How to host a virtual press conference


  1. Create a solid plan. The first thing you should focus on is coming up with a solid plan. …
  2. Choose the right platform. A big part of hosting a virtual conference is choosing the right platform according to your requirements and branding.
  3. Engage your audience. It’s important to encourage your audience to engage with your content before and after your virtual conference.
  4. Decide on a budget. Deciding on an accurate budget is also important for hosting a successful virtual conference. …
  5. Host your virtual conference. When hosting your virtual conference, it’s your responsibility to make sure everything is going according to your main goals and plans.


Are virtual press conferences right for your business?

While virtual press conferences may take more planning on the back-end, when done correctly, they can provide a seamless, accessible way to deliver what media needs. Finding the right tools to deliver your message is of utmost importance. For some, that might be as easy as sharing a Zoom link with reporters.

How long should your press conference be?

“A 30-45-minute window, max, is preferred for most reporters, especially if your press conference is early in the week, when many are filing deadlines.” And because of reporters’ increasingly tighter schedules, and the amount of virtual-events invitations they receive, it’s important to make an event worth their while.

How to choose the right video conference platform?

1. Choose the right video conference platform – There are numerous options available to you. We recommend you consider the functions you need, such as chat, screen-sharing, sharing of files, polling, integrated invitations and follow-up emails, number of participants, ability to record, and other factors.

Why did Oppo host the first online press conference in Germany?

Because of COVID travel restrictions, OPPO hosted one of the first online press conferences in Germany for top-tier media and partners. Markus Tillmann, VP, client experience, Weber Shandwick Germany, said the virtual format was a success.


What does a virtual hand do during a TVU conference?

During the Q&A, reporters can raise a virtual hand from their TVU Partyline instance to alert the conference producer they wish to ask a question. The producer can build a queue of reporters with questions and facilitate the initial interaction between the reporter and the person giving the press conference.

When is the next White House press briefing?

October 21, 2020 Look no further than a White House press briefing to see what impact COVID-19 is having on how conferences are being held with social distancing measures in place. Masks are a must, and empty seats between reporters in the briefing room and video screen relaying questions from journalists who remain at home.

What is TVU Partyline?

TVU Partyline provides mix-minus, an audio feature that mutes speakers’ voices in their return audio. In other words, whoever is speaking at a given moment will be able to hear everyone else in the conference who is speaking, but not himself or herself.

Why is TVU Partyline important?

TVU Partyline makes it possible to hold a virtual conference with broadcast-quality video output. Further, TVU Partyline is designed to ensure great video quality.

Can you record TVU Partyline?

At the moment, TVU Partyline does not have the ability to record video and audio by itself, nor can it distribute video to social media platforms. However, these capabilities are integral to TVU Producer and are easy to use along with TVU Partyline.

What is engagement during virtual event?

Engagement during the virtual event could take the form of a product demonstration, live polling, Zoom breakouts with select reporters and your executives, etc., Browne offered.

Who is the media relations lead at APCO?

Iris Shaffer , APCO Worldwide’s North America media relations practice lead, said it’s important to choose the “right vendor partners, and do not be afraid to combine two or more technology partners to get the best results—for example, combining a video conferencing service such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams with a professional conferencing service like Conference America.”

Does Catholic Health have a videographer?

Catholic Health records all pressers with an in-house videographer, which allows them to send the video to the media afterward, especially for those who might be unable to attend. The video also allows for the creation of b-roll to be sent to local radio and TV stations for their use based on press release content, Pecht said.

Is practice perfect in media?

As with any new process, practice makes perfect. And while there may be a few hiccups, most media and communication professionals understand the dynamic of working with new technology, and quickly excuse small technological infractions.

Is it easy to share a Zoom link with reporters?

Finding the right tools to deliver your message is of utmost importance. For some, that might be as easy as sharing a Zoom link with reporters. But for others, especially concerning security and interactivity, a more robust or custom platform may be the way to go.

Does APCO have virtual press conferences?

Also, since APCO started conducting full- on virtual press conferences long before the pandemic (they’ve found the media actually prefers participating from their desks), Shaffer can agree that staging dress rehearsals of the event can work wonders.

What is a virtual press conference?

A virtual press conference is a news conference conducted using online internet tools to connect an organization’s newsmaker (s) and working journalists with audio and video for real-time interaction without the need to be in the same location.

When to send reminders for virtual events?

It helps to send out a final reminder the day before your media event that features the link to your virtual event and any last-minute instructions.

How to make sure your presenter is not distracted?

Make sure you coach your presenters to turn off any other laptop/desktop programs or applications and silence their mobile phones prior to presenting.

Can you archive a virtual conference?

And, because most of the more popular virtual conference platforms allow the host to record and archive the video virtual meeting, you can do a post-event follow-up email with a link to the archived event. This will deliver your event directly to journalists (and guests) who were unable to attend the event “live” due to other commitments or schedule conflicts.

