How to present in a conference for mental health professionals


Why attend conferences in mental health?

Conferences in Mental Health provide opportunities for more attention and contemplation that could help you move your company to the next stage. Benchmarking main organization plans and moving it forward. Get feedback from trustworthy people at our Conference to your company questions and challenges.

What are the top 8 mental health conferences?

8 Must-Attend Mental Health Conferences 1 Mental Health America. 2 NAMI National Convention. 3 American Mental Health Counselors Association. 4 Correctional Mental Health Conference. 5 Integrative Medicine for Mental Health. 6 Anxiety and Depression Conference. 7 Wellness Together. 8 European Conference on Mental Health.

What is the Global Mental Health Conference?

The conference covers significant international experts in Mental Health specialists, researchers and general practitioners, Students, Delegates and professors from all over the world to our Conference with the theme “Making Mental Health a Global Priority’’.

What to expect at the positive psychology conference?

Description: This two-day event will include workshops and speeches on positive psychology research methodology, clinical and mental health settings, education, interventions, coaching, and social change, as well as a host of other topics.


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The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Opening Plenary Session ft. Miriam E. Delphin-Rittmon, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use and Administrator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Sonja Gaines, M.B.A., and Keri L. Waterland, Ph.D., M.A.C., M.A.O.B.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Applying an Economics Framework to Opportunity, Mental Health, and Mental Health Professional Practice: A Fireside Chat With Harvard Economist Peter Q. Blair, Ph.D.

What is a mental health congress?

Mental Health Congress is an International platform to study about the timely detection as well as dealing based on Professional standards, and intense research to complete precautions for whole Mental Health issues.

When is the 7th annual Congress on Mental Health 2021?

About Conference. As a representative of 7th Annual Congress on Mental Health, we are pleased to welcome you to join with the Conference scheduled on Sep 08-09, 2021 as a Webinar which is an outstanding assembly for the worldwide prominent professionals in the field of Mental Health where Administrators, Scientists, Professors, Researchers, …

What is mental disorder?

A mental disorder, also named as mental illness or psychiatric disorder is a behavioural or mental pattern that causes significant distress or deficiency of individual functioning. Such features might be persistent, relapsing and remitting, or occur as only episode. Many disorders have been defined, with signs and symptoms that vary generally between specific disorders. Such disorders may well be diagnosed by a mental health professional.

What is mental health?

Mental health denotes to cognitive, behavioural, and expressive well-being. It is totally about how people think, feel, and behave. People at times use the term “mental health” to mean the absence of a mental disorder. Observing after mental health can preserve a person’s ability to enjoy life. Doing this includes reaching a balance between life activities, responsibilities, and efforts to achieve psychological resilience. Conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety can completely affect mental health and disrupt a person’s routine. Although the term mental health is in common use, several conditions that doctors recognize as psychological disorders have physical roots.

What is the study of the use of medications in treating mental disorders?

Psychopharmacology is the study of the use of medications in treating mental disorders. The complexity of this field needs continuous study in order to keep current with new advances. Psychopharmacology states to the use of medication in treating mental health conditions.

How does awareness help with mental health?

It means educating others on what mental disorder certainly is, and serving those with sicknesses knows they are not alone. Mental health awareness increases the balances for early intervention, which can result in a fast recovery. Awareness reduces harmful adjectives that have been set to describe our people with a mental illness. By raising awareness, mental health can now be seen as sickness. These illnesses can be achieved by treatment. Certain factors may increase your risk of developing a mental disease, including: A history of mental illness in a blood relative, such as a parent or sibling. Stressful life situations, such as financial difficulties, a loved one’s death or a divorce. An on-going (chronic) medical condition, such as diabetes.

What is psych rehabilitation?

Psychiatric rehabilitation, also known as psych social rehabilitation, and from time to time simplified to psych rehab by providers, is the method of restoration of community functioning and well-being of an individual diagnosed in mental health or emotional disorder and who may be well thought-out to have a psychiatric disability. PSR is a treatment method designed to help improve the lives of people with ill health. The goal of psychosocial rehabilitation is to teach emotional, cognitive, and social skills that help those diagnosed with mental illness live and work in their communities as independently as promising. All patients suffering from severe and persistent mental illness require rehabilitation. The goal of psychiatric rehabilitation is to help disabled those to develop the emotional, social and intellectual skills needed to live, learn and work in the community with the least amount of professional maintenance.

Who is the keynote speaker at the 2018 conference?

The Future of Counseling was centerstage during the 2018 conference with keynotes by labor leader and community organizer Dolores Huerta and anthropologist and author Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole.

When is the ACA conference in 2022?

April 7-10, 2022. Join us for the 2022 ACA Conference & Expo returning to Atlanta April 7-10! Connect with fellow mental health professionals and students, get the latest tools, information and resources to support your work, and earn continuing education credits while you’re at it at the premier professional development …

What is the theme of the 2019 Lady Gaga Conference?

Developing your career, advancing the field and promoting human dignity were spotlighted at the 2019 conference with a keynote by Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s mom, on fostering mental health.

What is the theme of the 2022 conference?

The theme of the 2022 conference is “Creating a world we want to live in.”. Over the three main days, expect to hear from some of the world’s leading experts on positive psychology and public health, workplace wellbeing, education and society, and the global economy.

