How to publish a paper in national conference


You can ask your peers or professors to review your paper. Next is to find the right place to publish it. You can start of with national level conferences, which often gets conducted in many universities. Then once you gain a level of confidence, you can proceed to international conferences and journals.


How can I publish my paper in the conference proceedings?

If you are interested to publish your paper in the conference proceedings, you need to take part in a conference related to your research area and present your paper. Maybe you could take part as either an oral or a virtual presenter. Then again better to check where the conference proceedings will be indexed.

Does a conference paper count as a scientific publication?

Conference paper is counted as scientific publication. But most of the educational institutions need a peer reviewed indexed journal publication for the promotion purpose. Conference abstract peer review system and journal system is totally different.

Can the author publish abstract of conference paper to another journal?

Abstract of conference papers can be published separately as Abstract book having ISBN and DOI. Can the author publish extended conference paper to another journal? No, if the conference paper published as a special issue in the journal then the extended conference paper can not be published in another journal.

Can an extended conference paper be published in another journal?

No, if the conference paper published as a special issue in the journal then the extended conference paper can not be published in another journal.


Can I publish paper in conference?

Yes, conference paper may be published in any journal if the data and methodology are same but the interpretation is different. If conference paper is published in conference proceedings as a full paper then you can not publish the that paper as copy paste style.

How do you present a paper in the National conference?

Here are a few tips that will make the process smoother for you:Write your paper with the audience in mind: A conference paper should be different from a journal article. … Adhere to time limits: Generally, paper presentation sessions at conferences are 20-30 minutes long, so prepare your material accordingly.More items…•

How do you get conferences to publish papers?

Web sourcesLook on the conference website or the organisation website to see if their conference proceedings have been published.The author(s) may publish their papers on their own website or on an institutional website or repository.

How much does it cost to publish conference proceedings?

If the event already passed (past conferences), $25 per article (or ₹1750/article) will be applicable with a minimum of $500 or ₹35000 which will cover up to 20 articles. The remaining articles will be calculated as a per-article fee.

How long is a 20 minute paper?

nine to ten pagelsA good rule of thumb: the proportion of pages to minutes is just a smidgen over one to two. In other words, a 20-minute presentation should be nine to ten pagels long, while a 15-minute presentation should be seven to eight pages long. No more than eight.

What is the difference between journal paper and conference paper?

The key difference between a journal and a conference paper is that a journal paper is a longer piece of writing which has a definite structure and is published in journals, whereas a conference paper is generally a short and a more precise paper that is presented at a conference.

Is journal or conference better?

A conference paper presentation gives you a platform to interact with people of the same field but journal publication is generally considered superior especially with a good impact factor.

How do I find conferences to present?

Selected Websites to Find Conferences to Covers over 100,000 conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, expos, and seminars in all disciplines.Conference Alerts. … Conference Listings. … Conference Road. … WikiCFP. … International Library Related Conferences.

How do I submit my IEEE conference paper?

Submit Your Article Click the Submit Your Manuscript button on the journal’s home page on IEEE Xplore. You will be taken to the journal’s online submission system, which will walk you through the submission process.

Is it free to publish in IEEE?

No, IEEE journals do not charge submission fees.

Is IEEE publication free?

IEEE Open Access delivers articles free of charge to readers worldwide. Learn about authorship and how to prepare, write, and submit quality technical articles.

Is it easy to publish paper in IEEE?

Originally Answered: Is it difficult to publish a paper in IEEE? Yes, it is indeed very difficult in view of the quality and waiting time ; there is a long queue of papers to be published after quality check.

How do you present in a conference?

11 Tips for presenting at a conferenceDon’t touch that slide deck just yet. … Build your presentation within time constraints. … Use visuals to illuminate, not obscure. … Aim for simplicity and consistency. … Know your research audience. … Rehearse your presentation. … Prepare, prepare, prepare. … Back up your backup.More items…•

How do you present a paper presentation?

Write a winning abstract to get your paper accepted into the conference.Specify your thesis.Identify your paper fills a gap in the current literature.Outline what you actually do in the paper.Point out your original contribution.Include a concluding sentence.

How do you start a conference presentation?

Presentation opening ideasShock the audience. … Ask the audience to “imagine” or think “what if”? … Start your presentation in the future or the past. … Quote someone or a proverb. … Tell a story or joke, or reference a historical event. … Share personal stories.

How do you present a research paper in a seminar?

DosBe brief and concise.Focus on the subject.Attract attention; indicate interesting details.If possible, use relevant visual illustrations (pictures, maps, charts graphs, etc.).Use bullet points or numbers to structure the text.Make clear statements about the essence/results of the topic/research.

