How to prepare for video conference


Preparing your laptop or device for video conferencing

  • Test your microphone and camera. Test your microphone. …
  • Check your connection. If possible, use a wired internet connection when in a Zoom meeting or Virtual Classroom. …
  • Charge your device. When you are going to join a video conference, always make sure your device is charged. …
  • Try a practice meeting. …
Here are some tips to help you look and act more professional as you prepare for your close up.
  1. Light the way. …
  2. Choose a neutral background. …
  3. Dress your best. …
  4. Eliminate distractions. …
  5. Keep your notes nearby. …
  6. Maintain good eye contact. …
  7. Get the best audio visual.


What do you need to hold a video conference?

Tap the “Hangouts” tab.

  • On Android, instead tap + in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • If this is your first time opening Hangouts, you’ll first tap GET STARTED and select each Google account you wish to use with Hangouts.
  • If prompted, enter the email address and password for the Google account you wish to use before continuing.

How to run a successful video conference?

  • 1. Use video if at all possible. …
  • 3. Make sure your speakers have customized their presentations for a virtual audience. …
  • 4. Keep the session interactive. …
  • 5. Do a comprehensive A/V check – and take it seriously. …
  • 6. Plan for technical issues. …
  • 7. Provide the audience with takeaway material.

How do I join a video conference?

Prerequisites for joining a virtual meeting

  • Each meeting has a unique 9, 10, or 11-digit number called a meeting ID that will be required to join a Zoom meeting.
  • If you are joining by telephone, you will need the teleconferencing number provided in the invite.
  • Show a “Join from your browser” link enabled

How do I enable video conferencing?

Use Android Phone as a Webcam for Streaming or Video Conferencing

  1. First of all, install DroidCam ( Free) on your Android smartphone. After that, install the desktop client on Windows or Linux from here.
  2. Next, open the DroidCam app on your Android smartphone and you will be offered the WiFi IP address. Make a note of it. …
  3. Now open the desktop client and enter the IP address into the “Device IP” field. …

More items…


What are things to prepare to participate in a video conference?

Video Conferencing EtiquetteMute yourself when not speaking.Be on time.Ensure your technology works correctly.Use technology to fully engage remote participants.Choose the proper software and hardware.Wear work-appropriate clothing.Frame the camera correctly.Have the right light.More items…

How do you look good on video conferencing?

So here are 11 tips to look stunning and feel confident on camera for your video calls.Dress for the camera. … Pin your hair back or up. … Use makeup to brighten and accentuate. … Pick a spacious room. … Tidy up the room. … Set up your lighting. … Put your camera at eye-level. … Look at the camera.More items…•

What is one necessary step when preparing for a video call?

With that said, let’s get to the point: what you should consider to make your video call as smooth as possible.Prepare for the videoconference in advance. … Mute the microphone first thing. … Ensure a decent connection speed. … Figure out the settings and features. … Look presentable.

What should you avoid during a video conference?

Your ceiling should not be visible on screen. Also, remember to look at the camera so others can feel as if they’re looking into your eyes. Avoid looking at the windows of those who are in the meeting. 6.

How do I look more attractive on Zoom?

How to look good on Zoom: 6 tips and tricksPrioritize poise over PJs. … Use the “touch up my appearance” setting. … Stick to natural lighting. … Don’t forget about your background. … Angle your laptop just right. … Use a ring light or webcam.

How do I look thinner in Zoom?

Head Placement: Tilt the forehead slightly forward to look thinner on Zoom. This is an old photographers’ “trick” that works equally well on Zoom and in videos, as it does in still photos. Tilting the forehead slightly forward will make the face look longer and less round.

How should I dress for a video call?

At all times wear properly fitting clothes. No loose fitting shirts or t-shirts. A knit top with a soft jacket that fits well at the shoulders and front is a good option to look authoritative, but approachable. Wear a smart watch, it’s a simple trick to hint that you are keeping track of time and staying productive.

Should I look at camera or screen?

Camera angles The camera should capture your face and part of your upper body, with the camera being aligned with your eyes. When talking, you should always look at the camera (not the screen), so it feels like you’re having eye contact with the other person.

