How to review abstracts for conferences


The SPIE submission and review system allows you to review abstracts and manuscripts submitted to your conference. Conference chairs and assigned reviewers can access and review submissions via their account at Chairs are responsible for reviewing all abstracts submitted to the conference.

Abstract Review Guidelines
  1. Is the question or issue clearly stated?
  2. Is the significance of the work clearly stated? …
  3. If relevant, are the method, data collection, and analysis procedures well-designed and appropriate to the question addressed?
  4. Is the conceptual framework coherent? …
  5. Is the work original?


Should study results be included in conference abstracts of unpublished studies?

While identifying and cataloging unpublished studies from conference proceedings is generally recognized as a good practice during systematic reviews, controversy remains whether to include study results that are reported in conference abstracts. Existing guidelines provide conflicting recommendations.

What are the guidelines for abstract selection for conferences worldwide?

There are no specific guidelines for abstract selection for conferences worldwide. But the following points should be taken into consideration while preparing an abstract for a conference: 1. State of Completion: The abstract must show substantial results indicating that the work has been, or is nearly completed.

How do I write a conference abstract?

Writing a conference abstract is challenging since it is a limited-length text that needs to appeal to all the different groups of people involved in the conference. In addition, each group has somewhat other interests. The main groups are the conference organizers, reviewers, and conference attendees.

What is the relevance of an abstract in a research paper?

The relevance of the Abstract to meet up with the scope and direction of the conference. Because each conference organizing committee has their own criteria already set before requesting for Abstract submission but generally abstract don’t usually determine the novelty of the full chapter/paper.


How do you assess an abstract?

Criteria for abstract assessment:Correctly written English. … Formulation of the work’s aim. … Introduction background and context of the work. … Methodology used. … Consistency of the results; … Relevance and suitability of the conclusions, according to the work submitted. … Impact of the research work.

Do conferences accept all abstracts?

Some conferences don’t even receive as many abstracts as they have presentation slots. But even then, they’re more likely to re-arrange their programme than to accept a poor quality abstract. And you can’t take it for granted that your abstract won’t face much competition.

How do you prepare an abstract for a conference?

Here are the main points that you need to include.Title. The title needs to grab people’s attention. … Problem Statement. You should state the specific problem that you are trying to solve.Purpose. … Methods. … Do Your Research on the Conference. … Select Your Keywords Carefully. … Be Concise. … Use Example Abstracts as a Guide.More items…

How should systematic reviewers handle conference abstracts?

Main body. The main argument for including conference abstracts in systematic reviews is that abstracts with positive results are preferentially published, and published sooner, as full-length articles compared with other abstracts.

Is it OK to submit the same abstract to two conferences?

Conference planners and directors have the right to insist that submitted abstracts not be sent to multiple conferences. Presumably, the rule of exclusive submission insures that the abstract material will not have been presented elsewhere such that attendees will find value in learning it.

Can I reuse abstracts?

This depends very much on who holds the copyright to the published work you’re copying. Some publishers may give you the right to reuse the text however you see fit. Others may not be so liberal. But in general, the longer the snippet you want to reuse, the worse the idea it is.

Are conference abstracts peer reviewed?

However, while abstracts submitted to conferences are reviewed by a scientific committee for suitability and interest to the audience prior to acceptance, it is important to note that they are not considered peer-reviewed as they are not subject to the same rigorous peer-review process as are journal articles.

What should I include in abstract?

The Contents of an Abstractthe context or background information for your research; the general topic under study; the specific topic of your research.the central questions or statement of the problem your research addresses.what’s already known about this question, what previous research has done or shown.More items…

How do you write a conference abstract without results?

Guidelines and Tips for Writing an Abstract without ResultsBackground: Give general information about your topic. … Purpose: Describe the general problem that your research aims to explore. … Focus: Explain what you intend to do to solve the problem.

Are conference abstracts considered publications?

Abstracts of various research papers form the proceedings of various conferences, but these are not considered as publications in real sense.

Can you present a systematic review at a conference?

Presentations at conferences are often first indicators that research is being undertaken in a particular field. For systematic reviews, these can be valuable pointers to new research and experts in the field. Some conferences publish the full-text of papers presented. Others publish just the abstracts.

Does PubMed include conference abstracts?

Not every database includes conference abstracts, so if you are only searching PubMed you will not find them, as PubMed does not typically index conferences (including conference papers, posters, presentations, etc.).

What does it mean to have an abstract accepted at a conference?

The abstract submission is mostly just to verify that your proposed presentation is on-topic for the conference and that you are not a raving lunatic, and to help the organizers estimate how much space is needed and to group related talks together.

Can I submit paper abstract to conference?

1. You can submit your conference abstract to the society and submit the full-fledged paper to an SCI journal around the same time. However, it is best inform the editor about this and ask whether it is fine to publish the abstract as part of the conference proceedings.

What does it mean to submit an abstract for a conference?

By Albrecht Sonntag. Categories: Conferences. An abstract is a brief summary of the paper you want to present at an academic conference, but actually it’s much more than that. It does not only say something about the paper you are proposing, but also a lot about yourself.

