How to plan a church conference


9 Steps for Planning a Missions Conference in Your Church

  1. Prepare Your Congregation. Pastors and church leaders should start preparing their congregations months in advance of the conference.
  2. Invite Your Community. In the months leading up, invite other churches in and around your community. Send postcards to the surrounding neighborhoods.
  3. Cover Missionary Expenses. The missionaries who attend your conference are your valued guests. They’re likely underfunded and overworked.
  4. Mix Mission Reports with Biblical Training. Balance speakers who teach on biblical missiology with missionaries who report on their labors. …
  5. Include a Panel on Missionary Life. Ask your missionary speakers to sit on a panel and tell stories and answer questions about day-to-day life.
  6. Pray Fervently. Make prayer the focus of your missions conference. Plan it by praying for the speakers by name. …
  7. Challenge the Audience. Let the participants of your conference know missions doesn’t just happen. Challenge your own congregation to take short-term trips, and maybe to become full-time missionaries.
  8. Be Honest About Finances. A missions conference shouldn’t center on finances, but it shouldn’t avoid the topic either. …
  9. Incorporate Small Group Interaction. Schedule breakout sessions, meals, and prayer times to allow missionaries to interact with smaller groups.
Here are our top tips to help you plan a successful church event.
  1. Set a Budget Before You Plan Anything Else. …
  2. Create a Yearly Schedule. …
  3. Recruit Volunteers. …
  4. Finalize the Details. …
  5. Determine Seating Arrangements. …
  6. Advertise the Event. …
  7. Coordinate the Volunteer Schedule for the Day. …
  8. Evaluate the Event.
Oct 21, 2019

How do you organize a church conference?

Meet with the conference board or committee and decide on an overall theme for your conference. Base your theme on a scripture or inspirational saying. Picking a date on a calendar. Choose a date or dates that you want to hold your conference.

How do you plan a successful conference?

Quite a task! You should start planning the conference at least six months prior to the date. (For larger conference, the planning might start a year in advance.) You’ll be keeping track of a lot of moving parts. You must have a million questions on your mind.

How do I plan a church event?

Planning for any event should always begin with a budget. Understanding how much money is available to support the event is critical to the planning process. It is also important to determine if there will be any money raised at the event or if it is strictly an opportunity to give back to the congregation or community.

How should I plan my church’s first missions conference?

Whether you’re planning your church’s first missions conference or wish to revitalize an existing conference, here are nine things for you to prayerfully consider: 1. Prepare Your Congregation Pastors and church leaders should start preparing their congregations months in advance of the conference.


How do you host a successful church conference?

Follow these tips to help make every event your church hosts a success.Set Up a Monthly Calendar. … Know Your Budget. … Delegate Each Event. … Make Communicating Easy. … Advertise Your Church Events. … Be Creative With the Food. … Dress Up the Venue.

How do you organize a conference?

How to Organise a Conference: Step-By-Step GuideStep 1: Decide on a theme. … Step 2: Assemble your A-team. … Step 3: Prepare a budget & business plan. … Step 4: Find sponsors & grants [optional] … Step 5: Settle on a date. … Step 6: Book the venue. … Step 7: Arrange catering & other vendors [optional] … Step 8: Line up your speakers.More items…

How do you organize a conference checklist?

The Conference Planning ChecklistStep 1 – Settle on a theme.Step 2 – Design the delegate journey.Step 3 – Identify your team and set roles.Step 4 – Settle on a date, venue and budget.Step 5 – Book the right venue.Step 6 – Select the right conference technology.Step 7 – Arrange people and services.Step 8 – Book speakers.More items…•

What is the purpose of a church conference?

The primary purposes are to take the gospel to the people in their own environment and in their own language, encourage the Saints in their duties, increase their faith and devotion, and raise the voice of warning.

How long should a conference last?

Not many people want to travel a long distance for a short conference. That is why an international conference should last at least two days and a national conference in a large country should take one and half to two days.

What is an example of conference?

The definition of a conference is a formal meeting or an association of athlete teams. An example of a conference is a meeting between a parent and teacher to discuss a student’s progress. An example of a conference is a group of college basketball teams in the same division.

How do you create a conference theme?

5 steps to inspire your conference themeThink about your industry. You don’t want to run a conference that’s too similar in nature to your competitors. … Know your audience. Who’s attending your conference? … Tie your theme into the location. … Consider your venue. … Rally around a great tagline.

What are the types of conference?

1.1 Different types of conferenceTypeExamplesConferenceAnnual Conference of the Society for French Studies Biennial Conference of the Society for Italian StudiesSymposiumSpanish and Portuguese Studies Postgraduate SymposiumSeminarIGRS: From Textual to Visual Departmental Research Seminar (Italian, UCL)3 more rows

What are church conferences?

Church leadership conferences are a great way for leaders to unwind from daily church life tasks. They are an opportunity to recharge, refresh, learn, collect resources and connect with other like-minded leaders.

What is a church conference meeting?

