How to promote technology conferences


Create a Hashtag One of the best ways to engage your audience and promote your conference-related content is to create your own hashtag. Make sure that any hashtag you create is readable and easily identifiable with your conference.


How do I promote my Conference on social media?

Social media allows you to communicate with people who would be interested in your conference with ease. Even if your conference is small and locally based, social media is a valuable tool. Twitter and Facebook allow you to share your location when posting. This will help you promote your conference locally.

What tools should I use to promote my Conference?

Many conferences choose to use hashtags to promote their event. This is another great tool that you should be using. Hashtags not only help promote your conference but they help attendees network and share with each other even after the conference is over.

Why should you attend Tech and it conferences?

Each year, hundreds of tech and IT conferences deliver access to top professionals, sneak peeks of the latest technologies, and unique networking opportunities that can help you advance your career.

What does it take to market a conference?

Marketing a conference means being everywhere at once. You want the professional world abuzz with anticipation, your event’s name popping up everywhere they turn. “You’re going to be at [insert your event name here], right? Seems like everyone is!” That sort of cultural infiltration takes more than basic social and web presence.


How do you promote a conference?

Best Ways to Promote a ConferenceUse Social Media. … Create a Hashtag. … Live Stream the Event. … Hold a Contest. … Use Influencers. … Optimize for SEO. … Industry Listings and Publications. … Email Marketing Campaign.More items…

How can I make my conference more fun?

10 Ways To Make Your Conferences InterestingIce Breaker Sessions. Most attendees feel awkward when they are in a room full of strangers. … Make it Interactive. … Emcee To The Rescue. … Storytelling To Grab Attention. … Breakout Sessions. … Video Montages. … World Cafe Discussions. … Props Over PowerPoint.More items…•

What technology would you use to present your results at a conference?

A Smart, Interactive Whiteboard A whiteboard is one of the most commonly used new technologies in conference rooms. Businesses enjoy the convenience and flexibility it allows to share ideas and content.

How event technology enhances communication in events?

Event technology allows attendees to message each other before, during, and after the event, making it easier than ever for people to network. Additionally, event planners can inform attendees about any potential schedule changes via event apps much more effortlessly.

How do you make conferences less boring?

Here are 8 ways to make your next corporate event not boring:Pull a rabbit out of your hat. … “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” … Make people laugh. … Give your audience a break. … Put your attendees in the spotlight. … Keep them guessing. … Make them use their bodies. … Keep them close.

How do you engage people in a conference?

4 Ways to Engage Your Conference AttendeesUtilize social media. Social media is one of the easiest (and most effective) ways to engage your conference attendees. … Incorporate games/contests. … Coordinate off-site events. … Create a comfortable environment.

What are the major technologies used to enhance all types of meetings?

Some categories of modern meeting collaboration technologies include:Video conferencing systems.Large screen monitors/projectors.Screen sharing.Interactive white boards.Touch-screens.Virtual reality systems.Lead capture devices.Audience interaction/participation.More items…•

How technology can be used in presentation?

Technology allows you to make 3D models for audience interaction. This holds the audience’s attention and the look is tech-savvy. Embedding a 3D model into your presentation invites your audience to interact with your presentation. You can access these 3D models through PowerPoint 3D or other capable 3D software.

How technology has assisted in improving the way public speakers present?

Presentations Have Become More Interactive Sales and corporate presentations have become more interesting and interactive thanks to technology, Technology has made it possible for presenters to draw, write, and add content in real time during the presentation.

How does technology support the event industry?

Experience of the Audiences Advance technology helps organisers to stay in touch with audiences, sponsors, media and other authorities. This will allow the event organisers to gain valuable feedback and it also ensures that people feel important even after the event.

Why is technology important in events?

According to a study by Enterprise Event Marketing, the use of technology can increase event attendance by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and reduce related costs by up to 30%. Enterprise Event Marketing did this study back in 2016. With the world becoming more digital, we expect the figures to be higher today.

What are the benefits of using a technology in organizing an event?

