How to reserve a conference room in office 365


Outlook Use Conference Room Mailboxes

  1. Open Outlook on your computer.
  2. On the Home tab, choose New Items > Meeting.Or, from your Calendar, just select New Meeting.
  3. In the To field, type the name of the conference room or equipment you want to reserve, in addition to any attendees…
  4. In the Subject line, type the purpose of the reservation or meeting.
  5. When finished, select Send.

On the Home tab, choose New Items > Meeting. Or, from your Calendar, just select New Meeting. In the To field, type the name of the conference room or equipment you want to reserve, in addition to any attendees you’d like to invite.May 18, 2022


How do I Reserve a conference room in outlook?

Open Outlook on your computer. On the Home tab, choose New Items > Meeting. Or, from your Calendar, just select New Meeting. In the To field, type the name of the conference room or equipment you want to reserve, in addition to any attendees you’d like to invite.

What meeting room information should I gather before configuring Office 365 resources?

We recommend gathering all meeting room information such as name, email address, capacity, and location, prior to configuring the Microsoft Office 365 Calendar resources. All meeting rooms in an organization are known as resources in Office 365. Follow the instructions below to configure all resources available in your company:

How do I add a meeting room in Outlook 2016 for Mac?

When scheduling a meeting with Outlook 2016 for Mac, particularly a meeting where attendees will attend in person, you’ll need to include a meeting room in the invitation. If you know the name of the meeting room, you can enter that name directly in the Location field.

How do I view a room or equipment request in outlook?

Open Outlook and create a new meeting. Add the room or equipment to the meeting as if it were a person and select Scheduling Assistant to see a live calendar view of the room or equipment’s availability. If the hour slot is clear, it’s available; if it’s blue, it’s reserved. How do you cancel a room or equipment request?


How do I manage conference rooms in Outlook?

Outlook Web App (OWA)Click Calendar on the left side of the window.Click Share > Add Calendar… at the top of the window.Enter the name of the room resource for which you are a delegate and click OK.Select the resource from the list of search results. Then click OK.

How do I add a conference room in Outlook calendar?

How add a room list to Outlook Calendar 2020 – Step by step guideOpen up Outlook and click the calendar icon located in the bottom left-hand corner.On the top ribbon, click Open Calendar.From the drop-down, select From Room Lists.Now the list of rooms will be shown.More items…

How do I book a meeting room in my calendar?

Add a roomOn your computer, open Google Calendar.Create a new event or open an existing one.If you are editing an existing event, click Edit event .If your account is part of an organization with Rooms, click Rooms. Based on who you invite, you can choose from suggested rooms or search for a new one. … Click Save.

How do I reserve a conference room in Outlook 2016?

Office 365 (Outlook 2016) – Reserving a RoomClick the Calendar in the bottom-left corner of the window (if necessary). … Click New Meeting in the “Home” tab on the ribbon.Click the Rooms… … Find the room you wish to reserve, select it, and click OK.More items…•

How do I add a room to my office 365 Calendar?

Login to your Microsoft office 365 account.Click on the top left menu icon to.Select All apps -> Admin -> Show All -> Resources -> Rooms & Equipment. … Select Add resource to create a new resource calendar to open the UI to add core info.Add your info and click on the [Save] button at the end.

How do I change availability in Outlook 365?

Click on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.Click on the status drop down menu below your email address. Note: You can also remove your status by clicking ‘Sign out of IM’.Select your current availability.

How do I check if a conference room is available in Outlook?

Check the available room for a meetingStart Outlook. … Choose the Scheduling Assistant option.Go to Room Finder and use the drop-down of ‘Show a room list. … There is a Suggested Times pane where you can see the best-suited time for the meeting when most of the attendees are available.More items…•

How do I add a room to my Outlook room?

