How to hold conference call meeting


Ways to Hold Effective Conference Call Meetings

  1. Be Organized and Prepared. The most important thing to do before making any call is to get yourself and others…
  2. Stick to your Agenda. No one really has time to listen to conversations that are not pertinent to them and the task…
  3. Keep Notes. Either you are a host or a participant, keeping notes is an effective…

Here are 7 tips on conducting effective teleconference meetings:
  1. Prepare ahead of time. …
  2. Announce yourself. …
  3. Take notes. …
  4. Use mute. …
  5. Do check-ups. …
  6. Keep the meeting on track. …
  7. Summarize the meeting.


How do you host a conference call?

  • Make sure your phone is charged before joining the call. …
  • Look at the signal strength bars on your screen. …
  • Right before the call, turn your mobile device’s ringer switch to off to reduce distractions. …
  • If possible, don’t use the speakerphone on your mobile device during conference calls. …
  • Background noise also can be a problem. …

How to host a conference call?

What is the proper etiquette for audio conference calls?

  • Don’t be late. A lot of people get into the habit of dialing in at exactly the designated time of the meeting. …
  • Stay on mute when not speaking. Even if you’re not speaking, your mic is picking up noise from your surroundings—which everyone in the call will hear.
  • Introduce yourself before speaking. …

How to schedule a conference call?

We all work from home and do a lot of conference calls together … Maybe you can set some kind of structured schedule, doing calls when she knows that her husband is taking care of the baby. Then, I would also gently inquire if there’s any way that …

How to make a conference call?

Method 2 Method 2 of 2: Find a Conference Call Provider

  1. Find the right service provider. Companies such as GoToMeeting or Skype let you set up audio/video conferences for a number of people.
  2. Get all the information that the participants will need to call in. Usually this is a phone number and some kind of password.
  3. Schedule your conference call and invite other people to attend. …
  4. Set the right environment. …

More items…


How do you hold a conference meeting?

And to hold such conference in a successful manner, a person needs to follow certain steps and they are as follows.Introduce oneself over the phone: … Know all the participants of the conference call: … Agenda of the conference call: … Highlight the facts: … Duration of the conference call:More items…

How do you start a meeting with a conference call?

Opening the meeting – What do you say to start a conference call?Hello, everyone. Allow me to make a roll call before we start.Hi, everyone. … Now that we’re all here, I think we can start.I think everyone’s connected now. … I would like to welcome everybody here today.

How do you hold an effective conference call?

12 Tips on How to Conference Call Like a BossPick someone to head up the call. … Create an agenda. … Make sure everyone can get on the call. … Select a quiet background. … Log on early. … Start the meeting on time. … Introduce everyone. … Pay attention.More items…•

How do I host a large conference call?


What to say in opening a meeting?

Leading a meeting in English“Good morning / afternoon”“Let’s begin”“I’d like to welcome everyone”“Since everyone is here, let’s get started”“I’d like to thank everyone for coming today”

How do you start and end a conference call?

AgendaCreate and share the meeting agenda in advance of the call that includes: why you are meeting. who is attending the meeting. when is the meeting. where is the meeting.Make sure the right people are on the call.Keep the call concise and on point and moving along.Have a designated note-taker.Start and end on time.

What are the do’s and don’ts of conference calling?

During a conference call you want to choose a quiet location. You don’t want to be the person that has the loud noise in the background. You also don’t want to get distracted during the call and when you are called on, you ask them to repeat the question.

What do you say at the end of a conference call?

When the conversation seems to be wrapping up, say, “Thanks for your time, everyone!” When someone on the phone responds with “yes, thank you, too”/”this was great”/”have a good day”/”I’ll call you to follow up, Devon,” say, “Cool, talk soon!” Whatever specific words you choose, decide on two closing statements.

How do I host a free conference call?

Start Conferencing TodayGet a Free Account. Create a account using your email and password. … Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. … Participate in a Conference Call. … Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

How do I start a video conferencing?

How to set up your video conferencing system in 3 simple stepsConnect the video system to your room display(s)Pair the video system to your Lifesize account.Make your first 4K video conference call, share your screen in 4K and enjoy the benefit of face-to-face communication.

How do you start an online meeting?

How to run a successful virtual meetingCome prepared: familiarize yourself with the meeting agenda beforehand.Introduce participants to one another at the start of the meeting, if they’ve not already met.Make sure you’re in a quiet location with minimal background noise, where possible.More items…•

How do I host a meeting on free conference call?

