.Figure out what you want to get out of the event. … Figure out who you want to meet before the event. … Connect through pre-event social. … Sleep. … Manage your diet. … Go to the gym. … Stay at the conference hotel. … Set up an event outside the conference.More items…•

How do you present what you learned at a conference?

Seven Ways To Bring Back To The Office What You Learned At A Conference1 – Take notes. … 2 – List your current challenges in advance. … 3 – Create a to-do list as quickly as possible. … 4 – Take pictures of key slides. … 5 – Make a list of all tools you have to try. … 6 – Keep the slides in your favourites.More items…•

How to Make Staff Meetings More Engaging

Boring staff meetings are counter-productive; employees dread them, meeting hosts struggle to keep up their enthusiasm and creativity is squashed under the dull glow of fluorescent meeting-room lighting. Making your work meetings fun can help to stoke employee engagement, problem-solving and innovative thinking.

Fun Ways to Start a Meeting

Find a creative way to kick off your meeting. This is the quickest route to a fun and engaging hour with an attentive and interactive audience. The way you start your meeting with your team sets the tone for the rest of your time together, so it’s important to come in with the same energy you want from your audience.

Make Your Next Big Meeting More Fun at Earle Brown

When you’re ready to plan your next engaging meeting, Earle Brown Heritage Center’s expert planning team will be ready to help! We have a variety of meeting rooms to accommodate your number of attendees, audio-visual needs and more.

1. Ice Breaker Sessions

Most attendees feel awkward when they are in a room full of strangers. You can have an ice breaker session after the event introduction to help everyone break the ice.

2. Make it Interactive

If it’s just the speaker doing the talking, the conference can get boring after a while. Instead, make it a two-way interaction, where you ask questions to the participants and let them share their experiences.

3. Emcee To The Rescue

One person who can add great value to your conference and maintain the event flow is the Emcee. Since he/she spends the maximum time interacting with your attendees booking an emcee makes a lot of sense.

4. Storytelling To Grab Attention

People love branded storytelling. Depending on the type of conference you’re organizing, create a storyboard that will draw your attendee’s attention and create a unique emotive response and recall.

5. Breakout Sessions

All work and no activity make your conference dull and monotonous. Organize breakout sessions at certain intervals to help attendees move out of their comfort zone and clear their heads.

6. Video Montages

Kick of your conferences with a creative video presentation or a montage reel. It should be inspiring enough to latch their minds to your conference. If you’re planning a tech conference for women, you can motivate everyone with their inspiring stories showcasing successful women and their way of life.

7. World Cafe Discussions

World cafe is an interactive way of starting a conversation between large groups, allowing attendees to learn from each other’s experiences. Allocate a topic per table and let the attendees or subject matter experts discuss it for 15 minutes, post which they move to the next table and the process continues.

What is a speaker’s corner?

“Speakers’ Corners” have been made famous in many public spaces around the world to encourage public debate and discussion . The format can be adapted as a fun conference activity where two speakers debate over a central theme or question. At the outset, the participants are polled to measure their opinion on the topic. Following the debate, they are polled again to see how many are now in favour or against. The winner of the debate is the speaker who caused the most audience members to change their votes.

How many people can talk in a fishbowl?

Fishbowls help facilitate discussion in large groups by having just 3-6 people talk at any one time. Those individuals are seated in the centre of the room while the rest of the participants (maximum of 50 people) sit around the outside and observe without interrupting.

Why is playing along important?

Playing along is incentivised by prizes, and is a great way to encourage attendees to take in as much information as possible while at your event. There are so many different ways to shake up your conference and help your event stand out from the crowd, so don’t stick with the same old, same old.

Why do you need a soapbox at an event?

Including a soapbox at your event can provide attendees with a platform to have their ideas heard. Individuals can submit proposals to participate and, if they are chosen, will be given a short time on stage to present an issue that is important to them.

What is a world café?

