How to present at a tech conference


Here are some simple tips you can use to deliver a good speech at a tech conference: Choose A Good Topic The first and most important ingredient for a presentation is an interesting topic.

13 tips for getting your talk accepted at a tech conference
  1. Know the event you’re submitting a talk to. …
  2. Understand what the event is looking for. …
  3. Reach out to the organizer and ask questions. …
  4. Be clear about what attendees will learn from your talk. …
  5. Keep recommended word counts in mind. …
  6. Choose a good title.
May 3, 2020


How do you write a presentation for a conference?

Include graphs, pictures or tables when possible. Even at a high level conference, simplifying and summarizing your words with graphic presentations can be very powerful. Pictures that you may use to illustrate key points are likely to be remembered more than five minutes of talking.

How early should I arrive at a conference?

If you have to travel to the conference, always arrive one day before the conference starts (or at least before your talk is on) at the venue. On the day of your talk, be at the venue in good time prior to your scheduled talk. You might have to deliver earlier because a talk that was supposed to come before yours was cancelled.

How do you get selected as a speaker at a conference?

Applying and Getting Selected to Present Find a conference that interests you. Look for calls for papers or presenters. Read the call for papers carefully. Meet the paper specifications. Prepare an abstract. Meet the deadlines. Participate in any editing or revisions.

How do I prepare for an academic conference?

Know what you are applying for and meet the expectations. Prepare an abstract. In most cases, your abstract will determine whether or not you are accepted to speak at the conference. Therefore, it’s crucial that you submit a clear, concise, and interesting abstract.


How do you start at tech conference?

Apply to speak Or, if there is a formal process (like for big tech conferences), apply through their official channels to speak. I’ve found that most often there is a form on the conference site for speaker submissions. You can also find the organizer listed on each meetup page or conference website.

What should I bring to a tech conference?

What to bring to a tech conferenceHand sanitiser and face covering. Top of the list for tech conferences in 2021 and 2022 has to be hand sanitiser and a face covering. … Business cards. … Snacks and water. … Notebook and pen. … Laptop and charger. … Phone charger. … A lightweight bag.

How do you talk in a software conference?

Want to speak at tech conferences? Here’s everything you need to know to get on stageStep 1: Start with a goal.Step 2: Pick an event to submit to.Step 3: Write a proposal.Step 4a: You got turned down. … Step 4b: You’ve been accepted! … How should you structure your talk?General best practices.Step 5: Deliver your talk!More items…•

How do you host a tech event?

One year before, you should:Secure your event venue based on expected attendance. Will you need hotel rooms for out of towners? … Set a date for the conference.Brainstorm who you want for a keynote speaker and others you might reach out to.Get your planning committee in place.Announce the event.Establish a budget.

What do you wear to a tech networking event?

The basics of networking outfits Play it safe in a blazer with patch pockets. It’s more casual than a full suit, and you can avoid wearing a tie. Try a lapel pin on top of your shirt for an instant conversation starter. Determine the type of event before choosing how casual to dress.

Should I bring my laptop to a conference?

If you aren’t presenting or working while at a conference, I suggest leaving your laptop and bringing only the essentials. However, if you need to bring it, pack smart. Empty everything out of your bag and then pack only the items you’ll need during the day.

How do I become a conference speaker?

How to become a conference speakerCreate a lot of quality content. … Record yourself. … Improve your speaking skills. … Learn more about new conference technologies and innovations. … Attend conferences you’d like to speak at. … Apply to conferences online. … Keep your pitch concise.More items…•

How do you get invited to speak at a conference?

Conference organizers want to know that you have built up a reputation for yourself before they invite you onto a speaking roster. Having a strong personal brand gives them that level of comfort that you will be a good choice to contribute to their event.

What should I say when hosting an event?

7 Tips for Emceeing Like a ProKnow Your Audience. Knowing who you are presenting to is key. … Prepare and Plan. … Come Out Strong. … Introduce Yourself. … Explain Why the Event is Special. … Add Some Interaction. … Craft a Big Closing.

How do you start an introduction for an event?

Start your introduction by telling the audience what they’ll learn by listening to the speaker, providing the speaker’s credentials and including any other relevant information. Where relevant, praise the speaker for any award or official recognition they’ve received.

How do I host a virtual conference?

10 tips for hosting virtual eventsSet clear goals from the start. … Choose the right platform to host your virtual event. … Choose the right time for your event. … Promote your virtual event. … Develop a clear agenda that includes speakers and timeframes. … Include moderators at your event. … Engage your audience. … Prepare to troubleshoot.More items…

What do people wear to tech conferences?

So, you can probably get away with wearing something low-key at a tech conference. To ensure that you look your best, try wearing a smart casual outfit like sleek boots, slim jeans and a stylish shirt.

Should I bring a bag to a conference?

A lightweight bag, preferably a shoulder bag. You may or may not know how you’ll feel until the moment — so make sure your bag isn’t going to hinder your networking. Lighten your load. Don’t carry a bag that interferes with your ability to hold a drink, such as a satchel.

What should a woman wear to a conference?

A comfortable cardigan is a good choice for a business casual look at a conference. Business Casual: Suits aren’t the only option for conferences. A good business casual look includes slacks/skirt, button down shirt of blouse, and sweater is a professional look.

