How to support employees who want to go to conferences


How can you encourage people to attend a conference?

5 tips to encourage guests to attend your next conferenceConsider the timing of your event. … Offer early bird pricing and reward last year’s attendees. … Invite a high profile speaker or entertainer to present. … Use reputable suppliers for your catering, audiovisual and venue needs. … Promote your event using social media.

How do you get employees to attend events?

Employees often do whatever they can to avoid going.Create an Event Your Team Actually Wants to Attend. … Don’t Make the Event Mandatory. … Host the Event Outside of the Office. … Host the Event During Work Hours. … Take the Food Seriously. … Set a “Just in Case” Bad Weather Date. … Don’t Require Participation in Games or Sports.More items…

How do you get people excited for a conference?

7 Best practices to get your people excited about meetingsAvoid unnecessary meetings. … Share ownership of the meeting. … Provide incentives for attending (and paying attention) during a meeting. … Consider creative meeting venues. … Vary presentation formats. … Use breakout sessions to troubleshoot and to collect feedback.More items…•

What is the benefit of sending your employees to a conference?

At a conference, you get training in a convenient package at one location administered over a few days. Hear from industry leaders; learn about trends; find out about best-practices and new technologies. Employees bring back useful takeaways to the team so everybody gets something out of it.

How do I get my team excited about an event?

5 Tips to get employees excited for company eventsDesk Drop. One week prior to the event, place something unexpected on each employee’s desk. … Share the plans in advance. … Host a pre-event. … Put people on teams. … Include a surprise and delight moment.

How do you keep employees engaged and motivated?

Bazire suggested some examples of inexpensive non-monetary rewards entrepreneurs can offer their employees to boost engagement.Recognize and appreciate. … Offer the opportunity to make a difference. … Target continuing education. … Offer flexible schedules. … Implement job rotation. … Small gestures go a long way.More items…

How do you build excitement for an event?

5 Pre-Event Hype Ideas To Create Excitement For an EventPique interest with a whispering campaign. … Be where your audience is. … Maximise your visual appeal – it’ll pay dividends on social. … Bottle up the magic to give attendees a taste of what’s on offer. … Don’t be too sporadic with your communications.

How does attending a workplace meeting contribute to a staff members professional development?

Attending conferences or hands-on workshops will give you a chance learn about the latest developments in your field and keep your skills and knowledge up to date. It can also be a great way to meet and exchange ideas with other professionals in your industry.

What is conference training?

CONFERENCE TRAINING Definition & Legal Meaning The way a trainee and trainer discuss subject matter to be taught.

Why do companies have business conventions?

It establishes or enhances your brand name. The significance of establishing brand repute is acknowledged by almost everyone in the business industry. Your brand name is what drives consumers to you. Hosting a large-scale business conference will help you establish the name or enhance it further.

How do you get invited to corporate events?

4 Ways to Elicit Invitations to Private Business EventsMaking Your Presence Matter.Scoring Those Exclusive Invites.Brag about your publications.Highlight your community involvement.Research the organizers.Know the landscape.

What if an employee refuses to attend a meeting?

The employer should rearrange the meeting, in consultation with the employee. If the employee fails to attend again, the employer should consider the reasons for the non-attendance and whether or not it would be reasonable to rearrange the meeting again.

Do I have to attend social events at work?

“Under most circumstances, an employer can require an employee to attend a social function during or even outside of normal work hours,” said Christopher Anderson, an attorney with Littler in Nashville.

How do you say no to work social events?

Or, you can just skip the specifics, thank them, and politely decline: “Thanks for inviting me! I can’t make it, but have a great time!” or “Appreciate you including me, but I already have plans.” In most cases, they’ll accept your rejection and move on.

Conferences can be worthwhile — just make sure they’re really worth your money

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1. What will my employees gain from the conference?

Many conferences offer solid learning opportunities for attendees, but not all are created equal. Before agreeing to send employees to a conference, figure out exactly what they plan to get out of that event.

2. What costs will I incur other than the fee for the conference itself?

Conferences cost money — that’s a known fact. But the $500 attendance fee you might be looking at isn’t necessarily the sole cost involved in sending employees. You’ll also need to factor in travel to and from that event, lodging, and meal allowances (unless food is provided at the conference itself).

3. Can I afford to have key players out of the office simultaneously?

If there’s a notable conference on the horizon, chances are, it’ll appeal to more than one employee of yours. But sending three or four people to a conference isn’t just something you’ll need to consider from a cost perspective; you’ll also need to weigh the impact on the business.

4. What networking opportunities are available?

One big reason to attend business conferences is to network and seek out new partnerships. Before sending your employees to a conference, assess its size and scope.

Why is a conference important?

At a conference you will be able to get together with people from a wide range of backgrounds, of whom you may not encounter at your home workplace or institution. As you build your professional network, conferences can become a good place for meeting with people in your field that you haven’t connected in a while. 2.

Why is attendance important in a conference?

attendance dramatically enhances both your professional and personal development, as well as providing you with tools and skills which you cannot be taught in-house or online. The focused nature of learning at a conference allows you to dig deeper with the understanding of your topic of interest.


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