How to professional ask for a conference call by email


There’s a simple rule you can follow to structure your meeting request emails — regardless of your relationship with your prospect. It’s called the RAP model: R – provide a reason for writing A – request a specific action P – end the message professionally

How to ask for a meeting via email
  1. Write a clear subject line.
  2. Use a salutation.
  3. Introduce yourself (if necessary)
  4. Explain why you want to meet.
  5. Be flexible about time and place.
  6. Request a reply or confirmation.
  7. Send a reminder.
Oct 7, 2019


How do you ask for a meeting via email?

There are a few basic steps to sending an effective meeting request email. Start by finding and verifying your contact’s email address and write a compelling subject line, ideally including their name and the meeting date. Make it specific, and request a response by adding a clear CTA. How do you ask for a meeting appointment?

How to request an appointment for a conference call?

When sending an email to request an appointment for a Conference Call – be precise and to the point in what you plan to discuss and how much time you are requesting. Sharing as much information during the initial request helps all parties to be effective, relevant and professional participants during the conference call.

How to request a meeting with a potential client?

Keep in mind that requesting a meeting is just the first step. You also need to have a plan on how to proceed once they accept your request, and make them glad they took you up on your offer. But for now, take the above request email samples and meeting email subject lines and make them your own.

Should you call or email your colleagues to schedule meetings?

If it’s for a meeting that absolutely needs to happen, like a time-sensitive meeting with a colleague, call your colleague to schedule a meeting. For other kinds of meetings, just move on.


How do you politely ask for a meeting?

Asking politely for a meeting I would be grateful if we could meet at your earliest convenience. I would be grateful if you could arrange/set up a meeting at your earliest convenience. I don’t suppose you could arrange a meeting, could you?

How do you ask for availability for an online meeting example?

Formal meeting request with someone you already know I’m writing this email to schedule a meeting concerning [main topic of your meeting]. If it’s convenient, I would suggest meeting at [location, time and place]. Kindly confirm your availability and preference if you’d like to change the time or location.

How do you ask for a convenient time to call?

Let me know when you are free to discuss VS Let me know your convenient time to discuss which is right and politeLet me know when you are free in this week to discuss.Let me know your convenient time in this week to discuss.

How do you answer availability for a meeting example?

I am available to work Monday through Friday, and I am very flexible about the start and end times on those days. I’m willing to make occasional additional hours work with my schedule. I really value my weekend time with my family. I’m more than willing to go above and beyond during the standard workweek.

How do you politely ask for a zoom link?

You can say, “Hey, here’s a link. I’m going to be around for the next half hour. If you want to hop on, now is a great time. If not, no worries!” I think we’re used to that a little bit from services like FaceTime, but I agree that Zoom has a little bit more of that invitational, formal feel to it.

How to Write a Meeting Request Email (9 Great Examples)

Every email has a goal. It could be to request a meeting, ask a question, make an offer, or even just to say hi. Your goal for an email determines pretty much everything about it: The vocabulary you use, the tone of your writing, and even the time of day you send it. A meeting request email, for example, probably shouldn’t start with, “Hey.”

Subject: Appropriate person

I’m writing to follow-up on my previous email as I didn’t hear back from you. If it makes sense to talk, let me know how your calendar looks.


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