How to make a virtual conference engaging


9 Ways to Make a Virtual Conference More Engaging

  • Top-Quality Content. The content of a conference is always important, but it becomes additionally important when it’s online.
  • Upgrade Your Tools. The key difference between a real-world and virtual event is that the latter depends on technology to work.
  • Interactive Aspects. You’ll know from your experience of attending low-quality meetings how boring things can get when it seems like all you’re doing is receiving information.
  • Bring the Attendees Together. People attend conferences for many reasons, and one of those reasons is the ability to network with people in their industry.
  • Keep Things Snappy. One of the key differences between a regular conference and an online conference is that the length of the talks should be different.
  • Lighter Moments. Virtually all industries are beginning to look at the advantages of wellness principles. …
  • Free Swag. If you were hosting a real-world event, then there’d be some swag involved — it’s an important component of any conference.
  • Think Global. Many companies would prefer to have a traditional conference, but there is one pretty big advantage that virtual conferences have over their real-world counterpart.
  • Record for Playback. Finally, be sure to record your conference for use later on. Not everyone will be able to attend every session.
Virtual conference social media ideas:
  1. Post a countdown clock.
  2. Host a contest, such as a raffle or a user-generated-photo contest.
  3. Create a hashtag for your event. …
  4. Run a social media takeover with keynote guests.
  5. Use interactive elements to engage your audience, such as Instagram story polls or augmented reality filters.
Apr 19, 2022

How can you use virtual conferences to enhance your event?

At virtual conferences, attendees appear as a couple of lines of text on a screen. Which, to be honest, comes off as a little boring and impersonal. You can also add a little fun and originality to your event through the use of more artful avatars. For instance, you may allow guests to choose profile pictures that fit an industry theme.

How to make a virtual event engaging?

You can make a virtual event engaging by constantly providing your audience with things to do. For your audience to be engaged, you need to do something unique and surprising. Provide interactive elements so that your audience feels incredibly involved in your virtual event.

How to create a multimedia program for a virtual conference?

Creating a multimedia program can be as easy as building a web page or crafting an email. Digital platforms allow you to devise a more immersive and cohesive agenda for your attendees. These interactive agendas are one of my favorite ideas to make virtual conferences successful.

How to build hype for your virtual conference?

You can build hype for your event by running special campaigns on your social platforms. Though online symposiums are still a relatively new concept, social media promotion is sure to become one of the key virtual conference best practices.


How do you make virtual conferences more engaging?

9 steps to a more engaging online meetingCheck your tech. … Engage your audience before the online meeting begins. … Establish roles. … Plan free-time for interactive dialogue. … Prepare an icebreaker. … Create an interactive presentation. … Use gamification to make virtual meetings fun. … Send a follow-up email.More items…

How do you engage audience in virtual conference?

So, reason enough to take a look at 5 virtual event audience engagement ideas that can be applied to small or large events.Live and Pre-Event Polling. … Hiring Entertainment for Audience Engagement. … Virtual Event Bags. … Gamification for Virtual Event Engagement. … Social Media Contest. … Tasting Sessions.More items…•

How do you engage virtual participants?

Virtual attendees can join their own private video chat room. Try to hold several breakout sessions throughout a presentation to increase virtual engagement activities. Get creative with your meeting engagement ideas by swapping breakout room attendees each time. This allows for more networking among your audience.

What are virtual conference ideas?

Virtual conference ideas are activities and features that attract and engross telecommuting event attendees. Virtual conventions lack the tradition…

What are some good virtual conference ideas?

The best virtual conference ideas utilize the advantages of the web and meaningfully engage attendees. Some great virtual conference ideas are mult…

How does a virtual conference work?

To create a virtual event, first research and select the software and equipment you will need to execute your event. Once you choose your technolog…

What is virtual conference?

Virtual conference ideas are suggestions for creating engaging and memorable online events that attract significant audiences. Because virtual events are different experiences than in person events, you need to approach your seminar from a new angle. These ideas also work for virtual retreats. Specifically, this list includes: …

What is a schmoozing conference?

Schmoozing is one of the main draws of conferences. Guests attend these events in part to meet other industry professionals. Though much of the networking occurs in structured environments such as luncheons, cocktail hours, meet and greets, and panels, a good deal of socializing also occurs in spaces such as hallways and lobbies.

