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Can conference proceedings be published?

Conference proceedings are published in-house by the organizing institution of the conference or via an academic publisher. For example, the Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer take much of their input from proceedings.

How much does it cost to publish conference proceedings?

If the event already passed (past conferences), $25 per article (or ₹1750/article) will be applicable with a minimum of $500 or ₹35000 which will cover up to 20 articles. The remaining articles will be calculated as a per-article fee.

How do you publish a conference paper?

How to Write a Conference Paper ProposalPropose a presentation that is unique, controversial, or treads new territory in your field.Review what your presentation will cover and address specifically.Address how your proposed presentation fits the theme and scope of the conference.More items…

Do published conference proceedings count as publications?

yes, it’s a publication. It is not exactly the same kind of publication as a journal publication, and depending on the field it may be viewed as less or more important than a journal publication, but it still counts as a publication.

Is IEEE publication free?

IEEE Open Access delivers articles free of charge to readers worldwide. Learn about authorship and how to prepare, write, and submit quality technical articles.

Is it free to publish in IEEE?

No, IEEE journals do not charge submission fees.

How much time does it take to publish a conference paper?

Depending on the particulars of production on both the conference side and the IEEE side, you should expect anywhere from a few weeks to six months.

How do I publish conference proceedings in IEEE Xplore?

Visit the IEEE SA site.Become a member of the IEEE SA.Find information on the IEEE Registration Authority.Obtain a MAC, OUI, or Ethernet address.Access the IEEE 802.11™ WLAN standard.Purchase standards.Get free select IEEE standards.Purchase standards subscriptions on IEEE Xplore®More items…

How can I submit my paper to IEEE?

The guideline of IEEE PAPERSteps : 1. go to. … Select your journal and click Go to article submission website.STEP 3 : IN THE MANUSCRIPT PAGE. create a new account or login to submit your paper. … There will be publication fees which varies on journals. … IEEE publication links.

Is it better to publish in a journal or conference?

A conference paper presentation gives you a platform to interact with people of the same field but journal publication is generally considered superior especially with a good impact factor.

Is conference proceedings a journal?

The key difference between journal and conference paper is that a journal article is a long piece of writing that is published in journals and periodicals, whereas a conference paper is a concise and precise written paper that is presented in research conferences.

Do conference proceedings have DOI?

The conference proceedings content type captures metadata about a single conference, such as date, acronym, and location. DOIs should be assigned to all papers associated with the conference, and a DOI may be assigned to the conference itself. Ongoing conferences published with an ISSN may be deposited as a series.

How much does the average conference cost?

How Much Does A Conference Cost? The short answer is about $1,000. In total, I’ve spent over $5,200 to attend the last four FinCon conferences, and it’s been worth every single penny. My advice – in general, I would budget at least $1,000 to attend a small business conference.

How much do conferences cost?

Estimate between $125 and $225 per person, per night.

Do you get paid for conference papers?

Think of it as paying for your attendance to the conference, that is, payment is required for everyone attending the conference, including those who present papers (except of course, the organizers and the invited speakers).

Why are conferences so expensive?

Typically the fees are to cover the facilities of the meeting including services attached to the venue. In addition there may be administrative costs for the conveners to be added to that. My experience says that everytime you let a professional conference center and staff organize a meeting it becomes very expensive.

Publish your Conference Proceedings with AIJR

AIJR is an internationally trusted & growing proceedings publisher. AIJR invites conference organizers to publish their Proceedings as an edited volume with ISSN, ISBN, and DOI through AIJR Proceedings series. Separate DOI for each conference paper.

Why Publish Proceedings with AIJR?

Many conferences end up publishing their conference proceedings as hard copies or CD which is not widely circulated. This restricts the ideas and views shared in the conferences as well as limits the benefit of participants.

Can My Conference Publish Proceedings?

Whether you are planning a small specialist workshop or organizing the largest international conference, contact us for appropriate conference publications. While contacting us, kindly add your detail, conference detail, conference objective, and scope.

AIJR Proceedings Visibility

AIJR offers Open Access publishing platform for conferences in all disciplines.

