How to market a conference


  • Create a conference-specific hashtag
  • Retarget would-be attendees
  • Make a social handle just for the event
  • Use email marketing
  • Get added to industry event calendars
  • Use influencer marketing
  • Host a contest
  • Livestream parts of your event. The above marketing strategies all fold neatly into your overall promotions plan and can be a great way to generate a buzz about your upcoming …
9 innovative brand boosting conference marketing ideas (that sell registrations !)
  1. Tap into industry influencers. Investigate who the top influencers are in your industry. …
  2. Offer attendee incentives. …
  3. Use your speakers and sponsors. …
  4. Get it on video. …
  5. Be social. …
  6. Find common ground. …
  7. A little email something. …
  8. Social media shares.


What is marketing your conference like?

Marketing your conference is a high-stakes game that requires plenty of planning and strategy, as well as on-the-spot thinking. But if you do it right, you’ll reap the rewards for years—and events—to come. Let’s talk. Our clients are smart, thoughtful, & forward-thinking.

How do you market a conference center?

Using the conference center’s website gallery, “view” the photos with the planner over the phone and sell him or her on coming in for a site-tour based on your narration, along with other selling tactic). Market the venue and promote the conference center concept by pointing out some of the differences.

How do you promote a conference?

Include an advertising blurb about your conference in every customer email leading up to the event date—newsletters, thank you emails, reminder emails, etc. Offer a registration discount to customers who make a large purchase within a specific time frame

How do you market an event?

If you’re not sure how to market an event, here’s a list of 50 event marketing tips. You don’t need a big advertising budget or celebrity endorsements to make this work. Just use this list as your event marketing plan. Here are our best practices for filling a room… The cornerstone of all the promotion efforts is the event page or website.


How do you promote a conference event?

Best Ways to Promote a ConferenceUse Social Media. … Create a Hashtag. … Live Stream the Event. … Hold a Contest. … Use Influencers. … Optimize for SEO. … Industry Listings and Publications. … Email Marketing Campaign.More items…•

How do I get more attendees to a conference?

Do You Know The 5 Best Ways to Increase Event Attendance?Make the City Part of the Event. … Create Content that Tells a Story. … Plan a Unique Experience, Then Promote It. … Send Personal Invites. … Get the Media to Cover Your Event.

What are 3 ways you can market an event?

The best ways to promote an event are:The event website.Event registration and ticket promotions.Social media event marketing.Paid event advertising.Event email marketing.Influencer marketing.Contests and giveaways.Free publicity.More items…

How do you market a conference center?

Try the world’s most popular convention center marketingOptimize your conference center photos. … Create a video tour for event planners. … Develop a personality. … Start a Pinterest board. … Emphasize in-person networking. … Make venue details easy to find and understand. … Bond with convention organizers. … Show off testimonials.More items…

How do you convince people to participate?

We look to give you a heads up on some of the best persuasion tactics you can use to get more people through the door next time round.People need to feel good about themselves. A great way to get people to attend an event is to make them feel special. … Interested in the person. … Offer the chance to interact.

How can you encourage people to participate in events?

Here are eight ways you can drive more audience interest, enthusiasm, and participation at your events.Invite advance contributions. … Request creative input. … Crunch the numbers. … Surprise and engage. … Add guest appearances. … Promote running commentary. … Better leverage speakers. … Create unique takeaways.

How do you promote a zoom event?

Create amazing remote eventsUse keywords to boost your search potential. … Make the most of email marketing. … Offer people a peek at what’s to come. … Leverage social media across platforms. … Ask your sponsors and partners to spread the word. … Request self-promotion from your speakers. … Tell people to tell their friends.More items…

How do you promote an event without social media?

How to Market Your Local Event Without Social MediaSend an Email Invite.Reach Local Attendees With Print Marketing.Buy Billboard Ad Space (Yes, Really!)Call Potential Attendees Directly.You Don’t Need Social Media to Promote Your Event.

How do you market a virtual event?

