How to increase conference sales


  1. Have a plan.
    As I state in every article I write… you must have a plan. Know where you are going and why. WHY are you…
  2. Don’t forget event and conference marketing 101!
    Don’t over focus on the technical specifics of social media that you…
  3. Align social where it can have the greatest benefit for your event attendees and partners.
    As much as I hate to…
  4. Have fun!

Without further ado, here are some marketing strategies that’ll show you how to increase event ticket sales.
  1. Get your ticket price right. …
  2. Switch to tiered pricing. …
  3. Keep the sales peak. …
  4. Discount smartly. …
  5. Create a stand-out event page. …
  6. Promote on your existing sites. …
  7. Piggyback on a ticketing site’s community.


How can I promote my speakers to increase ticket sales?

And after you do, event planning expert and owner of Sensov event marketing, Rachel Stephan, recommends creating content about your speakers and their topics to help boost ticket sales. It works because showcasing great speakers is a way to add credibility to your event brand.

How can I increase attendance at my event?

One of the best ways to increase attendance at your event is to schedule fantastic industry speakers. And after you do, event planning expert and owner of Sensov event marketing, Rachel Stephan, recommends creating content about your speakers and their topics to help boost ticket sales.

How to increase sales across the board?

Let’s start with ways to increase sales that work across the board: 1. Decrease the price. Here’s an obvious one – lower the price! Of course, you can’t always do it without sacrificing your profit margins, but if you can afford it, it might be worth a try. 2. Double the price. WHAT? The exact opposite of what I just said?

How can I increase my business sales?

Here are some tips that you can use to help increase your sales: Monitor trends: Understand customer habits and industry trends so that your business can adapt to ongoing changes. You can gain market information from trade publications, websites and professional organizations.


How do you increase event sales?

How to increase event ticket salesSell tickets on mobile. … Create scarcity. … Start a referral program. … Use email drip campaigns. … Share on social media seven simple ways. … Feature video content. … Showcase great speakers. … Share testimonials from last year’s event.

How do you get people to come to your conference?

Do You Know The 5 Best Ways to Increase Event Attendance?Make the City Part of the Event. … Create Content that Tells a Story. … Plan a Unique Experience, Then Promote It. … Send Personal Invites. … Get the Media to Cover Your Event.

How do you attract crowds to an event?

8 Tips to Draw Bigger Crowds at Your Next EventTarget the Audience You Want. Keep your target audience in mind when promoting your event. … Reach Them Where They Are. … Communicate the Benefit. … Encourage Early Birds. … Use Social Media. … Create FOMO. … Leverage Influencers.

How do you sell a conference?

How To Sell Out Your Next ConferenceEstablish an Online Presence. One of the first things you need to do when marketing your conference is to establish an online presence. … Create Ticket Tiers. … Hold a Ticket Giveaway. … Use Your Speakers as Influencers. … Offer Something Different.

How can I promote an event quickly?

The best ways to promote an event are:The event website.Event registration and ticket promotions.Social media event marketing.Paid event advertising.Event email marketing.Influencer marketing.Contests and giveaways.Free publicity.More items…

How do you convince people to participate?

We look to give you a heads up on some of the best persuasion tactics you can use to get more people through the door next time round.People need to feel good about themselves. A great way to get people to attend an event is to make them feel special. … Interested in the person. … Offer the chance to interact.

How do you attract participants?

8 Ways To Attract Attendees to Your EventSocial Media Communities. Getting people involved and talking about your event during all stages of your event is a good thing. … YouTube. … Virtual Tickets/Webcasts. … Complimentary Access. … Mobile Ready. … Personalised Emails. … Charity. … Social Media Walls.

How will you get the audience excited about the event?

Use interactive discussions to create messaging. Help get your audience excited by pulling them into the creative process. Whether it’s deciding themes for the event, slogans, or even choosing content, Twitter can be a great format to ask questions and share progress towards the big day.

How do I increase event registration?

8 Fool-Proof Ways To Increase Event RegistrationsBuild Custom Branded Event Registration Pages. … Leverage Email Marketing Strategies. … Collaborate With Popular Brands, Influencers And Sponsors. … Use Social Media To Your Advantage. … Give Limited-Time Incentives and Rewards. … Promote User-Generated Content.More items…•

How do you market an event?

Marketing should start several months before your event and continue during and after the event, especially if you’ll be running it regularly.Setup a Website for Your Event. … Use Pop-ups on Your Site. … Include Guest Speaker Pictures and Bios. … Create Videos Showcasing Your Event and Speakers. … Use Email to Market to Your List.More items…

How do you meet new people at conferences?