Book Reviews

Book reviews are an excellent way to make your first entrance into the academic publication world and are also legitimate additions to your CV. It’s a good idea to work on a book that will help you with your dissertation, your qualifying exams or a paper you plan to publish in the future.

Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings serve as important vehicles in scholarly communication. This writing can be an important addition to your CV if you are a graduate student and can help you gain experience in producing an article that is publication ready. Edited volumes that gather conference or workshop papers are also common.

Seminar Papers

Did you produce a seminar paper that got great feedback from your professor or that you would like to further develop? This might be an opportunity to turn it into a publication.

ORCID in Proceedings

Register for an individual ORCID iD and include it in the header of your proceedings paper.

Publisher’s Code of Conduct: Free Course

Take this free e-learning course on our Publisher’s Code of Conduct. A must-know for all Editors

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What are the criteria for a conference?

Conferences must fulfill the following criteria: Conferences must be focused on reporting academic research; Attendees and speakers must have an international background and primarily be from research institutes; Conferences must have an international committee composed of scholars in its research field;

What is required for a conference to have an international committee?

Conferences must have an international committee composed of scholars in its research field; Conferences must have a series of academic topics to be discussed and presented; At least one qualified review report should be collected for each conference’s abstracts/proceedings.

Does MDPI have a peer review process?

In order to ensure the published proceedings include high-quality scientific work that is of long-term interest and benefit to the scientific community, the journal requires conference organizers to commit to undertaking an appropriate peer review process before paper acceptance and provide proof of the peer review process. Otherwise, MDPI also operates a conference platform, Sciforum, which provides access to the tools for managing the review process and revision of conference submissions (abstracts and papers).

Do authors and editors agree to comply with our ethical policy?

Authors and editors agree to comply with our ethical policy. Reviewers shall give an overall recommendation for each paper and supply comments to support their recommendation. Editors and organizers shall only accept papers for publication where there is clear support from the reviewers.

What is a conference paper?

papers presented at minor conferences, workshops or seminars that are not regarded as having national significance. conference papers assessed only by an editorial board. conference papers accepted for presentation (and publication) on the basis of peer review of a submitted extract or abstract only.

Why is it important to present at a conference?

You can also network with colleagues in your research field. Presenting at conferences have the added benefit of personalising your work and providing a face and voice to it. You can use it to test how your work is received and use …

What is PubsHub?

PubsHub : Journals & Congresses is a database of submission criteria for peer-reviewed medical journals and congresses. The database contains information on nearly 6,000 medical journals and congresses. It gives users the ability to quickly evaluate, compare and analyse relevant journals and congresses submission and placement criteria, making it easier to find the most appropriate journal or congress.

How many periodicals are there on Ulrichsweb?

UlrichsWeb is an easy to search source of detailed information on more than 300,000 periodicals of all types: academic and scholarly journals, e-journals, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more. Ulrichsweb covers more than 900 subject areas.

What is core conference ranking?

The CORE Conference Ranking provides assessments of major conferences in the computing disciplines. The rankings are managed by the CORE Executive Committee, with periodic rounds for submission of requests for addition or reranking of conferences. Decisions are made by academic committees based on objective data requested as part of the submission process.


A conference proceeding is the published record of a conference, congress, symposium, or other meeting sponsored by a society or association, usually but not necessarily including abstracts or reports of papers presented by the participants. When the entire text of the papers presented is included, the result is called transactions.

Reasons to Use

Conference proceeding are a way to engage with leading edge research prior to official journal publication. They may include: findings, innovations, best practices, or new methodology (especially in science & engineering)

Can you publish a conference presentation as an article?

Coming back to the original question: Provided the new submission passes the tests of legality, ethics and value, it is perfectly fine to publish a conference presentation as an article.

Do academic conferences have proceedings?

Many academic conferences nowadays have their proceedings published, even if the ‘proceedings’ only exist as a .pdf file that lives briefly online at the conference website. When this happens, copyright of the papers that are included in the proceedings normally passes from the author (s) to the conference organisers.

Do conference papers have to be shorter than journal articles?

At minimum, the text will have to be adjusted to meet the needs of the journal’s readership, and any changes that highlight different aspects of the study may be of scholarly value. Another thing to remember is that conference papers tend to be shorter and more focused than journal articles.


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