How to host an online conference


How to Host An Online Conference In 5 Easy Steps.

  • 1. Choose An Exciting Conference Topic. To host an online conference, you first need to select your topic and find your speakers. Like your “offline” …
  • 2. Find The Right Online Conference Platform.
  • 3. Choose An Email Marketing Platform.
  • 4. Promote Your Online Conference.
  • 5. Collect Valuable Feedback.
10 tips for hosting virtual events
  1. Set clear goals from the start. …
  2. Choose the right platform to host your virtual event. …
  3. Choose the right time for your event. …
  4. Promote your virtual event. …
  5. Develop a clear agenda that includes speakers and timeframes. …
  6. Include moderators at your event. …
  7. Engage your audience. …
  8. Prepare to troubleshoot.


Can You host a virtual conference?

In the age of the internet, you can host an online conference to give your attendees a great experience from the comfort of their own homes. While some might be skeptical about the success of hosting a virtual conference, the recent COVID-19 situation has shown us that with the right tools and an internet connection, you can make it work.

How to choose the right online conference software?

When you select your online conference software, you should also find an email marketing service provider (ESP). The reason why you need an email marketing platform is because of your conference’s lead-generating abilities.

How do you make a virtual event stand out?

Take advantage of the medium In many ways a virtual conference can and should mirror what happens at a face-to-face conference. By having elements like keynote presentations, breakouts, and opportunities for networking, you’ll align with learner expectations and increase the chances that they will take a chance on a virtual event.

Why host a conference in 2021?

Hosting a conference has been one of the most efficient ways to promote your organization, expand your network, and boost your lead generation. In 2021, though, conferences are no longer bound by conference halls or meeting rooms.


How do you conduct an online conference?

What do I need to run a virtual conference?Define your conference strategy. You need to start by clearly outlining your target audience and who you want to attend your conference. … Prepare the content. … Choose your platform. … Market your conference. … Enable your attendees to network and interact.

How do you host a virtual conference on Zoom?

Technical team checklistSet up meeting and/or webinar settings. Work with the presentation team to clearly define and enable settings for each session — for example, if Q&A is enabled or if attendees can chat.Enable practice session. … Invite panelists. … Schedule a dry run. … Set up livestreaming. … Plan who will record the event.

How do I start a virtual conference?

How to run a successful virtual meetingCome prepared: familiarize yourself with the meeting agenda beforehand.Introduce participants to one another at the start of the meeting, if they’ve not already met.Make sure you’re in a quiet location with minimal background noise, where possible.More items…•

How do you host a conference?

How to Organise a Conference: Step-By-Step GuideStep 1: Decide on a theme. … Step 2: Assemble your A-team. … Step 3: Prepare a budget & business plan. … Step 4: Find sponsors & grants [optional] … Step 5: Settle on a date. … Step 6: Book the venue. … Step 7: Arrange catering & other vendors [optional] … Step 8: Line up your speakers.More items…

How is zoom Webinar different from Zoom meeting?

Meetings are designed to be a collaborative event with all participants being able to screen share, turn on their video and audio, and see who else is in attendance. Webinars are designed so that the host and any designated panelists can share their video, audio and screen. The host can also unmute attendees.

What is the best platform for virtual meetings?

The Best Free Video Conferencing PlatformsZoom.Google Hangouts.Dialpad Meetings.TrueConf Online.Skype.FreeConference.Lifesize Go.Slack Video Calls.More items…

What is the best app for virtual meetings?

The Best Video Meeting Apps for TeamsZoom. Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing solutions for businesses. … Skype for Business. Microsoft’s popular Skype service is augmented as an enterprise-ready video conferencing tool. … Slack. … BigBlueButton. … BlueJeans. … Whereby. … GoToMeeting. … Cisco WebEx.More items…

How do you introduce participants in a virtual meeting?

Include an introduction. Before the meeting begins, take a couple of minutes to make some small talk to get everyone warmed up. Tell a brief story, relate an experience, or ask everyone about his or her week. Their comfort level will rise and it will be easier to transition into the agenda.

How do I set up a zoom event?

How to create an event for your Zoom Events hubSign in to Zoom Events.Click Create.Select Event.Under Create Event for, click the dropdown menu and select the hub that the event will be associated with.(Optional) Click Convert an Existing Zoom Meeting / Webinar to a Zoom Event.More items…•

How do I host a zoom meeting for a large group?

On the Current Plans tab, scroll to Interested in other available products? and click Add to Cart next to Large Meeting. Choose the capacity of the Large Meeting add-on, monthly or annual payments, and the number of licenses you need for your account. Click Save & Continue. Review the changes.

What is virtual conference?

In many ways a virtual conference can and should mirror what happens at a face-to-face conference. By having elements like keynote presentations, breakouts, and opportunities for networking, you’ll align with learner expectations and increase the chances that they will take a chance on a virtual event.

What is the best way to differentiate your event as a professional effort?

Providing for clear, competent learner support is one of the main ways you can differentiate your event as a professional effort. And, if you want to position it as a premium offering, you definitely need to provide good support.

What are the criticisms of virtual events?

Mix in meaningful social. One of the typical criticisms of virtual events is that you don’t manage to get the same networking and interaction that you do with face-to-face events.

Can you skip a face to face conference?

One of the big advantages of a face-to-face conference is that the attendees are essentially “captive.” Yes, they can skip out on sessions if they need to, but the fact that they are physically present greatly increases the chances that they will participate in most of the experience.

Can you work with vendors as sponsors?

Depending on your business, working with vendors as sponsors may not be a part of your current business model. A virtual conference offers a great opportunity to expand into this area.

Is virtual conference more risky?

