How to promote your conference on social media


7 Tips to Boost Event Attendance with Social Media Marketing
  1. Create Facebook Events… And Then Share Them Everywhere. …
  2. Post Frequent (but Limited) Posts. …
  3. Promote it with a Hashtag. …
  4. Start Early. …
  5. Schedule Relevant Posts Ahead of Time. …
  6. Run Ad Campaigns for Heightened Visibility. …
  7. Use Contests to Increase Word of Mouth.
May 8, 2019

How can social media be used to promote a conference?

6 ways to promote an event on social media before it happensPost a countdown on Instagram Stories. … Create an event page on Facebook. … Post teasers with necessary details. … Create a hashtag. … Give a sneak peek. … Host a giveaway. … Design a custom AR filter for Instagram or Snapchat. … Interview attendees on Instagram Stories.More items…•

How can I promote my conference?

Top 4 Ways to Promote Your ConferenceUse Social Media. Promoting your conference using social media is a no-brainer. … Start Early. Start planning and promoting your conference as early as you can. … Blog. Blogging is a great way to keep people updated on your conference. … Leverage Your Sponsors.

What are the 12 steps to promote an event on social media?

How to Promote Your Event on Social Media in 12 StepsStep 1: Choose your social networks. … Step 2: Choose your event hashtag. … Step 3: Upgrade your social profiles. … Step 4: Create (and sell tickets through) a Facebook Event. … Step 5: Craft your content carefully. … Step 6: Invest in tools to streamline your process.More items…•

How do I promote my virtual conference?

Create amazing remote eventsUse keywords to boost your search potential. … Make the most of email marketing. … Offer people a peek at what’s to come. … Leverage social media across platforms. … Ask your sponsors and partners to spread the word. … Request self-promotion from your speakers. … Tell people to tell their friends.More items…

How do you attract crowds to an event?

8 Tips to Draw Bigger Crowds at Your Next EventTarget the Audience You Want. Keep your target audience in mind when promoting your event. … Reach Them Where They Are. … Communicate the Benefit. … Encourage Early Birds. … Use Social Media. … Create FOMO. … Leverage Influencers.

How do you announce an event?

A corporate event announcement should include:A relevant subject line that grabs attention and sets the tone.A greeting that sets the tone for the event.At least one reason why the recipient was chosen for an invitation.Event details including the name, location, date, and relevance.More items…

How do you create a social media strategy for an event?

29 Tips for a Comprehensive Social Media Event Strategy in 2020Clarify your target audience and ideal social platform before the first post. … Generate buzz with hashtags. … Engage influencers known to your event target audience. … Prioritize consistency. … Keep your posting schedule slow and steady.More items…

How do I promote an event on Facebook?

Go to your Facebook Page and click Promote. Select Boost an Event. Choose the event you want to promote and click Boost Event. If your event is in-person and requires tickets, choose your objective in the Goal section.

How do you attract participants to an online event?

10 Proven Ways to Get People to Come to Your Online EventMake your event worth attending. … Use Opt-in email marketing sources. … Use sponsored tweets. … Equip your presenters with easy to share content. … Show off the awesome topics and presentations at your event. … Provide a call-to-action. … Have fun.More items…•

How do you promote a live event?

The 10 Best Ways to Promote an Event OnlineCreate Content to Promote Your Event.Add Your Event to Your Email Signature.Use Email Lists to Your Advantage.Create a Unique Event Page.Promote Events on Facebook.Promote Events on LinkedIn.Promote Events on Instagram.Share Your Event on Snapchat.More items…

How do you advertise an academic conference?

Promote eventStandards. List your event. Logo & Text Description.Premium. List your event. Logo & Text Description. Banners (Extra Visibility) Email & Social Media Shots. Deadline reminders By Email.Featured. List your event. Logo & Text Description. Banners (Extra Visibility) Email & Social Media Shots.

How do you promote a function?

A 10-Point Checklist for Promoting FunctionsOptimise your website. … Add the downloadable booklet but make email mandatory. … Get your head around SEO, or hire an expert. … Target new audiences with Facebook ads. … Trial directory advertising. … Stay top of mind with regulars through email marketing.More items…•

Use Facebook Ads to Remarket to Prospects

Facebook custom audiences allow you to show ads to people who have already visited your website. This is called remarketing (also known as retarget…

Create A Highlight Reel from Prior Events

Video provides a unique opportunity to convey the energy and excitement of a live event. Great visuals and catchy audio are a potent combination th…

Harness The Power of Visual Testimonials

Do you have great comments in the exit surveys from previous events? Maybe you’ve interviewed attendees or speakers and captured statements of exci…

Empower Affiliates, Fans and Attendees With Shareable Assets

Make it easy to share your event. Provide a web page with branded downloadable resources that fit any platform.For attendees: Capitalize on their e…

