How to run a model un conference


What you might think: This should seem simple enough. To have a Model UN conference, you need committees – and for committees to run, they need rooms. Then you’ve got your Opening and Closing Ceremonies, your social events, and so on.

  1. Step 1: Make sure each Committee has a Bureau.
  2. Step 2: Review the Programme of Work.
  3. Step 3: Allot time for expert session.
  4. Step 4: Schedule time for the review of progress.
  5. Step 5: Assign facilitators.
  6. Step 6: Draft resolution should be tabled and distributed.


What is the United Nations Guide to Model UN?

Also, check out our new publication United Nations Guide to Model UN, the UN’s first guide on how to participate in or host an authentic simulation of the United Nations, for tips, context and information for your future Model UN conferences.

How do I host a Model UN Conference?

The key is to have a session with your team to go over how to improve for the next conference. Hosting a Model UN conference will involve time and effort on the part of your Model UN team and your high school or university but it is a great opportunity to create something to bring impact that can last.

How do I organize a simulation conference?

This entails choosing a Chair to lead the team that will organize the conference; setting up a Steering Committee or group of Committees that will get the ball rolling until the leaders of the simulation are chosen. Here are the examples of the type of Committees you might set up:

How are delegations organized in Model UN simulations?

In many Model UN simulations, schools send teams of delegates that work together. In these cases, a country and topic is assigned to a team of students who attend the same school. An alternate way of organizing delegations that takes more work but is more rewarding, is to put together delegations comprised of students from different locations.


How do I start a Model UN meeting?

The debate cycle is roughly as follows:Pick a topic and style of debate.Assign each student a country.Research the country.Research the issue.Explore the country+issue position.Research, Research, Research.Write a policy statement.Create an opening speech.More items…•

What do you do at a Model UN conference?

Model UN educates students about current events, international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. Along with knowledge of the world we live in, participants develop skills in public speaking and presentation, persuasion, analysis of situations, research and critical thinking.

How do you run a Model UN simulation?

10:3358:33How to Run Virtual Model United Nations Conferences & Simulations …YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou want to assign each delegate a country that they’ll be representing in advance. And a key thingMoreYou want to assign each delegate a country that they’ll be representing in advance. And a key thing is you want to send an introductory. Email to all of the students that will be participating.

How do you run the MUN club?

How to Run a Model U.N. Club in High SchoolEncourage new delegates, and become their teacher. … Give lectures on specific topics; create a study guide for your students. … Create study groups before every conference. … Organize practice simulations. … Interested in learning more about MUN leadership?

Is MUN difficult?

MUN can be difficult if you don’t do your research or you absolutely hate public speaking. It also is quite awful if no one has ever briefed you on parliamentary procedure, although if you pay attention in a committee session you can get the gist of it quickly since it’s repetitive.

Are MUN certificate valuable?

None really, it’s more of a consolation prize than anything. Its like saying “hey you didn’t gavel or win any other award so we’re going to give this to everyone who showed up.” Originally Answered: What is the importance of MUN (model united nations) certificate?

How do I prepare for a MUN conference?

Read the Study GuideGeneral background about the topic.Current issues relating to the topic.Relevant numbers and data (in good guides at least)Information about your UN committee.Block positions (not in every guide)Guiding questions (not in every guide)Further reading (not in every guide)

Which is the best committee in MUN?

The most famous specialized committee is the United Nations Security Council. It is the most notable with 15 members, among them the P5 who has veto power.

Are Muns worth it?

MUN Conference are a great experience to not only develop skills, but make contacts with various people across the globe. I would really suggest you take this opportunity as it helps you get diplomatic skills, understand global issues, debate with people, and overall meet people and go out with people you’ve just met.

How much does Model UN cost?

Participant Fee – $115 per person A participant fee is charged for each student or teacher/chaperone who attends the conference.

What does a Model UN club do?

At a MUN conference, students work as the representative of a country, organization, or person, and must solve a problem with other delegates from around the world. MUN teaches participants skills like research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

How do you make a Model UN team?

Those are hefty tasks, but initiating them is actually quite simple.Research How to Start a Model UN Team. Starting a team requires some sort of knowledge of Model UN and its rules and norms. … Start with a Small Model UN Team. … Use Social Media to Attract Members and Communicate. … Find the Right Model UN Advisor. … Buy a Gavel.