In my experience, virtual conferences are significantly less risky and time-intensive than many of the alternatives, but that doesn’t mean they are easy and that they don’t take time. If I were to add a tip to the list above it would be “ Start well in advance !”

Why do you host an online conference?

One of the many benefits of hosting an online conference is that it can drastically boost your email list. Then, in the future, you can use this list to help your overall email marketing strategy. You could: Send information about new content related to the conference.

What are the benefits of hosting a virtual conference?

In fact, hosting a virtual conference has all kinds of benefits, including: Improving your authority in your niche. Meeting new interesting people.

Can LearnDash be used for virtual conferences?

But as you can imagine, the same technology can be used to enhance your virtual conference. LearnDash will let you give your attendees follow-up materials after the conference. That creates even more value for attending and makes the whole experience feel more professional.

How to create a webcast?

Use this guide as your playbook. This is what we will cover: 1 You have multiple presenters that will be broadcasting live from different locations. 2 Your team has no video expertise at all, but you do have a technical team that is capable of building a functioning web application. 3 The experience you want to provide to your audience is something custom that you control. Your brand is important for you and you want to control the look, feel and user experience of the conference. 4 To broaden the reach of your conference you simultaneously want to broadcast out the video feed to social channels like Youtube Live, Facebook Live, and Periscope. 5 If possible, you would like to have a branded overlay with your logo on the video. 6 In addition to streaming live, you want to record the broadcast so that people who did not attend live can view the recordings on-demand as soon as each session is over.

What is a live conversation?

The live conversation could be something like one person presenting with a screen share, or one person interviewing someone else, or a panel discussion among a group of experts. A really simple way to do this live conversation is to use Zoom. Most people are familiar with Zoom.

How to live stream on Zoom?

1. Make sure in Zoom settings you have allowed meetings to be live streamed. 2. Create a Mux live stream – this is one API call and for every live stream, you create you will get back a unique stream key also make sure you save a playback_id for this live stream – you will need this to play the live stream. 3.

How long does HLS streaming take?

Note that HLS streaming will come with some latency. Expect for 15-20 seconds, there is a reduced_latency flag that you can use which will bring that number down closer to 8 or 10 seconds (with some tradeoffs). Check the docs here for more information.

Can you play live stream on your website?

There are two options for playing the live stream on your website, you can either use a playback_id associated directly with the live stream, OR you can use the playback_id associated with the active_asset that is associated with the live stream.

The Key Elements of a Virtual Conference

When thinking about how to host a virtual event you will bring together many of the same elements needed for a physical event, only with a bit more technology and creativity, and minus the food (but you’re probably making better food at home than at the convention center anyway).

The Technology You Need to Host a Virtual Conference

The bad news is no single software platform today offers everything you need to run a virtual conference in one place. The good news though is that there’s a simple combination of two that work together beautifully to deliver not just a virtual conference, but a conference and community.

A Virtual Conference Setup and Schedule–An Example

Now that you have the pieces and technology you need to host a virtual conference, it’s helpful to see a concrete example of a virtual conference schedule and set up.

Think Bigger With a Virtual Conference

Hopefully, this guide offers a few concrete ways for how to host a virtual conference today when we need this type of programming and human connection the most.

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Getting Started: Things To Consider

When you’re planning any event, you need to do some planning on paper first. Some questions you need to answer:

Planning and Preparation For Online Conferences

Is this a conference that includes a panel of speakers? Is it a networking event? If you’re starting something new, what are you going to call it?

Execution of Your Plan

Once you know the nitty-gritty of what to do and your goals, you have to put your plan into motion. I suggest giving yourself 1-3 months of planning time before the conference date. Your to-do list includes:

Benefits of Online Conferences

While virtual meetings and online conferences became popular because of the pandemic, they may be here to stay due to some key benefits they provide. For instance,

Some Road Blocks With Online Conferences

If you are putting on something for the first time, it can be hard to gain traction and get people interested in actually joining. Be sure to start planning early and plan out your marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

To host and plan online conferences can be daunting. It’s a bit outside the norm, but it seems like this trend is here to stay (or at least some hybrid version of it). Be comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone to make the experience different and fulfilling for your audience.

What is a Virtual Conference?

People often confuse a virtual conference with a virtual meeting or a meeting. Generally, virtual conferences are hosted online and include live sessions, panel discussions, demos, and more. The purpose of virtual conferences is lead and demand generation, adoption and retention, brand awareness, and relationship building.

How do you create a virtual conference strategy?

You will come across many free webinar platforms online. Although they are free, they do not provide all the requisite features needed to host a large-scale virtual conference. Here is a checklist that you must run through before choosing your pick:

Parting Thoughts

And finally, don’t be afraid to go virtual. The world is changing rapidly and you will need to buckle up and pace up with its offerings. As you rebuild your event programs and look to the future, take advantage of virtual events and experiences. Follow these six steps and you are halfway through a stellar virtual conference anyways.

Why is online meeting important?

Online meetings make business life much more convenient. When you’re strapped for time and colleagues work in different offices, an online meeting saves everyone the hassle of making the effort of meeting in person. What’s more, it’s even easier to stay connected with global partners when using an online conferencing platform. With more online meetings happening each day, coming off as an expert is becoming increasingly important in leaving a lasting impression on leads, clients and colleagues. We’ve come up with six tips for hosting an online meeting so you can come off as a professional and make your conferences more memorable.

Can you go to a meeting without an agenda?

Going into a meeting without an agenda is like joining a marathon without running shoes; you can definitely make it to the finish line, but it will be a very painful journey.

Do you want to join a meeting where you don’t belong?

No one wants to join a meeting where they don’t belong . Likewise, when a meeting addresses information that’s not relevant to guests, it’s a signal for them to mentally check out early.


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