The General Conference consists of an equal number of lay and clergy delegates. Conferences elect their delegates no more than two years prior to the next General Conference session. Lay members to annual conference elect lay delegates and clergy members elect clergy delegates.

Why is it important to have a church event planning process?

Having a structured church event planning process can help streamline the planning and ensure that no detail gets forgotten.

Why do churches have events?

Events and churches have long gone hand-in-hand because church families enjoy spending time together and often seek out ways to gather as a group. Efficient church event planning helps make these gatherings memorable!

Why use an event planning template?

Most events entail the same planning elements. An event planning template can help the team think through the event details. Once that template is laid out, event planning can be streamlined, efficient and fun!

What is an activity plan?

Activities are the fun part of every event and provide things for guests to do. So whether it is planning the games for the church picnic or creating questions for a trivia night, the activity planning should include all details of the activities such as what supplies are needed, instructions for playing games, how prizes are awarded, etc.

What should the menu support?

The menu should support the theme and plan for adequate paper goods and tasty food is what ensures a great food experience!

Why is it important to decorate an event?

Event Decorating. Fun decorations help create an atmosphere and can be a great way to reinforce an event theme, so it is important to have a team that can be creative and dress up the event. This requires some creative thought and skill at hanging, laying out or designing decorations.

What is a theme in an event?

A theme helps to create the atmosphere and should be used throughout the event. For example, a Mexican theme dictates the kind of food, decorations, music, and atmosphere. 4. Church Event Marketing. Attendance for events is only as high as the church’s ability to get the word out or advertise the event.

How to cater for a conference?

Hire a caterer to provide breakfast or lunch to the conference attendees. Choose between hot lunches or boxed lunches according to the kitchen facilities you have. A few weeks before the event, you will need to give the caterers the number of women you expect.

How to organize a women’s conference?

Organizing a women’s conference takes some time and preparation. The sooner you can start planning, the easier the task. Meet with the conference board or committee and decide on an overall theme for your conference. Base your theme on a scripture or inspirational saying. Choose a date or dates that you want to hold your conference.

Why do women attend church conferences?

A women’s church conference inspires and encourages women to continue in their faith and to experience personal growth. Church conferences are great opportunities for women to fellowship with other women. Women speakers share personal stories of faith and share insight into areas that matter most to women. Organizing a women’s conference takes some …

How to teach breakout classes for women?

Give them guidelines on what you would like to teach or ask them to submit to you an outline of their teaching curriculum. Offer breakout classes on subjects that are important to women like “Faith in the Workplace” and “Keeping Your Life Balanced.”.

How to advertise a Christian event?

Advertise the event on local Christian radio and television stations. Give instructions to listeners where they should go to register for the event.

How to get a keynote speaker?

Begin actively seeking a keynote speaker that has some experience speaking to women or has experience with the theme of the conference. Besides a phone call, send her a formal letter requesting her presence. After you reach an agreement, finalize arrangements regarding airfare and hotel lodgings. Well known speakers like Lisa Welchel and singer Sheila Walsh are regularly engaged for these events.

How to make a conference plan?

Step 1: Craft a Vision of Your Conference. Every event begins with a vision, but you’ll need to transform your vision into words and numbers in order to measure costs and make informed planning decisions. First, you need to start with the event planning basics like who, what, when, where and why.

What is the reality of planning a conference?

The reality of planning a conference is that, without any experience, you can lose a lot of time over-thinking each little detail while overlooking more important issues.

How long does it take to organize a conference?

The entire process can take a couple of years depending on the size of the group, but it is conceivable to launch a successful conference in a single year if you can make swift decisions.

What is a conference floor?

Conferences typically feature an exhibition area or convention floor where sponsors and vendors rent space to promote their products. This can be a very lucrative opportunity for your conference if you organize everything well. Keep in mind though that an exhibition area will require a significant commitment of both time and resources, so make sure you are prepared to manage the needs of multiple vendors before you commit to this format.

How to shop for a conference venue?

After you have a more specific idea about when your conference will take place and how many people you want to attend, you can then begin to shop for an appropriate venue. Keep in mind that your venue selection will also determine your catering and audio/visual costs. This is because most conference centers and event hotels require you to use their in-house services for any on-site events.

Why is attendance important in conferences?

Even the most popular conferences must effectively market their event to fill every seat in the house. Attendance is the single most important factor to the success of your event. Good attendance numbers bring revenue and sponsorship opportunities.

Do conference centers require overnight accommodations?

This is because most conference centers and event hotels require you to use their in-house services for any on-site events. Most conferences will need to provide some sort of overnight accommodations for guests traveling from outside the region.

What to do after a conference?

After the conference: Supplying contact information so that attendees can easily maintain the connections they made

What is a successful conference?

Successful conferences come in all flavors and sizes: The multi-day national seminar for fitness professionals, the one-day conference for regional business leaders under 40. But successful conferences all have one thing in common: a planner somewhere who planned early and often for success.

How to increase engagement before a conference?

To elevate engagement before the conference even starts, encourage attendees to use the app for schedule planning: Include an easy-to-use calendar feature that makes all the necessary info readily accessible. Give people a way to find detailed agenda information, speaker bios, and even a way to submit questions to speakers.