What do students do in MUN?

The Model United Nations is a series of programs run throughout the country and the world with the goals of furthering understanding about the United Nations, educating participants about world issues and promoting peace and the work of the United Nations through cooperation and diplomacy.

Does Model UN look good for college?

Model UN offers you skills you wouldn’t otherwise gain in a high school setting and gives a great opportunity to display these skills when applying to colleges. Students that participate in Model UN become global students with the leadership and communication skills that colleges are looking for.

How do I prepare for MUN in one day?

Read the Study GuideGeneral background about the topic.Current issues relating to the topic.Relevant numbers and data (in good guides at least)Information about your UN committee.Block positions (not in every guide)Guiding questions (not in every guide)Further reading (not in every guide)

How do MUN students train?

Based on the position paper, write and rehearse 1-minute opening speeches — this is different from a position paper or policy statement, which are more like research papers. With other students, practice writing resolutions on a sample topic — make sure students understand how to write the preamble and operative …

How to help a conference run smoothly?

You can never underestimate the importance of volunteers in helping the conference run smoothly. Make a list of all the tasks where additional assistance is needed and organize a training session for them prior to the conference so that they are clear about what is required of them.

What should be included in a UN workshop?

These workshops should include training on the Rules of Procedure and briefings on topics of interest to the delegates. These can focus on substantive issues related to the items to be discussed during the conference or issues of general interest such as information about the work of UN agencies or employment at the UN.

What is a delegate guide?

A Delegate’s Guide that contains information about organization of the conference, what will be simulated, what topics will be debated, guidelines on writing position papers, how to submit them, what will take place during Plenary and Committee meetings, how to inscribe on the Speaker’s List, digital tools to help delegates communicate prior to the conference and documents they will need to prepare, important details about the Rules of Procedure and how they may differ from other conferences delegates have participated in, a description of what is meant by consensus, information about regional groups, an overview of the process for tabling resolutions and amendments, description of the awards policy, and information about the selection and role of Head delegates.

What do you want to obtain in a MUN delegation?

What you want to obtain are delegations that are geographically diverse, gender balanced and include delegates with a range of MUN experience. This way the more experienced delegates can mentor the less experienced ones. The most experienced MUN delegate should be the Head delegate.

Why is it important to have a website for a conference?

In addition to having a website about the conference where delegates can access information about when it will take place, how they can apply, etc., it is important to create a space where delegates can communicate with each other. If you choose to put students from different locations on the same delegation, they will need a way to prepare for the conference before it starts. Check in regularly with the Head delegates to make sure they are in touch with all of the students on their delegation and respond to any issues that may come up.

What is the Executive Committee?

Executive Committee, headed by a Chairman, that oversees the work of the steering committee (s) and makes basic decisions about the duration of the conference, the Rules of Procedure that will be used, how many days will be devoted to pre-conference activities and how many will be devoted to simulating GA Plenary and GA Main Committees, etc. The following committees are recommended:

What is a communications committee?

Communications Committee that develops a communication strategy. Logistics Committee that proposes a venue, looks at housing and transportation for delegates, proposes social events, manages the registration process.

How long does a preconference last?

Pre-Conference. Most of your work as the teacher and host team will be done during the pre-conference period, which can last up to a year. Hosting a conference is not a small undertaking, so proper planning is vitally important. Follow these steps:

What is the Executive Committee?

Executive committee – to ensure each committee is fulfilling their responsibility. This can be you as the teacher. Selection Committee – to decide which UN committees you will be simulating at your conference. This is important.

What is the purpose of a communications committee?

Communications Committee – to coordinate communications between host team and participating teams. Setting up online forums, mailing strategy, etc. Finance and Fundraising Committee – to help locate money to fund conference and ensure that each delegation pays their fees.

Is the first conference going to be perfect?

The first conference is not going to be perfect. No conference will be. The key is to have a session with your team to go over how to improve for the next conference.

What is a model UN?

Model United Nations (MUN) simulations are popular exercises for those interested in learning more about the UN. Hundreds of thousands of students worldwide participate every year in MUN at all educational levels – from primary school to university.

Do MUNs follow the rules?

But did you know that many MUNs do not follow the actual rules and practices used at the UN? Also, while many MUNs frequently vote, most decisions adopted by the real General Assembly are made by consensus.