The World Café format is a simple, effective, and flexible way to host large group dialogue. The process begins with the first of two or more rounds of discussion for groups of 4-6 seated around a table. Each round is prefaced with a question.

What is a 20×20 presentation?

Also falling in the “lightning talks” category, PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and speakers talk along to the images.

How long is a ignite session?

A form of “lightning talk”, ignite sessions give speakers five minutes to talk on a subject accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide appears for 15 seconds and is automatically advanced. The speaker must not read the details included in the slides.

Creative conference ideas to make a conference better

I recently ran a workshop in Washington, DC called Reinvent or Refresh Your Conference! for conference organizers. In essence, how to make a conference better? We had about 20 people responsible for planning or organizing a conference for their organization. This included people organizing conferences with dozens of attendees to tens of thousands.

How can we plan a successful conference? How to make a conference better? What do we need?

How to engage attendees with exhibitors and the session – A big reason there’s a bifurcation between sponsors and exhibitors and what will call regular attendees is that exhibitors have a financial incentive to stay by their booth if they’re not going to be somewhere else where they’re making contact with attendees.

How to get people excited about a conference?

Social media is a great way to build buzz and get people excited about the conference. Create an event in a Facebook group to build connections and reiterate important information after the conference is over.

What are some ways to bring people together during a conference?

Ice-breaker networking activities. People do a lot of sitting and listening during conferences. Change up the routine by offering fun ice-breaker activities between more formal sessions. These are excellent opportunities to bring people together and foster new relationships.

What is a fireside chat?

Instead of listening to a speaker for 30 minutes to an hour, offer a fireside chat setting where moderator and guest speaker have a conversation. Fireside chats are informal interviews that illuminate the guest’s expertise without requiring them to write a formal keynote address.

How to improve physical and mental health during a busy workweek?

Offer a seminar about improving physical and mental health during a busy workweek. Serve healthy snacks, include mini-meditation and mindfulness exercises, and hold fitness sessions at appropriate times. (Offer alternatives for attendees with disabilities to ensure your event is accessible .)

How to pull a theme together?

To pull the theme together, include decorations like moons, rockets, and stars on your pamphlets, signage, and event decor. 4. Destination theme. You chose a spectacular place for the conference; highlight why it’s so great within your event. A few examples:

How to do a yoga class?

8. Create an experience. 1 Bust out the yoga mats, bring in a teacher, and enjoy a morning warm-up. 2 Take the gang to a local museum for an hour-long private tour. 3 Bring in a projector and popcorn and show an afternoon flick (pick a feel-good classic everyone appreciates like The Wizard of Oz or The Princess Bride ).

Is creamer good for coffee?

Regular and decaf with powdered creamer aren’t good enough anymore. Offer a variety of teas and hot cocoa for those who don’t like coffee. Include regular and sugar-free options for sweetener. Provide creamer, flavored creamer, and almond milk for the dairy-free crowd.

How can I have fun at work?

Furthermore, having fun at work might actually boost productivity by stimulating engagement.

How to make work more fun?

Make work more fun by having fun working together to outsmart the mysteries of an expertly designed escape room. These rooms include plenty of problem solving with a gamification angle that turns a standard process of deductive reasoning into an unforgettable adventure.

What is wellness event?

They offer a chance to recenter, rejuvenate, and reconnect. Wellness events are multitasking activities, doling out fun along with other rewards. Why we love it: You can create your own definition of wellness to suit your team’s preferences. Someone on your team can lead a yoga or meditation class.

What does “fun” mean in work?

Merriam-Webster defines it as “what provides amusement or enjoyment.”. Fun is subjective and fulfilling , and when employees may pursue their idea of it, it’s also beneficial to work.

How many steps does an office worker take a day?

We live in a world where the average office worker gets in only around 7,500 steps per day —fewer than the recommended minimum of around 10,000. Get outside with your team to get exercise, fresh air, and to share wonderful conversations.


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