How to identify the contact person for conferences


I highly recommend having a professional contact for yourself in your address book that you can text someone quickly. This ‘conference contact’ should have just your phone number, email, website and maybe social media info, such as your Twitter or Instagram handle.


How to meet new professional contacts?

Below are five ways to meet new professional contacts : Attending a conference or event is a great way to meet a large group of professional contacts. Professional events are often publicized through industry newsletters and blogs. Try to find a guest or speaker list to determine if the event is worth attending.

How do I know if a call is a conference call?

However, one way to check this is: When you get connected on the call with the person, disconnect the call & immediately call back that person. If it shows the person is on another call, you’ll know that the call was a conference one.

How do you stay in touch with people who attend conferences?

If you’d like to stay in touch, get their business card or contact information and send a thoughtful and personalized e-mail the next day. Remember, people attend conferences and events for the same reason you are – to expand their networks.

How to get a list of conference attendee information?

Install the extension in your Chrome browser and go the page with the list of conference attendees. Scroll all the way down to the end of the list. Click on the Instant Data Scraper icon and a window will pop up with a preview of the table with the attendee names and information that the tool found on the page.


How do you make a contact conference?

How to Make Connections at Professional Conferences and EventsShake smoothly. Get off to a great start. … Win the name game. When you’re at an industry conference, you’ll encounter many new faces. … Make yourself memorable. … Keep it light. … Be upbeat. … Put down your smartphone. … Exit gracefully. … Follow up.

How do you find conference attendees?

Finding the attendees’ list on the official conference websiteGo to the official website of the conference you are attending.Find the page that has all the attendees listed.Go through the list.See who the attendees are.Copy and paste the names and information of the people that are interesting to you.

Who is Speaker in conference?

The term speaker often refers to a person who makes a presentation at a general session. Presenters are persons who make presentations at other sessions, such as concurrent sessions, workshops, and breakouts. For the purpose of this chapter, “speaker” will refer to both types of persons.

How do you network a conference alone?

7 Tips for Attending a Conference Alone (And Having a Good Time)Imagine that Other People are Shy too. … Homework First. … Leverage Technology. … Dress Comfortably and with Confidence. … Don’t Eat Lunch or Dinner Alone. … Pamper Yourself a Little. … Follow Up after the Conference.

What is the difference between attendance and attendees?

English – U.S. Attendance is a number. Attendees are people. If you want to say that one of these is greater than 100, it can only be the attendance.

What is attendee list?

It is a list of all of the attendees for an event, allowing you and others to see who is attending the event.

How do you call someone in a presentation?

1:532:57How to introduce the next speaker in a group presentation – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd step three is where you tell the speaker that it’s time for him or her to speak all you have toMoreAnd step three is where you tell the speaker that it’s time for him or her to speak all you have to do is say their name just like this Nathan. Make sure you use the same intonation.

What is another name for a speaker?

What is another word for speaker?lectureroratorspokespersonmouthpiecespokesmanrhetoriciantalkerdeclaimerexpounderharanguer72 more rows

How do I contact guest speakers?

Reach Out to the Right SpeakersBrowse online discussion forums.Scroll through Facebook and LinkedIn groups.Poll your current registered guests.Poll guests from your last event.If you work in-house, ask people at your company for recommendations.Look for upcoming book releases in your niche/industry.More items…

How do you prepare for a network conference?

Follow these tips on how to prepare for a networking event:Prepare your elevator speech. … Update your online networking accounts. … Scrub your social media pages. … Get new business cards. … Peruse the speaker list. … Steer clear of cell phones or connection barriers. … Connect with pertinent people after the event.

How do you represent a company in a conference?

In the lead up to your conference, it’s important that you take the following five steps.Set Your Objectives. … Establish a Budget. … Publicize Your Involvement. … Develop a System to Follow up on Leads. … Research Other Attendees. … Know Your Product and Business. … Prepare Your Materials. … Be Professional at All Times.More items…

How do students network at a conference?

A student’s guide to networking at professional conferencesBe Prepared. Conferences are fast-paced, so it is often beneficial to create a schedule ahead of time. … Present your research. Presenting your research is a great way to connect with others. … Get involved. … Keep in touch.

Who are the attendees of the meeting?

The attendees at something such as a meeting or a conference are the people who are attending it.

What do you call the attendees of a meeting?

Attendee – one who is present or attends a functions; a person who participates in a meeting. Participant – one that participates, shares or takes part in something; a participator; a partaker.

How do I export an attendance list from Outlook?

Copy the list of attendees from one meeting to another in OutlookGo to the Calendar view, double click to open the meeting you will copy attendees from.Select all attendees in the To filed, right click and select Copy from the right-clicking menu.More items…•

Who are the participants in a meeting?

Meeting participant A meeting attendee is an individual who is chosen to participate in all or part of a meeting. Meeting attendees should be those who can contribute value to the meeting as a whole, or a specific agenda item.

What is a blogger conference?

The blogger attends a conference specifically on behalf of, well, a blog, or to obtain fodder for some other form of content. He or she is likely found listening to keynotes and breakout sessions, while writing down an outline or quotes on a laptop. (Holler.) If you do meet a blogger at a conference, stay on your toes — he or she might be wearing …

What is the mission of a networker?

