How to request video conference call


If you would like to show video footage, evidence or discovery to your client during a scheduled VTC session, you must request permission at least 48 hours in advance of your session, by sending an email to The videos being shown must pertain to the client’s court case.


How do I initiate a video call?

When you’re in video you can manage your video call by tapping the following icons:

  • Mute icon to mute and unmute the call.
  • Hold icon to put the call on hold, and then tap the Hold icon again to resume the call.
  • Speaker icon to turn the speaker phone on and off.
  • End call icon to end the entire conversation including any audio, video, and IM.

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How do I connect to a video conference?

The following is a brief overview of how Video & TV Cast works:

  • Install the Video & TV Cast application on your phone.
  • Connect your phone and your Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Use any video call application, such as Skype, WhatsApp Call, Zoom, etc.
  • Hold down the ‘Tap Here to Cast’ button.
  • Your video call will be mirrored on your TV.

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How do I schedule a video conference?

  • Topic : Enter a topic or name for your meeting.
  • Date & Time : Start: Select a date and time for your meeting, but remember you can start your meeting at any time before the scheduled time. …
  • Meeting ID Generate Automatically: Generate a random unique meeting ID. …
  • Security Passcode: Enter a meeting passcode. …

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How do I set up conference calling?

Set up a three-way conference call: Dial the number of the first person; Ask them to hold, then press R on your phone’s keypad; Wait for the dial tone, then dial the second person’s number; Once they’ve answered, press the R key again, then press 3; Now all three of you can speak together; End a three-way conference call:


How can I get video conferencing?

Video conferencing isn’t just for meeting rooms….How to set up video conferencing with just a laptopSend a meeting invite with an embedded video link.Click on the link when it’s time for your virtual meeting.Join the conference call, share your screen and enjoy the benefit of face-to-face communication.

How do you do a conference call on a video call?

Make a group video call from an individual chatOpen the WhatsApp chat with one of the contacts you want to video call.Tap Video call .Once the contact accepts the call, tap Open > Add participant.Find another contact you want to add to the call, then tap ADD.Tap Add participant if you want to add more contacts.

How do I set up a conference call?

How to start a conference callDial the first person and wait for the call to connect.Tap add call .Dial the second person, and wait for the call to connect.Tap merge calls .The two calls merge into a conference call. To add additional people, repeat steps 2-4.

Which app is best for video conferencing?

The Best Video Meeting Apps for TeamsZoom. Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing solutions for businesses. … Skype for Business. Microsoft’s popular Skype service is augmented as an enterprise-ready video conferencing tool. … Slack. … BigBlueButton. … BlueJeans. … Whereby. … GoToMeeting. … Cisco WebEx.More items…

Is video call free?

Google Meet’s free plan allows anyone with a Google account to create or join a meeting, invite up to 100 participants, and video chat with them for 60 minutes per meeting for free.

How do I set up a free conference call?

Start Conferencing TodayGet a Free Account. Create a account using your email and password. … Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. … Participate in a Conference Call. … Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

What is the best free conference call service?

The 6 Best Free Conference Call Services in is the most popular international conference call services provider available in 2022. … Zoom. … Skype. … Google Hangouts. … UberConference. …

Does free conference call cost money? Has Been Totally Free For 21 years. It is our mission to make sure everyone, everywhere has access to free, world-class audio and video communications.

How do I set up a free conference call?

Start Conferencing TodayGet a Free Account. Create a account using your email and password. … Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. … Participate in a Conference Call. … Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

What is the difference between an audio conferencing and video conferencing?

As the name suggests, audio conferencing is a conference in which participants are only able to hear each other’s voice. On the other hand, video conferencing has both audio and video. This allows the participants to see each other while communicating.

How to make a video conference call on Skype?

Clicking it will create your conference call list. Click the “Video Call” button. It’s the video camera-shaped button at the top of the Skype window. This will prompt Skype to call everyone in the call list; once your contacts are connected, you’ll be able to proceed with your video conference.

What is the easiest way to video conference?

Skype and Google Hangouts are definitely two of the easiest ways to video conference, and we’ll walk you through how to use either one. The exact process for hosting a video conference will be a little different depending on whether you’re on your phone or a computer, but either way we’ve got you covered!

How to chat with a contact on a phone?

Tap a contact’s name. This will open a chat with them. You can also tap the clock-shaped Recent tab and then tap + in the top-right (iPhone) or bottom-right (Android) corner of the screen to start a new chat. …

How many people can be on a conference call?

