How to run a successful conference


How to Run an Effective Conference: The 7 Steps You Need to Follow.

  • 1. Work out the key details in advance. It’s important to set yourself up for success. So, while the temptation might be to gloss over the finer …
  • 2. Determine what your value proposition is.
  • 3. Choose the perfect venue.
  • 4. Decide the best time to hold your event.
  • 5. Set your budget.

How to Run an Effective Conference: The 7 Steps You Need to Follow
  1. Work out the key details in advance. …
  2. Determine what your value proposition is. …
  3. Choose the perfect venue. …
  4. Decide the best time to hold your event. …
  5. Set your budget. …
  6. Choose your speakers carefully. …
  7. Find attendees on Facebook.
Apr 10, 2019


How much does it cost to run a conference?

The cost for the purchase of furniture and gadgets (flat screen TVs, sound systems, telephone, printing machines, computers, tables and chairs et al) – $40,000. The cost of purchase and installation of CCTVs – $15,500. The cost for building and hosting a website – $600. The cost for opening party – $20,000. Miscellaneous – $50,000.

How to run an effective Conference?

Start by considering:

  • What are your goals for your event? What do you hope to achieve?
  • Who is this event for? Why will these people attend?
  • When and where will the event take place? What should a ticket cost?
  • How much will the event cost? What is your budget?
  • Who is going to speak at your event? How will the schedule be organized?

How do I start a conference?

Windows | macOS

  • In the Zoom client, click Meetings.
  • Under the Upcoming tab, select the meeting you want to start; additional options will appear.
  • Click Start.

How to organize a successful conference?

How to Organise a Conference: Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Decide on a theme. Every great conference needs a theme. …
  2. Assemble your A-team. Chances are, you won’t be organising a whole conference all by yourself. …
  3. Prepare a budget & business plan. …
  4. Find sponsors & grants [optional] If you’re financing the conference on your own and are not looking for external sources of revenue, you can safely skip this step.

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How do you make an effective conference?

Here are their tips for effective conference calls.Share an agenda in advance of the call. … Master the technology. … Send a notification, call in early and take control right away. … Set the ground rules. … If a connection is bad, say something. … Be respectful of people’s time.

What are the ingredients of a successful conference?

The 9 ingredients of a successful conference todayAn experienced PCO. … An efficient registration system. … A suitable venue. … Catering for your audience. … Highly credentialed speakers. … Reinvigorating team activities. … Breakout training sessions. … An entertainment focus.More items…•

How do I make my conference stand out?

Techniques that will make your conference stand out1) Have a welcome team. … 2) Goodie bags. … 3) Ensure that everything is well-signposted. … 4) Make your staff easy to spot. … 5) Make a special effort with first time attendees. … 6) Ensure that your wi-fi details are easy to find. … 7) Provide plenty of charging points.More items…

Which are the factors that must be considered in order to organize a successful conference?

How to Organise a Conference: Step-By-Step GuideStep 1: Decide on a theme. … Step 2: Assemble your A-team. … Step 3: Prepare a budget & business plan. … Step 4: Find sponsors & grants [optional] … Step 5: Settle on a date. … Step 6: Book the venue. … Step 7: Arrange catering & other vendors [optional] … Step 8: Line up your speakers.More items…

What is a successful meeting?

An effective meeting brings a thoughtfully selected group of people together for a specific purpose, provides a forum for open discussion, and delivers a tangible result: a decision, a plan, a list of great ideas to pursue, a shared understanding of the work ahead.

What makes a conference interesting?

Make it Interactive If it’s just the speaker doing the talking, the conference can get boring after a while. Instead, make it a two-way interaction, where you ask questions to the participants and let them share their experiences.

How do I attract people to my booth?

7 Ways to Attract Attendees to Your Booth at #ATA2019Promote Your Booth on Social Media. Build pre-event interest by promoting your booth on social media. … Host a Booth Event. A celebrity signing, product demonstration or another booth event can give exhibitors a huge edge. … Offer Something Unique.

How do I make my event booth stand out?

12 Ways to make your trade show booth stand outUse 3 bright colors to draw attention to your booth. … Incorporate empty space into your trade show layout. … Weave one clear theme throughout all your messaging. … Tell your brand’s unique story. … Incorporate your own products into your display in an original way.More items…

What are the 7 key elements of event management?

Event management has 7 key elements: event infrastructure, audience, attendees, organizers, venue, and media. Your event software should be able to manage all of these elements.

What are the five key elements of effective event planning?

The five essential elements of event planningKnow what you want to achieve. It’s important that you know exactly what outcomes you want from your event. … Make an event plan. … Look for funding or sponsorship. … Advertise and communicate. … Manage and follow up.

What are the factors to be considered while planning and conducting meetings?

A Checklist for Planning Your Next Big MeetingIdentify the purpose of the meeting. … Make sure you really need a meeting. … Develop a preliminary agenda. … Select the right participants. … Assign roles to participants. … Decide where and when to hold the meeting and confirm availability of the space.More items…•

Why do we organize a conference?

Conferences are used to bring together people with common interests and discuss issues and ideas relating to a specific topic. Conferences can be held on almost any topic, come in many sizes, and can be run by any number of organizations.

Why is it important to plan a conference?

Conferences are an important part of professional development and business networking for all industries. Bringing people together from all around the world in the same industry to learn and share is essential for innovation.

How would you plan to organize an international conference if you were to host one?

Steps to organize a conferenceDefine the purpose and format. … Pay sufficient attention to conference planning. … Choose the right date and location for your conference. … Draft your budget. … Book a venue for your conference. … Make a team and allocate duties. … Know your speakers. … Conference registration.More items…•

Establish a unique identity or brand

Once you are clear on the overall objectives of the event, it’s important to share what the event is about and why it is important. This can be achieved through clever branding and thematic clarity. Try to create a catchy, easy-to-understand name and logo that draws the attention of your target audience.

Calculate a budget and stick to it

Conferences are expensive affairs, so it’s important to be aware of the exact costs. Identify all possible expenses and categorise them. This could include things like venue, website, insurance, speakers, food & drink, audio-visual equipment, etc. You should also calculate possible income such as sponsorship.

Choose your speakers carefully

It’s no good inviting Tony Blair to speak about recent advancements in feminine beauty products; know your audience and ensure that your speakers are knowledgeable about the event’s subject matter. While star power might increase ticket sales, the wrong choice of speaker will only serve to alienate the attendees.

Get online

Your conference isn’t limited to the dates of the event; adequate online presence before and after the big day can help create conference buzz that will boost brand power. Sending your contacts an online poll or a survey is a good marketing strategy that can help develop your vision and get people talking.

Feedback is essential

Lastly, provide a way that your participants can evaluate their experience. This could be an online survey, a staff meeting, or a suggestion box located at the event. The insight you will gain from people’s opinions will be invaluable towards ensuring that your next conference runs even more smoothly.


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