Start Conferencing TodayGet a Free Account. Create a account using your email and password. … Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. … Participate in a Conference Call. … Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

How to conduct a successful conference call?

Conducting a successful conference call where in a person holding the main call starts the call and keep adding other participants to it and discuss certain agenda for such conference call. And to hold such conference in a successful manner, a person needs to follow certain steps and they are as follows. 1.

How to make a conference call effective?

To make a conference call very effective and precise a person needs to highlight certain points of the meeting.

What does it mean to introduce yourself in a conference call?

While conducting the meeting of any form, a person starts with the introduction of oneself. And even in a conference call a person holding the phone or a person going to start the call needs to introduce oneself to the other participants.

Why is a conference call agenda important?

Agenda of the conference call: Every conference call is held in a professional and important way to reach all the participants of the call. A proper agenda for such conference is a very vital because a conference call can be held only with the valid reason. It is a very convenient way of attending the meeting.

What happens if you lose participants on a conference call?

Once a person hosting the conference call start losing the participants then all the efforts he/she have put in to collect all the details would be turned as a waste.

Why does a conference call feel so destructive?

Sometimes it happens that the person holding or hosting the conference call starts feeling little destructive because of the outside force. To avoid such distracting elements a person needs to understand that the conference call is virtually a meeting held over the phone, but physically a person hosting the call needs to imagine all the participants sitting in front of him / her right across the table. This kind of imagination can help him/her to be focused regarding the conference call.

What is the main element of a conference call?

A person hosting the call needs to be very accurate with certain points. The main element would be how to start and end the conference call. Every single conference call should take responsibility of the holding of all the participants together.

How has synchronistic meeting been conducted?

Professional Registered Parliamentarian Nancy Sylvester explains that synchronistic meetings have been conducted using both teleconferencing and videoconferencing for years. What is different now is that the parliamentary authority (Roberts Rules of Order) for the vast majority of organizations in the United States in its newest edition addresses those methods of conducting meetings. What is also different is that technology has made conducting synchronistic meetings far more reasonable and affordable. It is finally reaching the stage of technological development where conducting meetings using videoconferencing is less expensive than participants traveling to a specific location to hold an in-person meeting. See the National Association of Parliamentarians article Electronic Meetings for more information.

Can a board hold a conference call?

Roberts Rules of Order states that boards may hold meetings by conference telephone call only if the bylaws specifically authorize the group to do so. If they do, such meetings must be conducted in such a way that all members participating can hear each other at the same time, and rules should be adopted to specify the equipment required to participate, as well as methods for seeking recognition, obtaining the floor, submitting motions in writing, determining the presence of a quorum, and taking and verifying votes. [RONR (11th ed.), pp. 97-99; see also p. 159 of RONRIB]

When is the best time to hold a meeting?

Think about the best time: This is an important part of how to hold a meeting. There are some meetings that are better held in the morning. This is when people have the most energy and, therefore, will probably pay more attention. Research also shows that meetings held just after lunch are also effective since people will be a little refreshed.

How to make a meeting room comfortable?

Ensure that the meeting room is comfortable: There are several ways to do this. For instance, you can provide food in the meeting room. This works if you have the meeting first thing in the morning or during lunch. You must also make sure that the room temperature is ok and there is no noise in the surroundings. Another good idea is to book a meeting room that has natural light. This will ensure that people don’t get too comfortable or sleepy.

How to make sure everyone is mentally present?

So before you dive into the agenda, find ways to make sure everyone is mentally present. One good way to do this is with an ice breaker. This will help relieve some tension and get everyone to listen. Also, encourage everyone to put away their phones and make sure they are on silent. Having phones ringing in a meeting is a distraction that is avoidable.

What to ask before booking a room?

Before you book a room and set a time, you must ask yourself first if the meeting you are planning to hold is necessary. Will it benefit the team in any way, and who is supposed to attend? There are many things that can disguise themselves as meeting-worthy, but at the end of the day, you will realize how unnecessary it was and how much time was wasted.

What does it mean to claim responsibility for a meeting?

Someone needs to claim responsibility for what will be happening in the meeting. This means that there should be a proper agenda, and it should be clear who will do follow-ups and measure the success of the meeting. If there are any key points brought up in the meeting, you must also ensure that someone jots them down. If no one is responsible for the meeting, you might find that it will devolve into a free-for-all.