What is the theme of the Wisconsin Symposium on Emotions?

Description: The theme of this year’s Annual Wisconsin Symposium on Emotion is Translational Neuroscience and Mental Health. The symposium will cover a fascinating range of topics, including the neurobiology of emotions to the role of somatic signals as influencers of stress.

Is a positive psychology conference worth attending?

If you have no plans to present research or host a workshop, these positive psychology conferences are still very much worth attending. Whether it’s simply for a chance to interact with other therapists, coaches, or positive psychology enthusiasts, they are often global gatherings of professionals from a diversity of sectors.

3. West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders

Highlights: This is C4’s 10th annual West Coast Symposium and is a 2 1/2-day event dedicated to continuing education and networking in the field of addictions. WCSAD draws hundreds of regional, national and international participants, lecturers and faculty to their conferences with a wide range of educational offerings.

4. Clinical Overview of the Recovery Experience

Highlights: Located on a quiet island off of the Florida panhandle, this C4 event focuses on presenting new options for integrating useful clinical tools into a larger recovery-oriented treatment culture. It’s a unique opportunity for addiction professionals to relax, while also advancing the principles of client-centered treatment.

5. National Conference on Alcohol and Addiction Disorders

Highlights: Known for its high-quality speakers, NCAAD brings behavioral healthcare professionals of all types together to build sustainable and successful treatment organizations. NCAAD offers opportunities to earn both CE hours and ethics hours.

6. Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders

Highlights: In a central location to Cape Cod’s beaches, this conference is a perfect setting to network and relax. The Cape Cod Symposium hosted more than 1,200 attendees last year and is an exhibitor’s dream.

7. National Cocaine, Meth & Stimulant Summit

Highlights: Taking on another deadly drug topic, the National Cocaine, Meth & Stimulant Summit is focusing on stimulants in this 2019 conference. Learn why cocaine is flooding to the Southern states and join the conversation of how we can resist this movement.

Critical Care Nursing Conference

Date: May 16–18 (Houston), June 6–8 (Virtual), Preconferences May 15
Location: Houston, Texas
Cost: $540–$780
About/What to Expect: This large conference was created for critical care nurses at all levels. Beginning nurses, experienced care managers, and nurse practitioners can all benefit from the sessions offered.


Date: Canceled for 2022
Twitter Handle/Hashtag: @NALPN
Website: For more information, visit the website here.

ER Nursing Conference

Date: September 30–October 3
Location: Denver, Colorado
Cost: TBA
About/What to Expect: ENA’s annual conference allows emergency medicine nurses to come together and share the latest research in emergency medicine. Nurses also enjoy networking opportunities and small group discussions.
Speakers/Topics: Topics are TBA for 2022.

Nurse Practitioner Conference

Date: February 6–9
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Cost: $410–$910
About/What to Expect: Over the course of this four-day conference, nurse practitioners learn about the latest developments in pharmacology and primary care.

Psychiatric Nursing Conference

Date: October 19–22
Location: Long Beach, California
Cost: TBA
About/What to Expect: This large national conference attracts psychiatric nursing professionals at varying levels of their careers.

Nursing Educators Conferences

Date: October 13–15
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cost: TBA
About/What to Expect: The 2022 ANCC Conference offers nurses four educational tracks to choose from, allowing attendees to choose courses that are the best fit to further their professional careers.
__Speakers/Topics: __Track options include:

Nursing Education, Nursing & Healthcare Conference

Date: December 1–3
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Cost: TBA
About/What to Expect: The Transform conference allows nursing faculty members, deans, leaders, and associate/assistant deans to come together to discuss the latest in nursing education, network, and delve into the newest nursing education research.
Speakers/Topics: Transform 2022 topics are TBA.
Twitter Handle/Hashtag: @AACNursing
Website: Visit the website here..



  • Finally, the narrative around mental health is slowly changing for the better, although we still have a long way to go. With 1 in 5 U.S. adults experiencing a type of mental illness, awareness and education surrounding mental health is crucial. Its time that we all become educated, learn the …

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  • Every year, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) holds their national convention to help spread the word that recovery is possible. The NAMI National Convention focuses on mental health education, as well as connecting people to the resources they need. Attendees include those with mental illnesses, as well as families, caregiver, policymakers, mental health advocate…

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  • Join the 9th annual Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference to learn about more holistic approaches to diagnosing and treating the underlying issues of mental health conditions. Holistic approaches explore the possibility that there may be a biomedical cause for some mental health symptoms. Learn how combining this approach with nutrition, special testing, and traditio…

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  • At the Anxiety and Depression Conference 2019, an expected 1,400 clinicians and researchers will converge on Chicago to learn and collaborate in an effort to improve current treatments for mental health conditions. Put on by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 150 sessions and keynote speakers will discuss cutting-edge research and clinical practices. CE an…

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  • In February 2018, over 900 educators joined with policymakers, school mental health professionals, and school administrators at the Wellness Together Conference. This conference, organized in partnership with the California Department of Education, is for anyone interested in learning more about combating mental health issues facing students. This two-day event includ…

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  • The 7th annual European Conference on Mental Health is the place to learn more about mental health and wellness in Europe. Located in Croatia in September, this conference will feature speakers discussing a wide range of mental health topics, including peer support, risk assessment, and pragmatic psychology. Its primarily attended by mental health professionals. R…

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