10 ways technology makes event planners’ lives easierIt saves time. … It cuts out human error. … It enables success after the event. … It lets you focus on the event while it’s happening. … It lets you cater to your strengths. … It keeps track of your guests. … It quantifies your success.More items…•

How do you make a virtual conference fun?

Virtual conference social media ideas:Post a countdown clock.Host a contest, such as a raffle or a user-generated-photo contest.Create a hashtag for your event. … Run a social media takeover with keynote guests.Use interactive elements to engage your audience, such as Instagram story polls or augmented reality filters.More items…

How do you organize an annual conference?

How to organise a conference in 10 steps (with templates)Formulate your event strategy. … Embrace conference technology. … Delegate, dammit. … Think through your budget and pricing model. … (Carefully) choose your venue. … Build a website that does your conference justice. … Invite your speakers and authors. … Get your reviewers onboard.More items…•

How do you end a conference?

Here’s Parker’s advice on closing a conference in a way that fills attendees with good memories, warm fuzzies and inspired action.Don’t shirk your duty as conference host. … Accept the mortality of your conference. … Announce last call. … Never end with logistics. … Dedicate time to looking inward and turning outward.More items…

Is planning a conference hard work?

Planning a conference is hard work, whether it be a physical or virtual conference, and if you don’t properly promote your conference, all that hard work will be a waste.

Can I live stream a conference?

All the major social media channels allow for live streaming. This is a great way to promote your conference and generate hype around your event . Here’s a list of top 14 virtual conference platforms that will allow you to live stream your conference and offer more features like virtual booths, lobbies and chat capabilities.

1. Start early

A bit of a no-brainer really but make sure you don’t leave your conference promotion until the very last minute. You need to ensure that people have time to come across the event, so the earlier you start implementing your promotion strategy, the better.

2. Utilize social media

Social media should be your best friend when it comes to promoting your event. With the world becoming more and more technology-obsessed and interconnected than ever before, the way in which people find out about events has forever been changed.

3. Blog, blog, blog

Another sure-fire way of promoting your conference is by blogging about it before, during and after the event has happened. Not only will this help keep your attendees updated, but it will also validate your expertise in the industry you work in, which could encourage more people to come along.


So, there you have it – three fantastic ways of ensuring your event gets seen and, hopefully, attended by the masses. The key things to remember are to plan early and utilize the heck out of social media – Facebook in particular.

How to promote a conference?

Use Social Media. Promoting your conference using social media is a no-brainer. Social media allows you to communicate with people who would be interested in your conference with ease. Even if your conference is small and locally based, social media is a valuable tool.

Why do conferences use hashtags?

Many conferences choose to use hashtags to promote their event. This is another great tool that you should be using. Hashtags not only help promote your conference but they help attendees network and share with each other even after the conference is over.

Why do we blog at conferences?

Blogging is a great way to keep people updated on your conference. You should blog about your conference and about the industry. If you’re planning a conference on education, it is a good idea to share news on education technology and blog on how you’re planning your conference.

How does blogging help in a conference?

Blogging can also help increase the search engine visibility of your conference. When someone searches for a conference on a specific topic, you want them to see your event website. This will help increase attendance at your event.

Do sponsors help conference planners?

Most conference planners know that allowing companies to sponsor your event will give you a larger budget, but the promotional benefits of a sponsorship are often overlooked. When a company or organization sponsors you, their success is tied to your success, and they will do whatever they can to help promote your event. Most sponsors will actively promote your event on their social media pages. If one of your sponsors is not doing this, chances are they will gladly do so if you ask them to. The larger your event is, the more promotion your sponsors get.

Do sponsors promote events?

Most sponsors will actively promote your event on their social media pages. If one of your sponsors is not doing this, chances are they will gladly do so if you ask them to. The larger your event is, the more promotion your sponsors get.

Does a conference registration page hurt your ticket sales?

That means ensuring that your ticket registration page and schedule can be shared easily. Your conference registration page should not be overly complicated and should have a good amount of information. Long and complicated registration pages hurt your ticket sales.

How to promote a conference?

