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You can click on the video calling button on the top right and get started right away. You can alsoMoreYou can click on the video calling button on the top right and get started right away. You can also do this within channels.

How do I start a video calling meeting?

How to start a video meetingCreate a new meeting. To create a new video meeting, log in to your existing Google Account or sign up for a new account.Invite others to your online meeting. Send a link or meeting code to anyone you want to join the meeting. … Join a meeting.

Can you screen share in flock?

Besides being a fantastic team chat app, Flock also offers one-click video conferencing with screen sharing and annotation features on the PRO plan. You can schedule meetings (using the Google Calendar integration), share media and files, and host unlimited meetings directly from the app.

How do I start a successful video conference?

Tips for successful video conferencingMake sure you have a high-speed, reliable Internet connection. This will ensure a seamless connection. … Choose robust video conferencing software. … Test your equipment. … Have a backup plan. … Create the right setting. … Dress and behave professionally. … Know when to use the “mute” button.

What do you required to conduct a video conference?

What are the basic requirements for video conferencing?High-resolution webcam. … Fast computer processing. … Sufficient network bandwidth. … Video conferencing system. … Video display screen. … Microphone. … Video conferencing software. … Mobile video conferencing app.

How do you share your screen and video at the same time on a team?

While in a Teams meeting, the presenter turns on the video camera then clicks or taps the share content icon. A sharing tray appears with four presenter modes, as described in the sections that follow. Select a mode then choose either your screen or a specific window to begin sharing.

How can I share my screen and video?

1:473:41Share Your Screen, Video, or Audio – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThose might include dropbox microsoft onedrive google drive box and microsoft sharepoint follow theMoreThose might include dropbox microsoft onedrive google drive box and microsoft sharepoint follow the on-screen prompts to sign in to the service and then grant zoom. Access.

How do you lead a virtual meeting?

Lead with EmpathyCenter Yourself First. … Open With a Clear Question. … Make a Personal Connection. … Shorten Your Default Meeting Times. … Give Explicit Instructions About Collaboration. … Use Your Digital Collaboration Tools. … Put Specific Expectations in the Meeting Invite.

What are the do’s and don’ts of video conferencing?

Don’t Forget to Turn off Your Audio and VideoDo look as clean and polished as possible.Do pay attention to your body language when video conferencing.Don’t choose a set up that’s noisy, has a busy background, or is in a high traffic area.Do be respectful of people’s time.Don’t check your phone.More items…

How do I host a conference call?

10 Steps to Organize a Conference Call:Set a clear meeting agenda. Organize meeting objectives in an outline for a clear path to follow. … Find the best time to meet. … Send a calendar invite. … Find the mute button. … Join early. … Kick off with ground rules. … Ask questions. … Jot down ideas, questions and feedback.More items…

Which app is best for video conferencing?

The Best Video Meeting Apps for TeamsZoom. Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing solutions for businesses. … Skype for Business. Microsoft’s popular Skype service is augmented as an enterprise-ready video conferencing tool. … Slack. … BigBlueButton. … BlueJeans. … Whereby. … GoToMeeting. … Cisco WebEx.More items…

What’s the best platform for video conferencing?

The Best Free Video Conferencing PlatformsZoom.Google Hangouts.Dialpad Meetings.TrueConf Online.Skype.FreeConference.Lifesize Go.Slack Video Calls.More items…

What equipment do you need for a virtual meeting?

At a bare minimum, you’ll need an internet connection and a device with video and audio capabilities, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Consider your equipment. Sure, you can host virtual meetings on your phone, but this isn’t ideal, especially if you want to project a professional look.

What should be done before conducting audio and video conference?

10 Things to Do Before a Web Conference Meeting#1. Decide what service to use. … #2. Choose your audio capabilities. … #3. Create and send invites. … #4. Be diligent with reminders. … #5. Join the meeting early. … #6. Prepare your materials. … #7. Introduce attendees to the features available. … #8. Record the meeting.More items…•

What are the tools used for video conferencing?

7 best video conferencing tools of 2020Zoom. Zoom use has exploded around the world since lockdown began (Image credit: Zoom) … Skype Meet Now. Skype Meet Now lets you videoconference with up to 50 people, for free (Image credit: Skype) … Google Hangouts. … Google Meet. … GoToMeeting. … Bluejeans. … Cisco Webex Meetings.

How to set up a video conference?

Step 1 – Start a Video Call: Want to set up a quick video meeting? Simply get on a video call by clicking on the Video conference button. Alternatively, just type /video in the text field and you’re good to go.

How to get your teammates on flock?

Getting your teammates on Flock will make implementing the tool more successful. If needed, create teams for different projects, business units, or interest groups. Create relevant channels to share ideas, brainstorm, and make faster decisions. You can also create channels for social discussions on an interest.

How to add a new app to Flock?

Step 1: To go to the Appstore, select Flock Appstore from the Flock menu or go to Step 2: Select the app you want to integrate with Flock and click on Configure. Step 3: Click on Add new configuration.

What apps are available for Flock?

Currently available apps include Trello, Github, Pingdom, Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive, JIRA and more.

How to share files on Flock?

With Flock, you can share multiple files of all types in a matter of seconds. Click on the Share files button to select a file from your local drive. OR select multiple files and drag and drop them into the chat window.

Can guests on Flock see sensitive information?

Guests on Flock have limited access — they can access specified contacts and channels only, so you can keep them from seeing sensitive information. Save important messages, files, and links with the Drawer, My Favorites, and in your personal chat tab.

Use video conferencing with Flock’s Channel messaging

It can get lonely when you work from home. Video calls in Flock make it easy to connect with your remote team to discuss important agenda items, make quick decisions, or hold creative brainstorming sessions that get new ideas percolating.

Start a video conference with all team members in a Channel

No more adding team members to a video conference one by one. Flock Pro lets you host a virtual team meeting with up to 20 team members from a single Channel for as long as you want. There’s no time limit! Alternatively, you can host 1:1 video calls directly with individual team members for up to 20 minutes on our free plan.

Screen share while you video conference!

When you need the rest of your team’s attention to discuss a weekly status report or crunch the sales numbers, Flock video conferencing lets you share your screen so everyone can get on the same page in real-time.

Meet over Zoom

Flock’s integration capabilities let you set up Zoom calls without having to leave the app. Once you’ve linked your Zoom account with Flock, you can invite members to your meeting, start a call with a channel, and get into your Zoom meeting with a click of a button.

More flexibility with Flock’s productivity tools

Because Flock has its own native video conferencing tool built-in alongside a full suite of productivity tools, you never have to worry about miscommunication, context switching, or downtime.

How to make a meeting more effective?

Make an Agenda. Any meeting is more effective with a well-thought-out plan. Draft an agenda before you meet so you don’t miss a thing — and you don’t get too off track. If you can, send this agenda over a reasonable amount of time before the meeting.

What is virtual meeting?

A virtual meeting is one where not all attendees are present for face-to-face communication. They can dial in via phone, plug into web conferencing software, or watch the meeting through streaming. That lack of in-person communication can be difficult to navigate. Signals like body language is much harder to read.


Bring your team together. Discuss projects, share ideas, and get work done in real time.


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Integrate your most frequently used third-party apps with Flock. Choose from over 60+ apps listed on our Appstore or build your own. No more switching tabs!

Build custom apps and integrations in Flock

Flock gives you the freedom to build your own apps and integrations via the Flock API. From slash commands and pop-ups, to the sidebar and widgets – apps in Flock have multiple user touch points, making them easier to discover and use.


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