Use Photos of Attendees in Social Updates

If you have a repeat event, leverage those fun photos you took at previous events. Even better, share user-generated content on your social account…

Create One Unified Hashtag For Use Across All Social Channels

This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many events skip this vital step. Create, use and market your event-specific ha…

Mention Your Event and Hashtag in All of Your Bios

Now that you’ve created your hashtag, don’t forget to add it to the Bio (About) section of each of your social accounts. An event hashtag in the Bi…

Share Pictures of Speakers With Quote Overlays

It’s almost impossible to overemphasize the importance of using visuals in your marketing. Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted explains, “In this fast-…

Create A Group Post Featuring Event Speakers

Odds are, you selected your event speakers because they’re thought leaders in their fields. What better way to highlight the caliber of talent at y…

Share Behind-The-Scenes Visual Content

A LOT of work goes into pulling off a fantastic event. Give a glimpse into this exciting and sometimes chaotic experience by sharing images and vid…

How to promote a Facebook event?

Promoting the event on your business Facebook page serves two purposes: 1 Followers who land on your business page for other reasons will learn about your event. 2 Followers who are invited to your Facebook event can invite their friends.

What is hashtag event?

Create an event hashtag. Hashtags are a great way for people to follow along with a certain event through a simple search on their social media networks. Hashtags can be used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so your participants can follow you wherever they hang out in the cyberworld.

What is a guest speaker?

Guest speakers are a crucial addition to many types of events, from conferences, to classes, to sporting events, and more. If you have guest speakers coming to your event, though, it’s possible that your audience doesn’t know who this person is or what they’re about.

Why do we use visuals in a lecture?

Using visuals during a lecture or speech helps people hone in on the key information and gives them something concrete to take note of.

Is it bad to have multiple pictures of your event?

Having multiple images to promote your event is never a bad idea. Variety keeps things interesting, and with guest speakers, it’s easy to create images featuring each person to share with your networks.

How to make a video for a conference?

Things to keep in mind when creating a video: 1 Remember your intended audience. Your video should convey the value of your event to prospective attendees. Make the benefits of attending crystal-clear. 2 Host on both YouTube and Vimeo. Each platform has different strengths, so take advantage of that. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world and the most used video platform on the Internet. Vimeo, though smaller, offers more control over your brand and no distracting banner advertisements. 3 Leverage it everywhere. Video can be shared almost everywhere: your website and/or event landing page, in your newsletter, in articles, with affiliates and on social media, including 15-second clips on Instagram. Click here to see how we used video on our Facebook event page. 4 Facebook loves video. Uploading native video maximizes your exposure in the news feed. In fact, Socialbakers reported that “Facebook videos achieved a 10 times higher viral reach than YouTube links did.” You can also set your video as Featured for maximum visibility on your Facebook page.

What is social media marketing society?

Want to gain more marketing confidence and accelerate your career? Is your mission to bring in more revenue, attract better leads, or increase exposure for your company or clients? The Social Media Marketing Society is the ultimate resource for marketers—a place where you can discover new marketing ideas, improve your results, get support, and become indispensable. Join thousands of your peers and receive ongoing training, support from pros, and access to a community of supportive marketers who understand your struggle.

What are some ideas for roundup posts?

Some ideas for roundup posts are marketing tips, favorite tools, blogging tips and marketing predictions. You can also do niche roundup posts such as Facebook advertising tips, Twitter tools, etc. A blog post featuring your event speakers doesn’t need to “sell” the event to be an effective marketing tool.

Why is remarketing important?

Remarketing can be a very effective strategy because people rarely buy the first time they hear of an event or see an offer. This is especially true for big-ticket items like conferences and conventions. If your event features well-known experts, include their likeness on your advertising assets.

What is custom audience on Facebook?

Facebook custom audiences allow you to show ads to people who have already visited your website. This is called remarketing (also known as retargeting ). Advertisers can show event ads to Facebook users who left the website before purchasing a ticket.

Why are third party statements important?

Also, having these third-party statements lends credibility because they provide positive word of mouth about your speakers, sessions and event. Bonus: Create a testimonial video. Video is an extremely effective medium to showcase the passion and enthusiasm your event inspires.

What should a video convey?

Your video should convey the value of your event to prospective attendees. Make the benefits of attending crystal-clear. Host on both YouTube and Vimeo. Each platform has different strengths, so take advantage of that. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world and the most used video platform on the Internet.

What is social media?

Social media is a great way of reaching out to more and more people. No matter the kind of event you are hosting, you can find a versatile range of audiences on social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. give you a great opportunity to promote your events and attract an impressive number of visitors.

Do guest speakers have a social media account?

In most cases, your guest speakers will already have a social media account and their own fan following. You can use this as an asset for promoting your events. You can either share the events by mentioning and tagging them or request them to post about the upcoming event on their accounts.

Can you use Facebook Event Page?