1) The Networker. Mission: Meet smart people. The networker aims to meet and make lasting connections with other industry professionals. Chances are, they have a lot of connections on social media and have connected to attendees through the conference hashtag ahead of time.

What do conference pros need to know?

Conference pros not only have the skills to rock an event, they also have an arsenal of tools at their disposal. Before you go to the event, make sure you have the following in place: Your Badge: One of your most important, but often overlooked, assets for conferences is your badge. It is your first impression.

What is the right conference?

The right conference can be a game changer for your business. More importantly, the right conference, done the right way can prove to be a gold mine of opportunities. Whether you are going to a trade show, festival or business conference, you have to be prepared. You already are spending time, money and energy to get to the event.

Why do pros look forward to their event?

Pros look forward to their event because they are certain they will get new business from it. Pros know exactly how to work a room and walk up to a stranger like an old friend. Pros are a magnet for business cards because they aren’t the sleazy schmoozer types.

What to do if someone is making you call in conference mode?

Best way is to take precautions, if you think someone is really making you call in conference mode, you just cut the call and you call him right away. you hear he is talking to someone else, BOOM you got him.

What happens when you call someone and they add a third person?

While he does so, the call will go on hold & you’ll get to know that the person is trying to add someone else & the call going in a conference mode.

Why is it important to have business contacts?

With each new valuable contact, you take an extra step to future-proofing your career and business against unpredictability and fast-changing markets and demands.# N#As a professional, the right business contacts can help you develop your career, reach new opportunities, and leverage your personal brand.

How to be an effective networking opportunity?

Attending in-person or virtual events and conferences related to your area of interest or industry is an effective networking opportunity. There are great events out there where next to networking, you’ll learn about your sector’s latest trends. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, interact, and create new connections.

Can you go it alone with high value business contacts?

It’s an unpredictable business landscape out there, but the good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. With high-value business contacts, you can future-proof your career and organization by sharing resources, contacts, and information that strengthen and nurture both sides of the relationship. And with digital networking, there are fewer barriers to finding new business contacts than ever before.

Is finding new business contacts the end goal?

Finding new business contacts isn’t the end goal, it’s just the beginning. You need to maintain your business contact data and the relationship in order for it to be valuable long-term.

When to announce yourself on a conference call?

Always Announce Yourself When Joining (the Call and the Conversation) The more participants on a call, the more important it is to announce yourself when you join. This is common phone conference etiquette. Without the advantage of face-to-face communication, it can be impossible to keep track of who is on the line.

Why is audio important in a conference call?

One of the most important features of an audio conference is to provide an easily accessible space for lots of people to contribute ideas. Just like regular meeting etiquette, not interrupting others is an important part of conference call etiquette. To further illustrate the point, if you start interrupting other people on …

How to make a phone conference go off without a hitch?

Here are 10 tips to make sure your meetings go off without a hitch. 1. Don’t Be Late. Everyone is busy — even if you have 100 things to do, phone conference etiquette requires that you be on time to the call. Though this tip is important, over time it can get overlooked. If you are responsible for leading a call, …

What is the second rule of phone conference etiquette?

In fact, this tip applies in any kind of situation: be kind. Treat others on the call the way you would like to be treated for a harmonious and productive meeting every time.

How to ensure that you and your company come across in a positive light?

The best way to ensure that you and your company come across in a positive light is to follow simple conference call etiquette. If you’ve ever been on a phone conference before, you’re likely aware that there’s an unspoken code of behavior that is very different from regular calls.

What to do if you interrupt someone on a call?

If you interrupt someone by accident, simply apologize and allow them to finish their thought. If you’ll have a larger group of people on the call, it’s easier for interruptions to get out of hand. Prepare for larger groups by setting ground rules in the beginning.

Is phone conference etiquette complicated?

Phone conference etiquette isn’t complicated! Following a few simple guidelines can help anyone have successful calls. Whether you’re experienced or leading your very first meeting, the conference call etiquette covered here will keep calls productive and efficient – all while making sure everyone is heard and respected.

How to meet a large group of contacts?

Attending a conference or event is a great way to meet a large group of professional contacts. Professional events are often publicized through industry newsletters and blogs. Try to find a guest or speaker list to determine if the event is worth attending. This will also allow you to be productive with your time if you do attend. Conferences relevant to your industries of interest or skill sets may generate the most opportunities. Ideally, the conference will also offer great speakers and some educational value. Introduce yourself to people at the event engage in casual conversation about the topic and your professional interests. If you’d like to stay in touch, get their business card or contact information and send a thoughtful and personalized e-mail the next day. Remember, people attend conferences and events for the same reason you are – to expand their networks.

How to get new contacts?

Ask people you know for contacts in the industry, at specific companies you’d like to work for, or even specific people within a department. Use LinkedIn to identify individuals you would like to meet, and look at your shared connections. If you’re changing roles or industries, scheduling “informational interviews” with people is a great way to learn, get advice, and obtain more relevant introductions.

What is referral in job?

A referral through someone in your network is a highly effective way to land a job. Sometimes, it’s not just what you know, but who you know. An endorsement from someone the hiring manager trusts is an extremely powerful means of influence. People in your network are also a great source of information about relevant job openings, …


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