How to identify predatory conferences


Use these nine clues to spot a fake conference.
  1. The conference has an overly ambitious title. …
  2. The language on the conference website is…off. …
  3. Renowned organisations are sponsoring a low-profile conference. …
  4. The organisers’ contact details are missing, or aren’t quite right.
Apr 17, 2019

How do you identify a conference?

Academic Conferences: How to Find a Conference or MeetingConsult the society’s website for conference, meeting, or event information.Follow or like your society on social media sites to receive announcements and updates.Subscribe to a discipline listserv for conference updates and calls for proposals.

How do you know if a conference is good?

Usually, this is easy: see who the organizers are and look for prior year agendas to see if there are many good academics presenting (or people from industry/government, in some fields). Essentially, check if the organizers and presenters are people you would want to see and comment on your work.

What are predatory journals and conferences?

The term predatory has been adopted to mean journals and conferences that employ deceptive practices used to trick researchers to publish and/or present at conferences in exchange for money.

What are fake conferences?

Fake conferences are NOT non-existent conferences that simply take registration and publishing fees. They are real conferences, but they are marked by poor quality and a high level of deception.

How do I find the impact factor of a conference?

Conferences dont have an impact factor. To rank a conference you need to look at it’s rejection rate, the higher the better. Also the chairs and the conference committee are a good indicator of the conference quality. The audience of the conference is also another factor.

What are the metrics to rank a conference?

Conference rankings are determined by a mix of indicators, including citation rates, paper submission and acceptance rates, and the visibility and research track record of the key people hosting the conference and managing its technical program.

What factors or events led to predatory journals?

Lack of Legitimate Peer-Review. … Lack of Financial Transparency. … Lack of Proper Editorial Services. … Lack of Journal Indexing or Falsification of Impact Factors. … Lack of Association Membership. … Links for evaluating journals. … Links for evaluating conferences.

Is conference Series LLC Ltd predatory?

This group are complete scammers who prey on people by getting them to pay to speak at their sham events.

Who are albedo meetings?

The Albedo Meetings is a young professional meetings organizer pioneered in the planning and execution of academic meetings for the betterment of scientific community and the world as a whole.

What is Iirst?

International Institute for Research in science and technology.

How do you attend a successful conference?

Gain Visibility. … Build Stronger Relationships. … Get Briefed. … Choose the Right Sessions. … Remember What You Learn. … Connect With the Speakers. … Schmooze at the Social Events. … Put Away the Smartphone.More items…

How do I get the best out of a conference?

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of a ConferenceThink About Your Goals. Consider your priorities for a conference. … Choose the Right Conferences. There are several different types of conferences and they each have their own strengths. … Plan Your Time. … Networking. … Don’t Neglect Twitter. … Take Notes. … Follow Up.

How do you make conferences more interesting?

10 Ways To Make Your Conferences InterestingIce Breaker Sessions. Most attendees feel awkward when they are in a room full of strangers. … Make it Interactive. … Emcee To The Rescue. … Storytelling To Grab Attention. … Breakout Sessions. … Video Montages. … World Cafe Discussions. … Props Over PowerPoint.More items…•

What are the benefits of attending a conference?

The 5 benefits of attending conferencesMeet the best influencers. … Gain irreplaceable knowledge and apply it to your business. … Know what your competitors are doing and how to set your company apart. … Take networking opportunities to gain new customers.

What is predatory conference?

Predatory conferences, now-a-days, have become a common threat that prey on unwary researchers and especially researchers and student researchers from developing countries. At a first glance, these predatory conferences seem to be legitimate science based events, but these conferences are only organized by revenue generating companies who exploit …

Is an engineering conference a scam?

If you are from the biology field, and receiving invitations for an engineering conference than that is surely scam. Generally, the scope of the conference will be broader e.g. a predatory engineering conference organizers might send out invitations to the people working on different disciplines — mechanical, electrical, chemical etc. Even the organizers narrow it down to one discipline, say electrical, then you will find that there are sessions for each and every discipline from the electrical engineering field.

Will peer review take place?

No peer review will take place or a single reader reviews submissions will occur. The organizers will review submissions, and often you will find that the person who reviewed your article is not from your field. Machine-generated abstracts or papers will be accepted too.

Predatory Conferences?

With the rise of predatory behavior in the publishing industry, many predatory publishers have expanded their business models to make additional profits from fake conferences.

Red Flags: How to Spot a Predatory Conference

Conference Organizers and Sponsorship:
Is the conference sponsored by a professional organization or association? If so, does the organization/association website link to the conference website? (Predatory conferences have been known to claim to be sponsored by organizations/associations who actually have nothing to do with the conference.)
Is the conference is supported by numerous open-access journals with which you are unfamiliar?
Is the conference organized by a commercial or for-profit company? Predatory conferences exist solely to make money – the goal is not to advance scholarship or research.
Do you recognize the people on advisory boards or conference organizing committees? Did these people actually agree to serve in this capacity? Many fake conferences claim that respected people in a specific field are on these committees, when in reality, these individuals never agreed to be on these committees.
Are the names of the people who own or control the organization provided?.

