How to present through video conference


Guide To Presenting Yourself During A Video Conference

  • Master The Technology. All web based conferences are conducted with the help of web conferencing solutions. Chances are,…
  • Lights And Camera. Appearances play a critical role in making impressions. That’s why, it is important to make sure you…
  • Make A Strong Introduction. In a virtual environment, you don’t have…

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Experience by presenting it live in any video conferencing tool with the prezi video app on mac orMoreExperience by presenting it live in any video conferencing tool with the prezi video app on mac or windows. With the app open click this icon. Here select import then choose prezi from the list.


How do I connect to a video conference?

The following is a brief overview of how Video & TV Cast works:

  • Install the Video & TV Cast application on your phone.
  • Connect your phone and your Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Use any video call application, such as Skype, WhatsApp Call, Zoom, etc.
  • Hold down the ‘Tap Here to Cast’ button.
  • Your video call will be mirrored on your TV.

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How to run a successful video conference?

  • 1. Use video if at all possible. …
  • 3. Make sure your speakers have customized their presentations for a virtual audience. …
  • 4. Keep the session interactive. …
  • 5. Do a comprehensive A/V check – and take it seriously. …
  • 6. Plan for technical issues. …
  • 7. Provide the audience with takeaway material.

How to create a video conference?

Video Conferencing Application in this article

  • We will create simple 2 person video conferencing application.
  • First user will join video conference from a desktop. …
  • Other participant will also join video conference from a android mobile device.
  • Then both participants will be able to see & hear each other via video conference.

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How do I join a video conference?

Prerequisites for joining a virtual meeting

  • Each meeting has a unique 9, 10, or 11-digit number called a meeting ID that will be required to join a Zoom meeting.
  • If you are joining by telephone, you will need the teleconferencing number provided in the invite.
  • Show a “Join from your browser” link enabled

How do you make a good video conference presentation?

6 Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills for Video ConferencingPrep Up. … Tidy Up the Background. … Don’t Forget the Lights, Camera Action! … Be Passionate and Engaging. … Practice and Organize Your Speech. … Make Eye Contact with the Audience.

How do you look professional in a video conference?

Here are some tips to help you look and act more professional as you prepare for your close up.Light the way. … Choose a neutral background. … Dress your best. … Eliminate distractions. … Keep your notes nearby. … Maintain good eye contact. … Get the best audio visual.

How can I present online?

How to Give an Effective Online Presentation From HomeSimplify the slides of your online presentation. … Prepare for your online presentation. … Eliminate distractions. … Dress for your online presentation. … Use the right lighting for your online presentation. … Present in a quiet space during your online presentation.More items…•

What is the best background for a video call?

When it comes to selecting the best background color for video conferencing, flashy patterns and stark colors should be avoided. Bright colors like yellow, orange, or red can be unflattering and distracting. Neutral tones, like navy blue, light gray, and soft white, appear best on video and are easy on the eyes.

How do I look hot on Zoom?

How to look good on Zoom: 6 tips and tricksPrioritize poise over PJs. … Use the “touch up my appearance” setting. … Stick to natural lighting. … Don’t forget about your background. … Angle your laptop just right. … Use a ring light or webcam.

How do you give a good presentation over Zoom?

Zoom presentation tips to bring human connection into virtual…Do your homework. … Tell a story. … Visual vs. … Let your audience hear and see you. … Make sure your Zoom presentation flows. … Body language is worth a thousand words. … Don’t hide behind the slides. … Activate your audience.More items…•

How do you present on Zoom?

Open the PowerPoint file you want to present. Start or join a Zoom meeting. Click Share Screen in the meeting controls. Select your primary monitor then click Share.

How do you prepare a Zoom presentation?

13 Zoom Presentation Tips to Ace Your Next Online Meeting1 Design a Great Online Presentation. … 2 Tidy Up Your Background. … 3 Draw Attention to Your Face. … 4 Check Your Equipment. … 5 Minimize Potential Interruptions. … 6 Stick Your Notes in the Right Place. … 7 Ditch the Pajamas. … 8 Rehearse Before the Presentation.More items…•

How should I dress for an online meeting?

Dressing for Virtual Meetings: 10 Tips You NeedWear color. … Clothes with lots of stretch. … Accessorize on top (but lose chunky, loud bracelets) … Use the Zoom shoulder. … Keep makeup and hair touchups within reach. … Opt for form-fitting tops. … Large patterns are better than small ones. … A-line dresses and skirts are your friend.More items…•

What makes a good video conference background?

Neutral colors always work best if you’re not using a virtual backdrop and instead opting to share the view of your home. Plain neutral walls with a bookshelf or two, plants, and a piece of art show that you are (perhaps) well read and have a green thumb. At least, that’s the impression you can leave.

What are the do’s and don’ts of video conferencing?

Don’t Forget to Turn off Your Audio and VideoDo look as clean and polished as possible.Do pay attention to your body language when video conferencing.Don’t choose a set up that’s noisy, has a busy background, or is in a high traffic area.Do be respectful of people’s time.Don’t check your phone.More items…

How do I make my camera look professional?

