How to host a conference call meeting


16 Tips for Hosting a Professional Conference Call

  • Speak clearly and confidently. Use vocal variety. Have a list of points you want to cover in front of you, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Mute the other callers. This avoids other distractions and unnecessary background noise. Provide the key command for the participants to mute and unmute their line.
  • Record the conference call. Bonus Tip – Stand while presenting. Standing helps you to breathe better and can give you more energy.
How to Host a Conference Call
  1. Set a clear meeting agenda. Organize meeting objectives in an outline for a clear path to follow. …
  2. Find the best time to meet. …
  3. Send a calendar invite. …
  4. Find the mute button. …
  5. Join early. …
  6. Kick off with ground rules. …
  7. Ask questions. …
  8. Jot down ideas, questions and feedback.

How to set up a conference call on GoToMeeting?

Join a Conference

  • Signing up via Video Call. You’ll need to download and install and also set up the GoToMeeting app first, and you can do so by clicking the installment link supplied …
  • Joining via Phone. …
  • Share Display on GoToMeeting. …
  • Set Audio and Camera. …
  • Mute and also Unmute. …
  • Share your Cam. …
  • Record Your Meeting. …
  • Manage Meeting. …
  • Check out Other Tools. …

How to host a successful conference call?

Tips on hosting a conference call

  • Agendas. You should create an agenda for every meeting. …
  • Notes. When you take notes, it can help you stay focused on the purpose of the meeting. …
  • Record the call. There are services available that enable you to record phone meetings. …
  • Visuals. Visuals are a great way to get the participants in your meeting to pay attention and participate in the meeting.

How do I set up a conference call?

What is the proper etiquette for audio conference calls?

  • Don’t be late. A lot of people get into the habit of dialing in at exactly the designated time of the meeting. …
  • Stay on mute when not speaking. Even if you’re not speaking, your mic is picking up noise from your surroundings—which everyone in the call will hear.
  • Introduce yourself before speaking. …

How to hold a successful conference call?

What to do when everyone is on the phone….

  • Introduce yourself as the leader, and allow all other participants to announce themselves. …
  • Always start the call on time, and conduct a roll call. …
  • Beyond introductions and agendas, the success of a conference call will largely depend upon the structure and purpose of the meeting, and your ability to manage the flow. …

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How do you host a conference call effectively?


How do you conduct a conference call meeting?

Here are 7 tips on conducting effective teleconference meetings:Prepare ahead of time. … Announce yourself. … Take notes. … Use mute. … Do check-ups. … Keep the meeting on track. … Summarize the meeting.

How do you start an introduction on a conference call?

1. Introduction. To start, make sure to introduce yourself and anyone you’re calling in with. Also, introduce participants that are not in your office if they’re unfamiliar to the group.

What are the do’s and don’ts of conference calling?

Conference Call Etiquette: 7 Dos and Don’tsBe on time.Fix technical issues beforehand (test equipment)Don’t eat or drink anything.Use the mute button (when not speaking)If the host…have agenda.Choose a quiet location.Speak up, silence isn’t always the right choice.

How should I prepare for a conference call?

A meeting planning checklist is a resource that will help you plan a successful meeting. Here are some items a meeting planning checklist may conta…

How should I begin a conference call?

Here are some tips to starting a successful conference call: Start a conference call by introducing yourself and anyone else on the line Briefly st…

How do you introduce someone on an online meeting or conference call?

The best way to introduce someone on a conference call is to: Briefly mention their name and role Give a short reason as to why they are on the cal…

What is proper etiquette for online meetings and conference calls?

Conference call etiquette includes being on time, giving your full attention to meeting participants and not interrupting others who are speaking….

How much does conference calling cost?

The cost of conference calling is generally very affordable with prices that vary depending on the number of users and features you need. More robu…

How does a virtual conference work?

Much like a live conference, a virtual event attends planned sessions, but they receive a link instead of receiving an address to attend.

How long does it take to plan a virtual conference?

Some events can be planned and produced in a matter of weeks, whereas larger corporate events that guarantee ROI for virtual event exhibitors and s…

How long should a virtual event breakout session be?

Keep breakout sessions to 30-45 minutes to maintain audience engagement.

What to do when conference call attendees arrive?

Once your conference call attendees start arriving, it’s time to take a deep breath and start acting as host.

How to end a conference call?

Towards the end of your conference call, wrap up by summarizing the key takeaways from the meeting. And then directly address the following steps: 1 Who is responsible for what? 2 Who owns which project? 3 Which questions still need answers?

Why is muting participants important?