Here’s an ultimate guide to promoting your conference, so that not only your attendees, but your speakers are eager to come back next year! 1. Nail down your audience . Just as you need to establish buyer personas to help hone your outreach to customers, you need to establish audience personas to help reach out to potential attendees. …

How to increase reach of conference?

Leverage sponsors and speakers to increase your conference’s online reach. If you’re working with sponsors, make sure you’re tagging them and thanking them publicly (on social media) when you post. The same is true of any speakers or influencers who will be participating in your conference.

What is a conference hashtag?

A conference hashtag. Hashtags are a must-have for conference promotion these days, especially since attendee social engagement remains high. According to data from Google, 66 percent of attendees engage in online activities during events, while 34 percent say they would specifically post about an event while attending.

How much of Eventbrite traffic comes from social media?

According to Eventbrite, more than 25 percent of all traffic to event registration forms comes from social media. So that means that you’ve got to create a solid social strategy to get your event in front of as many users as possible, from as early as possible before the conference, all the way through until it’s over.

What social media platforms are used for events?

Instagram and Twitter are among the most popular social platforms for events, so be sure to set up handles on each. Use more generic handles if possible that aren’t tied to a specific year or location—that way, you can use those same profiles next year to build buzz.

Does promotion end once registration closes?

Promotion shouldn’t end once registration closes. Even if your event is completely sold out, you want to continue to build buzz before, during, and afterward. This will help with promotion for next year, as buzzworthy events generate word-of-mouth promotion, and that kind of marketing is priceless.

Do conferences require financial investment?

Conferences, even smaller one-day ones, are major undertakings, and the stakes are high. Not only does hosting a conference require a good deal of financial investment, but your speakers expect an interested, attentive audience. What’s more, conference attendees are almost certain to post on their own social feeds about your event, …

Why do tech conferences feel dead?

Some conferences feel “dead” because they are clearly being run as a for-profit exercise by events organisers rather than people actually interested. It’s very difficult for pure event organising firms to make tech conferences engaging, although not impossible: one for-profit company that does do really good tech conferences in the UK is Software Acumen, but they are one of a very small number doing this well.

What is the purpose of keynote speakers?

Who you choose makes a big impression on people, so cultivate contacts and relationships with people and get them to introduce you to their contacts too. Make sure that your diversity drive extends to your keynote speakers as well as attendees and other speakers.

What is Dublin Tech Summit?

The Dublin Tech Summit brings together top global leaders in technology, innovation, and business to help shape the future of trends and technologies. The 2020 DTS event was also online, with over 5,000 participants from 60+ countries.

What is the AWE conference?

The Augmented World Expo (AWE) is the largest conference and expo on augmented reality in the world. This year’s tag line is “It’s time to go spatial. Get awe-inspired with the best in AR/VR and Spatial Computing!”

What is data analytics summit?

Another industry-leading event from Gartner, this Data & Analytics Summit focuses exactly on that: how your organization can develop a resilient data and analytics strategy that leverages both data-driven decision making and AI. This event is for everyone in your data analytics function, from technical- to senior-level strategy.

What is Gartner’s digital workplace?

At the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, the world’s leading IT advisory company offers you the chance to be the first to hear about emerging trends and latest predictions surrounding the future of work, provides an action plan to build the digital workplace of tomorrow, and offers real-world solutions for leveraging these technologies your organization.

What is the theme of IT Arena?

The theme of IT Arena is “The speed of change”, which certainly feels appropriate this year. IT Arena is the largest tech event in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The three-day conference, conducted exclusively in English, brings together more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, business analysts, and designers every year.

When is the 2021 CES?

Consumer Electronics Shows. Date: January 5-8, 2021. Location: Las Vegas, NV & Online. For over 50 years, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the starting point for the newest technologies and innovations in the world.

Where is IFA held?

IFA is held in Berlin, Germany, and is the leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. Known for offering an extensive overview of the international market, this six-day event attracts close to 240,000 visitors from more than 100 different countries. IFA serves as the main meeting place for key retailers, buyers, and experts from the industry, showcasing the latest products and innovations.


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