How to hold a digital conference


How to Hold a Digital Conference

  1. Assess your needs
    There are many tools available for remote conferencing. To find the one that suits you, you need to…
  2. Find the right tool
    Once you’ve answered these questions,take a look at the various tools available. Microsoft Teams…
  3. Ensure logistics


How do you attract people to a virtual conference?

Virtual conventions lack the traditional amenities of in-person events such as fancy accommodations and face-to-face contact, but you can draw crowds by taking advantage of your digital platform and offering inventive and attractive online event elements. What are some good virtual conference ideas?

Should virtual conference speakers use videoconferencing for their webinars?

Even when delivered by the best speakers, it can be difficult to hold a virtual audience’s attention with a slide-based presentation, alone. Most webinar platforms support videoconferencing, and virtual conference speakers should absolutely make use of that capability.

How do you make digital events successful?

As a keynote speaker who’s headlined both live and virtual conference events for over a decade, here are 7 tips I’ve learned about how to make digital events successful, from large online gatherings to small eLearning sessions: 1. Use video if at all possible.

How do I host a successful online conference?

In this post, I offer tips for hosting a successful online conference based off of my own experience as well as experience working with a long list of clients that host virtual conferences. So, let’s get started. 1. Add strong context to your content 2. Make it easy for others to market 3. Mix in meaningful social 4. Use at least some live video 5.


How do you hold a virtual conference?

10 tips for hosting virtual eventsSet clear goals from the start. … Choose the right platform to host your virtual event. … Choose the right time for your event. … Promote your virtual event. … Develop a clear agenda that includes speakers and timeframes. … Include moderators at your event. … Engage your audience. … Prepare to troubleshoot.More items…

How do you make a virtual conference interactive?

Virtual conference engagement ideasOffer a free ebook or several free ebooks. … Offer slide decks and replays to attendees. … Offer online coupons – especially from sponsors and exhibitors. … Use polls before, during, and after the event. … Offer an immersive agenda. … Create a social media hype ahead and during your conference.More items…•

How do you hold a conference on Zoom?

How to create a conferenceSign in to Zoom Events.In the top-right corner, click Create.Click Conference.Read the pop-up message, then click Got It. … Enter the required information for each section of the process to create a conference.

How do you conduct a digital meeting?

[HOW-TO] The 8 rules of conduct for online meetingsBecome familiar with the platform. … Don’t be late for your meeting  … Switch on your camera. … Mute your microphone when you’re not speaking. … Raise your hand. … Keep track of the chat window. … Respect the host. … Know when to leave.

How do you engage participants in a virtual meeting?

During the remote meetingIntroduce everyone. The video camera doesn’t show every speaker throughout the meeting. … Have small talk before to start. … Remind of the meeting goal. … Give people things to do. … Be courteous to others. … Ask participants to contribute. … Be engaging.

How do you host a fun virtual event?

37 Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Online EventPersonal Trivia Turned Into a Virtual Game. … Real-Time Illustrations During Sessions. … Live Games or Competitions. … Virtual Concert. … Health and Wellbeing Activities. … Build Unique Immersive Environments. … Attract Star Talent. … Cooking or Cocktail Class.More items…•

How do I host a zoom meeting for the first time?

How to schedule your first meetingSign in to your Zoom web portal.Click Meetings.Click Schedule a Meeting.Choose the date and time for your meeting.(Optional) Select any other settings you would like to use.Click Save.

What is the best platform for virtual meetings?

The Best Free Video Conferencing PlatformsZoom.Google Hangouts.Dialpad Meetings.TrueConf Online.Skype.FreeConference.Lifesize Go.Slack Video Calls.More items…

What is the best app for virtual meetings?

The Best Video Meeting Apps for TeamsZoom. Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing solutions for businesses. … Skype for Business. Microsoft’s popular Skype service is augmented as an enterprise-ready video conferencing tool. … Slack. … BigBlueButton. … BlueJeans. … Whereby. … GoToMeeting. … Cisco WebEx.More items…

How can I make my conference more fun?

10 Ways To Make Your Conferences InterestingIce Breaker Sessions. Most attendees feel awkward when they are in a room full of strangers. … Make it Interactive. … Emcee To The Rescue. … Storytelling To Grab Attention. … Breakout Sessions. … Video Montages. … World Cafe Discussions. … Props Over PowerPoint.More items…•

How do you make Zoom events engaging more?

4 Tactics To Keep Your Audience EngagedUse Zoom Meetings For Camera Access. One thing that will help make your event instantly feel more like a real, in-person event is by hosting it on Zoom. … Use A Studio. … Collaborate With Other Creators. … Keep Your Audience Guessing.

Why do people attend scientific conferences?

People attend scientific conferences to build their knowledge on a specific topic. Therefore, your content and live streaming sessions should elaborate on the main idea and add value. During live sessions, you should also organise the major discussion points in chronological order for your attendees to follow.

How to avoid boring attendees?

