How to increase conference revenue


Seven Secrets for Growing Conference Sponsorship Revenue

  1. Streamline your sponsorship menu.. Likening the “Cheesecake Factory” restaurant menu to sponsorship menus, Kastner…
  2. Go for quality over quantity.. If you offer too many things, your quality suffers and you might confuse the buyer.
  3. Be the attendee.. Scan your sponsored elements to make sure everything you…

Get more people to attend your events

The final powerful way to increase your virtual conference revenue is to increase your registration counts. The more people you have coming to your event, the more tickets you sell and the more money you make for your organization.


How can I increase revenue for my event?

Run a low or no-cost fundraiser as a separate event at your main event. There are many more ways to generate revenue. These are some of the extremely profitable ways you can increase revenue for your event, hit the break-even point sooner, and go home with a fatter wallet.

How can I increase event revenue with cashless payment?

To maximize the impact of a Cashless Payment deployment, a proven strategy to increase event revenue is to encourage guests to add funds or “top-up” their cashless accounts in advance of the event.

How can I make money from my event without registration fees?

This is a shortlist of five powerful ways you can increase your revenue for any event without relying heavily on registration fees: 1. Sell Sponsorships This is a great way not only to generate extra revenue for your event. Plus, you can get discounts and free stuff from your sponsors to give out to your attendees as a gift.

What does it take to market a conference?

Marketing a conference means being everywhere at once. You want the professional world abuzz with anticipation, your event’s name popping up everywhere they turn. “You’re going to be at [insert your event name here], right? Seems like everyone is!” That sort of cultural infiltration takes more than basic social and web presence.


How do you get revenue from a conference?

Virtual Event Monetization: 9 Ways to Make Money Hosting Online…Sell Premium Tickets. … Provide Sponsorship Opportunities. … Sell Digital Lead Capture to Event Exhibitors and Sponsors. … Sell Ad Spaces on Virtual Event Website. … Sell Merchandise and Event Swag. … Order Bumps and Upsells. … Networking Opportunities.More items…•

How do events increase revenue?

16 Ways to increase your event revenue#1) Pay less for event ticketing. … #2) Promote your event on social media. … #3) Find a cheaper venue. … #4) Engage sponsors. … #4) Reduce ticket payment fees. … #5) Social influencer endorsements. … #6) List swap with other event organizers. … #7) Sell other products at the online ticketing checkout.More items…

How can a sponsor increase revenue?

Here are the most valuable takeaways:Sell to a Range of Sponsors. Historically, sales teams have focused on corporations with deep pockets. … Target Non-Exhibiting Companies as Sponsors. … Meet Potential Sponsors in Person. … Price to Maximize Profits. … Produce a Report on Sponsorship Effectiveness.

How do I promote my business in a conference?

Let your key customers know that you’ll attend the conference or trade show. Send a mailing to your customer database. Use your website to announce the event, and invite people to stop by your booth. Mention the event in promotional material and press releases.

Who are revenue generating customers in events?

Revenue is generated from these customers in different forms such as sponsorships, charity and sales of tickets. The various forms of revenue generation are discussed in snapshot of event-sawy companies and the event categories they have sponsored in the past.

How do virtual events help drive revenue?

They sell sponsorships allowing partners to give their customers free access to the library for one session that’s in high demand. By allowing limited free access, marketers get new, qualified leads into their systems. Many of these leads return to buy more content.

How do you add value to sponsorship?

15 Ways to Add Value to Your Corporate Sponsorship ProgramProvide direct sales opportunities. … Measure success and outcomes. … Use media partnerships to promote sponsors. … Hold a sponsor summit. … Build a custom offering for your sponsor’s needs. … Provide audience data. … Build audience personas and niches.More items…

How can I maximize my sponsorship?

4 Keys to Maximizing Your Sponsorship StrategyKeep sponsorship a focus. The biggest reason organizations fall short in obtaining their sponsorship goals is having a lack of focus. … Create easy-to-sell packages. … Don’t overthink it. … Leverage your partners.