How to keep attendees engaged at a conference?

Once the conference starts, attendees should be familiar with using the app. Keep them engaged with content such as speaker slides and networking opportunities. You might even present the chance to fill out speaker evaluations in-app at the end of each session, with respondents entered for a prize drawing right there at the conference.

Why do people attend conferences?

Get your conference name badges ready: Networking is a top reason people attend conferences. And in a job search, face-to-face networking is several times more effective than networking online. These events allow people to talk and build connections with those who share their career interests or personal passions—facilitate their success.

What is the importance of conference app?

A conference app delivers all the benefits of traditional paper-based conference information, while achieving three essential goals:

How to deepen your knowledge at a conference?

If attendees are coming to your conference to deepen their knowledge, follow a clear plan to source your content. First, if possible, poll your audience about topics, sub-topics, and depth of subject matter knowledge.

What is the most important thing to do at a conference?

No matter what the specifics of your conference or convention may be, what’s most important is to create an event that meets or exceeds your goals for the corporate event and satisfies conference attendees.

Why is conference planning important?

Conference planning can be an exciting endeavor as you look forward to crafting a fulfilling event for everyone who attends. There are typically plenty of tasks to juggle, with careful planning helping to make the entire process more seamless and, therefore, more enjoyable for everyone involved in the planning.

How to communicate with a planner?

Clearly communicate what you want and need and, when you aren’t sure about options, ask. Your planner may come up with creative ideas you hadn’t considered before, whether that’s in connection with the room setup, how meals are served, or something else entirely.

Why do people choose to work with event planners?

Besides freeing up your time, event planners can help your committee to prioritize your spending to maximize your conference budget.

What does an event planner do?

Plus, your event planner can help you to source vendors that fit your conference or convention needs within your budget, negotiating better deals that you might be able to on your own. With all of these issues being handled by a planner, you can focus on enjoying the conference and benefiting from the networking, knowledge being shared, and more.

What are some examples of conference centers?

Conference centers can include, for example, hotels, colleges, and business centers. They often have spaces dedicated for meetings, with tables and chairs, WiFi capabilities, and more. When choosing a hotel, guests can also stay there overnight, as needed. Challenges may include having enough conference meeting rooms if you’re holding multiple sessions at one time or want to have breakout spaces. You may need to use their designated caterer, as well.

How to increase conference attendance?

Besides deciding upon your pricing tiers, your ability to increase conference attendance can largely be tied to the depth and effectiveness of your marketing and public relations campaigns. Start early with your marketing, including both broader strategies, such as press releases, to niche techniques, such as the cultivation of specific groups and individuals.

How many hours does a conference last?

Most conference run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30p.m., with a 90 minute lunch break. That’s 6 ½ hours of actual conference time. We run our conference from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., including discussion during dinner, so people can put in two-thirds of a workday and still get six hours of conference. Plus, those who simply can’t get off work show up at 5:30 or 6 p.m. and experience three or more hours worth each evening.

Why hold your own leadership conference?

Hold your own leadership conference for more leadership maturity and better unity.

Why is the prayer room open at the conference?

We keep our Prayer Room open throughout the conference so people can meditate and pray there if they’d like. Many people stay late into the night “debriefing” with the Lord about what He’s said to them throughout the day.

What is the power of extended conferences?

There is something powerful about an extended conference. It fills your people’s tanks. It can also raise your stature in their eyes.

When did New Song host its own church leadership conference?

For years I’d been purchasing the conference videos to show at home to those who missed them. In 2006, I put together a line-up of the best speakers in my video library, and New Song hosted our own church leadership conference. Those were the best three days of training in our church’s history!

Do you learn new songs at a conference?

Whenever you attend a conference, you learn new songs. We do the same. We’ll do an extended worship set before two of the speakers each day, mingling new songs in with familiar favorites.

What to do if your conference isn’t free?

If your conference isn’t free to attend, you’ll want to settle on the right price. On the one hand, the conference fees should help cover your costs. On the other hand, you don’t want to price interested attendees out and end up with a half-booked conference.

How to promote conference offline?

Promoting your conference offline? You want to make a high-quality booklet with the conference agenda and a visible link to your website or the ticketing site.

Why do you need a speaker lineup?

Your speakers are the stars of your conference. You want a solid lineup in order to attract attendees and guarantee a professional experience .

What is the main objective of a conference?

Remember that the conference’s main objective is to inspire people and expand their horizons. You can’t do that without an understanding of your attendees.

How long does a conference last?

You also need to find out how long the conference will last. Industry consensus suggests that a conference with around 300 participants calls for two full days. Larger, more in-depth conferences may stretch for even longer.

What is the best theme for a conference?

The best themes are catchy, relatable, and trigger an emotional response. You want the conference to inspire and stimulate conversation. Your theme has to enable that.

Why is it important to have a budget for a conference?

Having a budget will also help you set the price for participating in the conference. Here are the most common items you’ll want to budget for:


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