How to submit conference room document at codex alimentarius

Where can I find the history of Codex meetings?

For the complete history of Codex meetings visit the archive. The map and table below display all the meetings scheduled since the last annual Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting. Click on a map pin for details of each meeting.

When will the final report of the meeting be published?

The final report is published within two weeks of the meeting concluding. The invitation, which is sent to all Codex Contact Points (CCPs) via the Codex distribution list contains information such as the date, time and venue of the meeting. Personalised invitations are not usually issued.

What are conference room documents (CRDS)?

Comments received after the due date or unsolicited documents are circulated the days immediately before and/or during the session itself and are referred to as conference room documents (CRDs).

How do I submit comments to the 15th session of CCCF?

Written comments may be offered at the meeting or sent to Dr. Lauren Posnick Robin, U.S. Delegate for the 15th Session of the CCCF (see ADDRESSES ). Emailed comments should state in the title that they relate to activities of the 15th Session of the CCCF.

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