What happens when you submit an abstract?

An abstract is a short statement that gives the reader a comprehensive yet concise understanding of your work. Your work could be research, such as a study or clinical trial, or a new or unique service, programme, theory or resource.

What should be taken into consideration when preparing an abstract for a conference?

But the following points should be taken into consideration while preparing an abstract for a conference: 1. State of Completion: The abstract must show substantial results indicating that the work has been, or is nearly completed. 2.

What are the guidelines for abstract selection?

There are no specific guidelines for abstract selection for conferences worldwide. But the following points should be taken into consideration while preparing an abstract for a conference: 1. State of Completion: The abstract must show substantial results indicating that the work has been, or is nearly completed.

Why is it so hard to use abstracts in a paper?

Because each conference organizing committee has their own criteria already set before requesting for Abstract submission but generally abstract don’t usually determine the novelty of the full chapter/paper. It is very difficult to use abstract to judge the quality of the paper. Thanks. Cite.

How many reviewers does a scientific committee send?

When the committee members receive the abstract they sent it to 2 or 3 reviewers to evaluate the submitted abstract according to the defined criteria. Sometimes, the scientific committee evaluates the abstract and sends the accepted full papers to review.

Do we publish abstracts in the journal of epidemiology?

Yes Sir. We are planning to publish our abstracts in International Journal of Epidemiology and we have to give the scholarships for the best abstracts presenting authors. That’s why we are planning to make a proper rule for selection of abstracts.

Does the University of Tripoli have a uniform system for the evaluation of abstracts?

University of Tripoli. Actually, there is no uniform system for the evaluation of an abstract to be accepted in a conference, howevere, the variation is mainly depending on the conference quality and also for the organizing or scientific committe. Some conferences have external referees and others have only internal or local referees.

Does Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences grade abstracts?

Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences. Most of the conferences from India do not grade the abstract. Instead they place less important ones in the poster sections. conferences only review abstracts when there is a possibility of those abstracts getting published in a journal as it remains journals criteria. Cite.

Select the right organization and conference

Most nursing organizations host an annual conference; many organizations also host regional and local conferences. You may be able to submit the same abstract to more than one conference, but read the abstract guidelines to be sure.

Prepare to write your abstract

An important step—one that is often overlooked—is seeking mentorship in abstract writing. If you do not have a mentor, now is the time to reach out to potential mentors and ask for guidance.

Write your abstract

Here are our step-by-step recommendations for writing the abstract itself:

Add learning objectives (if possible)

Abstract guidelines may request the provision of learning objectives for the audience. Words used in the objectives may be in addition to the maximum word count for the abstract itself.

Go from how to WOW

In this article, we have shown you how to improve your chance for success in preparing and submitting your conference abstract. With the proper time, care, and attention, you can wow the reviewers and earn a place as a presenter at the conference of your choice.


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What is the purpose of a conference abstract?

The purpose of a conference abstract is to summarize the main points of your paper that you will present in the academic conference.

What is the purpose of abstract?

Purpose. The abstract needs to illustrate the purpose of your work. This is the point that will help the conference organizer determine whether or not to include your paper in a conference session.

What is the importance of title in a conference paper?

Title. The title needs to grab people’s attention. Most importantly, it needs to state your topic clearly and develop interest. This will give organizers an idea of how your paper fits the focus of the conference.

Why are academic conferences important?

Academic conferences are an important part of graduate work. They offer researchers an opportunity to present their work and network with other researchers. So, how does a researcher get invited to present their work at an academic conference? The first step is to write and submit an abstract of your research paper.

How many words should be in an abstract?

An important part of keeping your focus is knowing the word limit for the abstract. Most word limits are around 250-300 words. So, be concise.

What do you need to convince conference organizers?

In it, you need to convince conference organizers that you have something important and valuable to add to the conference. Therefore, it needs to be focused and clear in explaining your topic and the main points of research that you will share with the audience.

What does “Judge” mean in a review?

The Judge option means to effectively Accept or Reject an Abstract, based on the various reviews. To leave a comment, as a Reviewer, scroll down the page and click on Review on the right. Give a Rating in number for each question, defined in advance by the event manager.

Can judges reject abstracts?

Judges can decide to Accept or Reject Abstracts based on the reviews available. As a Judge, at the bottom of the reviewing area page, you can select: – The option corresponding to your decision, for example Accept , – The track the Abstract will be accepted in, – The type, for example Oral.

What is the abstract of the project “Falls in Older Adults”?

The abstract highlights the issue of falls in older adults. However, clarification of the problem leading to the need to do this project would be helpful. Further background information on previous work and the gaps in that work would also assist to justify the need for this project.

Do reviewers comment before scoring?

 Some reviewers comment before scoring; others after.  Reviewers check their consistency in a variety of ways – some rate the abstracts at 2 sittings independently, then compare scores.

Is it difficult to interpret the results of a data collection?

Results of the data collected are described, however, it is difficult to interpret the results as they do not clearly link to the methods section. Clearly linking methods and results would help the reader make this connection.


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