What do you wear to an industry conference?

Dark jeans or casual slacks and a sweater or top are good core items and can double as your airplane outfit. Even when not attending conference events, it’s best to maintain a polished and professional look because you never know who you meet in the elevator or coffee shop.

How early should I arrive for a conference?

Arrive early. As the presenter, you should arrive at your assigned location at least 15 to 30 minutes before your presentation is scheduled to begin. You may need to set up your computer, arrange seating, or distribute copies of any materials you want to hand out. Conference schedules are often very tightly arranged, and you will be expected to begin promptly as scheduled.

Why are some conference websites unstable?

Sometimes conference websites become unstable a few days before due dates because so many people are trying to submit at the same time. Avoid missing your ability to submit on time due to website instability by submitting early.

How to get nervous when speaking in front of an audience?

Be prepared. You can combat a tendency to get nervous speaking in front of an audience by preparing thoroughly. Practice your presentation many times. Think about questions that your audience might ask and prepare some responses.

How powerful is a graphic presentation?

Even at a high level conference, simplifying and summarizing your words with graphic presentations can be very powerful. Pictures that you may use to illustrate key points are likely to be remembered more than five minutes of talking. A graph or table can quickly summarize years worth of data.

What to do if your acceptance letter does not answer questions?

If the acceptance letter does not answer any questions you may have, you should call the organizers and ask.

How to check how long a presentation is?

Use a watch to check how long your presentation is. Start checking your time once you have some fluency in your delivery, so only after a couple of rehearsal rounds. If your talk is too long, cut something out. Only you will miss it.

How to write a research presentation?

Typically, you start with a short intro about yourself, the topic and the specific research question that you addressed. Then, you follow with what you did and what you have found . Towards the end, you state your key message that you want the audience to remember. Probably, you also want to point out some of the open questions that resulted from your work. Make sure you have a clear beginning and a clear ending.

How to introduce yourself in a talk?

At the beginning of your talk , welcome the audience and tell them how grateful you are they are all here to listen to you. Introduce yourself very briefly, unless a chair person has done so already (if so, thank the chair for the nice introduction). Address the audience again at the end of your talk and offer to answer questions.

What is the first presentation?

The first presentation is a unique experience. It’s a right of passage that all researchers go through at some stage. Whether it’s your own motivation that brings you to a conference presentation, or a supervisor encourages you to go for it, it’s a great thing to do. For the first time, you”ll actively interact with your academic peers …

Why don’t established researchers sit in your audience?

Established researchers will not sit in your audience and laugh at your presentation, because this is not how academic conferences work. This is also not how professional researchers conduct themselves. Good scholars, and our academic communities are full of them, are kind and gracious listeners to presentations made by junior faculty.

How many times should I rehearse for a talk?

Rehearsing is all about reducing many of the fears that we have towards giving a talk. We recommend you rehearse multiple rounds, and do read throughs at least 10+ times for your talk. You will become more fluent and confident in what you present once you know it backwards and forwards.

How to prepare for a conference?

The first step in preparing for any conference is knowing how to calm your nerves. Motivational speaker and success coach Paul Scadding says: “There’s no doubt public speaking can be very nerve-racking, but you can ease your nerves by taking control of your breathing.

Why is it important to meet attendees at a conference?

In most scenarios, attendees will be at your conference to learn something new and insightful from an industry expert, so it’s important to meet them where they are rather than where they want to be.

Why do we run through our speech?

Running through your speech ahead of the day allows you to build confidence and iron out the finer details of your presentation. The last thing you want is to forget key points, or rush over something that requires particular attention.

Before you respond to an event’s call for papers, make sure your talk’s proposal aligns with these best practices

Before you respond to an event’s call for papers, make sure your talk’s proposal aligns with these best practices.

1. Know the event you’re submitting a talk to

This seems like the proverbial no-brainer , but some people don’t take the time to research an event before they submit a talk. Peruse the conference’s website and review the talks, speakers, topics, etc. featured in the last couple of years. You can also find a lot of information simply by googling.

2. Understand what the event is looking for

Look for information about what the event is looking for and what types of topics or talks it expects will be a good fit. We try to provide as much information as possible about the ATO conference, why someone would want to speak, and what we’re looking for (both general and special interest topics).

3. Reach out to the organizer and ask questions

If you’re considering submitting a talk, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask the event organizers any questions you have and for guidance specific to the event. If there is no or little response, that should be a red flag. If you have any questions about All Things Open, please reach out directly at

4. Be clear about what attendees will learn from your talk

This is one of the most common mistakes we see. Only about 25% of the proposals we receive clearly explain the proposed talk’s takeaways. One reason you should include this is that nearly every event attendee makes their schedule based on what they will learn if they go to a session.

5. Keep recommended word counts in mind

This is another mistake we see a lot. Many talks are submitted with either a single sentence description in the abstract or an extraordinary long volume of text. Neither is a good idea.

6. Choose a good title

This is a debate we see all the time: Should a talk’s title describe what the talk is about, or should it be written to stand out and get attention (e.g., evoking emotion, anchoring to a popular pop culture topic, or asking a compelling question)? There isn’t a single correct answer to this question, but we definitely know when a title “works” and when it doesn’t.


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