Each contact’s name that you tap will be added to the conference call. You can have up to 25 people in a conference call.

Where is the video camera button on Skype?

It’s the video camera-shaped button at the top of the Skype window. This will prompt Skype to call everyone in the call list; once your contacts are connected, you’ll be able to proceed with your video conference.

Why use video?

Video helps businesses and organizations achieve more together by enhancing employees’ ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with colleagues and clients, regardless of location.

Features always included with Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings combines ease of use with powerful features to help you communicate, share, discuss, plan, collaborate, and do more with others. Free conference calls are just one of many features and capabilities available on our free Zoom Basic plan.

Go Pro & get even more

With Pro, group meetings can last up to 30 hours so you can discuss and collaborate for longer, without interruption.

Online Video Conference with the Look of Simplicity

First, download and launch the app If you’re looking at the Meeting Dashboard, you’re already at the home stretch. This feature enables free video conferencing with up to 1,000 participants.


A video conference connects two or more participants on a single call where participants can exchange their video feed while communicating over audio.

Call and Email Support

There are lots of ways to get answers. Watch tutorials to learn more or sign up for a live training .

Record your call and save it for later review

Focus and engage in your online meeting without any distractions. Record your call for later reviews and note taking. We store your recording for up to 30 days.

Blur your background before entering the call

On the go or just didn’t have time to prepare for your video meeting, simply turn on the background blur feature and worry less.

Share your screen whenever necessary

Easily share presentations, work materials or designs in your conference call. Collaborate and review your work in the chat.

Use on any device with Skype app

Our unique link will open your installed Skype app on any device. Even if you’re not signed in, you can join the video call as a visitor – no account is needed.

Try Skype on the web

If you don’t have the Skype app, we will open the Skype web client. No download required. Currently supported on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Set my dial-in conferencing PIN

You must use your dial-in conferencing PIN if you plan to join as the conference call leader. As a conference call participant, you can also use your dial-in PIN and work number to be admitted to secure meetings—that is, meetings limited to identified participants— without waiting in the lobby. To set or change your dial-in PIN, do the following:

Join as a participant

For most Lync conference calls, joining is as simple as dialing the number and recording your name. Once you are connected to the call, you can mute your line or hear a list of people on the call by using DTMF commands. DTMF commands are touch-tone codes entered on your phone’s keypad.

Join as the conference call leader

In addition to the dial-in number and conference ID, you must set and make a note of your dial-in PIN in order to join a conference call as the leader. Once you are connected to the call, you can manage meeting audio and other options by using DTMF commands.

What time does a DOC VTC session start?

DOC uses Microsoft Teams exclusively for video teleconferencing. VTC sessions can be conducted Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm. You are expected to arrive promptly for your VTC session. If you arrive late, you are only entitled to the remaining time in your session.

Can a video conference be terminated?

A video teleconference will be terminated immediately if any of the offences listed below are observed during the session. If a DOC staff person observes the violation, the video teleconferencing privileges of the incarcerated individual and/or the professional will be suspended according to DOC’s policies, protocols, and inmate rules and regulations.

Do you have to show up on video when you start your job?

First, it’s important to understand and perhaps be sympathetic to employees who don’t want to be on video. Yes, when they started their jobs, most employees implicitly agreed to show up in their workplace and be seen in meetings. However, they didn’t agree to give colleagues a daily view into their sanctum sanctorum.

Can you turn on your video camera in a meeting?

But it can be fixed. You can get people to turn on their video cameras in online meetings. In general, people should feel like they have a reason to be on camera and they want to do so, rather than simply being told they should do it.

Do all meetings need a visual component?

As an additional caveat, even though videoconferencing is easily available with the push of a button today, not all meetings need to have a visual component. Only using audio is fine in a lot of scenarios, especially between two people. Video might provide a richer call, but it might also be unnecessary.

Can you leave your camera on in an online meeting?

If people start with their cameras on, they’re more likely to leave them on and vice versa. To this end, enabling a preference for attendees to use video at the start of the meeting can prompt more cameras to start up and stay on as things kick off.

Can you view a video meeting on a 6-inch screen?

When attendees use phones to join a meeting, it can lead to weird angles and distraction as they move around. It’s also not very helpful as an attendee to view a video meeting on a 6-inch screen; devices with larger screens lead to better experiences on video calls.


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