However, in virtual events, you have to rely on intuition. To avoid boring your attendees will lengthy speeches, you should break up the sessions into bite sizes. An intense one-hour presentation should have a 15-minute break for an interactive session. It will give your attendees time to digest the information and take notes or ask questions. It also breaks the monotony of watching a live stream. If you are using pre-recorded content, you can break up the monotony with a real-time question and answer session.

Can you replicate an in person conference?

It can be challenging to replicate an in-person event in a digital environment. There is usually positive energy in a conference hall and the excitement of travelling to a distant venue. However, it does not mean that if you host digital conferences, they will not be memorable. You can enhance the value of the virtual event by giving takeaway material from the sessions. It could be something simple like a written summary of a presentation or a digital copy of the speaker’s book.

What is virtual conference?

In many ways a virtual conference can and should mirror what happens at a face-to-face conference. By having elements like keynote presentations, breakouts, and opportunities for networking, you’ll align with learner expectations and increase the chances that they will take a chance on a virtual event.

What is the best way to differentiate your event as a professional effort?

Providing for clear, competent learner support is one of the main ways you can differentiate your event as a professional effort. And, if you want to position it as a premium offering, you definitely need to provide good support.

What are the criticisms of virtual events?

Mix in meaningful social. One of the typical criticisms of virtual events is that you don’t manage to get the same networking and interaction that you do with face-to-face events.

Why are sponsors important?

Finally, a sponsor’s brand can be valuable in helping to bolster your own brand and the credibility of the event which , again, helps to attract attendees.

What do vendors want?

What most vendors want is a well qualified audience – that is a group of people who clearly possess the characteristics of the vendor’s target customers. If you can offer the chance to get in front of such a group, then you can greatly increase the efficiency of the vendor’s sales process – and that is valuable.

Can you skip a face to face conference?

One of the big advantages of a face-to-face conference is that the attendees are essentially “captive.” Yes, they can skip out on sessions if they need to, but the fact that they are physically present greatly increases the chances that they will participate in most of the experience.

Can you work with vendors as sponsors?

Depending on your business, working with vendors as sponsors may not be a part of your current business model. A virtual conference offers a great opportunity to expand into this area.

How can a virtual conference be interactive?

Even large virtual conferences, however, can be made more interactive simply by using the audience polling features which are available in many online event platforms.

Why are virtual conferences being moved?

While some events have been canceled or postponed, others are being moved to an online, virtual setup in order to safeguard the health of attendees and presenters. Virtual conference events aren’t new (indeed, some very large ones are held each year). However, they are unfamiliar to many meeting planners, and it’s important to understand …

How to hold a virtual audience?

1. Use video if at all possible. Even when delivered by the best speakers, it can be difficult to hold a virtual audience’s attention with a slide-based presentation, alone. Most webinar platforms support videoconferencing, and virtual conference speakers should absolutely make use of that capability. When your audience can see the speaker …

Can speakers do A/V checks?

Most speakers can do A/V checks at live events in their sleep, as it’s an exercise with which they are exceedingly familiar. That’s not the case with virtual events. Even if a speaker has done virtual sessions in the past, there’s no guarantee their next virtual event will use the same technology platform as their last. Great speakers leave nothing to chance when preparing for an event, and that approach is especially important with virtual sessions. Check everything in advance – audio/video quality, screen sharing, host-to-speaker private messaging, audience Q&A – and do it all with the same equipment and internet connection that the speaker will be using on event day.

Can a speech be a virtual event?

A speech that works well in a live venue may not translate perfectly to a virtual one. Speakers may not at first realize it, but gestures and other visual cues that they (sometimes unknowingly) use during a live speech won’t work in the virtual event.

What is virtual conference?

Virtual conference ideas are suggestions for creating engaging and memorable online events that attract significant audiences. Because virtual events are different experiences than in person events, you need to approach your seminar from a new angle. These ideas also work for virtual retreats. Specifically, this list includes: …

What is a schmoozing conference?

Schmoozing is one of the main draws of conferences. Guests attend these events in part to meet other industry professionals. Though much of the networking occurs in structured environments such as luncheons, cocktail hours, meet and greets, and panels, a good deal of socializing also occurs in spaces such as hallways and lobbies.

Why are virtual daycares so popular?

Because guests will attend your conference from the comfort of home instead of the seclusion of an event center, there is a possibility that kids may crash the affair. For this reason, some organizers are advertising virtual conferences as children-friendly to encourage the attendance of busy parents. You can take this notion one step further by offering entertainment specifically for the kids.

What is hype in social media?

Social media hype. Social media is one of the most useful digital marking tools, and one of the best ideas for marketing virtual conferences. You can build hype for your event by running special campaigns on your social platforms.

Is it harder to draw attention to a virtual crowd?

Drawing interest and maintaining attention can be harder with a virtual crowd than with a physically present group. By embracing the advantages of an online platform you can attract a wider audience and achieve favorable results.

What is the key to a successful virtual meeting?