What is the event triangle?

The Event Triangle is a marketing model generally discussed in the context of sports events, but may also be applied to other social and community events, such as a county fair, a reunion, a parade, or a concert, amongst other possibilities.

How do you attract people to a conference?

Beyond the location, agenda and presenters, and potential discounts, the opportunity for networking with others in the same or related industries and businesses also will attract attendees. Ensure your agenda offers ample opportunity for attendees to mingle, have informal meetings and interact with each other.

Where can I promote a conference?

Post on Facebook and community groups. Social media communities and groups are also fantastic places to promote an event. It could be a Facebook group or a subreddit. Additionally, you’ll want to create an event page on social media so that you can share it in different groups or communities.

How do you sell conferences?

How To Sell Out Your Next ConferenceEstablish an Online Presence. One of the first things you need to do when marketing your conference is to establish an online presence. … Create Ticket Tiers. … Hold a Ticket Giveaway. … Use Your Speakers as Influencers. … Offer Something Different.

How else you can project revenue at an event?

For an event, revenues may come from the organizers selling tickets, merchandise, or concessions to spectators. Organizers may also generate revenues by selling advertising and sponsorship space to corporations and other organizations.

In what ways can revenue be raised at road races from participants and spectators?

There are two principal methods of increasing revenue from the participants of your event. The first is to gain more paying participants, and the second is to capture more money from the participants that sign up. Gaining more participation will involve more effort, but may yield the better return on investment.

How do I get funding for an event?

8 Ways To Get Funding For an EventCrowdfunding. … Angel Investor. … Savings/ internal marketing budget. … Bank loan. … Advance ticket sales. … Sponsorship. … Sale of exhibition space. … Barter.

What do you understand by revenue?

Revenue is the money generated from normal business operations, calculated as the average sales price times the number of units sold. It is the top line (or gross income) figure from which costs are subtracted to determine net income. Revenue is also known as sales on the income statement.

1. Sell Sponsorships

This is a great way not only to generate extra revenue for your event. Plus, you can get discounts and free stuff from your sponsors to give out to your attendees as a gift.

2. Sell Ad Space

This one comes in many forms, and to make it easy to understand here’s a quick list of ad space you can sell:

4. Sell Books

Are you doing book signings? Well, why don’t you let your attendees buy them online and earn referral fees? This is where the Amazon Associate and Barnes & Noble affiliate programs come into play. It’s easy to use and you can earn an extra change in selling books written by your speakers. How to make it into an incentive?

5. Sell Merchandise

Sell event merchandise before the actual event. If you won’t have any merchandise before the event, use print-on-demand services like Printful [aff] (we use and recommend) to offer cool merchandise that they won’t be able to get at the event.

Bonus For Nonprofits

Run a low or no-cost fundraiser as a separate event at your main event.

What is roaming vendor?

Roaming vendors are mobile staff that can take Cashless Payments at any location on-site, rather than fixed points-of-sales in bars, food outlets and merchandise stalls. This dramatically reduces queuing times at key payment areas and encourages more frequent purchases.

What is audience data?

Audience data captured through online registrations, sales transactions, brand activation interactions, and social media activity allows event organizers, vendors and sponsors to further engage consumers in post-event content and offers. Purchasing data and trends can be analyzed and integrated into retail strategies and loyalty schemes for the following year. Post-event sales opportunities include pre-sale tickets to the next event, discounted merchandise and swag, new releases and related products, VIP experiences and travel packages, in-store promotional offers, and much more.

Why not provide your prospective clients all the information they need by using room booking software?

Why not provide your prospective clients all the information they need by using room booking software? It saves labour costs and time, both when the client makes the initial booking and if they decide to update their booking later on.

How to attract business travellers?

Networking with other area businesses that tend to attract business travellers could help you spread the word about your meeting rooms or even create opportunities to work together with those businesses. For example, clients can be encouraged to your venue if you offer a special rate for anyone who books a room and shows a ticket or receipt from your networking partner.


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