How to make conference calls fun


7 Ways To Make Your Conference Fun Here are a couple of idea’s to help manage the state of your delegates and make sure your next conference is more fun and engaging:

  1. Ice Breakers 2 truths and lie; poll the audience or human bingo – ice breakers are one of the most effective ways to kick off a meeting or conference. …
  2. Show A Cool and Inspiring Video I recently shared the video of ‘Kid President’ giving his pep talk with a friend who was organising her company’s conference. …
  3. Creative Networking There are two main reasons why people attend events – knowledge building and networking. …
  4. Get A Great MC Often the last item left to secure once the rest of the budget has been spent, yet the person that can have the biggest influence …
  5. Consistently Update Your Social Media We know social media for some people is advertising the life they wish they had. And sometimes it can look believable. …
  6. Keep Them Moving Keep the health and well-being of your attendees in mind. …
  7. Let Me Entertain You (at the end of the day!)
Conference Call Icebreaker Ideas
  1. Question and Answer 2.0. Go beyond participant introductions and the sharing of a personal fun fact. …
  2. Truth. Instead of asking questions to the group, let the participants ask which “fact” they think is true. …
  3. Above and Beyond. …
  4. No Smiling. …
  5. Photo-based Icebreakers. …
  6. Painted Plants.
Jun 11, 2019

How to run a successful conference call?

Top tips for running a successful conference

  • Establish a unique identity or brand. Once you are clear on the overall objectives of the event, it’s important to share what the event is about and why it is …
  • Location, location…realization. …
  • Calculate a budget and stick to it. …
  • Choose your speakers carefully. …
  • Get online. …
  • Feedback is essential. …

How do I set up a conference call?

What is the proper etiquette for audio conference calls?

  • Don’t be late. A lot of people get into the habit of dialing in at exactly the designated time of the meeting. …
  • Stay on mute when not speaking. Even if you’re not speaking, your mic is picking up noise from your surroundings—which everyone in the call will hear.
  • Introduce yourself before speaking. …

How to check if I am in a conference call?

  • Take the call from somewhere other than the conference room where the leader is, so you can do meaningful work.
  • Let the organizer know in advance by email that you have to leave the call after the first 30 minutes. …
  • For meetings that are 100% useless, suggest to the organizer that they be held every other week instead of weekly.

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How to activate conference call?

  • Ufone allows up to 6 people of any network (1 initiator + 5 other numbers) to make a conference call with each other.
  • To Activate Conference Call facility with Ufone, simply SMS SUB to 6789
  • One-time Conference Call Activation charges of Rs. …

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What to present to remote workers?

Initially, present a topic to your remote workers. It can be something related to your business or anything else. For example: how to acquire more customers in the next 3 months?

Can you do a conference call with a remote employee?

Usually, these conference call activities work for any number of remote employees. However, if you have a very large group, make sure that you divide them into small teams.

Set aside time for some casual conversation beforehand

Conference calls can be daunting for some participants, so it’s always a good idea to set aside a couple of minutes beforehand to ask some personal questions. You can keep it simple. “How was your weekend?” or “what are your plans for the rest of the week?” can strike up a conversation.

Icebreakers can be a fun way to start a conference call

If friendly questions aren’t enough, icebreakers could be a great way to start your next call. Conference calls can be a little awkward when everyone is trying to introduce themselves at once. To streamline things, we’ve put together some of our favourite icebreakers for conference calls.

Choose the right conference call service for fun conference calls

Choosing the right service can actually bring an element of fun to your calls! With WHYPAY?’s Pro plan, you can add your own custom branding to your 03/01 dial-in number. This means you can record a fun welcome message to greet participants. You can even select waiting music to really kick-start the conversation!

How to do constructive daydreaming?

To engage in Positive Constructive Daydreaming (PCD) during a call, you should: Put your phone on mute. Turn your attention inwards (you can use one of the meditations mentioned earlier) Do something low-key like coloring or doodling to keep your mind somewhat “occupied” while listening to the call.

Why is planning fun?

Planning something fun can help to boost your mood and reduce stress levels, as it gives you something awesome to look forward to.

What are some ways to relax?

Sketching, doodling and coloring are all great ways to relax through creativity.

How to beat procrastination?

Usually, we have a project that we’re putting off because it just seems too big or scary.#N#We procrastinate because we’re overwhelmed by the task ahead.#N#One of the best ways to beat procrastination is to just get started. If you have a huge presentation to give, simply open a new PowerPoint and start jotting ideas down.#N#If you have a killer proposal to put together on something awesome, open up the Word doc and start listing bullet points.#N#Most big projects require us to just start with something small – and this is the kind of thing you can do on a call.#N#Sure, you’ll need deep focus to get the project done but for the starting point you can make more progress than you might think by having a more laid back approach and just letting all the random ideas and thoughts come out.

Is a conference call a blessing?

Why Long, Boring Calls Are A Blessing. While it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking any conference calls that don’t really require your presence are a waste of time, this is the wrong mindset. They’re actually a blessing! Yes, really!

Is it important to declutter your cubicle?

Decluttering your cubicle is one of those tasks that just doesn’t seem quite important enough to prioritize during the working day.

Is it bad to spend an hour in a conference call?

