How to host a webex conference


You can always Change Roles during the Webex Meeting to designate a Host. This is handy when the current host is also the presenter and wants someone else to mute all, unmute all and mute specific participants . Simply right click on the user you would like to assign the Host role to and choose Assign Role | Host.

Drag the Webex sharing icon to the next presenter. Right-click the name or thumbnail and select Change Role to > Host. Select your name in the Participant list, then select Participant > Reclaim Host Role, and enter the requested information. Right-click the name in the Participants list and select Expel.Jan 21, 2022


How to quickly schedule a WebEx Meeting?

Schedule a Meeting with the Quick Scheduler. Log in to your WebEx site. Go to Host a meeting > Schedule a meeting. If you see the Advanced Scheduler, select the Quick Scheduler. Enter the details for your meeting and select Start or Schedule . The Meeting Scheduled page appears, confirming that the meeting is scheduled.

How do I schedule a WebEx Meeting?

Schedule a Personal Room Meeting via the WebEx Portal

  • Sign in to the WebEx Portal.
  • Press the “Schedule” button.
  • Enter the meeting topic title, date, time, and the attendee’s email addresses.
  • Click “Schedule.”

How to join a WebEx Meeting from your computer?

  • Use computer for audio (default) ̶ Use your computer with a headset or speakers.
  • Call in ̶ If you prefer to use your phone for audio, dail in when the meeting starts. …
  • Call me ̶ Enter a phone number and Webex calls you. …
  • Don’t connect audio̶ Use this option when you need to join a meeting and share content, and don’t need audio. …

How to setup WebEx Meeting? Getting started with Webex Meetings. Schedule your meeting Recommended: From the desktop app 1. From the Webex Meetings desktop app, click Schedule. 2. Fill in the calendar invitation that pops up as you would normally do for meetings on site. 3. Add invitees. 4. Click the Add Webex Meeting logo in the Appointment menu. 5.

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How do I host a Webex meeting for the first time?

Start a meeting At the scheduled meeting time, sign in to your Webex site. From the home page, under Upcoming Meetings, locate your meeting, and then select Start. If you don’t see your meeting, you can select View all meetings to see more scheduled meetings. You can also start a meeting in your Personal Room.

How do I host a Webex meeting for free?

0:413:51How to host a WebEx meeting FREE | Best alternative to Zoom – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAfter taking the first link on the Google search the Whippet which opens is this of WebEx. Itself ifMoreAfter taking the first link on the Google search the Whippet which opens is this of WebEx. Itself if you want to host our. Meeting then click on this host.

Can anyone host a Webex meeting?

If you want to let someone else start a meeting without you, you can let someone else be an alternate host. You can do this for Webex-scheduled or Personal Room meetings, and if you join later, you’ll become the host automatically. If you want someone to help you manage the meeting, make them a cohost.

How long can you use Webex for free?

With a 30-day free trial of Webex Teams. Unlimited HD video meetings with up to 200 participants, Personal Meeting Room, file sharing, screen sharing, secure team messaging, white boarding and more.

Does Webex have a time limit?

Solution: The maximum running time for all meeting types is 24 hours, including Cisco Webex Video Platform sessions and Personal Room meetings.

Can a non host start a Webex meeting?

With ‘Join before Host’ enabled, attendees can join the meeting without the host being in attendance. Enabling this setting can result in unintended consequences including misuse of teleconferencing minutes. This setting only applies to standard Webex sites. It does NOT apply to Common Identity (CI) sites.How Do I Enable the Join Before Host Option for Personal Conferencing? › en-us › WBX63066 › How-Do-… › en-us › WBX63066 › How-Do-…Search for: Can a non host start a Webex meeting?

How do I allow participants to join Webex without a host?

(Example: Click on Configuration > Common Site Settings > Options. Scroll down to the Security Options section, then scroll down to the Meetings: sub-section. Check the Allow attendees or panelists to join before host (Meetings, Training and Events) box.I Can’t Select the ‘Attendees can join X minutes before start time’ Option on … › en-us › WBX40644 › I-Can-t-S… › en-us › WBX40644 › I-Can-t-S…Search for: How do I allow participants to join Webex without a host?