That being said, some experts assert that muting participants serve as an enabler for multi-tasking, so perhaps this tip is more useful when an attendee is presenting content, as opposed to throughout the meeting during open discussions.

What to do if you ask a question in a virtual meeting?

If you ask your virtual audience a question and aren’t receiving any feedback, try acknowledging that the question may have been difficult to understand and rephrase it – and let them know it’s okay to take a minute to think about the answer. Consider utilizing your virtual meeting platform’s collaboration tools, like live polling, chats, and interactive whiteboards to encourage participants to engage without being unmuted.

What should participants receive when attending a virtual meeting?

Participants attending a virtual meeting should receive a link to a video call or a toll-free number to join with.

What devices do business people use to call into virtual meetings?

In today’s business world, professionals call into virtual meetings from all kinds of devices: desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

What is a town hall meeting?

Conferences or town hall meetings are a great way to get everyone in your organization together for business updates, goal progression, or strategy decisions.

What is the rule for sending out meeting invitations?

That way, you have time to gently remind people if they have forgotten to RSVP to your meeting. Giving your participants time also allows them to prepare for your meeting, and bring themselves up to speed on they need to know before the meeting.

What do you do when your meeting starts to drift off into an unrelated tangent?

Instead, try “parking” these tangents to be visited at the end of the meeting, or at a later time. Some people call this the “parking lot”.

What to do after a conference call?

Once your call ends, it’s often useful to send a follow-up email with relevant information and a feedback survey. That way you’ll know what your attendees responded to – and what they didn’t – to improve your conference call sessions every time for maximum results!

What to do if you run out of time to address attendee questions?

Also, if you run out of time to address attendee questions, it’s helpful to assess who remains in the queue and let them know you’ll answer their questions offline at their convenience.

Why do virtual events have questions and answers?

Many virtual events feature a Question & Answer session to further engage their participants.

Can you handle an important call?

The good news is that with the right preparation and tools, you can handle any important call like a highly-trained operator and avoid any nightmare-inducing situations.

Is it worth providing anything that helps a person at their desk by themselves feel engaged in a virtual event?

It’s worth providing anything that helps a person at their desk by themselves feel engaged in a virtual event. Everyone’s guilty of multitasking during a presentation, and attendees really struggle (or don’t) to stay with the presentation in a meaningful way.

How to minimize disruptions in a conference call?

Kick off with ground rules. To minimize disruptions, set quick guidelines. For instance, let callers know that putting the call on hold initiates hold music, that they need to state their name before speaking if it’s a large call or new group and to mute themselves at all times unless they’re speaking. In fact, include this conference call flowchart in your invite so they get the picture.

How to make it easier for mobile callers?

Also, make it easier for mobile callers by including links to apps with one-click access. Don’t forget to set a reminder notification at least 15 minutes before the meeting. Find the mute button. If you’re new to playing host, practice with the technology.

Can a conference call be messy?

Though fast and simple, conference calls can be messy and confusing without the right guidelines and preparations. Missing visual cues, you don’t know who’s speaking, when it’s your turn, what someone really meant and what page of a document everyone else is on.

How to Host a Conference Call – Script in English

While attending a virtual meeting, you know that a small issue can make things get out of your hands, therefore, you need to plan things ahead. In the article below, we have added a virtual meeting script and some tips to help you host a conference call like a pro.

Best Virtual Meeting Script

Before you start your virtual meeting make sure that your group selects a member to chair the meeting. This person has to plan everything including the agenda of the meeting and its objectives. Besides, also make sure that all of your members have access to the internet and can actively participate in the meeting.

Tips to Organize a Conference Call

In times of urgency, conference calls are one of the best ways of communication. But the main thing is to conduct a conference call that can help you achieve your objectives. Here are some tips to help you with the best virtual meeting.

How do I set up a conference call on my phone?

As long as you can share your meeting details with your coworkers, you can set up a conference call from your own smartphone.

What is conference calling?

Conference calling allows multiple people on different phones and in different locations to connect to one call—even without the internet!

What is the proper etiquette for audio conference calls?

The great thing about audio conferencing is that you don’t have to worry about what to wear at the meeting.

Why do you need an audio conference call service?

With video conferencing as an option, you may be wondering why there’s a need for audio conferencing service at all.

How many people can you invite to a conference call on RingCentral?

RingCentral phone system plans include a free conference call feature. It gives you unlimited audio conferencing and you can invite up to 1,000 participants per call. 2. Once in the account dashboard, get the dial-in numbers and participant codes for the meeting.

How to delay a meeting?

