How to improve a conference


5 Ways to Improve Conferences and Make Them More Productive

  1. Keep Costs in Line. Charge an exhibitor fee that is in line with similar conferences. …
  2. Plan Layout Carefully. Usually the top priority for exhibitors is to get a high number of warm leads. …
  3. Don’t Skimp on the Food. The most productive conferences provide a constant stream of free coffee, tea, and water. People need their caffeine to stay awake for long sessions!
  4. Be Creative With Incentives. There are lots of ways conferences can give attendees incentives to interact with exhibitors. …
  5. Respect Exhibitors, Attendees, Staff. Exhibitor fees and sponsorships generally provide the majority of funds for a conference. Without the exhibitors, there wouldn’t be a conference.
How conference organizers can create better attendee experiences
  1. Clear communication. …
  2. Have a Code of Conduct (and train staff on what that means) …
  3. Make sure the content suits the expected audience. …
  4. Provide a more accessible environment. …
  5. Keep all schedules up to date and complete. …
  6. Get a good conference app.
Jan 14, 2016


How to improve your conference room experience?

Here’s how to improve your conference room experience: 1. Install Sensors for Space Utilization Use sensors to maximize space utilization. The technology powers on when people enter the room. Various sensors provide automatic power control of the displays and lights. If people aren’t in the room, the room powers down.

How do you plan a successful conference?

On the surface, it was pretty simple: Write down what you’re looking for to make your conference successful – and do it in the limited space of a 3×3 Post It note. I also had people tag their requests with their names.

How can we improve the way we do meetings?

We have to improve the way we do meetings. This means creating a meeting plan of action. It’s finally time to say goodbye to terrible meetings and usher in a new way of doing things! This is why I’ve put together Meetings 101. Before the Meeting Assess the reason for the meeting.

Why go to a conference?

You’re going to a conference. So you need to know how to get the most of it. This article covers conference tips that help you use conferences to achieve personal, professional, and business goals. You’ll learn things like: There are a lot of potential benefits of attending conferences that go beyond the simple “network and learn from speakers.”


How can I make my conference more effective?

Here are their tips for effective conference calls.Share an agenda in advance of the call. … Master the technology. … Send a notification, call in early and take control right away. … Set the ground rules. … If a connection is bad, say something. … Be respectful of people’s time.

How do I make my conference stand out?

Techniques that will make your conference stand out1) Have a welcome team. … 2) Goodie bags. … 3) Ensure that everything is well-signposted. … 4) Make your staff easy to spot. … 5) Make a special effort with first time attendees. … 6) Ensure that your wi-fi details are easy to find. … 7) Provide plenty of charging points.More items…

What makes a conference interesting?

Make it Interactive If it’s just the speaker doing the talking, the conference can get boring after a while. Instead, make it a two-way interaction, where you ask questions to the participants and let them share their experiences.

How do you make a virtual event stand out?

9 Virtual Event Tips to Help Your Event Stand Out From the CrowdCurate the experience. … Tailor it to specific devices. … Incorporate technology. … Find your niche. … Hold a run-through. … Make a video. … Start a conversation. … Focus on accessibility.More items…•

How do you get your booth to stand out at a fair?

Continue reading to learn how to stand out at a trade show.Build hype in advance. … Invest in an eye-catching booth design. … Step up your swag. … Create an experience. … Leverage social media to your advantage. … Prioritize follow-up.

How do I make my business event stand out?

7 Ways to Make Your Events Stand Out From the PackDon’t oversell to attendees. … Create “FOMO” urgency on social media. … Overcome obstacles with creative ideas. … Create an experience that inspires loyalty and repeat business. … Have synergy in cross-promotional opportunities. … Use emotion to create memorable experiences.More items…•

1. Keep Costs in Line

Charge an exhibitor fee that is in line with similar conferences. Conference organizers should take into account a lot of factors, including travel, hotel, food costs when choosing a venue.

2. Plan Layout Carefully

Usually the top priority for exhibitors is to get a high number of warm leads. Getting lots of foot traffic past your booth is crucial to gathering leads. The layout of the vendor spaces is important, especially in relation to important things like food and snacks. Recently,.

4. Be Creative With Incentives

There are lots of ways conferences can give attendees incentives to interact with exhibitors. Sometimes they organize “scavenger hunts” with prizes when attendees collect stickers from a certain number of vendors. Sometimes vendors are given the drink tickets for happy hour to distribute to attendees who visit their booth.

5. Respect Exhibitors, Attendees, Staff

Exhibitor fees and sponsorships generally provide the majority of funds for a conference. Without the exhibitors, there wouldn’t be a conference. Attendees are there not only to learn by attending informative and engaging presentations and sessions, but also to find out about new resources, products, and anything that will make their lives easier.

Creative conference ideas to make a conference better

I recently ran a workshop in Washington, DC called Reinvent or Refresh Your Conference! for conference organizers. In essence, how to make a conference better? We had about 20 people responsible for planning or organizing a conference for their organization. This included people organizing conferences with dozens of attendees to tens of thousands.