What is conference paper?

Conference papers is something that happens to you, like an accident in fact. Conference papers are very lowly rated by examination committee that rule on promotion and other similar business. This is explained very clearly by The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide To Turning Your Ph.D. Into a Job: Karen Kelsky.

What can be done a day before a conference?

In such conferences there can be tutorials/workshops organized a day before the conference. There are some keynote speakers (few of them from other countries) who deliver their talks on each day of the conference during different sessions. Then there are paper presentations from the authors of accepted papers.

How to write a paper in IEEE?

Thanks for the A2A. The other answers have pretty much summed up the procedure for IEEE Conferences and Journals but I would like to point out a few things that might come in handy: 1 A paper in IEEE can be : 2 A conference paper 3 A Journal/Transaction paper 4 A Letter (Short Paper with relevant results only) 5 For Journal/Transaction/Letter you do not need to be present anywhere. You just submit your paper online and that’s it. The process includes going to the respective IEEE Journal’s page and finding the issue for which you want to submit. Sometimes, along with the regular issue of a journal there mi

What to do if you are rejected by a publication?

Even if you are ultimately rejected by your “target” publication, continue to re-write your research paper and submit it to other publications.

What is an author’s guide?

Most journals provide a document called “Instruction to Authors” or “Author’s Guide” that offers specific instructions about layout, type font, and length. This guide will also tell you how to submit your paper and will provide details of the review process.

What is special issue journal?

Special issues of journals are for a special occasion and carry almost all the benefit of a conference (focus, review by friends) and almost none of the disadvantages (paper is indexed by Thomson Reuters if the journal is indexed, as simple as that). Sponsored by

Why is it important to publish a research paper?

Publishing a research paper in a journal or conference is an important activity within the academic community. It allows you to network with other scholars and to further refine your ideasand research. Academic journals are probably the most common place for scholars to publish their research.

How to find conferences with open calls for papers?

1. Find conferences with open calls for papers. You can use websites, search engines, and professional organizations to search for conferences with open calls for papers. You can search by conference topic or by area of specialization, conference location, etc. Many organizations will specify on their websites exactly how to submit a paper …

How many words should a presentation proposal be?

Presentation proposals are similar to paper abstracts (i.e., 350 words or less), but each conference typically has unique requirements for its proposals. You should read all conference requirements for proposals before you begin writing your proposal.

Can you submit a proposal electronically?

You will probably be submitting your proposal electronically, so be sure that you submit any documents in the form required. If you are accepted to present at a conference, someone from the conference will probably contact you by email.

Can you use a script to present a research paper?

Depending on your field of study, you may use a script to help you present your research, or you may use visual aids like PowerPoint presentations or posters to help you present. You will need to design and practice your presentation ahead of time, making sure to stay within the time frame that the conference has allotted for your presentation.

Is it easier to submit a paper to a conference?

If you already know how to submit a paper for a conference, then you know that submitting papers to conferences is easier than you think, but accepting the amount of rejection you will more than likely face is the hard part. Nevertheless, you should assure yourself ahead of time that being accepted to present at just one conference is worth being …

What is a conference paper?

papers presented at minor conferences, workshops or seminars that are not regarded as having national significance. conference papers assessed only by an editorial board. conference papers accepted for presentation (and publication) on the basis of peer review of a submitted extract or abstract only.

Why is it important to present at a conference?

You can also network with colleagues in your research field. Presenting at conferences have the added benefit of personalising your work and providing a face and voice to it. You can use it to test how your work is received and use …

What is core conference ranking?

The CORE Conference Ranking provides assessments of major conferences in the computing disciplines. The rankings are managed by the CORE Executive Committee, with periodic rounds for submission of requests for addition or reranking of conferences. Decisions are made by academic committees based on objective data requested as part of the submission process.

How many periodicals are there on Ulrichsweb?

UlrichsWeb is an easy to search source of detailed information on more than 300,000 periodicals of all types: academic and scholarly journals, e-journals, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more. Ulrichsweb covers more than 900 subject areas.

What is an editorial article?

Editorial article normally includes summary and perspective of the conference held with a brief statement for publishing special issue. Conference organizers and editors are free to select their reviewers, but all reviewers must be suitably qualified experts in the field.

Can an extended paper be published in a journal?

However, If published as proceedings (edited volume) which is not in a journal then an extended paper can be published in most of the reputed journal with 30% additional work or as per their submission policy.

Do conference organizers publish special issues?