Use the Facebook Event Page. The Facebook Event Page may not be effective for massive events. However, if you are hosting a one-time event or if you are targeting a limited group of audience, you can use the Facebook Event Page to its maximum potential. Also, if your event deals in the sale and purchase of tickets, …

Can you use paid ads on Facebook?

While using paid social media ads, you have the ultimate control of where and how to launch the ad campaigns. Thus, you can easily capture the attention of your targeted audience. Also, paid ads are a great way to promote your events on Facebook. Since Facebook Event page limits your audience reach, you can add ads on Facebook to extend your reach …

How can social media help you in a conference?

Run well, and a social media campaign will generate interest from newcomers while offering an incentive to continue to take part for your more established clientèle. During a conference, it is the ideal tool for keeping visitors and speakers on track, by pointing out changes in schedules and generating reminders about keynote speeches and so on. Ultimately, it can help you to create a community where your conference is received positively by like-minded people who value the experience afforded them.

Why is social media important for conferences?

Part of the importance of using social media for a conference is to generate excitement. Promoting an event can be costly when you look at traditional print media, but digital marketing strategies often afford more ‘bang for the buck’. This is never more the case than with social media where shares and likes can get your programme of events noticed by more and more people at zero cost. Even if you pay for advertising via social media, the results can be cost-effective and highly focussed on your target groups.

Why do people like social media?

A lot of people like social media because it is where they can get news directly. When you have confirmed a speaker or a demonstration of something, announce it on social media. Potential visitors are more likely to attend if they can see the nuts and bolts of how the ‘show’ you are putting on is coming together. Flyers, newsletters and e-mail notifications still have their place, but social media announcements tend to create more buzz. Got something genuinely showstopping to announce? Make a teaser post a day or two before along the lines of, ‘We have a big announcement coming up soon. Watch this space.’

What is social media?

Social media is far and away one of the most effective marketing and promotion platforms on earth so it presents a perfect opportunity for you to put your conference details in front of the people who will want or need to see it.

Is planning a conference hard work?

Planning a conference is hard work, whether it be a physical or virtual conference, and if you don’t properly promote your conference, all that hard work will be a waste.

Can I live stream a conference?

All the major social media channels allow for live streaming. This is a great way to promote your conference and generate hype around your event . Here’s a list of top 14 virtual conference platforms that will allow you to live stream your conference and offer more features like virtual booths, lobbies and chat capabilities.

How to promote a conference?

Here’s an ultimate guide to promoting your conference, so that not only your attendees, but your speakers are eager to come back next year! 1. Nail down your audience . Just as you need to establish buyer personas to help hone your outreach to customers, you need to establish audience personas to help reach out to potential attendees. …

How to increase reach of conference?

Leverage sponsors and speakers to increase your conference’s online reach. If you’re working with sponsors, make sure you’re tagging them and thanking them publicly (on social media) when you post. The same is true of any speakers or influencers who will be participating in your conference.

What is a conference hashtag?

A conference hashtag. Hashtags are a must-have for conference promotion these days, especially since attendee social engagement remains high. According to data from Google, 66 percent of attendees engage in online activities during events, while 34 percent say they would specifically post about an event while attending.

How much of Eventbrite traffic comes from social media?

According to Eventbrite, more than 25 percent of all traffic to event registration forms comes from social media. So that means that you’ve got to create a solid social strategy to get your event in front of as many users as possible, from as early as possible before the conference, all the way through until it’s over.

What social media platforms are used for events?

Instagram and Twitter are among the most popular social platforms for events, so be sure to set up handles on each. Use more generic handles if possible that aren’t tied to a specific year or location—that way, you can use those same profiles next year to build buzz.

Does promotion end once registration closes?

Promotion shouldn’t end once registration closes. Even if your event is completely sold out, you want to continue to build buzz before, during, and afterward. This will help with promotion for next year, as buzzworthy events generate word-of-mouth promotion, and that kind of marketing is priceless.

Do conferences require financial investment?

Conferences, even smaller one-day ones, are major undertakings, and the stakes are high. Not only does hosting a conference require a good deal of financial investment, but your speakers expect an interested, attentive audience. What’s more, conference attendees are almost certain to post on their own social feeds about your event, …

How to promote a workshop?

21 Ways to promote your event or workshop. 1. Create a poster/picture with a pre-announcement of your event and post it on relevant social media platforms. The people who respond to this pre-announcement might be the ones who are really interested, or who are willing to share the event later on. 2.

Why is organizing an event important?

Organizing an event or workshop can be an exciting way to strengthen your relationship with current clients, establish new relationships and further develop yourself in your area of business. However, it is also a time consuming activity.

Do journalists promote events?

Journalists are not there to promote your event; however, they could be interested in an interview with you if your event is linked to a trend in your industry or to a trend in society in general. 11. Send an invite per email to all relevant people in your network. 12.


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