How to host conference call


16 Tips for Hosting a Professional Conference Call

  • Speak clearly and confidently. Use vocal variety. Have a list of points you want to cover in front of you, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Mute the other callers. This avoids other distractions and unnecessary background noise. Provide the key command for the participants to mute and unmute their line.
  • Record the conference call. Bonus Tip – Stand while presenting. Standing helps you to breathe better and can give you more energy.
10 Steps to Organize a Conference Call:
  1. Set a clear meeting agenda. Organize meeting objectives in an outline for a clear path to follow. …
  2. Find the best time to meet. …
  3. Send a calendar invite. …
  4. Find the mute button. …
  5. Join early. …
  6. Kick off with ground rules. …
  7. Ask questions. …
  8. Jot down ideas, questions and feedback.

How do I set up a conference call?

What is the proper etiquette for audio conference calls?

  • Don’t be late. A lot of people get into the habit of dialing in at exactly the designated time of the meeting. …
  • Stay on mute when not speaking. Even if you’re not speaking, your mic is picking up noise from your surroundings—which everyone in the call will hear.
  • Introduce yourself before speaking. …

How to hold a successful conference call?

What to do when everyone is on the phone….

  • Introduce yourself as the leader, and allow all other participants to announce themselves. …
  • Always start the call on time, and conduct a roll call. …
  • Beyond introductions and agendas, the success of a conference call will largely depend upon the structure and purpose of the meeting, and your ability to manage the flow. …

More items…

How do you schedule a conference call?

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How do you create a conference call?

How do you set up a conference call? You can set up a conference call in three simple steps: Set up your Conference call Choose a date/time of your conference call. Invite participants to the call Send all participants an invitation with your PIN, date/time and dial-in number(s).


How do you host a conference call effectively?


How do I host a free conference call?

Start Conferencing TodayGet a Free Account. Create a account using your email and password. … Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. … Participate in a Conference Call. … Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

How do you set up a conference phone call?

How can I start a conference call from my phone?Dial the first participant and wait for them to answer.Tap the “add call plus” button on your keypad.Dial the second participant and wait for them to answer.Tap the “merge calls” button.If you want to add more participants, repeat steps b to d.

How do you do a conference call with multiple people?

How to make a conference call on an AndroidMake a call.After connecting, press the “Add Call” icon. The graphic features a person with a “+” next to it. … Dial the second party, and wait for them to answer.Press the “Merge” icon. This will appear as two arrows merging into one.

Is Zoom free to use?

Free Video Conferencing From Zoom. Host a secure, free video conference call on any device, like your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or smart display. Zoom makes it easy to start or join a secure video call with crystal-clear HD video and audio, and powerful collaboration features like screen sharing and annotation.

Does free conference call have a time limit?

“ is rated number one for both smoothest implementation and web conferencing software with the best ROI.”…Feature.Feature(Basic Free)Meeting time limitNo limits on group meetings40 minutes limited on group meetingsUser reportsYesNo user reports4 more rows

How many calls can conference merge?

five callersConference calling on Android supports up to five callers at once.

How do you start a conference meeting?

Begin with a summary of the agenda and purpose of the meeting. When appropriate, take time for everyone to make introductions being clear about position and role. Understanding the individuals that the group is comprised of will shape the tone of the call. Always introduce yourself when you join the call.

Can I do a conference call on my cell phone?

How many calls can you conference on an android? Android phones allow you the ability to merge up to five calls to form a phone conference. You can easily merge calls by tapping Hold Call + Answer on a new call. You can also talk privately to one caller in a conference call by pressing the ‘i’ button.

How do you call 3 people at once?

Conference calling on an Android phone:Make a call.After connecting, press the “Add Call” icon. The graphic features a person with a “+” next to it. … Dial the second party, and wait for them to answer.Press the “Merge” icon. This will appear as two arrows merging into one.

Does Google have free conference calling?

Anyone with a Google Account can create a video meeting, invite up to 100 participants, and meet for up to 60 minutes per meeting at no cost. For additional features such as international dial-in numbers, meeting recording, live streaming, and administrative controls, see plans and pricing.

How do I schedule a meeting on Freeconferencecall com?

Once you logged into your account, click the ‘Schedule’ button on the conference dashboard to initiate the process. You will first be asked to select the date and time of when your call to occur, as well as providing a subject and agenda of the conference.