What is a virtual swag bag?

Virtual swag bags are collections of gifts you can send via email, no need to trek to the post office! What to include in a digital swag bag: Virtual gift cards, like Amazon or Starbucks. Trials for apps like Calm or Pandora. Subscription or access to a digital industry journal.

Why are virtual daycares so popular?

Because guests will attend your conference from the comfort of home instead of the seclusion of an event center, there is a possibility that kids may crash the affair. For this reason, some organizers are advertising virtual conferences as children-friendly to encourage the attendance of busy parents. You can take this notion one step further by offering entertainment specifically for the kids.

What is hype in social media?

Social media hype. Social media is one of the most useful digital marking tools, and one of the best ideas for marketing virtual conferences. You can build hype for your event by running special campaigns on your social platforms.

Is it harder to draw attention to a virtual crowd?

Drawing interest and maintaining attention can be harder with a virtual crowd than with a physically present group. By embracing the advantages of an online platform you can attract a wider audience and achieve favorable results.

How to Make Conferences (Online and In-Person) More Interactive

As mentioned, the success of all events, virtual or in-person, comes from audience engagement, where you give attendees opportunities to interact with each other and connect to your brand. After all, events are meant to spark networking, questions, and learning.

Below Is a List of Our Top 20 Interactive Virtual Conference Ideas To Ensure Your Online, In-Person, or Hybrid Event Is a Success

Your audience likely uses social media, like Facebook and LinkedIn, to engage with their friends, family, and professional network. That’s exactly why this sits at number one on our list of virtual conference ideas.

Which Interactive Conference Ideas Will You Use to Make Audience Engagement a Key Component of Your Virtual or Hybrid Event?

Now that venues are opening back up, you can implement these interactive conference ideas to transform your next event into a truly hybrid experience for your audience.

How to make an event successful?

A successful event requires attendees, but more importantly, you need attendees that are interested in your event, so make sure you take the time to really narrow in on them. Engagement and communication begin well before the event itself by making your virtual attendees feel involved before the event.

Why are in person conferences so popular?

In-person conferences are popular because of the incredible relationships and conversations that naturally evolve from gathering so many like-minded people together. When attending or hosting an in-person conference, there are usually dedicated time slots and locations for attendees to gather and network.

1. Use Live Polling as an Interactive Experience

Data from Markletic’s survey shows that 81.8% of virtual event organizers use event polling to increase audience interaction.

2. Book Speakers who Will Actively Engage Your Audience

Too many speakers today rely on nothing but a series of PowerPoint slides to captivate attendees’ interest.

3. Add Something Unexpected to the Agenda

Attention spans tend to be shorter for virtual guests. Adding an element of surprise is a great way to break the monotony of a typical virtual conference and make your event more engaging.

4. Host a Game

Games are not just for children; they’re one of the most efficient virtual conference engagement ideas.

5. Include Wellness-Focused Breakout Sessions

Screen-time fatigue is genuine and can result in attendees becoming unfocused and disengaged.

What is virtual conference?

A virtual conference is a Web-based event that replicates many aspects of a traditional place-based conference, meeting, or trade show. It may take place on a standalone basis or in conjunction with a place-based conference (i.e., a hybrid conference).

Why is virtual conference important?

Another important—if obvious—aspect of a virtual conference is to make sure you have sufficient support in place. Learners can’t engage if they can’t get into a session or aren’t able to hear the session leader.

What is a better tack for a virtual conference?

A better tack is to drop place-based conferences as your point of reference and look instead at what a virtual conference might make possible that would be infeasible at a place-based event—for example, spreading a conference out over more but shorter days.

What are the dimensions of engagement?

I like this definition because it recognizes three dimensions of engagement: 1 Cognitive engagement, as evidenced by the use of the words attention, curiosity, and interest 2 Emotional engagement, as we see in the words optimism and passion 3 Behavioral engagement, which is encapsulated in that key verb show

Is virtual conference second class?

They assume that in-person meetings are the gold standard, the first-class option, and virtual conferences are second-class, employed under duress.

Is a virtual conference better than a place based conference?