#1) Consider Your Virtual Event Timeline and Promote Before, During, and After the EventIdentify your audience.Create registration pages (landing pages)Send direct mail campaigns.Create social media posts and contests.Create event website.Launch email marketing.Send reminder emails.

How do I promote my venue?

Ways to draw attention to your event spaceGet listed on venue directories.Market your event space on social media.Contact your local chamber of commerce.Invite media outlets.Promote via your online community.Promote the area around your event venue.Use things outside a venue that stand out.Set up a virtual tour.More items…•

What makes an event successful?

It’s often been said that the success of anything stems from good planning. So, if you’re wondering what makes an event successful, then the best way to start is by making sure it is planned meticulously, comprehensively and accurately. And that means getting things moving well in advance.

What makes a great convention center?

“Convention centers today must provide practical, green, efficient, and easy-to-use space, but art and atmosphere are just as important to create surroundings that are conducive to learning and to conducting business,” says John Adams, general manager of the Colorado Convention Center.

What does it mean to market a conference?

Marketing a conference means being everywhere at once. You want the professional world abuzz with anticipation, your event’s name popping up everywhere they turn.

How many searches are there on the word conference?

There are nearly 10,000 searches a month on the word “conference” alone. But you can’t expect to show up at the top of search just because your event is the best. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a science, and a constantly changing one at that.

What is word of mouth marketing?

Word of mouth is a powerful, age-old marketing strategy. Today, you can influence this strategy more than ever before by leveraging social media and influencer management tech.

Can you send targeted emails with messaging designed specifically for each type?

You can then send targeted emails with messaging designed specifically for each type, and combine this effort with what you know about demographics.

Is it worth hiring a professional to capture your event?

It’s worth the investment to hire professionals to capture your event so you can use those assets year-round to keep the energy lively around your event.

Is it uncommon for people to ponder a commitment for a while before they press the button?

With all the ways people hear about your conference, it’s hard to predict which touch point will lead them to convert to a registered attendee. It’s not uncommon for people to ponder a commitment for a while before they press the button .

How to promote a conference?

Use your social media accounts to get sponsors and attendees talking about the conference online. Encourage using the hashtags wherever possible. You can set up contests or giveaways to promote online participation and drum up excitement for your event. Remember your goal: and use your online tools to help you meet it.

Why do people tweet at conferences?

Maybe this doesn’t have to be said – but live tweet everything noteworthy of the conference so people can follow in real time. From great speech lines to award winners to thank-yous for sponsors, live tweeting has a host of benefits that are cheap, easy, and effective.

How to reach your revenue generator?

First: what’s the best way to reach your revenue-generators? Emails, newsletters, flyers, personal phone calls, social media? Make a list of potential sponsors and assign someone to designing your approach & convince strategy. Remember that targeted marketing costs money, which will eat into your revenue, but will also add to your revenue.

Is social media the only tool for conference publicity?

Social media and digital marketing strategies aren’t – and shouldn’t be the only tool in your conference publicity arsenal. On the flip side, they’re also not something to throw together at the last minute to hoist onto your audience. Digital strategies need time to grow and for audience acceptance, and so traditional marketing needs to complement your digital strat, and vice versa.

Is conference going digital?

Conferences are going digital. Not entirely, mind you – conferences are actually a vestige of traditional marketing, and will likely be a mainstay of corporate and association fundraising and community-building for a long time. But digital communication can augment and streamline both the preparation and execution of a great conference.

Is digital communication good for conferences?

But digital communication can augment and streamline both the preparation and execution of a great conference. Many organizations are already incorporating dedicated hashtags and other social media strategies into their conferences. But it’s one thing to do digital, and another to do digital well.

Prepare Your Marketing Campaign

Local and national events have started to take a lot of traction because learning is a big part of what’s happening in the business industry right now. You might be running a conference for the machinery industry or for the flooring industry.

Event Marketing Plans

If I’m trying to do a very basic local event, what are my options? What would you ask me first before you actually build a plan for me to market that event?

Targeting the Right Audience for Your Convention

Let’s break it down. First of all, know the objective of your event, trade show or conference. Find the incentive for yourself and your guests.