Conference organizers are invited to publish the special issue in AIJR journals for the rigorously peer-reviewed articles that were exhibited in their conference, symposium or workshop. Including papers in the special issue will depend on the quality of article, we will require reviewing report as well as the reviewer’s detail for each article.

Can an abstract be published separately?

Abstract of conference papers can be published separately as Abstract book having ISBN and DOI. Can the author publish extended conference paper to another journal? No, if the conference paper published as a special issue in the journal then the extended conference paper can not be published in another journal.

Can conference papers be published?

Conference papers can be published by the organizer as Abstract Book, Proceedings, and Special Issue. Basic difference and necessary detail with links of the above publication types can be found by clicking here. Detail for Publication of conference special issue in AIJR journals is given here.

Can papers be published in proceedings?

Otherwise, papers can be published in proceedings. Conference organizers can publish conference proceedings as well as special issue both so that all full-length papers can be included for publication based on their quality. Click here for more information on Conference publications.

What happens if plagiarism is detected in a research paper?

If plagiarism is detected in a research paper just before publication, the author will be given a chance to resubmit the paper after necessary modification as suggested by the editor. However, if the editor decides plagiarism is a major issue in the research paper, it will not be considered further for publication. D3.

What is B7 in a conference?

B7- Any participant reaching after the reporting time at the venue will not be considered for the presentation at the conference and not allowed to participate in the conference. B8- Any Activists are not allowed to register and attain the conference.

Does NRF publish email?

A6- NRF never publishes the author’s or co-author’s emails online. A7- NRF can’t add, modify or delete any author’s or co-author’s name inside the paper after the registration of the paper without the permission of all authors and co-authors present inside the paper. A8- NRF never publishes any unregistered paper.

Does NRF publish unregistered papers?

A8- NRF never publishes any unregistered paper. A9- NRF is not responsible for identifying the Original author or co-author of the paper. The person who submits the paper will be taken as the original author of the paper. A10- In any case if NRF receives the complaint about the originality of the author and it found to be true …

How to improve your chances of getting a research paper published?

It is likely you will go through several drafts before final submission of your research paper. Give a special effort to make your paper clear, engaging, and easy to follow. This will greatly increase your chances of being published.

Why is it important to publish a research paper?

It allows you to network with other scholars, get your name and work into circulation, and further refine your ideas and research.

How to prepare a manuscript for a journal?

Prepare your manuscript according to your chosen journal’s requirements. Format your research paper so it fits the guidelines for that publication. Most journals provide a document called “Instruction to Authors” or “Author’s Guide” that offers specific instructions about layout, type font, and length.

What should a research paper be edited for?

They should edit your paper for grammar, spelling errors, typos, clarity, and conciseness. They should also verify your content. Research papers need to present an issue that is significant and relevant. They should be clearly written, easy to follow, and appropriate for the intended audience.

How to write a good journal article?

1. Give your paper a clear vision. Good journal articles usually get straight to the point and remain there the whole way through. Establish what exactly your paper explores/investigates/accomplishes right from the start, and make sure that every subsequent paragraph builds on this vision.

Why do researchers publish their research articles in conferences?

Most of the researchers publish their research articles in conference because its a faster way of making the results available. At many places, papers published as conference proceedings are not considered during promotion, on the other hand, at few places it is counted as publications but with less credits.

What is an author publishing paper?

An author publishing a paper is assumed to submit a genuine paper, “not published before”. If title, author list and content differ, that is another paper. As about the data in scope of the paper, it can come from someone else’s paper and be reconsidered in the currenrt one, by avoiding plagiarism, of course.

How long does it take for a professor to submit a high impact finding?

If he submit to journal, at least he need to wait for 1 year until his finding can be available to public.

Is publication a legal term?

Publication is a legal means of authoring. But ANY means of publication, including oral, such as conferences, is a way of publishing your ideas. The point here is that some conferences are not indexed by ISI. Actually, in 1987, a conference proceedings volume was published by Elsevier.

Is a conference paper considered a scientific publication?

Conference paper is counted as scientific publication . But most of the educational institutions need a peer reviewed indexed journal publication for the promotion purpose. Conference abstract peer review system and journal system is totally different. Yours Sincerely.

Do conferences have their weight?

Because cost more and provide integration in the specific environment, YES, conferences should have their weight in estimating the scientific value of a work group. Of course, in a professional environment, plagiarized work and shallow research (recherche bidon in French) are identified more quickly also. Cite.

Is it sufficient to discuss conferences?

As everybody here knows, there are several kinds of conferences, and there should be a distinction made between them. Discussing ‘conferences’ in general is not sufficient. There are conferences in which the proceedings go directly to journal submission without a separate submission.


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