This can delay the whole process because the host has to wait for everyone to call in before starting. Try to dial in 5 minutes before the call and then mute yourself if no one is on the call yet . When the host asks who’s on the call, unmute yourself and introduce yourself.

What is a dial in number?

A dial-in number is a special type of phone number that can be used to join the conference bridge, which is what allows more than two people to talk in a call. A participant code, on the other hand, is a short series of numbers used by the people who have already dialed in to direct them to a specific conference call.

How to set up a conference call?

Setting Up a Conference Call 1 Create a conference call account if you don’t have one. 2 Select appropriate dial-in numbers for your callers. 3 Pick a date and time for your conference. 4 Send a conference call invite. 5 Dial into your conference at the appointed time. 6 Start your conference!

How to send conference call invites?

Invite conference call attendees via email, calendar invite, or instant message. Include the dial-in number, conference code, date, and time. You can copy and paste your dial-in information from your admin console and send it manually via email or instant message. You can also send pre-populated calendar invitations directly from these calendar integrations: Outlook, Google Calendar, and Office 365.

How long is the free trial for a call center?

Start with a 14-day free trial. Once your trial ends, choose the right calling plan for your needs. We offer affordable plans for individuals, small to medium-size businesses, and enterprise-level corporations.

Can you use a local number for a conference call?

If hosting a toll conference call, you can either select a local number near your business to give to everyone or distribute local numbers for each area your callers are joining from. Many calling plans now include unlimited long-distance calling, so most of our customers choose to use one dial-in number for each caller in the U.S.

Can you give a conference call to all your callers?

Are you hosting a toll or toll-free call? If it’s a toll-free conference call, you can give your toll-free number to all your callers and they will be able to connect from wherever they are at no cost to them.

How do you start a meeting with a conference call?

A web conference has different set-up steps to a phone conference. Before we get into them, we first need to establish the differences between a web and a phone conference call.

What is a conference call meeting?

A conference call meeting is just like any other business meeting. The only difference is that it’s conducted through phones rather than in person. It’s an effective way to stay connected with your team without having to meet face-to-face. Thinking of conducting a conference meeting through a call?

What is dial in number?

A dial-in number is the telephone number that participants will need to dial to enter a conference call. These numbers are given to you by your service provider. You can also purchase a dedicated dial-in number, a code directly tied to your personal account.

Why is operator assisted call important?

An operator-assisted call is ideal for large, formal conferences because an operator can provide additional support to make the meeting flow more efficiently without overwhelming the host.

Why do you dial in a few minutes earlier?

Dial in a few minutes earlier to avoid disrupting the call.

How many symbols are needed for a teleconference?

In addition to a dial-in number, you will also be provided with an access code to input when you join a teleconference. Access codes are usually seven symbols, and if you’re the host, you need to distribute the code to the meeting participants.

How to stop notifications from sounding off?

To avoid any distracting notifications from sounding off whenever someone tries to call you, turn off your phone’s call waiting feature. Instead, set up your phone to send incoming calls to voicemail.

How to end a meeting in Teams 2020?

New in April 2020: Meeting organizers can end a meeting for all meeting participants in Teams by clicking End meeting in the meeting controls within the meeting.

What is audio conference?

Audio Conferencing provides organizations with additional entry points to any meeting (ad hoc or scheduled) by allowing meeting participants to join via public switched telephone network (PSTN) by dialing in using a traditional land line, private branch exchange (PBX), or mobile phone.

How to monitor call quality in teams?

Teams gives you two ways to monitor and troubleshoot call quality problems: Call Analytics and Call Quality Dashboard. Call Analytics shows detailed information about the devices, networks, and connectivity related to the specific calls and meetings for each user. Call Analytics is designed to help admins and helpdesk agents troubleshoot call quality problems with specific calls, whereas the Call Quality Dashboard is designed to help admins and network engineers optimize a network. Call Quality Dashboard shifts focus from specific users and instead looks at aggregate information for an entire Teams organization.

What domains are required for teams?

To get the best experience on Teams, your organization must have deployed Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, and you must have a verified domain for O365 such as

What is live event policy?

Live events policies. Teams live events policies are used to manage event settings for groups of users. You can use the default policy or create additional policies that can be assigned to users who hold live events within your organization. Live events policies.

What is a meeting policy?

Meeting policies. Meeting policies are used to control what features are available to users when they join Teams meetings. You can use the default policy or create one or more custom meeting policies for people that host meetings in your organization. To learn more, see the Meetings in Microsoft Team tutorial.

What devices are used in teams?

For an optimal meeting experience in Teams, consider using Teams devices such as room systems, phones, headsets, and cameras. To learn more, see Teams devices for intelligent communications.


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