12 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More ProfessionalUse Plenty of Light. … Use a Clean Background. … Choose a Good Video Editing Program. … Keep Your Editing Simple. … Prioritize Crisp, Clear Audio. … Avoid Shaky Footage. … Understand the Rule of Thirds. … Use Your Phone the Right Way.More items…

How to make presentation pay off?

Here’s another way to make your presentation skills pay off in a video conference: accept how easy it is to deal with your slides while you’re speaking. Instead of splitting your attention between listeners and the display screen—and as some presenters do, talking to the slides instead of the audience—it’s all now literally at your fingertips.

Can’t see your audience in a keynote?

It may be hard to motivate yourself for , say, a keynote if you can’t see your audience. This problem can be magnified if you’re presenting a webinar, when you have to speak for a long time before the relief of someone “raising their hand” to ask a question.

Is public speaking conversational?

All good public speaking is conversational. It doesn’t matter if it takes place in a boardroom, your customer’s office, a convention hall, or via video conferencing.

How to keep audience engaged in video call?

Include interactivity in your presentation planning, early on in the piece and also throughout. This will help create a more interactive atmosphere and let the audience know that this is your intention. Do this during the introduction. Explain to your listeners that you’ll be stopping at various points within the presentation to see if anyone has any questions, input or concerns.

How to make sure you have a clear agenda when you present via video call?

Make sure you have a clear agenda when you present via video call and verbally signpost to the audience exactly where you are in the presentation. You should regularly refer back to it as you move through the presentation. With a longer presentation, you may need to summarise where you’ve been and where you are up to.

What to do if you don’t have an audience?

Remember, if the people you’re speaking to aren’t engaged, then you don’t have an audience. 2. Keeping a Remote Audience on Track when you present via video call. Engaging the audience is only the first step. If they’re lost, they probably aren’t really listening.

Why do remote audiences tune out?

Because of the constant barrage of emails, texts, calls, and social media updates, remote audiences can easily get distracted and quickly tune out. Bring their attention back to you and your presentation by making sure you really hammer home your key message.

Is Zoom video calling good?

Video calling through Zoom or Teams and other technologies is incredibly useful and convenient but can make presentations dull and boring for both the audience and the presenter. For this reason, it’s even more important to find ways to have fun and inject some humour during the presentation (if possible).

Can you present to a remote audience?

Presenting to a remote audience via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Teams or webinar, while extremely useful, will never be able to replicate the energy of a live seminar or presentation entirely. You can, however, employ the techniques and strategies we’ve mentioned to produce as enjoyable and informative an experience as possible for your audience.

How to add a PowerPoint presentation to a video conference?

So if you want to add a PowerPoint presentation to your video conference, is very easy and straight forward. Make sure you have your presentation opened before you pick Present now > A Window. A new window will showcase all the windows you have open at the moment. Pick your PowerPoint presentation, and click Share.

How has video conference changed communication?

Video conferences have completely changed the way we communicate. Engaging with people geographically far away from us has been possible since many years ago. Phone calls and emails have become basic ways to communicate. But video conferences are by far the closest thing we have to face to face conversation.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet. Google Meet, previously known as Google Hangouts, is a great video conference tool for those who work with the whole G Suite. It integrates seamlessly with other Google features, like calendar, or Gmail. Just like Skype, it can be used from a web browser without the need for an app.

What are the advantages of video conferencing?

Firstly, you can record and save conversations you have through video conferencing. You don’t have to rely on someone taking notes, or your memory to know exactly what you said.

Why are video conferences so popular?

But precisely because you’re not interacting face to face, getting your point across can be extra tricky.

Can you record face to face conversations?

And while it’s also possible to record face to face conversations, it’s definitely an advantage to able to do so directly and without the need for extra equipment. Secondly, video conferences offer the possibility of directly sharing audiovisual complements that will illustrate your points.

Can you use PowerPoint for video conferences?

Whether it’s a document, a link, audio, video, or anything else, it’s all at hand’s reach. PowerPoint presentations can be extra useful for video conferences.

How to be a standalone speaker?

Being a standalone speaker is different from engaging in a coffeehouse conversation. Speak slowly. You should probably make this a Post-It near your camera lens until it’s become habit. Get over your fear of silence. An audience that sits in silence at the end of your sentences is listening.

What does it mean when an audience sits in silence at the end of a sentence?

An audience that sits in silence at the end of your sentences is listening. They aren’t waiting for you to shut up, they’re waiting for you to continue. Manage your nerves through practice. We’ll be telling you to practice a lot. Not only will your delivery improve, but your fears will subside.

Master The Technology

All web based conferences are conducted with the help of web conferencing solutions. Chances are, most of you reading this article have already used one.

Lights And Camera

Appearances play a critical role in making impressions. That’s why, it is important to make sure you are clearly and properly visible to the camera and in turn, to all the participants of your video conference.

Make A Strong Introduction

In a virtual environment, you don’t have visual or physical cues to help you make a strong first impression. A firm handshake is not available online as a subtle way to communicate confidence.


Once you have mastered the technology, gotten the lighting and camera position right, and planned and practiced a strong introduction, you should be able to make a strong and lasting first impression.


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