Is a virtual press conference a good substitute for a well-executed press conference?

While there is no perfect substitute for a well-executed, in-person press conference, and they will always have a place, the virtual press conference is a good substitute during the pandemically challenged times we’ll face for the foreseeable future.

Why do people have virtual press conferences?

A virtual press conference allows the speakers to be seated at home or in the office, making punctuality less of an issue for them compared to when such an event is held in-person at a third location. As a result of being in a familiar setting, speakers are more relaxed in their surroundings and feel more confident delivering their remarks and responding to reporter questions.

What happens during an online press conference?

With an online press conference, the host can mute the microphones of all but the speakers, thereby eliminating the errant sounds of barking dogs, tapping on keyboards, or side conversations.

How many minutes does a Zoom meeting take?

Take into account the time limitations of your video platform. A basic (and free) Zoom account has a 40-minute allotment for meetings of three or more participants. Just having your moderator and speakers test their connections 15 minutes prior to the start time will use almost half of your allotted minutes. To avoid having your event end prematurely, use a paid account with Zoom, RingCentral, Be.Live, Hopin, Whova or Streamyard.

Can you ask reporters questions in a video?

The host can also request that all reporter questions be entered in the video platform’s “chat box,” which reduces the risk of long-winded or repeated questions from reporters, and allows the organizer to paraphrase questions before posing them to the speakers participating in your event. The online press event also affords the host the benefit of promptly concluding by simply pressing “end meeting.”

Do news reporters cover events?

As newsrooms are cutting their budgets and laying off reporters — whether it’s TV, radio, or newspapers — there are fewer of them to cover news in general, much less attend in-person events. If those still on the job can reduce their transit time to zero and eliminate travel costs, the chances of them covering your event are much higher. Reporters want to hear what you have to say and it’s going to be easier if they’re just opening their laptops and listening rather than getting stuck in traffic, searching for a parking spot, and missing some or all of an in-person event.

How do you create a virtual conference strategy?

You will come across many free webinar platforms online. Although they are free, they do not provide all the requisite features needed to host a large-scale virtual conference. Here is a checklist that you must run through before choosing your pick:

What is a virtual conference?

People often confuse a virtual conference with a virtual meeting or a meeting. Generally, virtual conferences are hosted online and include live sessions, panel discussions, demos, and more. The purpose of virtual conferences is lead and demand generation, adoption and retention, brand awareness, and relationship building. While having said is easier than done, pulling off a stellar virtual conference needs planning, presentation and proactivity. The below steps break down the process of hosting a virtual conference online.

How to improve virtual event?

Share your screen and navigate your attendees through your site of software. Finally, make sure to consider how hardware and equipment can improve your virtual event. For this, you might consider investing in an HD webcam as that can mark a stark difference in the results.

How to keep your audience engaged during a live stream?

Relevant content is not enough to keep your audience’s attention at all times. Start taking live polls and surveys during your live stream. This will keep a tab on how engaged are your participants with the event. This will also keep them more involved. Aside from this, enable your own chat messaging options that allow both private and public texts. End your event with a planned Q&A session. Virtual hand raising and audience spotlight tools that show the person asking a question on a video live stream replicate the live Q&A experience even further.

How many industry experts should be on a panel?

Be specific and zero in on a particular niche that you wish to shed light on. It is always recommended to secure a panel of 2-4 industry experts as opposed to one for selecting a speaker line-up. This will give room for more insights, more discussion and your attendees will feel as though they receiving more value because of the varied perspectives.

Do you send a transcript of a webinar?

Most of the webinar tools send out a transcript to the attendees, once the event is over. Do not forget to send out a quick survey, which can be in a ratings-based or a Q&A format to get the right feedback from your audience. Know what did they like and know what could have been done better. To encourage attendees to take the survey, promise to upload responses on social media, or enter anyone who answers the survey into a prize drawing.

How to have a successful press conference?

The first step to a successful press conference, in-person or virtual, is to develop your run of show or game plan. A general rule of thumb is to think through the who, what, and when.

What is the point of a press conference?

The point of a press conference is to give the media a chance to gather main points, quotes and ask questions for their story. If you’re presenting, try to keep it short and sweet by sharing the essential background information and factor in time at the end of the conversation for questions.

What is Zoom conference?

Our agency is a fan of the classic video conference platform, Zoom. This platform allows the host two types of events: meetings and webinars. This flexibility leaves you in control of the experience based on the size and needs of your audience. We typically find webinars helpful for press conferences, since this feature only allows the host and panelists to share their video, audio and screen while participants are in view-only mode.

Can you record a virtual press conference?

Not every member of the media will be able to attend your virtual press conference, and one of the great parts of virtual events is the ability to record. Offering a recording of the conversation allows absent attendees to access your content and potentially cover your story.


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