How to host a webex conference call


For example, if the organizer decides to host a conference call using a web conferencing service, they could follow this workflow:

  • Step 1: Arrange the meeting via web interface or mobile app
    Web conferencing software allows an organizer to set the key…
  • Step 2: Have everyone join the conference call
    All of the details drawn up by the organizer can then be included in…

Schedule a meeting from your Webex site. From the left navigation bar of your Cisco Webex site, select Meetings, then click Schedule . Select Webex Personal Conference for the Meeting type. Fill in the rest of the information needed for your meeting, and click Schedule .Aug 10, 2021


How to create a WebEx Meeting?

  • The WebEx Seetings (Meetings Information) window will appear.
  • Meeting Information: (Recommended) Leave default settings.
  • Meeting template: MC: Webex Meetings Default
  • Meeting type: Meetings Pto Meeting
  • Meeting password: Auto-generated Random Password
  • (Un-Check) Don’t include meeting password in email invitation

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How to set WebEx Meeting?

Setting Up Your Meeting

  • Navigate to the Webex login page .
  • Log into Webex using your NetID and password.
  • Click on the Schedule button.
  • Enter a name for this “event”.
  • Choose the Date & Time. …
  • Add your Cohosts, or “Panelists”, by email address in the Attendees field. …
  • Click on Show advanced options and then click on Audio connection options.

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How to join WebEx Meeting by phone?

  • Use computer audio (default)—Use your computer with a headset or speakers.
  • Call me —Enter a phone number and Webex calls you. Depending on your host’s Webex plan, you may or may not see this option.
  • Call in —If you prefer to use your phone for audio, dial in when the meeting starts. …
  • Don’t connect to audio —Use this option if you don’t need audio. …

How to join a WebEx Meeting from any device?

  • You can join a Webex meeting using the desktop app, a web browser, or the mobile app.
  • If the host is using a paid Webex plan, you will also have the option to dial in from your phone for a voice-only meeting call.
  • If you want to use an app to join the meeting, Webex will prompt you to install it at the appropriate time.

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How do you set up a conference call on Webex?

When you’re in a call with someone, click More and then select Conference. Let the person in the first call know that they’ll be put on hold. Enter a number or a name and then choose whether you want to make it an Audio or Video call. Select to join the two phone calls.

How do I host a Webex meeting for the first time?

Start a meeting At the scheduled meeting time, sign in to your Webex site. From the home page, under Upcoming Meetings, locate your meeting, and then select Start. If you don’t see your meeting, you can select View all meetings to see more scheduled meetings. You can also start a meeting in your Personal Room.

How do I host my Webex?

You can transfer the host role during a WebEx meeting at any time. Go to the Participants panel, right click on the participant who you want to make host, and then click ​Change Role To > Host​. When assigning another person as a host, you will then be the presenter allowing you to just focus on your lesson.

Can you conference call on Webex?

Webex Meetings gives you unlimited conference calls and an interactive meeting experience with robust audio conference features, high-quality video, and rich content and screen sharing.

How do I host a Webex meeting for free?

If you haven’t signed up yet for a free plan, go to and click Start for free. Enter your email address and follow the instructions to request an account. When your account is ready, you’ll receive an email with a link to create a username and password.

Does the host have to start a Webex meeting?

With ‘Join before Host’ enabled, attendees can join the meeting without the host being in attendance. Enabling this setting can result in unintended consequences including misuse of teleconferencing minutes. This setting only applies to standard Webex sites. It does NOT apply to Common Identity (CI) sites.

How do you make a host?

In the host controls, click Manage. This will open the participants list. Hover over the name of the participant you want to make the host and click More. Click Make Host.

How do I host someone else on Webex before a meeting?

Webex Meeting: Add Alternate Host to Webex MeetingsSelect Schedule Webex Meeting in the menu bar.Enter the meetings details and add attendees in the To: field.Navigate to Change Settings in the menu bar.Under the Resource tab select the attendee you would like to add as an alternate host.

Do hosts have to stay on Webex meeting?

While in a meeting, you can assign a new host and either stay in the meeting or leave. To make someone else the host and stay in the meeting, go to the participants list . Then, right-click the name of new host and click Assign as Host.

How do you set up a conference call?

How can I start a conference call from my phone?Dial the first participant and wait for them to answer.Tap the “add call plus” button on your keypad.Dial the second participant and wait for them to answer.Tap the “merge calls” button.If you want to add more participants, repeat steps b to d.

What is the difference between Webex Calling and Webex meeting?

Unlike Cisco Webex Meetings, which is exclusively a web conferencing platform, Cisco Webex Calling is an all-in-one unified communications solution combining voice calling, video conferencing, team collaboration and messaging in one interface.

How does a Webex conference call work?

Participants dial in using a conference bridge number, which connects them to a common virtual meeting room that can be joined by people almost anywhere in the world. The meeting organizer may also call participants individually to add them to the conference line, a practice known as ad hoc conferencing.

What is a WebEx host account?

Host accounts allow you to schedule and run meetings on your Webex site. New host account requests should be directed to your site administrator. To request a host account: Many sites allow users to request an account by clicking on a Sign Up link on your Webex site (Example:

How do I host a video on WebEx?

0:001:11How to Host a Meeting in Cisco WebEx – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipClick on host a meeting select your option of preference. Personal room you will be redirected toMoreClick on host a meeting select your option of preference. Personal room you will be redirected to this page click on add WebEx to Krone click on add extension. We are now using the WebEx extension.

How to schedule a WebEx meeting?

Sign in to your Webex site and select Schedule. Fill in the necessary meeting information and select Schedule .

How long does it take to get a recording of a WebEx meeting?

If you recorded in the cloud, when the meeting ends, you receive an email with the recording link. Depending on file size and bandwidth, it can take up to 24 hours to receive your recording.

Why is recording meetings important?

Your meetings are important. If your whole team can’t be there, or if you want to remember what was said, record your meeting to share later. The recording includes the audio, video, and presentation.

Can you start a meeting in your personal room?

You can also start a meeting in your Personal Room .

Do PC cameras work with meeting?

Most PC-compatible cameras should work with Meetings. The following cameras were tested for high-quality video:

Can you choose the settings for video in a meeting?

Before you join or start a meeting you can choose the settings you use for video in the meeting.

How to Host a Meeting in the WebEx Desktop App

To host a meeting on the WebEx app, you will first need to sign up for a WebEx meetings account if you don’t already have one. While it is possible to join a meeting without an account, you won’t be able to host or schedule meetings without one.

How to Host a Meeting in the WebEx Mobile App

Perhaps you find yourself on the go regularly, or maybe you just prefer using a mobile device to a desktop. Whatever your reason may be, you’ll be pleased to know that it is possible to host a meeting on WebEx via your mobile device.

Additional FAQs

The number of participants you can add to a meeting depends on the type of account you are hosting from. For instance, if you are using a free WebEx account, you can host a maximum number of 25 participants. However, if you host a meeting through the paid version of WebEx such as WebEx Calling, this number increases to 100 participants per meeting.

Be the Host That Knows the Most

With video conferencing increasing in popularity (the market is expected to reach $ 9 billion by 2026), it only makes sense that more people get a handle on how certain apps work. This rings particularly true for business owners who are taking their meetings online for the first time and are expected to organize everything and invite participants.


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