How to hold a peace conference in skyrim


Convince all parties to attend a truce negotiation Talk to Arngeir to get the Greybeards to host the negotiations at High Hrothgar. Talk to both General Tullius in Solitude and Ulfric Stormcloak in Windhelm to get them to attend.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]
  1. Convince all parties to attend a truce negotiation. Talk to Arngeir to get the Greybeards to host the negotiations at High Hrothgar. …
  2. Return to High Hrothgar for the negotiations.
  3. Take your seat at the negotiating table.
  4. Negotiate the treaty. Make a series of decisions about the terms of the truce.
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What are the dragonborn’s options at the Peace Conference?

Once the peace conference has started, the Dragonborn is given a multitude of options, mostly having to do with the side taken in the Civil War questline. As soon as the negotiations begin, Ulfric objects to Elenwen being involved in this council, saying how the Thalmor should have nothing to do with Skyrim’s politics.

Is it possible to complete the peace treaty in Skyrim?

Before version 1.4 of the Official Skyrim Patch, there were some serious bugs that would affect your ability to complete the peace treaty. Without the patch, it is best to complete Season Unending before starting any of the Civil War quests. This means you must refrain from talking to either party about joining their army.

How do you start a council meeting in Skyrim?

You can talk to any of the attendees to get their various reactions to being at High Hrothgar or their expectations for the negotiations. Once you are ready to start the council meeting, you will need to talk to Arngeir — although he will forcibly start the discussion if you avoid him for too long.

Can the Greybeards hold a Peace Council?

Only the Greybeards are in a position to hold a peace council. The Jarl of Whiterun won’t help me capture a dragon as long as the civil war is raging.

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Can you make peace between the Stormcloaks and Imperials?

Jarl of Whiterun He says that if a peace treaty can be agreed between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks, he will help capture and hold a dragon. The Jarl will also suggest talking to the Greybeards, as both General Tullius and Ulfric Stormcloak highly respect them.

Can you end the war in Skyrim without choosing a side?

Players Must Choose A Side To Complete Skyrim’s Civil War The truce is only temporary, and the fighting picks back up as soon as Alduin is defeated. The war won’t resolve itself without player involvement, either.

Is there a third option in the Skyrim civil war?

The civil war plotlines have no “third option”. You either side with the Stormcloaks and save Skyrim, side with the Imperials to control it for the elves, or stay out of it altogether. If you’re playing on PC, there are likely to be mods that allow this.

Should I give Riften or Dawnstar?

Give Riften to Tallius if you’re siding with him, give him Dawnstar if you’re Stormcloak. Nothing really affects gameplay or story, it’s just a personal preference.

Do you lose Lydia If you join the Stormcloaks?

No, you don’t lose anything. She and your baby will both stay safely inside your house until the fight is over and the town is cleaned/repaired.

Is it better to join the Legion or Stormcloaks?

The ranking system in the Imperial Legion is all about hard work and the title progression feels appropriate compared to the relatively unorthodox Stormcloaks. Moreover, the armor and weapons of the Imperial Legion are of higher quality and look arguably better than the Stormcloaks’ cheap-looking gambesons.

Can you stay neutral in Skyrim civil war?

Yes, it is possible. The main quest is not completely independent of the war, but it does not require your character to take any action to support or oppose either side in it. You won’t need any advice or hints as to how to avoid taking a side; the game will tell you what you need to know when you get there.

Can I become High King in Skyrim?

0:288:09Become High King of Skyrim: “Immersive” Edition – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd simply speak to any npc.MoreAnd simply speak to any npc.

Can Jarl Balgruuf join the Stormcloaks?

Fully voiced (spliced) new dialogue during Message To Whiterun civil war pivotal quest. (1) You can convince Jarl Balgruuf to join Stormcloaks (compatible with Open Civil War).

Is Riften or Winterhold a better trade?

I agree generally it doesn’t make much difference. However if you give adequate to both sides then there is an agreement in place where both sides treat it as peace. So if you swap Markarth and Riften and get compensation paid by the stormcloaks it seems like the most fair ending.

Should you kick Elenwen out?

By kicking her out, you leave the Thalmor’s head justiciar at a disadvantage by postponing info; Elenwen won’t get to hear more info from Tullius or Ulfric, that can tend the war to end quicker. Plus, I think Thalmor out of Skyrim would make the dominion weaker than Thalmor in Skyrim.

What did Ulfric do at Karthwasten?

Ulfric held the true power; it were his men who walked the streets. Ulfric commited those crimes, Ulfric forced them to get executed. I don’t doubt that an unorganised is it is guaranteed to be brutal to the forsworn. But even if ulfric was to act on the orders of the jarl, the jarl was the head of the event.

What happens if you dont choose a side in Skyrim?

You dont need to choose a side at all. You dont even need to start each sides quests. If youve never had spoken to tullius, you can outright say that the greybeards want to seen him. With ulfric, he’ll direct you towards the guy who does recruitment but if you speak to him again, you can tell him about the greybeards.

Can you lose the civil war in Skyrim?

No matter who wins the civil war in Skyrim, the actual people of Skyrim lose. If the Empire wins, then they will remain part of the empire, which is at the constant threat of an even larger and more bloody war between them and the Aldmeri Dominion.

What is the best side to join in Skyrim?

Skyrim: All Joinable Factions, Ranked From Worst To Best1 The Dark Brotherhood.2 The Thieves’ Guild. … 3 The Dawnguard. … 4 The College of Winterhold. … 5 The Volkihar Clan. … 6 The Companions. … 7 The Imperial Legion. … 8 The Stormcloaks. … More items…•

Does it matter who you go with in the beginning of Skyrim?

No matter who you choose to follow early on, it comes down to who you like the best, and has no consequences in game as you can still join either faction no matter who you follow.

What happens in the truce between the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks?

The end result of the negotiations is always that the two sides (the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks) exchange control over one or more holds — the government (most notably the governing Jarl) in any exchanged hold is replaced. Your role in the negotiations is to make a series of decisions about which holds are exchanged, and other terms of the truce. Regardless of your choices, a truce is always signed at the end of the quest, but the terms of the truce affect subsequent gameplay, and control whether or not you get a quest reward.

What is the ninth hold in Season Unending?

The ninth hold is Whiterun Hold, which is originally neutral. It is not part of any trades in Season Unending because it is implicitly at the heart of the negotiations: the primary goal of the truce is to get the side that does not currently control Whiterun to agree to cease attacks on the hold.

What to do if you haven’t joined the Imperial Legion?

To proceed, simply finish and exit the first dialogue, then start a new discussion, at which point the option will appear.

Who will summarize all the terms agreed upon so far?

Once the negotiations have reached their conclusion, Arngeir will summarize all of the terms that have been agreed upon so far, and confirm those terms with each of the parties. Tullius and Ulfric will both agree (albeit with some grumbling), and the meeting will adjourn.

Can you bypass the Dragonsreach quest?

This quest starts early in the concurrent quest, The Fallen, but only if the Jarl of Whiterun ( Balgruuf or Vignar) insists that a truce must be negotiated before allowing Dragonsreach to be used to capture a dragon. If either side of the Civil War controls at least eight of the nine holds of Skyrim, a truce can no longer be negotiated, and this quest will automatically be bypassed.


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