Is it bad to have a meeting without an agenda?

A meeting without an agenda is pointless. These types of meetings generally end up being social events, or worse; they can turn into heated arguments. This wastes valuable time and should be avoided at all costs. Every meeting that you hold must have a specific agenda so that people know why they are gathering. The agenda must be prepared in advance, and it should feature things like:

Is it ok to be late at a meeting?

You must also understand that people learn a lot from their leaders. If you are late for one or two meetings, you will start teaching people that it’s ok to be late. Instead, you must always ensure that every meeting starts and ends on time.

How to make a conference call?

1. Control the environment to minimize distractions 1 Find a quiet space to minimize background sounds and distractions. Eliminating disturbances is especially important for the meeting host. For example, a large room could have echoes or a corner near the window could have street noise. 2 Test your conference call technology before you get started to make sure your microphone, speaker, and video are all in working order and at a good volume. 3 Stay on mute when you’re not speaking. Even small sounds like the wind blowing, or a neighbor’s dog barking, can derail a fruitful conversation. 4 Use a headset with noise-canceling microphones to improve audio quality. A hardwired headset will commonly have better quality than Bluetooth. 5 If sharing a small room or office with a colleague, avoid having each person call into the conference call as it could create a distracting feedback noise.

How to maximize participation in a conference call?

The easiest way to maximize participation is to use a conference call tool with the flexibility to log in from any device.

How to start a conference call early?

It’s important for the meeting host to join at least 5 minutes early to kick off a productive discussion. Send out a focused agenda at least 24 hours ahead of the conference call. Consider allowing participants the ability to add questions or feedback before the meeting.

Why are meetings so bad?

These tedious meetings become a victim of several issues, such as distracted participants, inconsistent audio or video, lack of an agenda or intrusive sounds. Each of these problems frequently adds up to missed opportunities for teams to communicate, which can quickly impact productivity, and ultimately the bottom line.

Why is a conference call important?

High-quality conference calls have clear audio and sharp video qualities, a prepared host with a streamlined agenda and a high level of participation from attendees. A productive conference call not only promotes collaboration, but it can also help get projects done faster by clearing up confusion and finding opportunities to be proactive.

How to optimize agenda?

Optimize the agenda by writing the meeting’s topics in the form of a question and specifying the goal for each one (such as “for decision” or “for Q&A”).

Why is it important to have a high quality meeting?

That’s why it’s valuable to have effective technology, prepared meeting hosts, and high levels of participation to help take teamwork to the next level.

What to do if someone joins a conference call late?

Conference Call Etiquette Pro Tip: If someone joins a call late, kindly let them know that they can catch up on what they missed with you or a colleague at the end of the call or send your participants a recording afterwards. By utilizing this tactic, latecomers won’t miss important information from the call and you also won’t have to hold up everyone else waiting for them to join.

Why is it important to announce yourself when you join a conference call?

This is common phone conference etiquette. Without the advantage of face-to-face communication, it can be impossible to keep track of who is on the line.

What happens if you interrupt someone on a conference call?

Interruptions can make people flustered or upset. People are less likely to participate if they are flustered or feel like they won’t be able to finish a thought without getting interrupted. By following this one piece of phone conference etiquette, you can expect increased participation and more successful calls.

How to ensure that you and your company come across in a positive light?

The best way to ensure that you and your company come across in a positive light is to follow simple conference call etiquette. If you’ve ever been on a phone conference before, you’re likely aware that there’s an unspoken code of behavior that is very different from regular calls.

When is phone conference etiquette?

May 23, 2019. Phone conference etiquette is easy to grasp once you know what to do. Since virtual meetings are an important part of doing business for many companies and industries, it’s well worth your time to make sure you understand the unspoken rules of audio conferencing.

Why is audio important in a conference call?

One of the most important features of an audio conference is to provide an easily accessible space for lots of people to contribute ideas. Just like regular meeting etiquette, not interrupting others is an important part of conference call etiquette. To further illustrate the point, if you start interrupting other people on …

Can you record a conference call?

A conference call recording can be circulated and live on long past the conclusion of your meeting, which means you should always be mindful (and kind!) whenever you’re on a call. If you keep the above phone conference etiquette tips in mind, you should have nothing to worry about on a recorded call. If you’re the one recording the call, common …

Why is it important to have a conference call?