Where do I put my camera for video conferencing?

0:282:40How to Look Good on Video Calls – Best Video Conference Camera TipsYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThis is the type of view that you get it’s not really that flattering is it ideally you want theMoreThis is the type of view that you get it’s not really that flattering is it ideally you want the camera placed at the same height as your eyes are when you’re seated normally at your desk.

Do and don’ts in video conferencing?

Don’t Forget to Turn off Your Audio and VideoDo look as clean and polished as possible.Do pay attention to your body language when video conferencing.Don’t choose a set up that’s noisy, has a busy background, or is in a high traffic area.Do be respectful of people’s time.Don’t check your phone.More items…

How do you introduce yourself in video conferencing?

Heres’ how you can make one fantastic impression in the first minutes of the meeting, with a solid introduction.First name first, last name last. … Your role in the company, in just a sentence or two. … A little bit of your career history, but just a little bit. … Why you too have to sit through yet another meeting. … 4 Comments.

Do and don’ts of virtual meetings?

Do’sBe on Time. How many times have you been in a meeting where you are waiting on someone pertinent to the discussion? … Wear Your Pants. … Mute Yourself. … You Don’t Always Need to be on Camera. … Fix Your Background. … Don’t Multitask. … Don’t Eat. … Don’t Interrupt.More items…•

How do you set up a video call?

How To Use Android’s Built-in Video CallingOpen the Phone app.Select the contact you wish to call.Tap the video icon underneath the contact’s name to begin a video call.Wait for your contact to answer. If your contact’s phone doesn’t support video chat, you’ll automatically be switched to an audio call.

What are the essentials for a good virtual call?

7 Essentials for Looking Your Best in Video Conference CallsLight the way. … Choose a neutral background. … Dress your best. … Eliminate distractions. … Keep your notes nearby. … Maintain good eye contact. … Get the best audio visual.

How do I make video calls on my computer?

0:041:26How to Make a Video Call on My Laptop : Computer Know-HowYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe next thing you want to do is download and install a program called Skype Skype is what microsoftMoreThe next thing you want to do is download and install a program called Skype Skype is what microsoft recommends that you use to make video calls. It’s available free to download from Skype comm.

How do I setup my camera for video calling?

Keep your webcam slightly above your eye level: Assuming you have your monitor set up ergonomically—with your gaze falling about 2 inches below the top edge of the screen—this means you’ll be looking straight ahead at people on the call, which feels more like an in-person meeting.


Videoconferencing is quickly becoming “business as usual.” So now more than ever, it’s essential to prepare for your business videoconference meetings so that you can get the most out of each one and make sure work gets done efficiently. Whether you’re new to working remotely or have been doing it for some time, it’s easy to fumble on a call.

Get Technically Ready For Your Video Conference Call

Working remotely means you have to make sure all technical aspects of a web and video conference are in order. In other words, you are the IT department. Don’t wait until five minutes before the call to get everything prepared. Do it way ahead of time.

What to do if you don’t have a built in camera?

If you don’t have a built-in camera, you can purchase a basic and inexpensive camera. Make sure your camera is set up to show your face and that your lighting is good. As with the microphone, your specific settings will depend on what type of device you are using. Contact VUIT for assistance with camera setup.

How to test your microphone?

1.) Test your microphone. Most computers have a basic built in microphone. You may choose to use an external microphone or headset with a built-in mic. Whatever you decide to use, test it out beforehand to make sure your “input” volume levels are good.

What is the easiest way to video conference?

Skype and Google Hangouts are definitely two of the easiest ways to video conference, and we’ll walk you through how to use either one. The exact process for hosting a video conference will be a little different depending on whether you’re on your phone or a computer, but either way we’ve got you covered!

How to make a video conference call on Skype?

Clicking it will create your conference call list. Click the “Video Call” button. It’s the video camera-shaped button at the top of the Skype window. This will prompt Skype to call everyone in the call list; once your contacts are connected, you’ll be able to proceed with your video conference.