Can the host mute participants on free conference call?

Host – The most privileged role in a meeting. Hosts have additional commands available to record, mute/unmute participants, secure the conference and much more.

How does a virtual conference work?

Much like a live conference, a virtual event attends planned sessions, but they receive a link instead of receiving an address to attend.

How long does it take to plan a virtual conference?

Some events can be planned and produced in a matter of weeks, whereas larger corporate events that guarantee ROI for virtual event exhibitors and s…

How long should a virtual event breakout session be?

Keep breakout sessions to 30-45 minutes to maintain audience engagement.

How should I prepare for a conference call?

A meeting planning checklist is a resource that will help you plan a successful meeting. Here are some items a meeting planning checklist may conta…

How should I begin a conference call?

Here are some tips to starting a successful conference call: Start a conference call by introducing yourself and anyone else on the line Briefly st…

How do you introduce someone on an online meeting or conference call?

The best way to introduce someone on a conference call is to: Briefly mention their name and role Give a short reason as to why they are on the cal…

What is proper etiquette for online meetings and conference calls?

Conference call etiquette includes being on time, giving your full attention to meeting participants and not interrupting others who are speaking….

How much does conference calling cost?

The cost of conference calling is generally very affordable with prices that vary depending on the number of users and features you need. More robu…

How to minimize disruptions in a conference call?

Kick off with ground rules. To minimize disruptions, set quick guidelines. For instance, let callers know that putting the call on hold initiates hold music, that they need to state their name before speaking if it’s a large call or new group and to mute themselves at all times unless they’re speaking. In fact, include this conference call flowchart in your invite so they get the picture.

How to make it easier for mobile callers?

Also, make it easier for mobile callers by including links to apps with one-click access. Don’t forget to set a reminder notification at least 15 minutes before the meeting. Find the mute button. If you’re new to playing host, practice with the technology.

Can a conference call be messy?

Though fast and simple, conference calls can be messy and confusing without the right guidelines and preparations. Missing visual cues, you don’t know who’s speaking, when it’s your turn, what someone really meant and what page of a document everyone else is on.

How do I set up a conference call on my phone?

As long as you can share your meeting details with your coworkers, you can set up a conference call from your own smartphone.

What is conference calling?

Conference calling allows multiple people on different phones and in different locations to connect to one call—even without the internet!

What is the proper etiquette for audio conference calls?

The great thing about audio conferencing is that you don’t have to worry about what to wear at the meeting.

Why do you need an audio conference call service?

With video conferencing as an option, you may be wondering why there’s a need for audio conferencing service at all.

How many people can you invite to a conference call on RingCentral?

RingCentral phone system plans include a free conference call feature. It gives you unlimited audio conferencing and you can invite up to 1,000 participants per call. 2. Once in the account dashboard, get the dial-in numbers and participant codes for the meeting.

How to delay a meeting?

This can delay the whole process because the host has to wait for everyone to call in before starting. Try to dial in 5 minutes before the call and then mute yourself if no one is on the call yet . When the host asks who’s on the call, unmute yourself and introduce yourself.

What is a dial in number?

A dial-in number is a special type of phone number that can be used to join the conference bridge, which is what allows more than two people to talk in a call. A participant code, on the other hand, is a short series of numbers used by the people who have already dialed in to direct them to a specific conference call.

What is a conference call?

Conference calls turn traditional telephone communication with prospects, customers and employees into powerful tools for your business. To get started setting up an online meeting or conference call with GoToMeeting, simply follow these steps:

How much does a conference call cost?

In general, a good conference call service may cost anywhere from $14 to $40 per month depending on the plan you select. See GoToMeeting pricing

What are the benefits of conference calls?

Knowing how to host a meeting online with GoTo Meeting is only part of the equation. Here are some reasons why you should be using conference calling for your business.

How many countries does GoToMeeting have?

GoToMeeting offers toll-free numbers for more than 50 countries.

What is a GoToMeeting call recording?

GoToMeeting call recording creates a digital record and transcript of your conference calls, so you can review, share and keep meeting details for future use .

How to host a non-scheduled meeting?

If you’d like to host a non-scheduled meeting right away, you can do that from the “My Meetings” page. Just click “Start your meeting,” and then click “Share” to send meeting details to your attendees. To begin a scheduled meeting, go to your meeting history, find the correct meeting and click the “Start” button.

