How to index conference proceedings in scopus


Find Scopus in Active Subscription tab. Click Scopus Find specific conference paper in Document Search Use inverted commas AND specific abbreviation of the conference if any, example : “International Conference on Photonics” AND


Is a conference indexed by Scopus?

Scopus is an indexing database which indexes the publications (journals and conference proceedings). Scopus does not index conferences. What you are actually asking is: Whether the conference’s proceeding is indexed by Scopus?

Are CS journals indexed by Scopus?

I have seen that some conferences in the CS field are indexed by Scopus, I mean their conference proceedings. I have found some information about the requisites a journal should have to be indexed in

What is the Scopus Content Policy for conference proceedings?

Scopus’s website on content policy and selectiongives a good idea of what you need. The book policy is probably the relevant one, since conference proceedings are “edited volumes”, but if you’re trying to index individual papers then look at the conference papers selection criteria at the bottom of the page.

Should Scopus include confernce papers in its product offering?

This has put pressure on the two potential partners to support the citation analysis for the REF, SCOPUS and Web of Science [WOS] to include confernce papers in their main products. SCOPUS includes conference papers as part of the main product offering from over 500 conference proceedings.


Can conference proceedings be Scopus indexed?

Scopus is an indexing database which indexes the publications (journals and conference proceedings).

How does Scopus check Index of conference?

You can find some conference notification sites like , , . Here you can find all of journals and conferences with Scopus Index.

Where can I find conference proceedings in Scopus?

3. Click Scopus 4. Find specific conference paper in Document Search 5. Use inverted commas AND specific abbreviation of the conference if any, example : “International Conference on Photonics” AND “ICP” Click the required column with All Fields and choose document type as Conference Review.

Is AIP Conference Proceedings Scopus indexed?

AIP Conference Proceedings are indexed in a number of services, including these leading databases: The Conference Proceedings Citation Index (part of Web of Science) Scopus (Elsevier) Inspec.

Is IEEE Xplore is Scopus indexed?

Several FAQs may be of general interest to readers. Is IEEE Xplore digital library content indexed in SCOPUS? Scopus is an online abstract and indexing service provided through Elsevier. The IEEE provides SCOPUS with all of the IEEE Xplore digital library content so that the bibliographic information (what…

How do you know if a conference is good?

Usually, this is easy: see who the organizers are and look for prior year agendas to see if there are many good academics presenting (or people from industry/government, in some fields). Essentially, check if the organizers and presenters are people you would want to see and comment on your work.

How do you find conference proceedings?

Searching in DatabasesDirectory of Published Papers. A database service that locates proceedings from conferences, congresses and symposia. … ProceedingsFirst. … Scopus. … Web of Science (All Databases Search) … PubMed.

Is AIP Conference Proceedings a journal?

AIP Conference Proceedings is a serial published by the American Institute of Physics since 1970. It publishes the proceedings from various conferences of physics societies….AIP Conference Proceedings.Publication detailsISSN0094-243X (print) 1551-7616 (web)LCCN2004214302OCLC no.45060072Links11 more rows

How do you view conference papers?

To find conference proceedings on the open web, you’ll want to look at the websites of professional associations, societies or organizations. (Tip: try looking for organizations listed on the library’s subject pages!) Once on the website, look for information about their publications.

Do Conference Proceedings count as publications?

yes, it’s a publication. It is not exactly the same kind of publication as a journal publication, and depending on the field it may be viewed as less or more important than a journal publication, but it still counts as a publication.

Where can I publish conference proceedings?

Publish your Conference Proceedings with Springer Springer is a leader in publishing proceedings, with over 2000 titles available per year. You can benefit from our experience and services to turn your conference publication into worldwide accessible science.

Do conference proceedings have impact factor?

Conference proceedings that have been published as part of an indexed journal are citable items – they appear in the denominator. However, conference proceedings that have been published as a stand-alone item do not receive an Impact Factor.

How do I know if my paper is Scopus indexed?

Search using the ISSN number of the journal to check whether it is listed in Scopus or sci . You can find out the list of Journal is indexed in Scopus, Scimago or Thompson Reuters from their web-sites. You can find from the journal website, then cross check it to the list in Scopus, scimago or web of science website.

What does it mean by a paper being Scopus indexed?

It is known to be the best abstraction and citation database for peer-reviewed journals. So, if a Scopus indexed journal is said to be Scopus indexed, it means that the works published by them in their journals are also cited among the 70 million other works embedded in the Scopus database.

Is IEEE Xplore Scopus indexed Quora?

Though most of the IEEE conference papers uploaded on IEEE Xplore also gets indexed in Scopus but considered as conference publication only. There is always a conference registration fee to be paid while there are many Scopus indexed journals which are free to publish.

What is the impact factor of IEEE Xplore?

IEEE Access has an impact factor of 3.557, an Eigenfactor of 0.0186, and an article influence score of 1.098 (per 2017 JCR). The journal is also included in: The Clarivate Analytics Science Citation Index Expanded. Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition.

What is the name of the indexed journal for IEEE papers?

If it is IEEE, usually the papers will appear in IEEE Xplore (which is Scopus-indexed). Similarly for ACM proceedings, ACM Digital Library.

What is a LNCS in a conference?

If it is a Springer-publishing proceeding: usually, it is LNCS (Lecture Note in Computer Science) and it’s sub-lecture notes such as LNAI. Similarly, there is LNEE (electrical engineering), and many such. These LNXX proceedings are indexed in Scopus.

Does Scopus index conferences?

Scopus is an indexing database which indexes the publications (journals and conference proceedings). Scopus does not index conferences.


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