How many people can be on a conference call?

Each contact’s name that you tap will be added to the conference call. You can have up to 25 people in a conference call.

Where is the video camera button on Skype?

It’s the video camera-shaped button at the top of the Skype window. This will prompt Skype to call everyone in the call list; once your contacts are connected, you’ll be able to proceed with your video conference.

What to avoid when attending a video conference?

Avoid black, white, or striped clothing. Be aware of your behavior. Because you are on a video conference, people can see what you are doing at all times. Be aware that ITS cannot troubleshoot remote connections in non-Stanford locations, because there are many equipment configurations and network connectivity options.

How to test video connection on Zoom?

If you use WebEx: Go to your WebEx Personal Room. Test your audio connection using the Audio pull-down menu. Test your video connection by viewing the screen in your Personal Room.

What is a meeting facilitator?

Have a meeting facilitator — often, but not always, the person who called the meeting. The facilitator is responsible for: providing an agenda to participants — ahead of the meeting is nice, but minimally at the start of the meeting — that includes an overview of topics to be covered and planned outcome;

What is the purpose of raising a hand in a meeting?

establishing the visual or verbal cues, such as raising a hand, to indicate when someone wants to actively contribute verbally to the meeting; engaging participants at all locations to ensure discussion understanding, and alignment;

Overcoming The Challenges Of Remote Training

Keeping your audience’s attention and effectively conveying your message takes a strong set of skills in live, in-person training sessions. Video and web conferencing require a slightly different skillset. Your efforts need to serve attendees sitting alone in their own environments, battling individual distractions and the onset of Zoom fatigue.

7 Tips For Video Conferencing Success

Being on-screen is more impersonal than being in the room, and it’s hard to create the same rapport with your audience. However, you can take steps to minimize off-putting “talking head” effects.


Video conferences and webinars require a skillset unique from general training. You’re competing with a distinct set of distractions, and virtual environments can be isolating and make engagement more difficult. But the right approach can eliminate much of the difficulty.

What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing is a process in which individuals conduct a call using video networking software. Video conferencing is a diverse and customizable method of arranging meetings with coworkers and clients.

Benefits of video conferencing

There are many excellent reasons to consider using video conferencing within your workplace, particularly as more organizations include individuals working from home. Some of the key benefits of video conferencing include:

Video conferencing best practices

These best practices can help you maintain a professional appearance and get the maximum benefits from video conference calls:

How to be professional in a video conference?

Only because it is a video conference, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be as professional as you’d be in the office. That means: 1 Don’t snack during the meeting 2 Don’t text on your phone 3 Don’t simply get up and do other things around the room 4 Don’t get too cozy in your chair, sit up straight and be attentive

How to keep participants engaged in a video conference?

To keep your participants’ attention, try to keep the video conference as short as possible. Since the mind wanders quickly and there is only so much you can do to keep everyone engaged, focus on the most important subjects. In case a discussion gets out of hand, bring it back to the main point.

What to do if you don’t have a coworking space?

Sitting on the floor of your kids’ room with toys behind you might not be the best idea. Make sure that your background is organized and clean. In case you are currently traveling, your best bet might be a coworking space.

What to do if you took minutes during a meeting?

In case you took minutes during the online meeting, make sure to send them around or upload them in the cloud so everybody has access to it. The same goes for action items you all agreed on.

How to know if your camera is too high?

Make sure your camera is positioned at eye level. If it’s too high your forehead appears to be very prominent; if it’s too low, people can look inside of your nostrils. Both sights are not ideal.

How to share screen during a conference?

Prepare Screen Sharing. If you plan on sharing your screen during the conference, make sure to take some precautions: As just mentioned, close all of your tabs. Also, take a look at the bookmark menu of your browser. In case there are any items that the other participants shouldn’t see, delete them or hide the menu.

How to avoid distractions during an online conference?

Prevent Distractions. Before you start the online conference make sure you put your phone on silent. Also, make sure to close the windows and let your family or roommates know that you are in an online meeting. If you have cats or dogs, maybe it would be best to bring them to another room during the meeting.


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