What is conference call etiquette?

Conference call etiquette includes being on time, giving your full attention to meeting participants and not interrupting others who are speaking. Just as you wouldn’t show up late for a critical in-person meeting, you should be punctual when conference calling as well. When you are not speaking, it’s courteous to keep your microphone on mute to avoid any feedback or unnecessary noise.

What happens if you don’t see merge call?

If you don’t see the merge call option, your carrier might not support it. Contact your carrier for more information about conference calling.

Can you see who started a conference call?

Only the person who started the conference call can see the names of all participants. But if a participant adds someone else, they can see the name of the person they added and the person who started the conference call. If you don’t see the merge call option, your carrier might not support it.

How to Host a Conference Call – Script in English

While attending a virtual meeting, you know that a small issue can make things get out of your hands, therefore, you need to plan things ahead. In the article below, we have added a virtual meeting script and some tips to help you host a conference call like a pro.

Best Virtual Meeting Script

Before you start your virtual meeting make sure that your group selects a member to chair the meeting. This person has to plan everything including the agenda of the meeting and its objectives. Besides, also make sure that all of your members have access to the internet and can actively participate in the meeting.

Tips to Organize a Conference Call

In times of urgency, conference calls are one of the best ways of communication. But the main thing is to conduct a conference call that can help you achieve your objectives. Here are some tips to help you with the best virtual meeting.

What to do after a conference call?

Once your call ends, it’s often useful to send a follow-up email with relevant information and a feedback survey. That way you’ll know what your attendees responded to – and what they didn’t – to improve your conference call sessions every time for maximum results!

What to do if you run out of time to address attendee questions?

Also, if you run out of time to address attendee questions, it’s helpful to assess who remains in the queue and let them know you’ll answer their questions offline at their convenience.

Why do virtual events have questions and answers?

Many virtual events feature a Question & Answer session to further engage their participants.

Can you handle an important call?

The good news is that with the right preparation and tools, you can handle any important call like a highly-trained operator and avoid any nightmare-inducing situations.

Is it worth providing anything that helps a person at their desk by themselves feel engaged in a virtual event?

It’s worth providing anything that helps a person at their desk by themselves feel engaged in a virtual event. Everyone’s guilty of multitasking during a presentation, and attendees really struggle (or don’t) to stay with the presentation in a meaningful way.

What do you need to do before you start preparing for an international meeting?

The first thing you’ll need to do before you begin preparing for your international meeting is decide which type of international meeting you want to hold. There are several options for the types of virtual international meetings you can have:

Why Have an International Meeting?

If you’re working with colleagues or clients in a different country, maintaining open lines of communication can be a challenge . That’s why hosting a well-organized international meeting and international conference call can be highly beneficial to everyone involved.

How do I set up a conference call with participants then?

Simply provide your participants with the date and time (include time zone) that you plan to host your conference call and instructions to use the conference dial-in number and 6 digit conference code when prompted for it. That’s it! You just need to be sure to call in at the same time, enter the 6 digit conference code and 4 digit host code too.

How many conference hosts are allowed in a conference call?

For your own security and success, only one conference host is permitted in each call.

Can I have a second host/speaker on the call?

Usually a host wants to have more than one “speaker” on the call after they mute the main conference call participants and this can be done with the guest speaker code. Provide your guest speakers with the dial-in, conference code and guest speaker code which they will enter once the host has joined into the conference call.

How can I have a question and answer session?

Our conference call web manager enables the host to mute the entire conference, participants can ” raise their hand” by selecting 5* from their phone and the host can individually unmute and mute callers. Note: Raised hands can be lowered by the host online or by participants selecting 5* a second time.

How do I know who’s on my conference call?

We make best efforts to report the dial-from telephone number of each caller. If you enable Name Announce on your call, you’ll get a recorded name for each caller next to their telephone number. You can add their name live from the conference manager or later in the call detail reports. You can also import, or add manually, other contacts into your new Contacts Address Book.

Where can I find the guest speaker code for my account?

You can log into your account and select “My Account” at the top of the page . This will bring you to your conference codes page which includes the guest speaker code.

What is the guest speaker feature used for?

The guest speaker feature is used to have multiple speakers on a call while the remaining conference call group is muted. Example – You are running a lecture style conference call with attendees muted in listen-only mode, but you have the host and other designated speakers talking on the call.


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