How can we plan a successful conference? How to make a conference better? What do we need?

How to engage attendees with exhibitors and the session – A big reason there’s a bifurcation between sponsors and exhibitors and what will call regular attendees is that exhibitors have a financial incentive to stay by their booth if they’re not going to be somewhere else where they’re making contact with attendees.

1. Make the Calendar Virtual

After establishing a new conference room, it’s tempting to tape a paper calendar on the wall. This strategy might work for businesses with only a handful of employees, but larger companies will quickly run into problems.

2. Install Adjustable Cameras

Virtual meetings have become a crucial part of office life. Any modern conference room should have a dynamic camera for streaming meetings. It will adjust its angle by pivoting as the speaker paces, zooming for clarity as needed.

3. Improve Your Furniture

Even with the latest technology, no one can take a meeting room seriously if it has cheap furniture. Employees must feel comfortable to collaborate. Cushioned seats with back support should surround a table that commands the room.

4. Establish Best Practices

After creating a conference room, the last thing every business should do is establish a set of rules. If everyone operates under the same clear guidelines, it’s easy to manage the meeting space. No one will book the room for an entire week or leave lunch leftovers rotting on the table.

Listen to Employees

After using these tips to improve the conference room experience, listen to employee feedback. An open line of communication will fine-tune the process so it works for everyone.

1. Audience surveys

Ask your audience what they would like. People like to give their opinion and feel like they are a part of something. You can do a pre-conference survey to see what activities people would like to do. Or you can ask people to rate your conference as it’s coming to an end. That way you will have a better idea of what people want.

2. Invite early and remind often

It’s super important to invite everyone really early. So make sure to confirm all the necessary details of the event months before it starts. You can even pop it on your site a year in advance and start selling tickets, before confirming the location.

3. Personalize invitations

We’ve all heard of email personalization. It’s so important to address your customers by name and mention something that is personal to them, that connects to them. There are plenty ways to do this:

5. Make the registration super simple

Take away the hassle of your registration process. Have as little fields as possible to fill out, and make the checkout/paying process super quick. This will increase your conversions and bring more reservations.

6. Have the speakers promote your event

In the marketing world, we call this influencers or influencer marketing. If you have invited some well-known people to speak at your conference/event, chances are that they have medium to large social media followings. Ask them to promote your event, to post it on all of their various social media channels., early and often.

7. Provide networking opportunities

Aside from all the hands-on learning, conferences are the best place to network and meet people. The best conferences out there schedule time for people to meet together in a smaller setting. Whether it’s small workshops with investors, or meet and greets, this is a super important part of your conference strategy.

8. The magic is in the follow-up

As great as your conference might be people are going to forget about it. That’s why you need to email and follow up with all of your attendees regularly throughout the year. Here are some good ideas for what to send:

How to Make Conferences (Online and In-Person) More Interactive

As mentioned, the success of all events, virtual or in-person, comes from audience engagement, where you give attendees opportunities to interact with each other and connect to your brand. After all, events are meant to spark networking, questions, and learning.

Below Is a List of Our Top 20 Interactive Virtual Conference Ideas To Ensure Your Online, In-Person, or Hybrid Event Is a Success

Your audience likely uses social media, like Facebook and LinkedIn, to engage with their friends, family, and professional network. That’s exactly why this sits at number one on our list of virtual conference ideas.

Which Interactive Conference Ideas Will You Use to Make Audience Engagement a Key Component of Your Virtual or Hybrid Event?

Now that venues are opening back up, you can implement these interactive conference ideas to transform your next event into a truly hybrid experience for your audience.

How to be more engaged in a meeting?

Be aware of your body language. This is particularly important if you are presenting the meeting, but also if you are an attendee. Open, engaged body language will help you to appear (and feel!) more engaged, and will facilitate others reacting to your words positively. Some things to consider include:

Why do high level performers use meetings?

A meta-analysis of 200 studies on the psychology of meetings suggests that high-level performers use meetings as a way to set goals, gain feedback from the team, and help individuals understand problems at work.

Why is humor important in meetings?

Using humor in meetings can encourage more participation from the team, and improve creative problem solving skills.

How many meetings use agendas?

Only around 37 percent of meetings in the US use agendas, despite the fact they greatly improve productivity. Additionally, a pioneering study in the field of psychology suggests that agendas should be discussed at the beginning, and areas of importance dealt with first to keep everything super focused.

How to stay focused in a meeting?

As an attendee, you can stay focused by asking questions when you want to understand something further, writing notes, or drawing diagrams. Experiment with different things, and find out what works for you. As a host of a meeting, it can be a little harder to keep everyone engaged.

Why do we record minutes of meetings?

Recording minutes from the meeting, and then sending them to attendees, is a great way to provide a record of what decisions were made, who has been allocated what roles and responsibilities, and the plan of action for the future.

Why do you add refreshments to a meeting?

The addition of refreshments particularly can help make your meeting an enjoyable social occasion, rather than an activity that everyone has to force themselves to attend. That can make it a great opportunity for team building and networking instead.


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