Conference calls can be just as important and productive as in-person meetings, with the goal of helping teams meet their work responsibilities or collaborate on projects. From international business to remote team members, learning proper phone habits for conference calls is essential for any industry or field. In this article, we explore 28 tips for conference call etiquette to help make your next phone meeting a successful one.

How to introduce yourself on a conference call?

Establish the leader of the conference call and any guest speakers by introducing yourself and others who will be talking. Also consider introducing those on the line listening, particularly if it is important for the speaker to know who will share insight later in the call. Say a brief hello once you’re introduced so others on the line can hear what your voice sounds like. Should someone talk without identifying themselves, let them finish their thought before politely asking them to say their name.

What is the best way to keep static, breathing or background noise to a minimum when you’re not addressing?

Using the mute button is the best way to keep static, breathing or background noise to a minimum when you’re not addressing the call. Remind others to use their mute button if noise becomes distracting.

What to say on a team meeting?

Give a synopsis of what the team accomplished on the call and mention any items that need follow-up and who’s doing them. This can unite and motivate the team while making sure everyone clearly understands any directives. For example, ” Thank you everyone. Jill will send meeting minutes this afternoon and Tobias will pull sales statistics for end of quarter earnings by Friday. ”

How to foster collaboration on a conference call?

Foster collaboration on the conference call by calling on colleagues to share insights. This can help generate more ideas from the team or support coworkers who might be less confident to speak up on their own.

What to check before using a phone?

Check all of your connections ahead of time, including any device battery levels, headsets, video elements or other technology, particularly if you’re using new equipment or an unfamiliar phone system. This gives you time to fix any issues you might encounter.

What to say when leading a call?

Whether you are leading the call or taking part, acknowledge potential disruptions if you’re not in an ideal location. A simple explanation shows respect to the host or guests and can be as concise as “I apologize for the noise, I’m standing outside.”

What is holding a meeting?

Holding a Meeting – Business Essentials . Part of being a manager is holding meetings. One thing that is for certain, you need to be prepared. The meetings can be anything from a quick follow up with a couple of employees, to a formal PowerPoint presentation to upper management. Meetings can be very productive, but they can also be a waste of time.

How to state purpose of meeting?

State the purpose. Put the reason for the meeting in the message heading. For example, “This meeting is to review the new product release.” People want to be able to see at a glance just what the meeting is all about and why they should be there.

How to get off topic in a meeting?

It’s easy to get off topic. Try to stay focused and stick to the meeting agenda. Sometimes it’s all right to go off topic if it relates to the subject at hand, but in most cases, even though the topic being discussed is interesting, it does not relate to the meeting agenda. You should offer to set up another meeting to discuss the other topic if it is important, but turn everyone’s attention back to your meeting as soon as possible. A common phrase to use when you want to steer the meeting back to the agenda is, “We can take that off-line if you would like to discuss further.” If there are too many conversations going on at once, find the one that is the most important and ask them to share the information being discussed, it might be very interesting and everyone should be aware of the topic. You can also calmly let the people who are in other conversations to please rejoin the group discussion. You can say to the participants, “With too many conversations going at once, some very good ideas might be lost.”

How long should a meeting run?

Most meetings should run from ½ hour to 1 hour. You might also want to set a timeframe around each item on the agenda. Send out any meeting material at least two days prior to the meeting . This includes documents, PowerPoint’s, charts, graphs, and any other reading material.

How to be a good facilitator?

After the usual two or three minute pleasantries, it’s time to get down to business. Don’t be embarrassed by stopping the chitchat and get straight to item one. You will show strong leadership skills if you use your time effectively. It will generate more enthusiasm and a feeling of accomplishment. Be an effective facilitator by keeping the participants on track to accomplish the goals of the meeting.

How to be an effective facilitator?

Be an effective facilitator by keeping the participants on track to accomplish the goals of the meeting. Make sure you prioritize the meeting subjects. If you have ten topics to discuss, do not put the most important ones at the bottom of the list.

Why are laptops bad for meetings?

One of the biggest problems in meetings is the use of laptops to check e-mail, getting calls on cell phones, conflict between employees when discussing a certain topic, people who want to take over the meeting, and people who just want to do the time and get out as soon as possible.


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