In the case of virtual conferences, using place-based conferences as the reference point keeps your thinking and actions derivative and lackluster and second-class—a virtual conference can never be as good as a place-based conference in being a place-based conference. A better tack is to drop place-based conferences as your point …

Planning Your Event

Before you start, it’s really important to know your goal and your audience. Clearly outline and identify your audience. Answer these questions:

Market Your Conference

A successful virtual conference depends largely on the number of attendees that show up. Leave no stone unturned to get the maximum number of attendees to your event. For this reason, your marketing strategy is essential.

Keep It Engaging

During the pandemic, webinar fatigue has become a very real phenomenon. A successful virtual conference is not one where your participants simply hop in, then hop out. Make sure you have other activities for them. Be ready to market these activities as well during your marketing campaign.

Wrap Up

Rest assured, if you follow these steps, you are sure to host a successful virtual conference. The virtual world offers great opportunities for all types of events. Explore some more ideas for different event types!

How to make a virtual event engaging?

You can make a virtual event engaging by constantly providing your audience with things to do. For your audience to be engaged, you need to do something unique and surprising. Provide interactive elements so that your audience feels incredibly involved in your virtual event.

What is the best strategy for virtual events?

Hiring entertainers is a great strategy for both small and large virtual events. Naturally, entertainers are great at engaging your audience. So, let me give you some examples of how entertainment can contribute to engagement. For small virtual events such as round table discussions, you can hire sketch artists.

Why is it important to have engaging events?

It’s important to have engaging events because it’s very easy for your audience to get distracted when attending your events online.

Why is content more relevant to your audience?

The content is more relevant to your audience. This means you will provide more value and this improves the likelihood of a positive event return on investment. Since the content will be more relevant for your audience , they are more likely to show up to your virtual event. This decreases your no-show rate .

How effective is live polling?

You want to give them a pleasant experience. Polling is a very effective way to improve virtual event audience engagement.

1. Compelling Content

When you go virtual, there is more pressure on your content to pack a punch. Convincing attendees to attend your event requires offering content that draws their interest more than whatever movie was just released on Disney+. For more on pivoting your content to virtual, read Leveraging Content for Virtual Events.

2. Production Quality

The production quality of your virtual event is like your set design, meeting room layout, and trade show floor combined. But, with less square footage to make an impact, you have to look to video best practices to make your mark. Get better cameras, branded backdrops, great mics, and bump up the quality of your PowerPoints.

3. Live Polling

Even in virtual settings, your mobile event app has amazing power to engage. Using your event app, have speakers conduct live polls throughout the session. This will force attendees to stay involved. Live polls also give planners data on participation and session engagement.

4. Push Notifications

Normally, a push notification will tell an attendee to make their way to the correct room or grab a surprise snack in the hallway. You can make push notifications that are fun and engaging for live virtual events, too.

5. Spirit Days

Does your event run more than a day? Consider infusing the event with a little fun. Create a spirit calendar that includes hat days, jersey day, and more. Even if your event doesn’t involve putting attendees on video, you can have them post pictures of their ensemble for an added social media challenge.

6. Live Q&A

Let attendees ask questions and provide answers during the session. If you’re offering great content, attendees will have questions and want answers from the expert. Include Q&A time just like you would at an in-person meeting.

7. Surveys and Knowledge Tests

Make attendees accountable. Give surveys after each session, regardless of whether they’re live or on-demand, or give a knowledge test to see if they were paying attention. This is a great tool for educational content.

How to make virtual meetings more interactive?

So how do you make virtual meetings more interactive? First, make sure you actually need to hold a virtual meeting. To get your attendees to interact, you need to ensure their voices and opinions are actually being solicited. This means: cut the monologues.

How to keep meetings small?

4. Start with an ice breaker.

How to break through sluggishness in a meeting?

Get physical. Simple warm up exercises are a great way to break through sluggishness and get people comfortable with interaction. At the start of the meeting, try a unique vocal warm up exercise that will (literally) loosen up your attendees.

Is virtual meeting a part of engagement?

As remote work becomes the new normal, virtual meetings are now an integral part of employee engagement and interaction. But virtual meetings have a prevailing pain point – without in-person interaction, it’s harder to create a communal atmosphere and easier for people to get distracted and tune out.


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