How to improve post-conference survey results


To make the most of your post-event surveys, consider these key tips: Personalize surveys & survey emails. Offer sliding scale & open-ended questions. Send out surveys in a timely manner. Share results with event speakers & guests.


What are the best conference and event survey questions to ask?

The best conference and event survey questions to ask at each stage 1 Pre-event survey questions Which of the events or speakers are you most excited about? How do you feel about the cost of the event? … 2 Mid-event survey questions How was the check in process? How would you rate this year’s keynote speaker? … 3 Post-event survey questions

What are the best ways to conduct post-event surveys?

For these, include open-ended questions to collect more insight that you can leverage for future events. An incentive is especially helpful for post-event surveys when event attendees might have already moved on to the next event.

How can you increase survey response rates for events?

You might consider entering survey participants in a drawing or offering a $5 discount on conference swag. Research suggests that offering an incentive to everyone—even if they don’t take the survey—can triple response rates. For these, include open-ended questions to collect more insight that you can leverage for future events.

How to create an effective Conference feedback survey?

In order to have an effective conference feedback survey, make sure your surveys are: 1. Relevant Make sure your survey is still relevant to the attendees when you distribute it. For example, when you distribute your post-event survey, make sure the experience is still fresh in their minds. It must be immediate and instant.


How do you successfully post event evaluation?

Regardless of the event, your post-event evaluation should address the following questions at a minimum: How did we meet or not meet our goals for this event? What resources (e.g., human resources, financial resources, space resources) did we utilize to execute this event? In what ways was it enough?

How do you write a good post event survey?

Post Event Survey QuestionsHow satisfied were you with the event?What was your favorite experience or moment of the event?What could we improve on?How useful was the event?Did the event meet your expectations?How likely would you be to attend our events in the future?More items…•

How do you get feedback from a conference?

How to collect conference feedback that’s actually usefulCollect event feedback before the conference has finished. … Give attendees an incentive to provide feedback on your event. … Take advantage of conference management tech. … Don’t use a generic event feedback template. … Limit the questions in your conference feedback survey.More items…•

How do I ask for feedback after an event?

Making the Most of Attendee FeedbackHow was the experience overall?How relevant was the agenda?How would you rate the speakers?Was the venue accessible?How were the food and beverage options?What could we have done better?How was your check-in experience?What was your favorite part of the day?More items…

What are good survey questions after a presentation?

General Event Survey QuestionsWhat is your level of satisfaction with this event? … Which elements of the event did you like the most? … What, if anything, did you dislike about this event? … Are you likely to participate in one of our events in the future? … How likely are you to tell a friend about this event?More items…•

What questions should I ask in a post webinar survey?

Post-Webinar QuestionsHow would you rate the webinar? This is a simple question that gets straight to the point with your audience members. … How would you rate the speakers? … How would you rate the technology? … Were your expectations met? … How satisfied are you with the networking tools?

Why might a questionnaire be useful after an event to gain feedback?

Such surveys are helpful in assessing the following things: You get to know attendees opinion about the event. You get to know your audience’s expectations from your products or services. Post-event surveys help to predict your audience’s willingness- if they would like to attend such events in the future or not.

How do you evaluate the performance of an event?

To recap, here is what you need to do:Use SMART goals.Compare your event to relevant competitors.Make observations during the event.Ask for feedback from your guests on the day.Follow up with a feedback survey.Look out for media mentions.Analyse social media data.Calculate how many people attended.More items…•

What are the 5 W’s in planning an event?

The 5 Ws of Events: The quick guide to planning for a successful…Who– Who is your target audience? … What– What is the main take away for this event? … When– When will this event take place? … Where– Where is your event going to take place? … Why– Everything you do for your event will have a purpose.

How do you rate a satisfaction survey?

To calculate your CSAT score, take the number of satisfied customers and divide it by all of your respondents. Then multiply the result by 100. You’ll end up with a percentage, where the higher it is, the more satisfied your customers are.

What are examples of positive feedback?

16 examples of positive feedbackAn employee is being a good team player.An employee is working overtime.An employee is doing high-quality work.An employee recently took on new responsibilities.An employee reached conflict resolution.An employee met their goals.A teammate helped figure out a tough problem.More items…•

How do I ask for feedback after Webinar?

Please provide feedback on this session by completing this survey.What percentage of the information was new to you? … I can use this session information: … Would you like to learn more about this topic? … Please rate the speaker’s knowledge of the topic: … Please rate the speaker’s presentation skills:More items…•

What is Post survey?

Postal surveys are self-administered, paper-based, standardised surveys in which the questionnaires are sent by post. Self-administered means that the respondents fill out the questionnaire themselves. Postal surveys are also known as paper-and-pencil surveys.

How do you write an introduction for a survey?

Write an introduction with the assumption that respondents don’t know much, if anything, about the topic of your survey. Use simple, clear language to briefly explain the topic and purpose of the survey. Your introduction only needs to be three or four sentences, or a couple of short paragraphs at most.

What is a post event report?

An event report, also known as a post-event report or event summary, is a document that gathers all the success metrics and other data that illustrate the performance of your event.

How do you write a feedback email after an event?

How to write a thank-you email after a successful eventCreate a clear subject line. … Select a professional opening statement. … Express your gratitude. … Include highlights from the event. … Tell recipients about other upcoming events. … Close the email.

How Can I Get More Meeting Attendees to Respond to Survey Requests?

To begin, convey the significance of survey responses so that participants understand how important their contribution is to future event preparati…

What are Some Examples of Post-Event Survey Questions to Ask?

