How to host a daycare parent teacher conference


Create a welcoming conference space. Displaying student work and providing light snacks and beverages can help families feel more comfortable and relaxed during the conference. Setting up a private space for the conference and arranging chairs in a circle are also good ways to create a welcoming conference space.


What is a parent-teacher conference?

A parent-teacher conference is an opportunity for teachers and parents to meet up to discuss a child’s progress at school. It is often a nerve-wracking experience for both teachers and parents. Parents, keep this in mind: 90% of parent-teacher conferences go smoothly and happily.

What are the tips for a successful parent teacher conference?

Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference. 1 Communicate Before a Conference. Getty Images/Ariel Skelley/Blend Images. 2 Come Prepared. 3 Be Prepared for Upset Parents. 4 Think About the Room Setup. 5 Begin and End on a Positive Note. More items

How often should you hold parent-teacher conferences?

Many states mandate them, however, whether or not your state or province mandates parent-teacher conferences, I highly recommend that you hold them at least annually! This is a great way to get to know the parents and build a relationship with them.


How do you structure a parent-teacher conference?

Before the ConferenceGet informed. … Prepare your materials. … Send informative invitations. … Create a welcoming environment. … Open with positives. … Discuss progress and growth. … Avoid teacher-talk. … Ask questions and listen.More items…

How do I prepare for a preschool parent-teacher conference?

Here’s how to be prepared for your next preschool parent-teacher conference:No Surprises. Preschool conferences should be more of a “catch up” conversation. … Be Organized. You must have a plan going into the conference. … Sandwich the Concerns With Strengths (Fluff-Stuff-Fluff) … Be Specific. … Don’t Oveschedule Yourself.

How should you always begin a parent-teacher conference?

Always start the conference with positive comments. Parents are often anxious about what teachers will say about their child, so start the conference with positive comments to show parents that you recognize their child’s strengths.

What should be discussed in a parent teacher meeting?

Make a list of topics that you want to discuss with the teacher and that you think the teacher should know, such as your concerns about the school, the child’s home life, any major changes in your family, habits, hobbies, part-time jobs, religious holidays, or anything that is worrying your child.

What should I say at parent-teacher conferences examples?

When planning what to say at parent teacher conferences, prepare a way to end on a positive note. You could tell why you love having the child in your class, highlight an overall strength, or a special connection you have with the child. Here’s what it might sound like: It’s so fun having Toby in my class!

What questions should I ask at parent-teacher conference?

Questions About the CurriculumCan you describe your teaching style?What skills are you working to develop right now?How do these skills relate to the goals of the entire school year?What are the five most important skills you want students to develop this year?Does my student have to take standardized tests?More items…•

What are the three phases of a parent-teacher conference?

Always remember, a successful parent-teacher conference is not a one-time meeting but part of ongoing communication. The conference itself can be thought of in terms of three stages: before, during and after. Let’s consider what questions might be asked at these different points.

What do you say at the end of a parent-teacher conference?

Most parents are willing to share any suggestions or feedback. This ends the parent-teacher conference on a positive note, because you took the time to address their concerns. This is a great way to let parents know that you are an open door, and willing to work with them for the success of their child.

What parents want to hear from teachers?

Dear Teachers: Here are 10 Things Every Parent Wants You to KnowDear Teachers, Here are 10 Things Every Parent Wants You to Know…I respect, appreciate, and support you.I am sending you my baby, my whole world.My child is gifted.I care just as much about how my child treats others as I do about what he is learning.More items…•

What is the purpose of a parent teacher conference?

These meetings help you understand what your child is learning at school, their progress both academically and social-emotionally, and what you can do to support them. If your child is having particular difficulties, parent-teacher conferences also give you and the teacher time to plan how you can both help them best.

What questions would you ask a teacher?

Questions for Your Cooperating TeacherAre my lessons is going well? What’s working?What about my lessons could I improve?Is my professionalism a strength?What about my professionalism could I work on?Could you videotape my lesson on ___ next week so I can watch it and see how I can improve?

What questions should I ask my child’s kindergarten teacher?

7 Questions To Ask Your Child’s Kindergarten Teacher Before The First Day Of SchoolIs There A Nap Time? Giphy. … How Much Homework Is There? Giphy. … How Do You Discipline Your Child? Giphy. … What Do You Need From Me? … How Does Dismissal Work? … How Should We Communicate With You? … What Do Parents Do That Make Your Job Difficult?

What do you learn when you meet your child’s teacher?

When you meet with your child’s teacher, you learn a lot about your little one, from his strengths and weaknesses to how he really interacts with other kids. Meetings like these are just part of the overall, ongoing communication you have with your child’s care providers.

What to do if your teacher says your child is having trouble socializing?

If the teacher mentions that your child is having trouble socializing in the classroom, for example, ask her to provide you with specific details. 2 You’ll have a better sense of what is going on, and may be able to provide some background insight if she can give you detailed incidents.

How does pre-school help kids?

Preschool helps prepare kids for kindergarten and first grade by helping them learn how to act in a group and in a classroom. 4 Find out how your child is doing with concepts such as taking turns, obeying school rules, and paying attention. School in a Pandemic: What Families Can Expect.