Can you use Webex without an account?

The Cisco Webex Meetings desktop app allows you to join a Webex meeting as a guest, without signing in to the app. Open the Cisco Webex Meeting desktop app and click Use as guest. If required, enter your name and email address, and then click Continue.

Do you have to pay for Webex?

It will always be free, and you never have to worry about any surprise charges. When you’re ready to upgrade to a paid Webex plan, then you can enter a credit card.

What is the difference between Webex and zoom?

Webex supports file transfers and removal of attendees from a meeting while Zoom has a one-touch feature to join or start a meeting and allows for watermarks and waiting rooms for added security.

How to Host a Meeting in the WebEx Desktop App

To host a meeting on the WebEx app, you will first need to sign up for a WebEx meetings account if you don’t already have one. While it is possible to join a meeting without an account, you won’t be able to host or schedule meetings without one.

How to Host a Meeting in the WebEx Mobile App

Perhaps you find yourself on the go regularly, or maybe you just prefer using a mobile device to a desktop. Whatever your reason may be, you’ll be pleased to know that it is possible to host a meeting on WebEx via your mobile device.

Additional FAQs

The number of participants you can add to a meeting depends on the type of account you are hosting from. For instance, if you are using a free WebEx account, you can host a maximum number of 25 participants. However, if you host a meeting through the paid version of WebEx such as WebEx Calling, this number increases to 100 participants per meeting.

Be the Host That Knows the Most

With video conferencing increasing in popularity (the market is expected to reach $ 9 billion by 2026), it only makes sense that more people get a handle on how certain apps work. This rings particularly true for business owners who are taking their meetings online for the first time and are expected to organize everything and invite participants.

What is the role of a WebEx host?

As host of a WebEx meeting, your responsibilities include overall management of the meeting. The Meeting window provides a forum for you to manage all aspects of the meetings and enable participants to chat, send video, share information and interact with each other using documents, presentations, whiteboards, applications, and more.

What is the meeting window?

The meeting window. You share or view content using the tools in the meeting window. You can use panels to chat, take notes, and perform other tasks. When you start or join a meeting, your meeting window opens with the Quick Start, Meeting Info , and You are viewing tabs on the left and a panel area on the right.

Can you leave a meeting without ending it?

As the meeting host, you can also leave a meeting without ending it. Before you leave a meeting, first transfer the host role to another participant. Share a meeting recording. Check Share meeting recording with invitees in the End Meeting dialog box. Tip.

Hosting a Virtual Event with Webex Events

Let’s face it… hosting a virtual event can sound pretty daunting. But don’t stress, we are here to help! Let’s pretend the big day is right around the corner and so far, you’ve scheduled your virtual event/webinar with Webex Events and the attendees are registered.

Days Before the Event

Recruit an event team – It may be helpful to have team members at your side during the event. Look into having a moderator to help with introductions, to transition between talking points, to interact with audience members through chat, and to deliver closing statements.

Day of the Event

Minimize background noise – Ensure you are in a quieter location with minimal distractions. Less background noise will give your audience a better chance of hearing you clearly.

Showtime – During the Event

Turn on video – Now that you are dressed for the part, make sure your video is actually turned on. Face to face interaction goes a long way. Turning on video creates a more intimate, realistic environment.

Extend Your Reach

Live stream capabilities – Reach as many people as possible by live streaming your event through platforms such as Facebook Live or LinkedIn. (link to live streaming article) Live streaming your event will enable you to reach a wider audience. Click here for more information on how to live stream.

Engage Your Audience

Emphasize the Q&A panel – Highlight the Q&A panel to encourage your audience to ask questions that may come up along the way. Designate a team member to help answer questions.

After Every Great Event, There Needs to be Follow Up

Send out content/slides/recording- If the slides you showed during the event are suitable for sharing, attach them along with the recording (if you recorded) in a follow-up email. Maybe write a blog recapping the main points of the event and teasing any upcoming events.

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