Begin by asking a broad question, such as “What is your level of satisfaction with this event?” to get a feel of whether your attendees were please…

What are Some Example Questions to Ask Post-Event to Get Specific Feedback?

Which event or speaker did you like the most? Did you have plenty of time to network with other attendees? What can we do to improve the conference…

What are Some Post-Event Questions to Ask to Discover the Effectiveness of a Conference?

What level of satisfaction do you have with the meeting’s overall value in terms of assisting you in improving your on-the-job effectiveness? How c…

Should I Conduct a Post-Event Survey After Every Major Convention?

In order to enhance the success of any event, it is necessary to conduct a post-event survey. Post-event surveys may help you better understand you…

3 Tactics to Boost Survey Response Rate

Association Now recommends using these tactics as a guide to help boost your survey response rate:

3 Powerful Open-ended Post-Event Survey Questions

Start Us Magazine lists post-event survey questions that can determine your meeting’s effectiveness. These three questions can drive a lot of insightful feedback from your participants.

Get Specific

If you want to be more targeted with your survey questions, Get Feedback offers these following post-event survey questions as a way to dial into the details. You can add a few of the following specific questions to your survey to generate more detailed feedback:

Be Concise

And if you’d like to keep your questions more scale-based, Meetingsnet offers these six post-event questions that will reveal the effectiveness of your meetings using a question set called the Event Performance Indices or EPI.

Frequently Asked Questions

In effort to help readers to summarize the information found within this post, we’ve recapitulated the article in question and answer form.

Why are post data surveys important?

With more meetings and events turning to the virtual format over the past year, post-data surveys became very necessary because it was a new way to do things for most everyone involved.

How can surveys help planners?

Second, data can show the gaps where things are not working. “It may be that we have a hunch that something isn’t going to go over well, or we see a spike in the data that shows us something unexpected,” Gimpel says.

10 Best Practices for Post-Event Surveys

The way events are conducted has changed in many ways as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, previously in-person meetings are now being held as remote sessions or hybrid meetings. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the importance of getting feedback from attendees after a gathering.

Dean Evans

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What is a post call survey?

In a voice-based post call survey, the respondent is listening to the options and must hold onto them in their head to determine the correct response. For this reason, stick to a simple rating scale (typically under 4 options), and always remind them which is the highest or best on your point scale.

Can you survey every caller?

If you are surveying every single caller, you’ll have a different survey design than if you are focusing your survey on people who called for a specific purpose, called back several times, or employed multiple channels to interact with your agents. Identifying potential survey participants in advance to tailor questions accordingly can drive greater responsiveness as the respondent will better understand how their answers could be useful.

What to include in a conference survey?

Moments of fun and entertainment during the conference can be included in your survey. Include photos of speakers and performers to refresh the attendees’ memories. It may be easier for the attendees to remember parts of the conference where everyone was sharing fits of laughter and were active in the discussions. You may also check out feedback email examples & samples

What is a conference feedback survey?

As the name implies, a conference feedback survey is intended to gauge the participants’ thoughts and insights regarding the conference. It is also intended to help organizers improve the content and execution of future conferences.

Why is it important to include memorable messages and takeaways from the conference?

This can help ensure that your attendees will remember the significant parts of the conference while providing them context about the message you want to deliver even when attendees have left the venue. You may also see how to ask clients feedback

How difficult is it to organize an event?

Organizing an event or conference can be a demanding task. It needs time, effort, patience, and perseverance. From the planning period, location hunting, looking for designated speakers, getting people to register, preparing logistics, and executing the event itself, it is a very difficult task especially if you have such a small team. You may also see research survey examples

When are perfect surveys done?

Perfect Surveys are usually done before, during and after the conference.

When creating a survey, do you give it some thought?

When creating your survey, you must give it some thought and think about the questions that will give you meaningful and useful information. Also, ask questions that will give you measurable data.

Is it better to tailor a survey to mobile devices?

It is better to tailor the format of your survey to mobile devices since people normally have their smartphones in hand. Through this, your attendees can immediately answer your survey in any location as long as they have internet connection . This will make it easier and convenient for your attendees to complete the survey. You may also like define customer satisfaction?

How to improve response rate on surveys?

Here are 15 quick and easy ways to improve your overall response rate to your surveys. 1. Give Your Survey a Purpose. The more interesting your questions and the more engaging your survey, the better your response rate will be. Try to send out surveys that have relevance to the customer, and the response rate should improve a great deal.

Why do you need a pre-survey email?

But a pre-survey email can easily help to warm up your sample so that they know it’s coming, potentially explaining the incentives and the benefits to the company. The more the respondents are prepared for the survey, the more likely they are to fill it out.

What is dropout in surveys?

Survey dropout is extremely common, especially on larger surveys. The shorter your survey is, the fewer people will drop out, and the better a response rate you’ll receive. 9. Limit Scrolling. Survey dropout is also higher if customers have to scroll up and down or back and forth to complete the survey.

Why is survey research important?

Survey research is the most valuable form of data collection for businesses. It gives you numbers that you can use to affect business strategy, whether it is information on a new path to take with your product, feedback on a marketing campaign, or validation that your current techniques are meeting market needs.

Why do you need a great response rate to your survey?

You need to get a great response rate to your survey not just so that you can fulfill your quota – although that is an important reason. It is also because you need to avoid the potential for those that skip out on taking your survey to have a characteristic that affects your analysis.

How to get a good response rate?

Choose a Good Incentive . Incentives are an important part of getting a good response rate. Whether the incentive is a substantial prize, a gift card, or a discount on future purchases, the incentive must be something that truly benefits the respondent.


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