How to organize mun conference


  1. Decide on leadership structure
  2. Decide which leadership positions are needed
  3. Promote and set up registration
  4. Select leaders
  5. Provide training for officials
  6. Set timeline for important tasks
  7. Assign countries and topics
  8. Create an online space for collaboration before the conference
  9. Schedule online sessions
  10. Distribute the conference programme
  11. Assemble MUN Officials for preparation
  12. Recruit volunteers
  13. Organize workshops at conference venue
  1. Step 1: Make sure each Committee has a Bureau.
  2. Step 2: Review the Programme of Work.
  3. Step 3: Allot time for expert session.
  4. Step 4: Schedule time for the review of progress.
  5. Step 5: Assign facilitators.
  6. Step 6: Draft resolution should be tabled and distributed.


How to host a successful MUN conference?

Though it is a long and arduous process to host a MUN conference, it can be a great experience with proper staff and organization. Here are the measures you need to take to reduce stress and enjoy the experience. Make sure your officers approve of the idea. Hosting is a big decision and it will be a team effort.

How to organise Mun?

8 Send basic research and information regarding the rules and procedure to the delegates      9 Decide and inform deadlines      10 Prepare MUN kits for the delegates    11 Get certificates and awards ready 12  Give training to everyone involved in organising     

What kind of procedure do MUN conferences use?

Parliamentary Procedure. Most MUN conferences in North America use this type of procedure (check out THIMUN and UN4MUN procedure too!). Walking into your first committee session can be confusing, because people aren’t going to be using pronouns like I or my. Instead, they’ll be following Parliamentary Procedure.

What is a Mun Committee?

They can be anything from Historical Security Councils to futuristic rebel meetings. Delegates are constantly provided with random crisis updates that can completely change the flow of committee at the chairs discretion. These committees, typically for more advanced delegates, are among the smallest in MUN.


How do I start a MUN conference?

Those are hefty tasks, but initiating them is actually quite simple.Research How to Start a Model UN Team. Starting a team requires some sort of knowledge of Model UN and its rules and norms. … Start with a Small Model UN Team. … Use Social Media to Attract Members and Communicate. … Find the Right Model UN Advisor. … Buy a Gavel.

What do I need for an MUN conference?

There are typically three items to prepare before you walk into your first conference: the Position Paper (sometimes called a Policy Statement), your Opening Speech, and a Research Binder. Some novice conferences may also require a Country Profile.

What are different positions in MUN conferences?

Roles in MUNPress. As a press member, you can take on one of two roles. … Admin. Being an admin means being responsible for setting up all the council rooms before and during the event as well as being there during the conference to help make the procedure run smoothly. … Delegate. … Chair. … Executive Council.

What is the work of Organising committee in MUN?

A MUN consists of four important sets of people: The Organising Committee- Responsible for the overall conduct of the event. Collecting Fees, accounting, arranging venue and refreshments is all their responsibility.

Which is the best committee in MUN?

The most famous specialized committee is the United Nations Security Council. It is the most notable with 15 members, among them the P5 who has veto power.

What happens in a MUN conference?

At a MUN conference, students work as the representative of a country, organization, or person, and must solve a problem with other delegates from around the world. MUN teaches participants skills like research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

How do you win the best delegate in MUN?

You will win best delegate by being nice, friendly and human. If you don’t, it will be easier for others to turn the room against you. The P5 caucus gives you a chance to speak to the others away from the room. However, according to almost all Rules of Procedure, the rest of the committee get to set in an unmod.

How do you start a Model UN chapter?

The debate cycle is roughly as follows:Pick a topic and style of debate.Assign each student a country.Research the country.Research the issue.Explore the country+issue position.Research, Research, Research.Write a policy statement.Create an opening speech.More items…•

How long are MUN conferences?

MUN conferences are six hours each. Students are highly recommended to attend all sessions, but may notify staff if they have to miss a session due to personal circumstances or academic conflicts.

Who Organises MUN?

It was in the context of these three conferences that new rules of procedure and a new approach to conducting MUN simulations of the General Assembly were introduced. Today, the UN has developed guidelines for conducting a MUN simulation.

How do I prepare for MUN in one day?

Read the Study GuideGeneral background about the topic.Current issues relating to the topic.Relevant numbers and data (in good guides at least)Information about your UN committee.Block positions (not in every guide)Guiding questions (not in every guide)Further reading (not in every guide)

Which country should I choose for MUN?

Major nations like the permanent security council members, or important countries in international relations, such as India, Brazil, Australia, Canada or Germany. These countries at MUN are more likely to propose resolutions, or be called upon to support resolutions.


Grab a paper for some rough math. Have a rough estimate of the number of delegates you’re expecting. Make sure you have the resources to pull off enough committees to accommodate all of them. Figure out which committees you’d like to include. There’s the crowd favourites; DISEC, ECOSOC, UNHRC. Then there’s th…

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  • Decide on the procedure you want to follow and make sure you send it across to the delegates. You can choose between HMUN procedure, THIMUN, GMUN or even come up with your own. Not recommended for first timers, though. It’s a bit finicky.

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  • This, preferably, should be taken care of before the content work. Your conference should be marketed and sold as fast and hard as possible. Go social, post awesome updates and try to reach as many delegates as possible. There isn’t anything as important as this- after the main, conference related stuff, of course. If nothing else, it pretty much d…

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Day Before Event

  • Training workshops for the EB (even though they usually don’t need it), training workshops for the delegates and admin is also something you need to look into. But most conferences do very well without as well. You should have fixed the organizational details a long, really long time ago. Now is when you focus on getting things ready. Allocations, Infrastructure, Stationary, Newsletter prin…

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Pro Tips

  • Stick to the schedule like… something unsavoury. There is nothing more frustrating than delays and while it can’t be helped on occasion, get the rest right. Opening ceremonies give the delegates a pretty good idea of what to expect. If you have people dashing around every couple of minutes for something, don’t. Be professional, prepare for the ceremony in advance and keep a cool head…

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  • Treat your Delegate and EB feedback like the commandments. They have to be implemented as far as possible in your next conference. Take the time and put in the effort to go through all of them. While you can leave out some of the more ridiculous suggestions, it’s a safe bet that the EB feedback is a goldmine of relevant information. This should be enough to get you a fairly good c…

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