Is a preschooler perfect?

Everyone wants to hear good things about their child, but no child is perfect. If your preschooler’s teacher mentions something that could be a problem—whether it is a behavior issue or even what the teacher thinks could be a speech delay or some other developmental delay —listen to what she has to say without defensiveness.

When are parent teacher conferences?

Parent-teacher conferences are usually stacked in an evening after school. Before you there will be a conference with another set of parents. After you, another parent wants her one-to-one time with the teacher. If you’re late, you will be interrupting all the other parents.

How many parent teacher conferences go smoothly?

Parents, keep this in mind: 90% of parent-teacher conferences go smoothly and happily. The teacher will show you some lovely bits of progress your child has made, you’ll discuss one or two small things the teacher is currently concerned about, and you will thank each other for your time.

How to help a child with a clash?

1. Get in a Team Mindset. A child needs a team behind them. All the team members need to push in the right direction, provide support, care and a united approach. Many members of the “parent-teacher team” clash. It’s inevitable. But if you have a clash, approach it as a hurdle to be overcome together.

How long does it take for a teacher to give a presentation?

Students share their work with their parents for the first half hour, and then teachers give a 30-minute presentation just for parents that builds on the work students are doing in school. Afterward, teachers provide related resources—games, websites, readings—that families can take home to use with their children.

What is 11th grade meeting?

In 11th grade, the student-led meetings are college and career focused. Students discuss their career interests and hopes for college, then create an action plan so they’re ready to apply. “School is not here to happen to students,” says Dan St. Louis, University Park’s principal. “They are an active participant.”.

Who suggested that parents think their kids are perfect?

To handle tricky situations when you have to give negative feedback at conferences, an approach suggested by Joe Hirsch, a leadership coach and former curriculum developer, might help.

Who is Maria Paredes?

While working as the director of community education in Creighton Elementary School District in Phoenix, Maria Paredes developed Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT), a new take on parent-teacher conferences that is now used by schools all over the country.

Who is Terri Eichholz?

Terri Eichholz, an elementary teacher of over 25 years, also suggests being proactive and getting ahead of the feedback. “Don’t wait for problems to arise. Make it a point to communicate frequently and positively so that you have already developed a relationship before you hit bumps in the road,” she says.

Do parent teacher conferences have to be a headache?

Parent-teacher conferences don’t have to be such a headache. Educators weigh in on how to solve common problems.

Why should parents attend parent teacher conferences?

The common goal of all parent-teacher conferences is to benefit the students and both parties are valuable resources in accomplishing this . Parents should know what you will cover and what they should bring up during a conference so that time is not wasted coming up with things to say.

What should teachers have examples of student work available for reference at every parent-teacher conference?

Teachers should have examples of student work available for reference at every parent-teacher conference. Rubrics and teacher guides that outline grade-level expectations can also be helpful. Even for students performing at or above academic expectations, samples of work are a great way to show parents how their children are doing.

What do parents and teachers want to talk about?

Parents and teachers may feel that there is a lot more to discuss than whether a student is meeting academic goals—many families also want to talk about social progress, accommodations and modifications for their child, behavior in and out of the classroom, and more.

Why should teachers position themselves close to parents?

Teachers should position themselves close to parents for comfort and engagement during conferences. Sitting behind a barrier such as a desk creates distance between you and makes it difficult to communicate.

What is the importance of communication between parents and teachers?

Updated October 08, 2019. Good communication between teachers and families is essential for student success. With multiple methods of communication available—including email, texts, and apps such as Remind —teachers have many choices about how they choose to communicate with parents and guardians.

How to deal with angry parents as a teacher?

Every teacher will face an angry parent at some point. Remain calm in the face of confrontation. Remind yourself in times of stress that you don’t know all of the baggage that the families of your students carry.

What is the most popular method of communication in school?

Face-to-face conferencing remains the most popular method of school-home communication, according to the results of the 2017 National Household Education Survey which reported that 78% of parents/guardians attended at least one conference that academic year.


I like to have a super clean classroom prepared for my visitors. I will sometimes burn a candle or buy a cinnamon broom in the fall and play soft piano/worship music to set a relaxing, peaceful tone.


A few weeks before conferences, I bring the ‘good camera’ to school and pretend I’m a good photographer and snap some photos of my students being adorable at what they do best – play!


I am at a Christian school where faith in Jesus is the core of everything we do for our students and families. The first thing on my conference agenda is prayer – prayer for my students and the sweet parents sitting in the tiny little chairs in front of me.


Finally, I love presenting the parents with a special project/keepsake that the students have made at the end of our conference. Last year we made THESE PUMPKIN HANDPRINT CARDS. They were so cute AND they had the Gospel message included inside the card!

What are parents looking for?

I’ve been on the teacher side of the conference table for over 25 years and on the parent side of the table for 15 years. I can have noticed that parents want to know that

What should I show parents at conferences?

Of course, parent teacher conferences are a time to tell a parent about their child’s learning. But, this learning is easier to understand when you also have things to show parents – plus, it takes parents’ eyes off you for a while!

What should I say to parents?

Win parents over by starting with something positive about their child – tell a little story or describe a trait you love about their child.


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