Generating Buzz With Social Media

If you are currently organizing or plan on organizing a conference or a trade show, you need a WordPress website with the content, with the descriptions of everything that you’re doing, the agenda and speakers on schedule. You want to leverage the different content that you generate for and within that conference.

Prepare Your Industry Event

Let’s say I did all of the above. What other options do I have in terms of targeting a conference or a trade show or a local event?

What is social media?

Social media is far and away one of the most effective marketing and promotion platforms on earth so it presents a perfect opportunity for you to put your conference details in front of the people who will want or need to see it.

Is planning a conference hard work?

Planning a conference is hard work, whether it be a physical or virtual conference, and if you don’t properly promote your conference, all that hard work will be a waste.

3. Stop hiding what you think is a big deal

In a Meetings Focus webinar by well-known planner and trainer, Joan Eisenstodt, she points out that venues should sway from the standards and dare to be different. Eisenstodt is an advocate that conference centers should have pictures with people in them, rather than just empty meeting rooms.

4. Highlight the bonuses in your conference center marketing

Other criteria of a certified conference center such as the complete meeting package and continuous break-stations are some of the many added benefits that will help promote your venue.

Cvent Guest

Cvent is a market-leading meetings, events, and hospitality technology provider with more than 4,000 employees, ~21,000 customers, and 200,000 users worldwide.

How to promote a conference?

Use Social Media. Promoting your conference using social media is a no-brainer. Social media allows you to communicate with people who would be interested in your conference with ease. Even if your conference is small and locally based, social media is a valuable tool.

Why do we blog at conferences?

Blogging is a great way to keep people updated on your conference. You should blog about your conference and about the industry. If you’re planning a conference on education, it is a good idea to share news on education technology and blog on how you’re planning your conference.

Why do conferences use hashtags?

Many conferences choose to use hashtags to promote their event. This is another great tool that you should be using. Hashtags not only help promote your conference but they help attendees network and share with each other even after the conference is over.

How does blogging help in a conference?

Blogging can also help increase the search engine visibility of your conference. When someone searches for a conference on a specific topic, you want them to see your event website. This will help increase attendance at your event.

What is the best video software to host an online conference?

COVID-19: The Best Video Software To Host An Online Conference

Do sponsors help conference planners?

Most conference planners know that allowing companies to sponsor your event will give you a larger budget, but the promotional benefits of a sponsorship are often overlooked. When a company or organization sponsors you, their success is tied to your success, and they will do whatever they can to help promote your event. Most sponsors will actively promote your event on their social media pages. If one of your sponsors is not doing this, chances are they will gladly do so if you ask them to. The larger your event is, the more promotion your sponsors get.

Do sponsors promote events?

Most sponsors will actively promote your event on their social media pages. If one of your sponsors is not doing this, chances are they will gladly do so if you ask them to. The larger your event is, the more promotion your sponsors get.

How to promote an event on social media?

Events are social occasions. So of course, your event marketing should use social media. Here’s how to promote the event with social media and blog posts: 12. The hashtag. Pick an event hashtag that’s short, and ideally, unique to your event. You’re going to always, always use this hashtag in every tweet and post.

How to promote a speaker?

Don’t just encourage your sponsors, partners and speakers to help with promotion, make it easy for them. Write a list of compelling tweets and send them along in an email. Now they’re more likely to help and less likely to use the wrong link or hashtag.

How to find people interested in your topic?

Use Twitter Advanced Search to find people who are interested in your topic and live nearby. Mention them in tweets about the event or tweet to them directly with a friendly invite.

What is the cornerstone of promotion?

The cornerstone of all the promotion efforts is the event page or website. This could be a page or website specific to the event, or if you don’t have a site for the event, use an EventBrite page. Either way, make it compelling by including ALL of these elements:

What is content in events?

Content is about capturing great memories!

How to build cohesion at a big event?

If you try this, you’ll likely find people referring to the dinner conversation during the event. “We were just talking about this the other night…” Strong personal connections may lead to better cohesion on the big day.

What does a great speaker do?

Great speakers draw crowds like a magnet. The speaker page should show their faces and list their credentials.


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