What are the levels of Model UN conferences?

Conferences are offered for different academic levels: college and university, high school, middle school, and grade school . There is no central governing body for Model UN — any school can create a Model UN team and register for any Model UN conference they wish to attend.

What is Model UN and how do I sign up?

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. For example, a student may be assigned the United Kingdom and will have to solve global topics such as nuclear non-proliferation or climate change from the policies and perspectives of the United Kingdom.

What will a typical day in committee look like?

A new procedure based on the actual proceedings of the United Nations has begun to grow, called UN4MUN procedure, and is taking root in MUN committees worldwide. Also, some crisis committees may operate with a customized set of rules and debate formats but you probably will not encounter this during your first conference. Almost all Model UN conferences use some form of parliamentary procedure which varies significantly from the consensus-building procedure used at the actual United Nations.

How many delegates are there in a MUN conference?

Visit our MUN Conferences page to find a conference to attend. The largest conferences are 4-day events at a hotel with 3,000+ delegates and more than 300 delegates in the same committee, but when you’re first starting out, we suggest finding a small 1-day or 2-day novice conference near you so it’s easier to learn how MUN works.

How to prepare for a conference?

How do I prepare for my first conference? 1 Background of topic: Background guide of the topic provided by the conference, Google, the news, Wikipedia (to frame the topic) 2 Past international actions: UN website, your committee’s website, key treaties or resolutions mentioned in your background guide, UN or NGO reports 3 Country policy: CIA World Factbook, your country’s foreign ministry website, domestic programs within your country, and your country’s voting record on key treaties or resolutions 4 Possible Solutions: NGO or think tank policy recommendations, past UN resolutions that you’d like to change or expand on, and your own creativity!

What happens when a team registers for a conference?

Once a team has registered for a conference, it receives a country to represent. Each student on that team will represent that country in a different committee with different topics. For example, Best Delegate High School could be assigned China and have different students representing China in the disarmament committee, the human rights committee, the development committee, and so forth. Schools with larger teams will receive additional countries.

Why is it important to dive right in to Model UN?

It’s important to dive right in because Model UN is an activity that can only be learned through participation. We’ve also provided resources at the end of this article for you to practice and improve once you’ve finished your first conference and you’re ready to take your experience to the next level.

How to improve MUN meetings?

Without organization, setting up the conference would be one huge mess. If the chair is still a current member of the delegation, they should practice procedures in MUN meetings. This way, officers can give feedback so that next time the chair can improve. When the Secretary-General asks for something at a specific time, it is important that it gets done by the due date. Don’t worry about not getting as much done the day of; we all have lives outside of MUN (I hope) so talking to the SG to compromise is understandable.

What is undersecretary in a conference?

Under-secretaries: There is a huge variety when it comes to choosing Under-secretariat positions, and you can have a lot of flexibility when making these positions to fit the needs of your conference. For example, there are Under Secretaries that solely focus on Finances and others on Conference Information. It is up to you delegate most of the work to the secretariat member in charge of a project area. Having them do reports on the status of their work done can help you see the actual progress getting done.

What is the role of the Chief of Staff in a conference?

Chief of Staff: As the name might imply, the Chief of Staff is responsible for checking progress made by everyone working in the conference. Both Secretary-General and Chief of Staff work closely to ensure that the staff is providing the best experience for all delegates. Moreover, the Chief of Staff should be training dais members to ensure that debate runs smoothly. Using chairing guides is an effective way to get the committee staff to become accommodated to the procedures of debate. The Chief should look at the background guides and make sure it is in the proper format and that there are no prominent errors.

How to work with sponsors?

Work with your sponsor to pick multiple dates that work for your team so that the sponsor can talk to an activities director. The sponsors are crucial for the background work such as setting and cleaning up rooms and having access to any other rooms. Also, remember that your sponsors have jobs and families too.

Can high school clubs host MUN conferences?

While University sponsored Model UN conferences provide the bulk of competition on the high school MUN circuit, high school hosted conferences can be a vital tool for any club. Well-planned local high school conferences who only have a few delegations attending can still be fun experiences that are also great places to train new MUN delegates. Though it is a long and arduous process to host a MUN conference, it can be a great experience with proper staff and organization. Here are the measures you need to take to reduce stress and enjoy the experience.


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