How to install media in conference table


Mount modules at both ends of the table. If you’re setting them into the table, place them a short distance from the very end. If you’re clamping, one at each end will be sufficient. Organize your cables underneath.


How do you put technology in a modern conference table?

Putting technology in your modern conference table requires careful planning. We’ve worked with every possible configuration and equipment type. Here’s information on how we do it: Let’s start with modern conference tables with power and data units. These units hold the plugs you need to make connections in the conference room table.

How do you wire a custom conference room table?

Putting wiring into a custom conference room tables with data ports and power can be complex. The plugs in the table are often integrated into a complete audiovisual system that contains many pieces of hardware. If you want anything more than simple power outlets in your table, you will need someone to design the entire system.

What is a conference table connectivity box?

Our conference table connectivity boxes provide single or multiple av inputs and power options for your presentation needs. Select from a wide variety of Pop Up table boxes, Cable Well table boxes, surface mount, or under tablemodels for your HDMI, VGA, USB, network, or video inputs.

What cables do I need to power the pop up table box?

Pop Up Table Box w/ 2 USB 3.0, 2 HDMI, 2 Cat6, 2 Power Black Anodized aluminum bezel Connections: 2 HDMI, 2 Cat6, 2 USB 3.0, & 2 power Cable whip: 6′ male ended AV and data cables under the table


How do you set up a conference table?

7 Steps To Make The Best Conference Room For Your OfficeChoose the right conference room equipment. … Standardize the conference room technology and equipment. … Conference room must-haves and nice-to-haves. … Ensure Sufficient Network Bandwidth for the conference room. … Make the conference room technology easy to use.More items…•

What is the use of conference table?

Offers a flexible meeting space Even if you are arranging a business meeting, you have to take care of this point. So, make sure that you are buying a conference table where you can have plenty of extra space so that people can practice distancing.

How big should a conference room be?

Size and Seating Capacity “Cheat Sheet”Conference Table SizeSeating CapacityMinimum Room Size96″ (8′) L x 48″ W6-816′ x 12′120″ (10′) L x 48″ W8-1018′ x 12′144″ (12′) L x 48″ W10-1220′ x 12′150″ (12.5′) L x 48″ W10-1221′ x 12′11 more rows

What is the thing in the middle of conference tables?

A tabletop power/data center(s) provides convenient access for individual users, technical presentations or video confer- encing—all at the tabletop. Even small conference tables can be ordered with data & power conveniently built right into the tables.

Can you use a conference table as a dining table?

While it may seem like the two table styles are interchangeable, they’re not. With a little investigation, you’ll realize that dining room table dimensions, layouts and materials aren’t conducive to work needs.

How do you design a conference room?

7 Conference Room Design Tips for a More Productive WorkplaceInvest in High-Quality Audio and Video Equipment. … Respect Personal Space. … Choose the Right Colors. … Invest in Movable Furniture. … Let in Natural Light. … Keep Distraction to a Minimum. … Keep Your Clients in Mind.More items…•

How do I make my conference room look professional?

The Top 10 Ways to Make Your Conference Room More ProfessionalElimate Clutter. … Install Equipment that is Easy to Operate. … Provide Adequate Internet Bandwidth Our world revolves around access to the internet. … Don’t use Free Services at the Expense of Professionalism. … Use Wireless Presentation. … Control the Climate.More items…•

How high should I mount a TV in a conference room?

One way to determine the best height is to mount the TV about one-third the distance from the screen to the furthest seat in the room. So, if the furthest seat were 12 feet away from the screen, the optimal height would be about 4 feet high.

What is the advantage of having a meeting at a round table rather than a rectangular one?

Perfect for Smaller Spaces Round tables have smaller footprints than rectangular tables of the same size because there are no corners that actually waste space. This means that you it is easier to fit a suitable round table into a smaller space compared to a standard rectangular table.

What is boardroom table?

The boardroom is a room where the board of a company meets.


Shipping a large table is not cheap. Companies offering “Free” table shipping are folding that cost into the table price, and cutting corners on construction quality to make up the difference.


Conference room tables are large and bulky but we build and pack them so that they can be shipped without damage. Your table will be made in manageable sized pieces, and we double check to make sure they will fit into your elevator and through your doors. Everything gets wrapped in foam, and then enclosed in another layer of cardboard.


We use commercial trucking services to move the table from our shop to you. This allows us to ship work anywhere on the continent quickly, at a reasonable cost. We only work with truckers who take care with their loads. That ensures that your pieces will arrive in good shape. We ensure every shipment for the full value of the project.