Outlook Web AppStep 1: Click on “add room”Step 2: Choose an office.Step 3: Choose a meeting room.Step 4: Add people and check the availability schedule.Step 1: Enable room finder by opening a new meeting.Step 2: Select a room list.Step 4: Choose a meeting room.Step 5: Choose a subject and add other attendees.

How do I add a meeting room in Outlook 2010?

Click on the button at the bottom left of the meeting window. 5. From there select the desired meeting room (See page 6 for the 1800 Grant Conference Room Naming Guide) by double clicking on it or by selecting . Then click .

How do I add rooms to Outlook room Finder?

Room mailboxes You can create a room mailbox using the Exchange Admin Center. Just expand Recipients and click on Resources. Then, click Add a resource.

How to send a meeting invite in Outlook?

On the Home tab, click Meeting. In the To box, enter the names of people or resources to include for the meeting. In the Subject box, enter a description of the meeting. Click Room Finder to select a room. Enter the details about the event. When you complete your invitation, on the Organizer Meeting tab, click Send.

Can you add a meeting room in Outlook 2016?

If you know the name of the meeting room, you can enter that name directly in the Location field. If you don’t know the name, or if you’re scheduling a meeting in a location …

How to contact TCS about room reservation?

If you are looking for help in setting up a room and equipment reservation system, contact TCS at 336.804.8449 or submit a request form.

What is room mailbox?

Room mailboxes let you manage fixed locations such as meeting rooms. Equipment mailboxes are for resources that are not tied to specific locations but need to be reserved. The way the two work is almost the same. The difference is the type of data describing them. A room can have a location, phone number, and capacity.

What is Outlook meeting scheduling?

A user schedules a meeting in the Outlook calendar. Each resource has a calendar of its own. If the request specifies a location with a resource mailbox, an email message automatically goes to the mailbox. The meeting organizer does not need to know that a mailbox exists for the room, only that the request will be processed.

Is scheduling rooms and equipment necessary?

Scheduling the use of rooms and equipment is a necessary function of any business. Managing reservations by hand is tedious, and Office 365 has a better way. Resource mailboxes represent places or things that can be reserved, so employees can request them by merely adding them to an Outlook meeting.

Can you have more than one administrator for a resource?

If there are more complicated conditions on reservations, a delegate can be put in charge of the mailbox. The organizer will get a notification when the administrator approves or rejects the request. There can be more than one administrator for a resource so that a backup is available when the primary manager is away.

Do you need a separate reservation system in Outlook?

There is no need for a separate reservation system that could fall out of sync with Outlook calendars. Managers and employees all check the same place to determine whether they can reserve a room, a projector, or a car for a given time period. Inadvertent double booking will not happen.

Can a resource mailbox have a specific user?

It can have the ability if applicable; for instance, a car can carry a certain number of people. They are like a personal inbox, but these mailboxes are not associated with a specific user. A resource mailbox can operate automatically, or it can have one or more delegates assigned to it.


When an Office 365 user tries to schedule a meeting in a room that’s already reserved for another meeting, the Calendar Attendant doesn’t automatically decline the conflicting meeting request.


This issue occurs if the AllRequestOutOfPolicy property of the room mailbox is set to True. This causes the room mailbox to ignore conflicting meeting requests.


To resolve this issue, set the AllRequestOutOfPolicy property of the room mailbox to False. To do this, follow these steps:

How to schedule a resource in Office 365?

To configure Office 365 resource scheduling permissions, follow the instructions below: Sign in to Office 365 with your booking account credentials. Go to the Office 365 Calendar, click your name in the top right corner, and select Open another mailbox from the drop-down list. Enter in the resource name, and click Open.

Can a room schedule board card be authenticated?

This is required as the default card template can only be authenticated using a booking account with admin privileges.

Does Office 365 require global permissions?

Microsoft Office 365 requires global administrator level permissions for a service account to handle room booking and check-in across an organization. However, if you do not wish to use global permissions, you may now configure the booking functionality using a user account, with access to book only rooms that have been delegated to …


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