Whether you’re meeting with prospective clients, conducting a company-wide virtual town hall or simply seeking alignment among remote teams, the key to a successful virtual meeting is remembering it’s exactly that — a meeting . It calls for purposeful planning and preparation, guidelines around respect and politeness, and a clear agenda to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you take these five tips into consideration, there’s every chance you’ll have a fruitful meeting that can readily be repeated.

How to make a one time meeting on Lifesize?

Create a one-time or permanent meeting. With the Lifesize app open, click on the Meetings tab and choose either a one-time or permanent meeting. A one-time meeting is a single-use, private sync space hidden from your Lifesize directory, making it a great choice for conference calls or meetings where security is a priority.

What should be the prep work for a virtual meeting?

Part of the prep work for your meeting should involve setting an intention for that time, specifically what information will be communicated. A presentation that worked well in front of a live audience may not receive the same results when delivered via video conference. For this reason, it’s best to focus your virtual meeting on one or two central issues — any more than that, and it’s possible participants could zone out or grow restless.

How to schedule an in person meeting?

1. Send out meeting materials ahead of time. When you schedule an in-person meeting, you may approach things a bit more casually, since you’re able to connect with your co-workers in the hallway or the breakroom and catch them up on anything they missed.

Is it cost effective to have a virtual meeting?

Coordinating a virtual meeting isn’t only cost effective and easy, it can also boost your team’s productivity whether you’re working from home, the office or from a remote location at the far ends of the earth. To ensure you’re getting the most out of these meetings, we look at virtual meetings in the age of COVID-19 and provide helpful tips …

Can you host a virtual meeting without a hitch?

Now that you have a virtual meeting definition, you may be curious how to hold one and the meeting software you will need. Fortunately, Lifesize makes it easy to host a virtual meeting without a hitch. The following is a step-by-step guide to help you carry out a virtual meeting that is both organized and effective.

Should non-presenters mute themselves?

To reduce interruptions, it’s recommended all non-presenters mute themselves for the duration of the meeting. You can include this point in the meeting materials you share, and then mention it at the start of your call in case anyone forgot to implement it on their devices.

How to reduce background noise during webinar?

Minimize background noise: Try to host your webinar in a quiet place. If you must be in a loud environment, using a headset with a mic often reduces background noise compared with your computer’s built-in microphone. In fact, a headset is a general best practice for higher-quality audio than other built-in options.

Why is it important to have an in person event?

Online events also can offer an informative and interactive experience while you enjoy the comfort of your home or office. It’s important to put just as much effort into the online experience as you would for an in-person event.

Why is Zoom webinar important?

For the most part, a Zoom webinar will be the preferred solution for many digital events because it provides a simpler platform to manage large audiences.

What is Zoom webinar?

Whether you need to host digital marketing events, all-hands meetings, product announcements, or training sessions, a Zoom Video Webinar is an easy-to-use option for managing and engaging with your audience. For instance, you can quickly promote an attendee to a panelist so they can interact live.

Can you broadcast Zoom webinars on Facebook?

Zoom webinars and meetings can be broadcast across social channels with Facebook Live, Facebook Workplace, and YouTube Live, as well as a custom livestream integration. This allows participants to join via Zoom or watch on social, so your content can reach a larger audience without any extra effort.

Should event organizers be superheroes?

Event organizers should be their own class of superheroes for all the effort it takes to design, plan, and execute impactful attendee experiences. Current health concerns and travel restrictions related to COVID-19, however, have canceled or postponed many events around the world and could jeopardize future events as well.

Can you host a Zoom event in person?

While it may not be feasible to host those experiences in person, it doesn’t mean they can’t go on. Event organizers looking for ways to quickly adapt and host trade shows, user conferences, sales kickoffs, and other events online have a great option in Zoom.

How many people can you have in a Zoom meeting?

The free version is quite robust, supporting Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can hold unlimited meetings with as many as 50 participants, but only up to 40 minutes at a stretch. One-to-one meetings have no time limitations.

How long does it take to create a meeting on the fly?

If you decide to stick with the free version after 14 days, you’ll have to create your meetings on the fly as the option to schedule a meeting is available only in the pro edition. You invite other people to join by emailing them the link to your meeting site. You can then allow each valid participant to join.

How to get started with Zoom?

To get started, log in at the Zoom home page and click on one of three options: Schedule a Meeting, Join a Meeting, or Host a Meeting. You’ll then be prompted to download and install the Zoom Launcher file when it’s time for your meeting. You’ll find a host of options for your meeting.

Is virtual meeting worth it?

You’ll find an array of virtual meeting programs out there, but with features that cost money. And if you need to only meet occasionally, the price tag may not be worth it. Instead, you can use free virtual meeting programs, or virtual meeting programs that offer a free option. They lack certain bells and whistles compared with their paid …

Can you use video conferencing on a conference call?

You can opt to use video conferencing or just screen sharing, choose computer audio or a conference call, require a meeting password, and decide if you want to record the meeting. You can invite others to join your meeting via regular email, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail.


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