Delivery & Installation

Our conference room tables are designed to be easy to move and assemble. Even the largest tables can be moved into any space. We invented an integrated hardware system which makes our tables easy to assemble. The trickiest part of the process is getting the crate off the truck. This requires a loading dock or forklift.

Inside delivery

We ship to a furniture installer near you. We use Installnet to identify quality providers, or we will work with your local favorite if you have one. The installer will be able to get the pallet off the truck, and then bring the wrapped pieces into your space, unwrap them, assemble the table, and remove the wrapping materials.

You assemble

If you have the ability to receive a pallet and move the pieces into your space, then we can ship directly to you. Our tables are made in pieces that plug together. Alignment pins assure that everything fits together perfectly. We pre-install the connecting hardware. It’s easier than Ikea. We provide instructions showing how to assemble the table.

Paul Downs delivery

Lastly, we offer the option of delivering and installing using our craftsmen. Additionally, we can also send supervisors to work with hired installers. We usually do this when the project is extremely complex. Costs for this vary with the number of people required and the distance from the shop.

Where should the outlet box be on a conference table?

This should be centered somewhere on the table and the rectangle you draw on your conference table should be the same dimensions as the base of the module that you are installing which doesn’t include the finishing edge that is found around the top of the connectivity box that will hide any cuts you make into the table.

How many holes do you drill into a table top?

After you have everything marked out you can drill 4 holes into the table top where the 4 corners of your pencil marks. These holes should be made on the inside of the rectangle you have drawn and are simply there to allow you to put the blade of a jigsaw into the holes to start and finish your cuts.

Can you add power to a conference table?

If you have an existing conference table that you want to add power it is likely that you’re going to have to make some modification to the table in order to get the connectivity box installed into your table. If you have pre-cut grommets, odds are they are not cut to the correct size but it will save you some drilling when it comes time to modify your table.

Is it every day you shop for a conference table?

It’s probably not every day you shop for a new conference table, and there are a lot of choices, so we are here to help! Let’s get down to the brass t…

Do you need power outlets for a conference table?

There are countless numbers of reasons why you might want power outlets and data ports installed into a conference table, fortunately the process is generally pretty easier whether you have an existing conference table or are buying a new conference table.

Can you get a conference table with a PLT-B power module?

If you are buying a new conference table the easiest way to get yourself with a powered conference table is to buy a Harmony Collection conference table paired with a PLT-B Power connectivity box. Harmony conference tables come with pre-cut cable grommets that can be replaced with the PLT-B Power module, all you do is pull out the grommet and replace it with the power module, couldn’t be easier!

What is mediascape conference table?

media:scape establishes a multimedia conference table that elevates the role of content sharing while dialing in sightlines and camera angles to ensure the team can focus on the work at hand.

What is mediascape?

media:scape integrates technology and furniture to bring people, space and information together for a collaborative work environment and more productivity than ever before.

What to do if your product is not available in your region?

If you’re interested in purchasing a product that’s not available in your region, please contact your local dealer for purchasing options .

What is the email address for Steelcase?

We’re here to help. Email us at

What is effective collaboration?

Effective collaboration — informational, evaluative, generative — depends on equal access to both analog and digital information, a seat at the table and a view of the screen for each participant, and the ability for every user, no matter where they’re located, to join in the collaborative process.

What is a conference table maker?

Table maker: That’s us. Our job is to design a custom conference table that fits all of your requirements, including holding all of the equipment you need. We can help you identify what power and data units will fit into your conference table, and what kinds of plugs can be included. We also make sure that all parts of the table will be accessible and easy to wire. And we provide plenty of space underneath the table for all the components you will need.

Can you reconfigure a conference table?

Once the units are chosen, we design the custom conference table to accommodate them. Our flexible construction methods make it easy for us to reconfigure the conference table to accommodate any kind or quantity of unit. We can handle microphones and monitor lifts as well. Anything you can think of, we’ve done it.

Can you build a hatch into a conference table?

We can build a hatch directly into the modern conference table top. The grain of the top veneer runs uninterrupted across the hatch. This is a very clean look, and the least expensive approach. The downside? It’s harder to access the power and data ports without removing the top of the conference table. But they do look great:

Can you add wire to a Sheraton base?

We can add wire runs to any of our base designs, even those with traditional styling. Here’s a shot of a Sheraton-style base with a central wire chase:

Do you hide plugs in a conference room?

Most people like to hide their table plugs under a hatch for a more seamless look. Some power and data units come with their own hatches, but most don’t. Because of this, we have several strategies for hiding the plugs in our conference room tables.


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