Bogus Conference? You Decide

“Credible scientific conferences, typically organized by major professional societies and research agencies, will invite researchers to present because of the caliber and validity of their work as judged by the candidate’s peers.

How to Identify a Predatory Journal or Meeting

Evaluating a journal before submitting material is a core responsibility of the author. Ray Hunziker, Senior Editor for ProEd Communications, Inc., a healthcare communications company, has published tips for identifying potential predatory publishers, journals, and meetings.

What is predatory journal?

These outlets are widely referred to as “predatory,” a term coined by Jeffrey Beall to describe journals whose “mission is not to promote, preserve, and make available scholarship; instead, their mission is to exploit the author-pays, Open-Access model for their own profit” ( 2010a, p. 15).

What happens if an organisation accepts all or most of its abstracts?

If an organisation accepted all or most of them to its conferences, that was considered confirmation of its predatory status. One organisation demanded a fee to process the abstracts. Since a decision was made not to pay any of the organisations, it was dropped from the study and replaced by another.

What is Bohannon’s research article?

Bohannon ( 2013) constructed a research article with a methodological flaw sufficiently serious and prominent to preclude it surviving peer review. It was submitted to, and accepted by, a large proportion of journals on the now-defunct Beall’s List of predatory journals.

Who is the CEO of the International Congress and Convention Association?

Senthil Gopinath, CEO of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) agrees. “Tens of thousands of terrible quality and sometimes fraudulent conferences are today being promoted around the world, which presents an industrial-scale challenge to bonafide associations and their quality education. Senthil Gopinath.

What was the FTC ruling against OMICS?

Earlier this year, a judge in Nevada handed down a $50.1 million judgment against OMICS for what the FTC called “deceptive claims to academics and researchers about the nature of their conferences and publications.”.

How many invitations does Laskowski Jones get?

She said she gets approximately 10 invitations each week to speak at what she deems illegitimate events.

Did Klara Valko attend the iPharma conference?

While Richards did not attend iPharma, Klara Valko, Ph.D., DSc, FRSC, director of the U.K.-based Bio-Mimetic Chromatography Consultancy, told Convene that she participated in the most recent edition of the conference, July 3–5, 2019. “I did not realize it was a predatory conference,” Valko said. “It sounded good.”.

Is there a way to end fake conferences?

Cassidy said that it would be “difficult for a convention bureau to publicly ‘announce’ details of a predatory conference” because the process would most likely require additional legal advice, and it could create confusion around legitimate conferences. Any step that could lead to a courtroom is one that most organizations aim to avoid taking.

Do predatory conferences accept submissions?

In many cases, predatory conferences accept 100 percent of submissions. Pay to submit, and there’s a spot waiting. The medical meeting planner said that this is where attendees need to exercise common sense. “You have to protect your own credit card,” he said.

What are predatory elements in scholarly publishing?

Many academics have been pawned by predatory elements in scholarly publishing—predatory journals or conferences. These appear to be similar to legitimate academic journals or conferences and exploit the need of academics to publish and share their work.

Was a British cybersecurity expert duped?

A British cybersecurity expert was recently duped by a predatory conference organizer. When he arrived at the 19 th International Conference on Political Psychology in Denmark, he realized the fraud. The conference consisted of three hours of talks over two days.


What Are Predatory Conferences?

Predatory conferences are usually small and for-profit. In addition, they exploit an academic’s need for recognition or an audience. Moreover, recent data shows that predatory conferences now outnumber so-called legitimate conferences. Contrary to what most academics believe, not all predatory conferences are small, poorly-o…

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How Do Predatory Conferences Work?

  • These conferences often obtain money from researchers and may consist of hundreds of conferences organized at once. BIT Life Sciencesis a known organizer of predatory conferences and sends emails to academics from various fields all at once. These companies have made huge profits out of scientific budgets and scientists’ blind ambitions to present their papers. Such con…

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Initiatives Against Predatory Conferences

  • While predatory conferences exist in high numbers, there are initiatives that guide researchers on avoiding these conferences. Think. Check. Attendis an organization that helps researchers and academics decide whether the conference is legitimate or not. Think. Check. Attend provides guidelines for researchers to help them identify predatory conferences. Other initiatives are sim…

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Impact on The Academic Community

  • The impact of predatory conferences on the academic community is tremendous. Aside from the lies, the biggest problem with conferences and journals that are bogus is that there is a complete lack of oversight and poor quality control. Most predatory organizations also do not conduct peer reviews. What’s even worse is that they do not reject sub-standard studies. By filling the academ…

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