How to set up a conference call in teams


Microsoft Teams Meeting Make it Channel Meeting

  1. Select New meeting .
  2. Type the name of a channel where it says Add channel (under the time and date fields).

Setting Up a Conference Call with Microsoft Teams
  1. In Microsoft Teams click on Calendar.
  2. Click on ‘New Meeting’ on the top right of your window.
  3. Fill out the meeting details. …
  4. Double check if you have all necessary and correct information and click send!


How to start conference call on Microsoft Teams?

There are three ways to get toll and toll-free service numbers:

  • Use the Microsoft Teams admin center. For some countries/regions, you can get service numbers for your conferencing bridges using the Microsoft Teams admin center. …
  • Port your existing service numbers. …
  • Use a request form for new numbers. …

How to find your phone number in teams?

To search for telephone numbers for your users:

  • Go to the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  • In the left navigation select Voice > Phone numbers > Get new numbers. …
  • On the Select location and quantity page, select a location from the Country (Market) drop-down list.
  • Select User from the Number type drop-down list.

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How to setup audio conference in teams?

To buy and assign pay-per-minute Audio Conferencing licenses

  • Find out if Audio Conferencing is available in your country/region. Country and region availability for Audio Conferencing and Calling Plans.
  • Get your Audio Conferencing licenses. …
  • Set up Communications Credits for your organization for your organization. …
  • Assign licenses to users in your organization who are going to schedule or lead meetings. …

How to add mobile number in teams?

To get new service numbers, in the Teams admin center:

  • In the left navigation, go to Voice > Phone numbers, and then click Add.
  • Enter a name for the order and add a description.
  • On the Location and quantity page, do the following: Under Country or region, select a country or region. …
  • Select the numbers you want. …
  • When you’re ready to place your order, click Place order.

Invite people outside your organization

Teams lets you invite people outside your organization, including those who don’t have a Teams license. You’ll need their full email address to invite them.

Make it a channel meeting

When you have a meeting in a channel, everyone in the team will be able to see it and join it in that channel.

Schedule meetings in a channel calendar

If you’re unfamiliar with how to add a calendar to a channel, the steps are outlined for you at See all your meetings in Teams. Once that’s done, you have a few ways to add events to the shared calendar.

Right-click for more options

Right-click an event in your calendar to RSVP, remove it if it’s canceled, or open the invitation to view the meeting details. If the event is a Teams meeting, you’ll also get options to Join online and Chat with participants.

How to assign a conference bridge to a phone number?

To assign the conference bridge to a number you already own, first select the phone number. Then, click Edit and change the assignment to ‘Dedicated Conference Bridge’. If the number has not yet been assigned, assign the number as a conference bridge from the drop-down menu.

Can you dial a conference bridge number?

Toll-free Numbers cannot be set as default conference bridge numbers. Nor can they be dialled by users outside of your country. Since there are other restrictions on Toll-free Numbers too, we recommend using Toll Numbers for your conference bridges as standard.


Go to in a web browser. You can use any web browser to access your team and set up a conference call.

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What is audio conference?

Audio Conferencing provides organizations with additional entry points to any meeting (ad hoc or scheduled) by allowing meeting participants to join via public switched telephone network (PSTN) by dialing in using a traditional land line, private branch exchange (PBX), or mobile phone.

Why use activity reports in teams?

Your organization can use the activity reports to decide where to prioritize training and communication efforts.

Why is it important to understand the overall health of the teams service?

It’s important that you understand the overall health of the Teams service so that you can proactively alert others in your organization of any event that affects the service. The Operate my service articles provide in-depth guidance for service operations.

What is a meeting policy?

Meeting policies. Meeting policies are used to control what features are available to users when they join Teams meetings. You can use the default policy or create one or more custom meeting policies for people that host meetings in your organization. To learn more, see the Meetings in Microsoft Team tutorial.

How to Get Started with Audio Conferencing in Microsoft Teams

If your meeting is going to be audio-only, you can improve quality for those with limited internet access by setting up an audio conference. These audio conferences aren’t part of the free Teams package. You can use this Microsoft page to see the rates for your country through either a subscription or pay-per-minute plan.

How to Set Up Audio Conferences in Microsoft Teams

Once your Microsoft licenses are in order, you can set up your audio conferencing phone number through the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. Open the “Voice” drop-down menu on the left, then select “Phone Numbers.”


Setting Up A Dedicated Conference Bridge

  • Assigning a Number to a Conference Bridge
    1) Head to the Teams Admin Center at 2) You’ll need a dedicated phone number to which you’ll be assigning the Teams conference bridge. Find your existing phone numbers, or add new ones, from Voice → Phone Numbers. Existing phone number: 1. To assign …
  • Aside: Toll and Toll-Free Numbers
    A Toll-free Number will forward the call charges to the host of the call. A Toll Number charges the dialling party. Most of the numbers you call every day are Toll Numbers. Toll-free Numbers cannot be set as default conference bridge numbers. Nor can they be dialled by users outside of your c…

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Inviting External Users to Conference Calls

  • Unless you purchased your Audio Conferencing license as part of Microsoft Business Voice, you won’t be able to invite external users to your conference calls. By ‘external users’, we mean anyone that is not a part of your Organisation in Teams. If this is something your business needs to do, you will need to connect Teams to the PSTN via Microsoft Phone System or a Direct Routing sol…

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Alternate Methods For Teams Conference Calls

  • There are a couple of other methods for making a conference call in Microsoft Teams. You can begin one in an ad-hoc fashion by inviting users to join your ongoing calls. Or, you can invite users to a scheduled meeting. All users will then call into a shared conference bridge phone number. Shared conference bridge numbers are available by country or region and are available without h…

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