10 tips for meeting people at industry eventsUse the time before the conference wisely. … Arrive early, and get some 1:1 time. … Sit next to interesting people, and introduce yourself. … Break into circles of people. … Invite people to talk to you. … Bring business cards, and ask for business cards.More items…

How do you encourage people to attend?

5 tips to encourage guests to attend your next conferenceConsider the timing of your event. … Offer early bird pricing and reward last year’s attendees. … Invite a high profile speaker or entertainer to present. … Use reputable suppliers for your catering, audiovisual and venue needs. … Promote your event using social media.

1. Decrease the price

Here’s an obvious one – lower the price! Of course, you can’t always do it without sacrificing your profit margins, but if you can afford it, it might be worth a try.

2. Double the price

WHAT? The exact opposite of what I just said? Yep, increasing the price can actually increase the quantity of sales you make. Or, even if it decreases your quantity of closed sales, it could result in more actual sales revenue.

3. Create decoy price packages

After seeing a $100 bottle of wine, that $35 bottle of wine looks much more reasonable in price. That’s because of anchoring bias, a cognitive bias where people are more likely to judge future numbers based on numbers they’ve encountered in the past (those numbers don’t even have to be the same measurement or associated with the same product).

4. Increase the quality

When do you feel like it’s worth it to spend more money? When the quality is better, right? So consider offering the same price but bumping up the quality of your offer.

5. Throw in a freebie

I’m not super interested in buying that new TV you’re selling. But if you throw in 3 free months of 3 different streaming services… I’ll have to think on my decision a bit more. People love free stuff.

6. Offer a special discount

Our “lower the price” tactic rears its head again in this subtly different tactic; offer your customers a special discount. Holding a sale, negotiating a lower price, or giving customers a loyalty discount could help you land more sales than you could get otherwise.

7. Imply urgency

Let’s face it. Most of us are chronic, hopeless procrastinators. If you give us a few days to make a decision, we’ll take it.

What is a social business conference?

The series will be filled with strategies, tactics and tips to help you maximize and leverage your investment in social media to achieve business goals and objectives . The series will dig into details on pre, during and post event strategies for success. It will include blog posts, videos, Tweetchats, webinars and more.

How to be a successful event host?

If you are hosting an event my guess is you are looking to achieve some if not all of the below objectives: 1 Increase customer intimacy 2 Improve customer satisfaction 3 Increase brand awareness 4 Establish market positioning 5 Learn about the market or competition 6 Earn support of loyal brand evangelists 7 Increase earned media 8 Identify and establish relationships with partners 9 Keep the conversation going after the event 10 Build community 11 Integrate all of the above 12 Generate new leads 13 Sell more products or services

Why is increasing sales as a small business important?

Increasing the sales of a small business is important because as sales increase, so does the company’s profitability. All major companies were once small businesses. To grow into large, successful companies, they learned to maximize their sales and build positive relationships with their customers.

How to increase sales in a small business

Follow these eight steps to gain new customers and increase company sales:

Tips for increasing sales

Here are some tips that you can use to help increase your small business sales:

How much does scarcity marketing boost sales?

As long as you’re truthful about your claims (like only having 10 VIP tickets left) and use it sparingly, scarcity marketing can boost sales by as much as 226%. The two main categories of scarcity for online ticket sales methods include: Quantity.

How do I win at social media?

The point is that to win at social media, you have to put in the effort to understand each network’s quirks, and implement a well thought-out strategy to succeed. For marketing an event, leveraging the power of social media can push your ticket sales to the next level.

What is the misconception about marketing on Reddit?

A misconception with marketing on Reddit is that the community eviscerates anything you submit. WRONG! The smart event marketer can traverse the Reddit waters by actually contributing meaningful content for a relevant subreddit.

What does it mean when ticket sales are lackluster?

If your ticket sales are lackluster, it might mean you’re like the majority of salespeople who aren’t getting in front of enough prospects. In fact, 66.7% of respondents in a recent survey said they had only 250 or less leads this past year.


Preparation Before The Event

Make phone calls before the event and schedule meetings with decision makers. Many of these events have tens of thousands of people in attendance. If you don’t set up a time, you will miss each other.

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Maximize Your Networking at The Event

  • If you’ve done the preparation before the event, then your time there should be busy with meetings and interactions.

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After The Event Follow-Up

  • Once the event is over it is easy to consider the work done, but it is not. Now is the time to follow-up and to do it relatively quickly. In my personal experience in the Complex B2B Sales industry I can tell you that this step is the one that most often gets dropped. That means a lot of missed opportunities. Let’s say 500 people stop by your booth and get their ID scanned into your system…

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