There’s nothing worse than wasting an hour in an in-person meeting that’s totally pointless for you when you have countless other tasks to take care of.#N#Avoiding stupid meetings is sometimes hard to do, especially if you’ve been “voluntold” to attend.#N#The great thing about a conference call is that you can actually complete some of your tasks while still being “present” on the call.

Why do we use conference calls?

Telephone conference calls usually use audio conferencing technology to conduct a project meeting. Because this communication medium is relatively inexpensive, readily available and generally reliable, conference calls occur regularly for geographically dispersed teams. To optimize the experience for all participants, …

Why do we play trivia on a conference call?

Playing a trivia game during a conference call can serve as a break from more stressful conference call activities and also serve to reinforce knowledge and facts required to complete project tasks. The facilitator asks participants questions about the news, industry information or project facts.

What does asking for feedback during a meeting do?

By asking for feedback during the meeting, the facilitator ensures that all participants agree with decisions made. Taking a break from the regular proceedings to confirm all participants recognize the topics discussed and their impact can prevent misunderstandings and confusion later.

What is breakout session in audio conferencing?

Most audio conferencing systems support breakout sessions that allow participants to use a separate conference line to discuss issues with fewer participants. Using this capability, the conference call facilitator can pose a question, allow for small group discussion and then reconvene the entire group later at a set time. Small venues for discussions encourage everyone to participate fully and break up the monotony of a long conference call.

How to use icebreakers in a conference call?

Using ice breaker exercises on conference calls can help participants get to know each other better, before solving complex project problems. For example, the facilitator should ask all participants to close their eyes and imagine the days of week as colors to illustrate how powerful mental associations can be. He should choose one day and ask for a volunteer to speak up with his answer. The facilitator can then ask each of the remaining participants in turn what color they chose. A lively discussion should ensue.

When a new team member or guest speaker joins a meeting, should the facilitator ask him to state two truth?

When a new team member or guest speaker joins a meeting, the facilitator should ask him to state two truthful statements and one falsehood about himself. Participants on the call can each try to guess which statement is false. In the course of the lively discussion that typically ensues, participants learn more about the new member forging the way for fruitful collaboration.

Do project managers need to facilitate meetings?

The project manager does not need to facilitate each meeting. By rotating that responsibility, each team member has a chance to play a leadership role and have an opportunity to have their voice heard as they lead the conference call activities.

How can we plan a successful conference? How to make a conference better? What do we need?

How to engage attendees with exhibitors and the session – A big reason there’s a bifurcation between sponsors and exhibitors and what will call regular attendees is that exhibitors have a financial incentive to stay by their booth if they’re not going to be somewhere else where they’re making contact with attendees. The goal is to make connections and eventually make sales or partnerships or something that’s tangible. If it’s the case that most keynotes and breakout sessions are just you as an audience member sitting and staring ahead without engaging with anyone else in the room, then there’s not much value to exhibitors or sponsors who were there to make connections with people in the field. However even if exhibitors think that they May meet one or two or three or four people in a session, then there’s a better chance that they’ll go to sessions and engage with attendees beyond just standing at a booth and trying to grab people as they walk by.

How to come up with a workshop idea?

When it comes to creative conference ideas, this is a very easy way to spice them up: just take a break of 5 or 10 minutes in the middle of that hour-long session and have attendees chat with each other about what they’ve heard or what questions they might have for the latter part of that same session. That alone would probably make a huge difference in making a conference better before even talking about much more creative conference or workshop formats. You may also want to generate fun conference breakout sessions by using a different format: discussions, simulations, tours (be it outside the conference venue or even just within the room), a scavenger hunt, or debates.

How to make a meeting more fun?

To improve meeting culture, consider planning interactive activities, games as a way to have more fun in meetings. Read our tips on how to make meetings fun and engaging for your staff: 1. Start a Meeting on a Fun. There are many fun ways to start the meeting, even if it’s only a 5-minute activity.

How to keep meetings fun?

You can keep the meeting fun by being direct. Meeting hosts must be efficient with their time. Keeping meetings at 30 minutes can stop boredom. If you can let employees leave early, then you should do so.

Why is timing important in business meetings?

Timing is crucial to make business meetings fun. Timing is everything when it comes to office meetings. Do not make the mistake of having a meeting when your employees are least productive. It causes your company to waste time and lose money. Fun meetings start with scheduling it for the right time.

Why are staff meetings important?

Staff meetings are essential for moving your company forward. They are a good way to share information with employees. This setting allows coworkers to talk about performance and solve problems. A meeting also provides the forum for planning projects. The issue with staff meetings is that they are not always engaging or fun for employees. Meetings aren’t at the top of everyone’s list of things they want to do, but making meetings fun can improve team morale, and actually improve productivity.

Why is staff meeting so stiff?

Staff meetings can feel stiff and uptight. It is common for employees to think the topics are boring. They may even get called out about their work performance. It is important that your employees feel relaxed and calm.

Why is standing important in a meeting?

Standing is one way to create more productive meetings. It gets more people to participate because of being hands-on. This activity is only one way to have fun. Other fun meeting topics include:

What is the best way to start a meeting?

Ice Breakers. Using ice breakers is a great way to start a meeting on a fun note. With ice breakers , you get the chance to know the members of your team better. Embrace the ice breakers and have some fun! Break off into pairs or small groups and ask ice breaker questions to get to know people.


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