How to present a scientific poster at a conference


Tips for presenting your scientific poster at a conference.

  • Be welcoming. You should do your best to stand at your poster for the entirety of the conference poster session. If you do need to leave your poster …
  • Engage your audience.
  • The “elevator” pitch.
  • Creating a story.
  • The importance of practice.


Should I present a poster at a conference?

See you there! Presenting a poster at a conference can be a daunting prospect. The small audience (potentially just one person) can interrupt, ask questions and grill you about your research without too much effort.

What are the benefits of scientific poster presentations?

However, scientific poster presentations are a great way to gain feedback and interact with scientists, and it is a real confidence boost when others are interested in your research.

What is a research poster?

Posters are widely used in the academic community, and most conferences include poster presentations in their program. Research posters summarize information or research concisely and attractively to help publicize it and generate discussion.

How do you present a poster as a presentation?

As you are presenting your poster, point to relevant parts of the poster so that people can follow as your talk through it. Try to avoid putting your hands in your pockets or behind your back. Remember to also keep looking back at the audience, to keep them engaged and feeling involved in the presentation.


How do you present a poster at a scientific conference?

Presenting a Research PosterStay close to your poster, just off to the side. … Smile and greet everyone who walks by. … “Prepare a brief oral synopsis of the purpose, findings, and implications of your work to say to interested parties as they pause to read your poster,” writes Jane E.

How do I make a conference poster presentation?

A Few Tips on Poster Appearance:Avoid clutter. Limit your poster presentation to a few main ideas. … Keep the lettering simple. Use no more than three different font sizes; the largest for the poster title, second-largest for section titles, and smallest for text. … Keep the colors simple.

How do you introduce a research poster?

You should introduce your poster presentation with a “1 Minute Pitch” that can sometimes stretch a bit longer than one minute. You don’t want to “give everything away” so to speak, but rather capture the audience’s interest, introduce yourself and the project, and spark a dialogue.

How do you win a good poster at a conference?

In summary, the tips for winning a poster presentation award include: (1) a research topic or research method that has not been fully presented or published by other people, (2) a good study design with appropriate research methods that can lead to an impactful scientific inference, (3) a thorough understanding of the …

Do and don’ts of poster presentation?

DoUse the right program. PowerPoint is often used a a program to make the posters, however it is important to make sure to change the page sizes before beginning your poster.What size should my poster be? … Keep it simple. … Keep it big. … Use Legible Font. … Use Color (Sparingly) … Ensure proper printing. … Don’t.More items…

What makes a good poster presentation?

Identify your audience and provide the appropriate scope and depth of content. If the conference includes nonspecialists, cater to them. Just as the abstract of a paper needs to be a succinct summary of the motivation, hypothesis to be tested, major results, and conclusions, so does your poster.

What should a scientific poster include?

In almost all scientific posters you will find a title, author names and affiliations, introduction, methods, results, conclusions, and acknowledgements sections. Some other additions you might wish to include are a references section, contact information, and potentially a photograph of yourself.

How do you begin a presentation?

How to start a presentationTell your audience who you are. Start your presentation by introducing yourself. … Share what you are presenting. … Let them know why it is relevant. … Tell a story. … Make an interesting statement. … Ask for audience participation.

How do you present a research conference?

How to navigate the conferenceRead the conference program; attend the sessions that interest you, but don’t plan every hour.Be ready with a brief “elevator talk” about your research. … Identify the individuals you would like to meet and ask your mentor/adviser to introduce you.Introduce yourself to people.More items…

How do you write an introduction for a poster presentation?

The introduction should give a brief background of the topic you are discussing/presenting in your poster. The reader needs to very quickly understand why you chose this general topic (why is it important?) and get general background information (bulleted list or maximum length of approximately 200 words).

What should I wear for a poster presentation?

What to Wear: Dress slacks or khaki pants (not cargo pants), button-up shirt, blouse, cardigan, sweater, suit jacket, blazer, sport coat, dress shoes, knee-length skirts and dresses, heels or dress flats. What Not to Wear: Jeans, shorts, short skirts, sweat pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, sneakers, flip flops.

How many words should be on a scientific poster?

The more concise your poster, the better – approximately 100 words per section is ideal [5], [6]. It is very important that your poster is not wordy. Too much text can be off-putting for the audience.

How do I create an event poster?

How To Design a Poster From ScratchIdentify the goal of your poster.Consider your target audience.Decide where you want to share your poster.Select a pre-made poster template.Pick a relevant or branded color scheme.Include a clear call to action.Use varied fonts to create visual hierarchy.More items…•

How do you use Powerpoint to make a poster?

Create a new posterGo to Design –> Slide Size.Choose Custom Slide Size.Set Width and Height (max. 56″)Choose the Landscape (horizontal) or Portrait orientation.Click OK.If a message pops up telling you that “The current page size exceeds the printable area of the paper in the printer” just click OK.

What is scientific poster?

A scientific poster is more than just a collection of information and data; the components should work together to create one cohesive and engaging story that leads viewers to your main conclusion. It also needs to be concise.

How to present a poster?

Follow these tips to effectively present your poster: Stand on one side of the poster and avoid blocking the audience from viewing your poster or the poster next to yours. Smile and make eye contact with the audience. Shake their hands and introduce yourself. Ask your audience if they would like you to present your poster to them.

How to write a poster for a research paper?

Follow these tips to make your poster easier to digest: 1 Write a catchy title containing relevant keywords to help the audience quickly recognize whether they’re interested in your poster. 2 Keep your methods to a brief overview instead of including detailed protocols. 3 Use 5 figures or less, choosing only the most interesting data that are critical to support your conclusion. 4 Use diagrams to illustrate complex concepts. 5 Be concise and only include the essential details required to grasp the whole story. 6 Ensure that the content can be presented in 5 – 10 minutes at a comfortable, conversational pace. 7 Use bullet points and short sentences and paragraphs. 8 Choose simple words (e.g. “use” instead of “utilize”). 9 Proofread, proofread, proofread. Then ask a friend to!

What is a poster session?

A poster session is an opportune time for networking and sharing your research, so you should make the most of it. This can mean updating your LinkedIn profile prior to the conference, coming prepared with business cards, and practicing your poster presentation prior.

What to do if you don’t see others waiting for your poster?

If you don’t see others waiting for your poster, take the opportunity to network with your current audience or other poster presenters around you. Ask them about themselves and what they’re working on. This is also a great time to ask for feedback on your work.

How long should a presentation be?

Ensure that the content can be presented in 5 – 10 minutes at a comfortable, conversational pace.

Do you have to be a graphic designer to make a poster?

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a well-laid-out poster. Regardless of the tool you choose (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint), follow these simple design tips: Use a simple, light, neutral-coloured background that provides enough contrast with the text.


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